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All Through the Night:  Brockmann, Suzanne.

When one of the Troubleshooters announces plans for a quiet holiday wedding for close friends and family, the ceremony is transformed unexpectedly by a nosy reporter, a dashing personal assistant, and a stalker out to claim the object of his obsession.

ORDER # R1108-1   $15-90   ISBN 9780345501523


About a Dragon:  Aiken, G. A.

When she is rescued from being burned at the stake by a silver-maned dragon in its human form, fiercely independent Nolwenn witch Talaith, according to dragon law, is now his property and must cater to his every desire.

ORDER # R1108-2   $15-90   ISBN 9781420103748


Bedtime for Bonsai:  Fox, Elaine.

With her marriage over, Penelope Porter seeks solace from her maternal yearnings in the company of her cuddly new puppy, Mr. Darcy, a naughty canine whose antics draw the proper Penelope into the orbit of Baltimore bad boy Dylan Mersey.

ORDER # R1108-3   $15-90   ISBN 9780061474644


Baby for Dry Creek & Dry Creek Christmas: Tronstad, J

Two heartwarming holiday stories from the author's beloved Dry Creek miniseries set in a small Montana town are contained in a single volume.

ORDER # R1108-4   $15-90   ISBN 9780373651252


Blessings of the Heart & Samantha's Gift: Hansen, Valerie

Celebrating the joys of love and family, this volume contains two classic inspirational stories from the popular author of Second Chances and Love One Another.

ORDER # R1108-5   $15-90   ISBN 9780373651269


Behind the Shadows:  Potter, Patricia.

In a desperate attempt to save her mother's life, Kira Douglas makes a shocking discovery about her birth that plunges her into a tangled web of mystery, betrayal, and love.

ORDER # R1108-6   $15-90   ISBN 9780425224908


A Bride for His Convenience:  Layton, Edith.

Left deeply in debt by his foolish late father and greedy stepmother, Lord Ian Sutcombe must find a wealthy wife or lose everything and enters into a marriage of convenience with Hannah Leeds, daughter of a prosperous merchant, who is still suffering from a former suitor's cruel betrayal, until their unlikely merger explodes in an unexpected passion.

ORDER # R1108-7   $15-90   ISBN 9780061253676


Bond of Fire: Texas Vampires:  Whiteside, Diane.

The centuries-old love affair between vampire knight Jean-Marie St. Just and vampire firestarter and secret agent Hélène d'Agelet is threatened by a dangerous family legacy of vengeance, in the second erotic novel in the Texas Vampire trilogy.

ORDER # R1108-8   $15-90   ISBN 9780425224236


Captive Dreams:  Knight, Angela & Whiteside, Diane.

Sisters Celeste and Corinne Carson, each a best-selling author with her own fantasy-fulfilling hero, get more than they had bargained for when their "fictional" heroes - Jarred, a futuristic conqueror, and Mykhayl, a barbarian warrior of the past - worried about being written off, decide to kidnap their authors and imprison them in the seductive worlds that they created in their books.

ORDER # R1108-9   $15-90   ISBN 9780425224922


Cursed:  Hansen, Jamie Leigh.

After twelve years of seductive dreams about a mysterious woman, Alex Foster discovers that Beth Raines, the woman in his visions, who has returned home to care for a dying mother and her abandoned nieces and nephews, is being threatened by demonic forces, and only their shared supernatural gifts can save them from a diabolical ancient enemy.

ORDER # R1108-10   $15-90   ISBN 9780765357212


Dangerous Prey:  McKenna, Lindsay.

Raptor rehabilitator Sky McCoy, unable to forget his encounter with daredevil pilot Kelly Trayhern, comes to her when she needs him most, calling on his Native American heritage to heal her pain and save her from a dark enemy.

ORDER # R1108-11   $15-90   ISBN 9780373773213


Dancing with the Devil:  Drewry, Laura.

Forced to nurse Deacon, the man who had betrayed her, back to health, Rhea tries to resist his attempts to win her heart but has a hard time denying the passion that still lingers between them.

ORDER # R1108-12   $15-90   ISBN 9780843960495


Dead After Dark:  Kenyon, Sherrilyn, et al.

A tantalizing array of paranormal romance novellas from four popular authors features J. R. Ward's "The Story of Son," "Beyond the Night" by Susan Squires, "Midnight Kiss Goodbye" by Dianna Love, and Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Shadow of the Moon," in which Angelia vows to protect her people from Fury and his werewolf clan, only to be forced into an uneasy alliance with her enemy.

ORDER # R1108-13   $15-90   ISBN 9780312947989


Dark Nights, Dark Dreams (Sisterhood of the Sight):  Russe, Savannah.

When U.S. foreign agent Sam Chase joins an elite unit with three other psychically gifted young women to solve a chilling, macabre case, she is partnered with Lance "Bear" Rutledge, a sexy forensic investigator who does not believe in the supernatural.

ORDER # R1108-14   $15-90   ISBN 9780451225665


Demon's Hunger:  Silver, Eve.

Tormented by an overactive libido and blackouts leaving hours of her life unaccounted for, forensic anthropologist Vivien Cairn is beginning to believe that she is losing her mind, until she is rescued from a demon attack by a sexy stranger, sorcerer Dain Hawkins, who is the only hope of saving Vivien from the evil that threatens to claim her.

ORDER # R1108-15   $15-90   ISBN 9780446618939


Deadly Gift:  Graham, Heather.

Sent to America as an Irish nurse, banshee Caer Donahue yearns for a mortal life when she is submerged in a mystery of sunken treasure and attempted murder, which leads her into the loving arms of Zach Flynn.

ORDER # R1108-16   $15-90   ISBN 9780778325277


Dying for You:  Barton, Beverly.

When she agrees to accompany a billionaire heiress to South America, private security agent Lucie Evans is kidnapped in a case of mistaken identity and trapped in a nightmare where the only man who can save her is someone that she never wants to see again.

ORDER # R1108-17   $15-90   ISBN 9780373773176


Divorced, Desperate and Dating:  Craig, Christie.

Mystery writer Sue Finley finds the truth stranger than fiction when she starts getting death threats and finds herself under the protection of a handsome but bitter detective who just might be her happy ending.

ORDER # R1108-18   $15-90   ISBN 9780505527325


Everlasting:  Woodiwiss, Kathleen E.

A passionate new tale by the author of The Reluctant Suitor and A Season Beyond a Kiss follows the relationship between Berengaria, who is forced into marriage with a nefarious squire, and her beloved Raven, a Scottish soldier determined to save her from an evil fate.

ORDER # R1108-19   $15-90   ISBN 9780060545536


Extreme Caution (NASCAR):  Brashear, Jean.

After her husband disappears with millions in embezzled funds, NASCAR mom Maeve Branch, broke and broken hearted, throws herself into her volunteer work at the local animal shelter, where she meets an oil tycoon who teaches her how to trust again.

ORDER # R1108-20   $15-90   ISBN 9780373217984


Fair Warning:  Alexander, Hannah.

When her husband is shot in the line of duty and she is hit by a car, ICU nurse Willow Traynor escapes to her brother's cabin in the Ozarks, where yet another tragedy befalls her, and, realizing that someone is trying to kill her, turns to Dr. Graham Vaughn and his sister for help.

ORDER # R1108-21   $15-90   ISBN 9780373786398


Fish Out of Water:  Davidson, MaryJanice.

When the existence of the Undersea Folk is exposed to the public and a media feeding frenzy ensues, Fred the mermaid becomes their spokesperson and finds herself thinking about Thomas, the human marine biologist she had left behind.

ORDER # R1108-22   $15-90   ISBN 9780515145496


Hex Appeal:  Wisdom, Linda.

Back together after a three-hundred-year on-again, off-again romance, witch Jazz and her vampire cop boyfriend, Nick, face new challenges and misunderstandings as they are both plagued by violent and menacing nightmares that force them to discover who is threatening their dreams and their relationship.

ORDER # R1108-23   $15-90   ISBN 9781402214004


Getting Rid of Bradley:  Crusie, Jennifer.

A rollicking contemporary romance follows Lucy Savage as she goes up against her cheating ex-husband, recovers from a horrid dye job that has left her hair green, and joins forces with sexy cop Zack Warren when someone tries to kill her.

ORDER # R1108-24   $15-90   ISBN 9780373773237


Highland Sinner:  Howell, Hannah.

When his former lover is brutally butchered and he is framed for her murder, Sir Tormand Murray turns to Morainn Ross, a reclusive beauty gifted with second sight, who is his only hope in bringing the real killer, a twisted enemy from his past, to swift justice.

ORDER # R1108-25   $15-90   ISBN 9780821780015


His Woman:  Cosby, Diana.

Forced to save a woman he despises, Sir Duncan MacGruder rescues Lady Isabel Adair, who had broken off their engagement to become the mistress of an Earl, from those determined to bring down Scottish rebel Sir William Wallace.

ORDER # R1108-26   $15-90   ISBN 9781420101096


Lie to Me:  Ambrose, Starr.

Convinced that Banner Westfield is responsible for the death of her best friend, Eleanor Coggins joins forces with ex-con Jack Payton, black sheep of the Westfield family, in order to find evidence that will convict Banner, while Jack hopes to use Ellie as a fake fiancée to regain custody of his daughter, in a debut novel of romantic suspense.

ORDER # R1108-27   $15-90   ISBN 9781416586647


Love by Design:  Roberts, Nora.

The New York Times best-selling author presents two classic love stories - Loving Jack, in which the fictional brooding hero in her romance novel becomes all-too real, and Best Laid Plans, in which a handsome architect matches wits with a feisty structural engineer.

ORDER # R1108-28   $15-90   ISBN 9780373285730


The Manning Grooms:  Macomber, Debbie.

In Bride on the Loose, Jason Manning falls victim to the matchmaking scheme of a precocious little girl who thinks he would be perfect for her mother, and in Same Time, Next Year, James Wilkens makes a special date with a girl he meets on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas.

ORDER # R1108-29   $15-90   ISBN 9780778326021


Man of Her Dreams:  Hoag, Tami.

Upset by Rylan Quaid's unromantic proposal, Maggie McSwain sets out to unleash the full power of her seductive wiles in order to capture his heart, despite Rylan's determination to abandon love in favor of a solid partnership.

ORDER # R1108-30   $15-90   ISBN 9780553591972


Missing:  Jackson, Lisa.

This thrilling two-in-one volume includes Innocent by Association, in which Garrett Reaves believes he is being framed by his former lover, and Zachary's Law, in which a single mother turns to a maverick attorney to find her young children, who have been kidnapped by her ex-husband.

ORDER # R1108-31   $15-90   ISBN 9780373773244


Master of Torment:  Tabke, Karin.

Trapped in a loveless marriage, Lady Tarian of Trent finds her claim to her beloved home threatened by the arrival of Lord Wulfson, a mysterious Irish invader who sets out to claim not only her estate, but the lady as well, but dark secrets could destroy their growing feelings for each other.

ORDER # R1108-32   $15-90   ISBN 9781416555032


Mona Lisa Craving:  Sunny.

In the sequel to Mona Lisa Awakening and Mona Lisa Blossoming, Mona Lisa, a Monère woman, is drawn to Dante, the warrior son of a healer, who had been cursed by a high priestess to endure a never-ending cycle of life and death and who wants nothing more than to die at Mona Lisa's hands.

ORDER # R1108-33   $15-90   ISBN 9780425225547


The River Devil:  Whiteside, Diane.

Decorated Union Navy hero and riverboat captain Hal Lindsay, determined never to marry, finds his vow of bachelorhood challenged by New York railroad heiress Rosalind Schuyler who, disguising herself as a gambler, is hiding out on his boat to escape from an arranged marriage.

ORDER # R1108-34   $15-90   ISBN 9780758207951


Never Too Much:  Foster, Lori.

Determined to show Sierra Murphy his expertise in sensual pleasure, Ben Badwin launches an all out campaign to seduce her, but Sierra wants nothing to do with him, until desire gets the better of her, forcing her to turn the tables on Ben by offering him her body for one night - and one night only.

ORDER # R1108-35   $15-90   ISBN 9781420106565


Never Dare a Duke:  Callen, Gayle.

Desperate to save her father's ailing newspaper business, proper Abigail Shaw embarks on a dangerous and seductive bargain with Christopher Cabot, the Duke of Madingley, who has his own reasons for joining forces with the lovely commoner.

ORDER # R1108-36   $15-90   ISBN 9780061235061


On the Prowl:  MacInerney, Karen.

Werewolf Sophie Garou finds her life becoming complicated when her sexy boyfriend begins spending time with a gorgeous new associate, her professional relationship with a new client - and Texas's most eligible bachelor - begins heating up, and she is given an ultimatum by the Houston werewolf pack.

ORDER # R1108-37   $15-90   ISBN 9780345496263


No Words Alone:  Dawn, Autumn.

Stranded on a hostile planet, Xera, realizing that her only hope for survival is the warlike Scorpio, sworn enemies of her people, approaches their handsome leader and discovers a noble commander who sets her body on fire with his touch.

ORDER # R1108-38   $15-90   ISBN 9780505528018


Phantom's Touch:  Leto, Julie.

When an antique sword transports her back in time to the year 1747 and into the arms of Aiden Forsyth, who has been cursed by gypsies, modern-day actress Lauren Cole must rely on this sexy warrior to protect her from his age-old enemy.

ORDER # R1108-39   $15-90   ISBN 9780451224903


The Pagan Stone (Sign of Seven: 03):  Roberts, Nora.

In this thrilling conclusion to the Sign of Seven trilogy, three women and three men merge their powers to battle the ultimate evil, proving that friendship, family, love, and passion is much stronger than the looming darkness.

ORDER # R1108-40   $15-90   ISBN 9780515144666


Slippery When Wet:  Raye, Kimberly.

NASCAR superstar Jaycee Anderson, the first female to take the racing circuit by storm, will stop at nothing to knock her competitor Rory Canyon out of the number three spot, even if it means transforming herself into a glamour queen and seducing him.

ORDER # R1108-43   $15-90   ISBN 9780505527738


Talk of the Town:  Hawkins, Karen.

Returning home after discovering that her husband is having an affair with his male law partner and that her mother has fallen ill, Roxie Parker comes face to face with local bad boy Nick Sheppard, now sheriff of their North Carolina hometown.

ORDER # R1108-44   $15-90   ISBN 9781416560227


Succubus Takes Manhattan:  Harper, Nina.

Lily thoroughly enjoys her work for Satan, until she is dumped by the mortal with whom she is falling in love, her best friend's demon boyfriend is kidnapped, members of the Hierarchy of Hell are gunning for her, she is distracted by the gorgeous Marten, and her dashing P.I. beau returns to complicate her life, in a sequel to Succubus in the City.

ORDER # R1108-45   $15-90   ISBN 9780345495075


Something More:  Dailey, Janet.

When Luke McCallister, a cowboy and loner, stumbles upon a centuries-old mystery involving buried treasure, he, after much convincing, agrees to help Angie Sommers discover if the legend about her great-great-grandfather, who had been the sole survivor of a band of outlaws, is true.

ORDER # R1108-46   $15-90   ISBN 9780821775448


Talk of the Town:  Bodine, Sherrill.

Demoted from her job after refusing to reveal her sources for a scandalous story about the extramarital exploits of a politician, Chicago gossip columnist Rebecca Covington finds herself highlighting recipes in the paper's Home and Food section and launches a campaign to regain her old job, despite her sexy new boss, David Sumner.

ORDER # R1108-47   $15-90   ISBN 9780446618588


Simply the Best:  Jump, Shirley.

After her latest relationship ends in yet another disaster, newspaper writer Alexandra Kenner turns to her best friend and commitment-phobic contractor Mack Douglas for support, only to discover that he could just be her Mr. Right.

ORDER # R1108-48   $15-90   ISBN 9781420100365


Zen and the Art of Vampires:  MacAlister, Katie.

In preparation for her fortieth birthday, Pia Thomason joins a singles' tour through romantic Europe, where she finds more than her heart at stake when she is torn between two mysterious men.

ORDER # R1108-49   $15-90   ISBN 9780451225603


22 Nights:  Jones, Linda Winstead.

When Merin, her former lover, returns with orders to bring her to the emperor, who wants her as his wife, skilled warrior Bela reveals to Merin that they are actually married, but to sever the bond forever, they must remain bound together by a short rope for twenty-two days - and nights.

ORDER # R1108-50   $15-90   ISBN 9780425224915


Untamed:  Clare, Pamela.

Forced to become a spy for the French after being captured, Morgan MacKinnon is torn apart by treachery and conflicting loyalties when he falls in love with a beautiful young French woman named Amalie.

ORDER # R1108-51   $15-90   ISBN 9780843954890


Victory Lane (NASCAR):  Carroll, Marisa.

When his wife, Patsy, forces him to choose between racing and her, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series contender Dean Grosso must make a tough decision before it is too late.

ORDER # R1108-52   $15-90   ISBN 9780373217991


Wicked Is the Night:  Mulvany, Catherine.

Escaping from the private research facility where she had endured excruciating experimentation, Nevada White puts her psychic ability to see evil to the test when she takes a job for Trick Granger, who is working to restore a haunted mansion, but her situation is complicated when locals begin turning up dead with strange puncture wounds in their necks.

ORDER # R1108-53   $15-90   ISBN 9781416525585


Welcome to Serenity:  Woods, Sherryl.

While working on Serenity's much-loved annual Christmas festival, spa owner Jeanette is teamed up with the sexy new town manager and, bonding over their mutual dislike of the holidays, they unexpectedly discover romance and a Christmas miracle.

ORDER # R1108-54   $15-90   ISBN 9780778325895


What a Pirate Desires:  Beattie, Michelle.

Fueled by vengeance, Samantha Fine, aka Sam Steele, the most cunning and feared pirate on the high seas, finds her search for Dervish, the man who had killed her family, derailed by her attraction to a dashing pirate who also has his own score to settle.

ORDER # R1108-55   $15-90   ISBN 9780425224939


What a Scoundrel Wants:  Lofty, Carrie.

Will Scarlet, the nephew of Robin Hood, whose talents with the sword and the ladies are legendary, finds his heart captured by Meg of Keyworth, a beautiful blind woman who is on a mission to save her imprisoned sister whom he had arrested.

ORDER # R1108-56   $15-90   ISBN 9781420104752


When the Duke Returns:  James, Eloisa.

Married by proxy as a child, Lady Isidore has remained true to her vows while waiting for her husband to come home, but when Simeon Jermyn, Duke of Corway, finally returns to London, she is irate to discover that he is demanding an annulment and sets out to do anything to capture his heart.

ORDER # R1108-57   $15-90   ISBN 9780061245602


Wicked Intentions:  Joyce, Lydia.

Under suspicion ever since the murder of his older brother, Thomas Hyde, Viscount Varcourt, engages in a sensual battle of wills with Esmeralda, an exotic psychic, when she begins having strange visions of his family, in a romance set against the backdrop of Victorian London.

ORDER # R1108-58   $15-90   ISBN 9780451225672


Large Size Paperbacks
Carnal Desires:  Jordan, Crystal.

This sensual collection of stories, centering around several species of altered humans that have survived after the destruction of earth, includes "In Heat," in which a snow tigress is unable to control her desperate need to mate when her tiger king returns.

ORDER # R1108-61   $23-90   ISBN 9780758228994 


Bad Girls Have More Fun (Ellora's Cave Presents):  Hart, Arianna; Springer, Jan; & Vremont, Ann.

An anthology of short erotic tales by three popular Ellora's Cave authors features a trio of inhibited career women who learn how to enjoy the intimate sides of their natures.

ORDER # R1108-62   $23-90   ISBN 9781416577690 


Dating da Vinci:  Lott, Malena.

Against her better judgment, Ramona Elise, a thirty-six-year-old widow, English teacher, and mother of two, finds herself falling for one of her students, a gorgeous, twenty-five-year-old Italian immigrant named Leonardo da Vinci, who helps her find new joy, life, and love as she struggles to cope with her grief over the death of her beloved husband.

ORDER # R1108-63   $23-90   ISBN 9781402213939 


Double the Pleasure:  Foster, Lori, et al.

Four best-selling romance authors - Lori Foster, Deirdre Martin, Jacquie D'Alessandro, and Penny McCall - come together in an anthology featuring four all-new tales of passion and romance, including a new Foster novella about the Winston cousins, twins who use their mirror image appeal to play sexy games with the women of their dreams.

ORDER # R1108-64   $24-90   ISBN 9780425224069 


The Duchess, Her Maid, the Groom & Their Lover:  Janssen, Victoria.

When she discovers that her lecherous husband is plotting to kill her to make way for a much younger fertile companion, Duchess Camille, along with her young lover, escapes from his clutches and takes cover in brothels, succumbing to many new physical delights.

ORDER # R1108-65   $23-90   ISBN 9780373605262 


Embracing Midnight:  Quinn, Devyn.

When she finally finds Iollan Drake, the man she has been tracking, undercover FBI agent Callie Whitten succumbs to forbidden passion in his immortal arms, forcing her to choose between duty and love.

ORDER # R1108-66   $23-90   ISBN 9780758216540


Free Pass:  Scott, Elizabeth.

As each pair celebrates their seven-year anniversary, three couples embark on a trio of erotic and seductive adventures, as Cherisse and Wesley find hot times in the city of Miami, Melanie and her husband enjoy a threesome with an out-of-towner, and Debra and Gordon discover the pleasures of voyeurism in Greece.

ORDER # R1108-67   $23-90   ISBN 9780451225030 


The Flame: Sons of Destiny:  Johnson, Jean

In the seventh volume in the Sons of Destiny series, Koranen, the seventh-born brother, takes his own turn to search for a bride, a quest complicated by the flame that courses within him as he seeks a woman who can endure the literal heat of his passion, until Danau the Aquamancer arrives.

ORDER # R1108-68   $24-90   ISBN 9780425224052 


The Man for Me:  Bruce, Gemma.

In order to keep his plans secret, star pitcher Tommy Bainbridge must distract gorgeous sportswriter J. T. Green from her job by any means necessary, which leads to passion and love.

ORDER # R1108-69   $23-90   ISBN 9780758216236 


Maximum Exposure:  Kent, Alison.

Not shy about using her sexuality to get what she wants, boutique owner Olivia Hammond sets her sights on sexy spy Finn McLain, who is investigating one of her employees.

ORDER # R1108-70   $23-90   ISBN 9780758217561 


Midnight Sins:  Eden, Cynthia.

Nightclub singer Cara Firon, who is one of the Others, a race of paranormal creatures, must convince Atlanta detective Todd Brooks that she is not a cold-blooded killer and, since her particular abilities don't work on him, must find another way to make him help her.

ORDER # R1108-71   $23-90   ISBN 9780758226044 


Nora:  Palmer, Diana.

Nora Marlowe comes to Texas seeking adventure and is irresistibly attracted to Cal Barton, an oilman who wants to seduce the arrogant adventuress, but when they fall passionately in love, tragic secrets threaten to destroy their passion.

ORDER # R1108-72   $24-90   ISBN 9780373773251 


Primal Male:  White, Sasha.

When he encounters pureblood shape shifter Melissa Montrose, Drake Wheeler, an empath, is unprepared for the overpowering need to possess this gorgeous creature who is more than willing to share her innermost fantasies and true, wild nature with him.

ORDER # R1108-73   $23-90   ISBN 9780758228611 


Running Wild:  Betts, Lucinda.

Bewitched by the exotic beauty of Princess Shahrazad, Prince Tahir risks his life to make her his, defying the Sultan and whisking her away to a world of intense sexual pleasure that forever changes their lives.

ORDER # R1108-74   $23-90   ISBN 9780758222169 


Undercover:  Dane, Lauren.

With the enemy Imperialists threatening the security of the Federation, Sera Ayers, a Federation lieutenant, finds herself caught between two different men - Ash Walker, leader of a covert team and Sera's former lover until being forced into a political marriage that is now over, and Brandt Pela, an elegant and seductive operative masquerading as Sera's lover.

ORDER # R1108-75   $24-90   ISBN 9780425224649 


Blue Moon: Anita Blake Novel:  Hamilton, Laurell K.

Unable to forget her fiancé, Richard Zeeman, whom she had left when she could not reconcile herself to his alpha werewolf nature, vampire hunter Anita Blake seeks to prove his innocence when he is falsely accused of rape in Tennessee. (Hardcover)

ORDER # R1108-76   $44-90   ISBN 9780425223833 

Undying:  Forrest, V. K.

When Arlan, a vampire who is devoted to ridding the world of its most depraved human members, is asked to assist an FBI agent in one of her investigations, he is unprepared for his response to a beautiful witness who has a dark past and a deep connection to the case on which he is working.

ORDER # R1108-77   $24-90   ISBN 9780758217172 


Unlaced:  Burton, Jaci, et al.

Four tales of erotic romance come together in an anthology of tales exploring a seductive world of lust and lingerie, featuring works by Jaci Burton, Jasmine Haynes, Joey W. Hill, and Denise Rossetti.

ORDER # R1108-78   $25-90   ISBN 9780425223819 


Zack: Armed & Dangerous:  McCray, Cheyenne.

Ten years after leaving her and breaking her heart, ICE agent Zack Hunter comes back into Sky MacKenna's life after her life is threatened when she becomes embroiled in the case he is investigating, and as the danger increases, he becomes determined to never again let her go, in the first volume in a new erotic romance series.

ORDER # R1108-79   $23-90   ISBN 9780312386719 


Wicked Burn:  Kery, Beth.

Rescuing his gorgeous neighbor from an overly aggressive suitor, Vic Savian embarks on a passionate, uninhibited love affair with Niall Chandler, until her past comes back to haunt her, threatening her growing love for Vic.

ORDER # R1108-80   $24-90   ISBN 9780425224373 


24 Hours as a Sex Vixen:  Cach, Lisa.

No Picture Available

Writing a dissertation on sexual power, a shy and mousy Ph.D. candidate becomes inspired to transform her life and puts her new skills to the test when she pursues an attractive and unattainable man.

ORDER # R1108-81   $23-90   ISBN 9781416513315 


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