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Valley of Silence (The Circle Trilogy: 03):  Roberts, Nora

In this thrilling conclusion to The Circle trilogy, one vampire dares to stand against Lilith and her minions, using his love for the newly crowned queen of Geall to finally complete the circle of six and change the course of history.

ORDER # RNR-1   $15-60   ISBN 0515141674 


Angel Rogue:  Putney, Mary Jo.

Returning to his ancestral home in Yorkshire after working for several years as a spy, Lord Andreville is unable to forget his dark past until he meets half-Mohawk Maxima Collins, who seeks the truth about her father 's death.

ORDER # RNR-2   $15-60   ISBN 0451219929 


Awaiting the Night:  Simpson, Donna Lea.

Count Kazimir Vasilov arrives at Wolfram Castle to prevent a deadly prophecy from being fulfilled, but when he meets Melisande Davidovich, she becomes a distraction he cannot afford, especially when she becomes the target of a twisted madman.

ORDER # RNR-3   $15-60   ISBN 0425212858 


Bachelor on the Prowl:  Michaels, Kasey.

Managing a big New York wedding fashion show alone while her partner, Julia, stays at home to care for her sick baby, Holly Hollis mistakes Julia's handsome cousin, Colin, for one of her models who has failed to show up.

ORDER # RNR-4   $15-60   ISBN 0373470924 


Billionaires Prefer Blondes:  Enoch, Suzanne.

Break-and-enter artist Samantha Jellicoe and her billionaire lover, Richard Addison, get more than they had bargained for, thanks to an encounter with Sam's supposedly dead father - the man who had taught her everything she knows about theft - the disappearance of a valuable painting, Sam's arrest for the crime, and a proposed heist.

ORDER # RNR-5   $15-60   ISBN 0060875224 


Building Dreams:  Gray, Ginna.

Swearing off women after a painful divorce, contractor Ryan McCall finds himself changing his mind when he agrees to become a Lamaze coach for his new neigbor, a widowed high-school teacher who is seven months pregnant.

ORDER # RNR-6   $15-60   ISBN 0373470916 


Cold As Ice:  Stuart, Anne.

Peter Jensen, an undercover operative posing as billionaire philanthropist Harry Van Dorn's personal assistant, must choose between endangering his mission or saving the life of a beautiful lawyer who has become trapped in Van Dorn 's sick game called the Rule of Seven.

ORDER # RNR-7   $15-60   ISBN 0778323560 


Christmas Kisses for a Dollar:  Paige, Laurie.

When florist Anne Hyden, who has a heart condition that forces her to lead a dull and safe life, volunteers at a kissing booth, she finds her life in danger when rancher Jon Sinclair, paying for twenty kisses, makes her pulse quicken and her heart race.

ORDER # RNR-8   $15-60   ISBN 0373470908 


Conqueror's Kiss:  Howell, Hannah.

The captive of Scottish invaders, Jennet Graeme, determined to hate Sir Hacon Gillard, the knight who stormed the battlements of her home in the besieged town of Berwick, finds herself drawn to this fierce warrior as she lives under his protection.

ORDER # RNR-9   $15-60   ISBN 0821780050 


Conspiracy Game:  Feehan, Christine.

When Jack Norton, a genetically enhanced telepathic assassin on a mission in the jungles of the Congo, is left vulnerable to rebel forces, he finds an ally in Briony, a strange beauty on a mission of her own that leads them both into a deadly global conspiracy.

ORDER # RNR-10   $15-60   ISBN 0515142166 


Dashing through the Mall:  Woods, Sherryl; Gardner, Darlene; & Jacobs, Holly.

On the day before Christmas, three woman, while shopping at the mall, receive the very special gift of love, in this delightful trio of stories that features Sherryl Woods's Santa Baby in which a harried single mother is rescued by a police officer dressed as Santa, as well as works by Darlene Gardner and Holly Jacobs.

ORDER # RNR-11   $15-60   ISBN 037383733X 


Dangerous Deception:  Barton, Beverly.

When she accepts an unusual offer from her wealthy employer's daughter, Lausanne Raney, searching for her baby girl, finds herself under the protection of a sexy security agent and the target of a ruthless killer.

ORDER # RNR-12   $15-60   ISBN 0373770677 


A Duke of Her Own:  Heath, Lorraine.

Left penniless and resigned to spinsterhood, Lady Louisa Wentworth agrees to chaperone a young American heiress seeking a titled husband through the complicated maze of London society, a situation complicated by the arrival of the dashing Duke of Hawkhurst, who plans to marry wealth in order to insure the future of his family.

ORDER # RNR-13   $15-60   ISBN 0061129631 


Dearest Enemy:  Ryan, Nan.

A spy for the Confederacy, Susanna LeGrande, after seducing the enemy, Union sailor Rear Admiral Mitchell B. Longley, destroys his life in the name of the South and, discovering that she is in love with him, must find a way to undo that damage she has done.

ORDER # RNR-14   $15-60   ISBN 077832348X 


The Earl of Her Dreams:  Mallory, Anne.

Following the death of her father, Kate Simmons disguises herself as a boy in order to escape the ruthless plots of her scheming brother, planning to seek refuge in London, but things go awry when she finds herself sharing a room at a crowded in with a rakish and secretive aristocrat.

ORDER # RNR-15   $15-60   ISBN 0060872950 


Eye of Heaven:  Liu, Marjorie M.

Iris, a Las Vegas star who has an affinity for wild creatures, finds salvation in the arms of "Blue" Perrineau, an agent with Dirk & Steele detective agency and protector of the innocent, who is working undercover to expose an organ smuggling ring.

ORDER # RNR-16   $15-60   ISBN 0843957654 


Far Harbor:  Ross, JoAnn.

After the breakup of her marraige, Savannah Townsend returns to her hometown and tries to restart her life by restoring the Far Harbor lighthouse into an inn, but she had not predicted the obstacles that she would encounter, including a love affair with Daniel O'Halloran, a man from her past.

ORDER # RNR-17   $15-60   ISBN 1416523502 


Whirlpool:  Lowell, Elizabeth.

The receipt of a mysterious parcel containing a Fabergé egg, supposedly sent to her by her elusive father, brings danger, betrayal, violence, and death into Laurel Swann's life, forcing her to seek refuge with her father's arch-nemesis, ex-FBI agent Cruz Rowan, the only man who can protect her from those out to destroy them both.

ORDER # RNR-18   $15-60   ISBN 0060511133 


Finding Your Mojo:  Bond, Stephanie.

Haunted by the past and by an adolescence spent in the Witness Protection Program, attorney Gloria Dalton arrives in tiny Mojo, Louisiana, planning to put her life back on track, but her hopes for the future are dashed by the gift of a voodoo doll, the shocking death of her male paralegal, and the local Chief of Police, who turns out to be her childhood love, Zane Riley.

ORDER # RNR-19   $15-60   ISBN 0060821078 


Fools Rush In:  Higgins, Kristan.

When her fortune-hunting sister dumps Sam Nickerson, the town sheriff, local doctor Millie Barnes, who has a plan for her life that Sam is definitely not part of, discovers that she has no control over destiny when they become more than friends.

ORDER # RNR-20   $15-60   ISBN 0373771096 


Gifts of Love:  Hooper, Kay & Kleypas, Lisa.

A pair of classic holiday romance tales includes Kay Hooper's Holiday Spirit, in which a matchmaking grandmother and a trio of Christmas ghosts bring together a young woman and her former fiancé, and Surrender by Lisa Kleypas, in which a beautiful Bostonian finds herself falling in love with a troubled stranger, her husband.

ORDER # RNR-21   $15-60   ISBN 0061151750 


Gambler's Woman: Krentz, Jayne Ann (Stephanie James)

A mathematical genius by day, and a sensual creature by night, Alyssa Chandler meets her match in a dangerous gambler named Jordan Kyle who lives life by his own rules.

ORDER # RNR-22   $15-60   ISBN 0373771444 


The Gilded Web:  Balogh, Mary.

Fleeing the heat and crowds of a London ballroom, innocent Alexandra Purnell seeks refuge outside, only to be whisked away by Edmond, Earl of Amberley, who rescues her from certain scandal by offering her marriage.

ORDER # RNR-23   $15-60   ISBN 0440243068 


Glad Tidings:  Macomber, Debbie.

Featurings two heartwarming holiday tales - "Here Comes Trouble" and "There's Something About Christmas," in which a reporter, while flying around the state of Washington interviewing finalists in a fruitcake recipe contest, discovers that her pilot could be the love of her life, with a little help from three wise women.

ORDER # RNR-24   $15-60   ISBN 0778323552 


Here with Me:  Long, Beverly.

Transported to the present day from the Wild West of 1888, George Tyler, tormented by the murder of his wife, finds a love that transcends time in the arms of a social worker after he rescues her from a certain death.

ORDER # RNR-25   $15-60   ISBN 0425212874 


Highlander in Her Bed:  Mackay, Allie.

When she inherits a Scottish castle, American tour guide Mara McDougall gets more than she bargained for when an antique bed brings about romance with a sexy ghost, Sir Alexander Douglas, who considers her the enemy.

ORDER # RNR-26   $15-60   ISBN 0451219813


Homeplace:  Ross, JoAnn.

Burnt-out big-city lawyer Raine Cantrell reluctantly returns to her hometown in Washington state to help three teenagers barricaded inside a house, only to fall for local sheriff Jack O'Halloran, a single father with a tragedy in his past.

ORDER # RNR-27   $15-60   ISBN 1416523529


His Dark Kiss:  Silver, Eve.

Accepting a position as governess at Manorbrier, a castle rumored to harbor a great evil, Emma Parish is soon plagued by strange events that lead her into the arms of Lord Craven, a dangerous man thought to be a murderer.

ORDER # RNR-28   $15-60   ISBN 0821779672 


Hot Dish:  Brockway, Connie.

Jenn Lind, determined to escape the small, smothering town of Fawn Creek, Minnesota, will stop at nothing to win the local beauty pageant and the accompanying college scholarship, a hilarious undertaking that leads her to a rebel artist who is determined to make a name for himself.

ORDER # RNR-29   $15-60   ISBN 045121983X 


Hot Spell:  Holly, Emma, et al.

This anthology of paranormal romances includes Lora Leigh's "The Breed Next Door;" Shiloh Walker's "The Blood Kiss;" Emma Holly's "The Countess's Dancing Boy;" and Meljean Brook's "Falling for Anthony," in which a childhood friend comes back from the dead to protect a young woman's brother from evil.

ORDER # RNR-30   $15-60   ISBN 0425212882 


Instant Mommy:  Broadrick, Annette.

Agreeing to a marriage of convenience with widowed rancher Deke Crandall, the man she has loved for years, struggling student Mollie O'Brien, becoming an instant wife and mother, is determined to make Deke love her.

ORDER # RNR-31   $15-60   ISBN 0373470894 


The Invasion of Falgannon Isle:  MacGillivray, Deborah.

Unlucky in love, the mistress of Filgannon must free herself from the curse of her island with the help of a clever green-eyed Irishman who has invaded her land and her heart.

ORDER # RNR-32   $15-60   ISBN 0505526913 


A Killing Tide:  Alderman, P.J.

When one of her family's trawlers is set on fire, and her brother is accused of arson and murder, Kaz races against time to prove her brother's innocence with the help of the new fire chief, who takes a very personal interest in the case.

ORDER # RNR-33   $15-60   ISBN 0505526964 


Knight of Darkness:  MacGregor, Kinley.

An assassin working for the sorcerer Merlin, Varian duFey is suddenly confronted by a difficult and dangerous decision when his mother, a devotee of the evil Morgen le Fey, tries to force him to join Morgen's Circle of the Damned or see the innocent Merewyn die.

ORDER # RNR-34   $15-60   ISBN 0060796626 


A Lady's Pleasure:  Bernard, Renee.

Seeking revenge on a nobleman who had slighted her, Merriam Everett sets out to seduce her victim, but her plans go badly awry when she targets the wrong man, Drake Sotherton, Duke of Sussex, who, convinced that the mysterious beauty is a pawn of his late wife's murderer, comes up with his own scheme of revenge.

ORDER # RNR-35   $15-60   ISBN 1416524207 


Light My Fire:  MacAlister, Katie.

Aisling Grey, a demon lord and Guardian, resolves to keep a safe distance from Drake, the wyvern of the green dragons and her mate, after he breaks her heart, while dealing with the entire population of imps who are out for blood when her doggie demon companion accidentally eats their ruler.

ORDER # RNR-36   $15-60   ISBN 0451219821 


Lord of Seduction:  Quinn, Paula.

A favorite of the king, Lady Tanon Risande is stunned and angry when she given in marriage as a gesture of Norman good will to Gareth ap Owain, a savage Welsh prince, and finds herself the target of ruthless enemies on both sides who will do anything to accomplish their ends.

ORDER # RNR-37   $15-60   ISBN 0446617822 


Love in a Bottle:  Archer, Zoe.

When a strange yet dashing peddler tries to sell her a love potion, lovely botanist Sophie Andrews agrees to try his mysterious concoction on one condition - to help her rescue her kidnapped uncle.

ORDER # RNR-38   $15-60   ISBN 0843957387 


Love, Rosie:  Ahern, Cecelia.

The author of P.S., I Love You chronicles the ups and downs in the romantic relationship between Rosie and Alex, best friends since childhood whose feelings gradually evolve into something more, but separation, an unexpected pregnancy, dashed dreams, and other romances turn their lives upside down.

ORDER # RNR-39   $15-60   ISBN 0786891084 


Luscious Craving:  Dean, Cameron.

Returning to Las Vegas in the hopes of returning to her old life, sexy vampire killer Candace Steele plans to steer clear of Ash, the seductive vampire who threatens her peace of mind, until rumors of a New Year's vampire assault on the Scheherazade casino bring her face to face with her nemesis, who may hold the key to stopping the attack.

ORDER # RNR-40   $15-60   ISBN 0345492544 


My Only Love:  Holt, Cheryl.

Comforting herself after her mother's death in the arms of a mysterious stranger, Maggie Brown is distraught when the man whose name she never learned disappears, unaware that he is a disguised marquis who fears they could never marry.

ORDER # RNR-41   $15-60   ISBN 0821778730 


The Mad, Bad Duke:  Ashley, Jennifer.

When a love spell lands her in the arms of Alexander, a scandalous rake known as the Mad, Bad Duke, Meagan Tavistock finds herself forced into marriage with this dangerous man, who introduces her to a world of intense pleasure.

ORDER # RNR-42   $15-60   ISBN 0843956070 


My Wicked Pirate:  Sharon, Rona.

Using Alanis, a beautiful heiress, as a pawn in his game of revenge against those who had betrayed him, the Viper, a legendary pirate, finds himself falling in love with his spirited captive as they embark on a perilous high-seas adventure.

ORDER # RNR-43   $15-60   ISBN 0821780573 


Nine Lives:  Sala, Sharon.

Searching for the tattooed man who murdered her father in Mexico, bounty hunter Cat Dupree teams up with bondsman Wilson McKay who, while helping catch her quarry, breaks through her tough exterior and exposes the lonely, vulnerable woman inside.

ORDER # RNR-44   $15-60   ISBN 0778323528 


No Rest for the Wicked:  Cole, Kresley.

Tired of his vampire existence and yearning for death, Sebastian Wroth may finally get his chance when he encounters Kresley Cole, a beautiful and ruthless assassin rendered emotionless by the loss of her beloved sisters, but an extraordinary attraction to each other could transform both their lives.

ORDER # RNR-45   $15-60   ISBN 1416509887 


Once Upon a Christmas:  Snelling, Lauraine.

Features Lauraine Snelling's "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year," in which a walk in the park leads to romance for a single father, and Lenora Worth's "Twas the Week Before Christmas," in which a beautiful socialite is hired by her grandmother to perform a strange task involving a handsome man.

ORDER # RNR-46   $15-60   ISBN 0373785496 


Prince of Ice: A Tale of the Demon World:  Holly, Emma

Xishi, a courtesan trained in the sensual arts, finds herself torn between love and duty when Corum, the Prince of Ice, and a man from her past, becomes her new owner, drawing her into a forbidden world where betrayal, lust, intrigue, and passion could cost them their lives.

ORDER # RNR-47   $15-60   ISBN 0425212599 


The Rogue's Bride:  Lafoy, Leslie.

Returning to London to assume his duties as Marquis of Lockwood, Tristan Townsend is determined to rid himself of the curse that has claimed the lives of all of his male relatives, but his plans are undermined when he comes face to face with Lady Simone Turnbridge, a beautiful and scandalous woman whom he will do anything to win.

ORDER # RNR-48   $15-60   ISBN 0312347715 


Sexy/Dangerous:  Jenkins, Beverly.

Determined to focus on his top-secret project, Dr. Adam Gary finds his life turned upside down following a failed kidnapping attempt by the arrival in his home of the tough but gorgeous Maxine "Max" Blake, the much-too-distracting undercover agent assigned to protect him, and her two monster Rottweilers.

ORDER # RNR-49   $15-60   ISBN 0060818999 


She's No Faerie Princess:  Warren, Christine.

Fleeing the intrigues of court life, Fiona, Queen Mab's headstrong niece, escapes to Manhattan's Central Park, where she comes face to face with a nasty demon and with a sexy and mysterious stranger, cantankerous werewolf Tobias Walker.

ORDER # RNR-50   $15-60   ISBN 0312347766 


Some Like It Hot:  Wilde, Lori.

Head chef Robert LeSoeur and sous-chef Melanie Marchand heat up more than Hotel Marchand's kitchen as they constantly battle against each other, igniting a passion between them that can no longer be denied.

ORDER # RNR-51   $15-60   ISBN 0373389434 


Shooting Star:  Hodge, Colby.

When his ship crash-lands on a primitive world, pirate Ruben, haunted by the ghosts of his dark past, finds salvation in the arms of a mysterious beauty who vows to heal the tormented soul.

ORDER # RNR-52   $15-60   ISBN 050552628X 


Stolen Moments:  Walker, Margie.

When she finally meets Mr. Right in forensic anthropologist Dr. Sean King, Houston attorney and single mother Helen Parker refuses to take a chance on love, believing their relationship could only lead to pain and bitter disappointment.

ORDER # RNR-53   $15-60   ISBN 084395809X 


Sweet Revenge:  Roberts, Nora.

For twenty-five years, Adrienne, the daughter of a Hollywood starlet and charming playboy, has masked the cruelty behind her parents' fairy - tale marriage, but now that her mother is dead, Adrienne is ready to expose her father's poison.

ORDER # RNR-54   $15-60   ISBN 0553278592 


Tempting Juliana:  Royal, Lauren.

A self-proclaimed matchmaker for others, Juliana Chase finds her latest romantic plan going awry when Dr. James Trevor, Earl of Stafford, instead of focusing his attention on her friend Amanda, decides to beat her at her own game and prove that she is the perfect match for him.

ORDER # RNR-55   $15-60   ISBN 0451218248 


Texas Rain:  Thomas, Jodi.

After a rebellious beauty, fleeing from an arranged marriage, disappears after nursing him back to health and stealing his horse, Texas Ranger Travis McMurray is determined to track down this intriguing woman and bring her back to the Whispering Mountain Ranch as his wife.

ORDER # RNR-56   $15-60   ISBN 0425212793 


A Thief in a Kilt:  Blair, Sandy.

Notorious rogue Sir Ian MacKay is honorbound to return Scotland's rightful king to his ancestral throne while trying to discover the true identity of Kate Templeton, a mysterious beauty who has bewitched the court and who has refused his amorous advances.

ORDER # RNR-57   $15-60   ISBN 0821779966 


To Tempt a Rogue:  Mason, Connie.

Infiltrating the Barton gang to find the illegimate daughter of an old family friend, Ryan Delaney finally finds Kitty O'Shay, a stubborn beauty who is masquerading as a boy, and must convince her to leave her outlaw family behind and return home.

ORDER # RNR-58   $15-60   ISBN 0505526824 


Too Great a Temptation:  Benedict, Alexandra.

A notorious libertine, Damian Westmore, the "Duke of Rogues," abandons his life of pleasure after the murder of his brother at the hands of pirates, disguising himself to join the crew responsible in order to bring the brigands down, but his plans are threatened by an encounter with the beautiful and fiery Mirabelle Hawkins, a stowaway on her brother's pirate ship.

ORDER # RNR-59   $15-60   ISBN 0060847948 


Touch Me with Fire:  Jordan, Nicole.

Fleeing the distasteful prospect of an arranged marriage, aristocratic Blaise St. James disguises herself in drab servants' clothes, but her encounter with the dark, alluring Viscount Lynden makes her reassess her situation.

ORDER # RNR-60   $15-60   ISBN 0804119872 


Twilight Magic:  Anton, Shari.

Asked to assassinate a man on behalf of the king, Darian of Bruges finds himself betrayed and accused of the man's murder, and his only hope of clearing his name is Emma of Leon, a gifted psychic who has foreseen visions of the future of an intimate relationship between herself and Darian.

ORDER # RNR-61   $15-60   ISBN 0446617555 


Train from Marietta:  Garlock, Dorothy.

When Katherine Tyler is kidnapped by a band of outlaws while on a cross-country trip, cowboy T.C. Castle rescues Katherine and hides her at a remote ranch where he lives with his five-year-old disabled daughter.

ORDER # RNR-62   $15-60   ISBN 0446616044


The Untamed Heiress:  Justiss, Julia.

Honoring her mother's last wish, Helena Lambarth, vowing never again live under a man's rule after being abused by her father, enters into London's society under the sponsorship of Lord Darnell, who has the power to free them both from the pain of the past.

ORDER # RNR-63   $15-60   ISBN 0373771134 


Venetia:  Heyer, Georgette.

Determined to woo and win the lovely Venetia Lanyon, twenty-five-year-old hopeless romantic and notorious scoundrel Lord Damerel pursues her with passionate abandon, but Venetia refuses his amorous advances, vowing to only marry for love.

ORDER # RNR-64   $15-60   ISBN 0373771665 


Watchers in the Night:  Black, Jenna.

Ex-cop-turned-private detective Carolyn Mathers is rescued from a mysterious stalker by her former fiancé Gray, who had left her at the altar, but when she sets out to bring Gray back into her life, she stumbles upon a previously unimaginable world inhabited by vampires and vampire hunters, killers and guardians, a world in which Gray is now an integral part.

ORDER # RNR-65   $15-60   ISBN 0765354519 


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