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Alone in the Dark:  Coffman, Elaine.

Suffering from a recurring nightmare about a killer, a blood-covered woman, and a beautiful old house, TV news anchor Ellery O'Brien is stunned when her dying father reveals that she has a twin sister and travels to her late mother's Texas hometown to uncover the truth, only to be tormented by increasingly terrifying images of impending death.

ORDER # ROB-1   $15-00   ISBN 0743475798 


Angel in a Red Dress:  Ivory, Judith.

Despite her best intentions and fierce determination to keep out of the way of Adrien Hunt, sensible Christina Bower is unable to avoid her growing attraction to the unrepentant libertine lord, who appears to be playing both sides in a perilous game of intrigue.

ORDER # ROB-2   $15-00   ISBN 0060555831 


A Babe in Ghostland:  Cach, Lisa.

Working on the restoration of a dilapidated, old mansion haunted by disturbing nightly visitations and strange noises, Case Lambert hires reluctant psychic Megan Barrows to help him deal with the hauntings and to uncover the truth about the house's mysterious past.

ORDER # ROB-3   $15-00   ISBN 0743470907 


Bourbon Street Blues:  Child, Maureen.

A chance encounter with Holly Carlyle, the beautiful woman who sang at his wedding ten years ago, brings love and sweet music into the life of coffee executive Parker James, but his ex-wife is determined to keep them apart by blackmailing Holly into staying away from him.

ORDER # ROB-4   $15-00   ISBN 0373389426 


The Christmas Heiress:  Basso, Adrienne.

When Edward Barringer, the man who jilted her, returns to the English countryside for the holidays, Charlotte Aldridge, determined to avoid him, finds her resolve sorely tested when he unleashes a campaign to win both her forgiveness and her love.

ORDER # ROB-5   $15-00   ISBN 0821780409 


Dance of the Gods (Circle Trilogy: 02):  Roberts, Nora.

This second instalment in the Circle Trilogy follows the Circle of Six as they protect our world - and their hearts - from a vampire who is determined to rule the earth.

ORDER # ROB-6   $15-00   ISBN 0515141666 


A Coventry Christmas:  Cochrane, Becky.

Deciding to spend Christmas in Coventry, Texas, Keelie Cannon, dealing with a fractured ankle, a lewd grandmother, and a sick hamster, finds herself distracted from her holiday woes by a handsome veterinarian who makes house calls.

ORDER # ROB-7   $15-00   ISBN 0821780425 


Crazy Sweet:  Janzen, Tara.

Left with amnesia after a secret mission goes badly awry, covert operative Gillian Pentycote has taken on a new identity as Red Dog, a gun for hire, until special agent Travis James enlists her assistance in the ultimate game of vengeance against the man who had destroyed her life.

ORDER # ROB-8   $15-00   ISBN 0440242797 


Cry of the Wild:  Anderson, Catherine.

Searching the wilds of Alaska for her missing twin, Crysta Meyers must place her trust in mountain guide Sam Barrister, who is her only hope in surviving the harsh wilderness and the dangerous enemies who want to stop her from finding her brother.

ORDER # ROB-9   $15-00   ISBN 0373470886 


The Delaney Christmas Carol:  Hooper, Kay; Johansen, Iris; & Preston, Fayrene.

Three best-selling authors capture the Christmas spirit - past, present, and future - in the irresistible story of three generations of Delaneys who find love and passion in the revelry of the holiday season.

ORDER # ROB-10   $15-00   ISBN 055329654X 


Deliciously Wicked:  DeHart, Robyn.

Fiercely independent Meg Piddington is torn between justice and her reputation after spending the night locked in her father's chocolate factory with Gareth Mandeville, especially when she discovers that she has become his alibi when he is accused of a dastardly crime.

ORDER # ROB-11   $15-00   ISBN 0061127523 


Desperado:  Hill, Sandra.

When a military skydive goes horribly wrong, Major Helen Prescott and National Guardsman Rafe Santiago are transported back in time to the 1850 California Gold Rush where they, mistaken for a legendary bandit and his mistress, go on the run from the law and straight into each other's arms.

ORDER # ROB-12   $15-00   ISBN 0505521822 


Dream Makers:  Roberts, Nora.

Features Untamed, in which a beautiful lion trainer finds herself falling in love with the lawyer who has inherited ownership of the circus, and Less of a Stranger, in which Megan Miller finds herself distracted from business when a good-looking stranger offers to buy her grandfather's amusement park.

ORDER # ROB-13   $15-00   ISBN 0373285248 


Erinsong:  Groe, Diana.

After Brenna, a spirited Irish princess, nurses a wounded Viking warrior back to health, she, drawn to this gentle man, joins him on a quest through the land of Erin that could change the course of history, while their enemies conspire to keep them apart forever.

ORDER # ROB-14   $15-00   ISBN 0843957891 


Give Him the Slip:  Dawson, Geralyn.

When a random act of kindness places her in the path of a relentless killer, Maddie Kincaid, running for her life, gets help from DEA agent Luke "Sin" Callahan who convinces her to come clean and come into his bed.

ORDER # ROB-15   $15-00   ISBN 0451219635 


Eve's Christmas:  Dailey, Janet.

Determined to give his son the perfect small-town Christmas, Luck McClure gets some much-needed help from shy music teacher Eve Rowland who gives him the best gift of all, her love.

ORDER # ROB-16   $15-00   ISBN 0821780174 


Hard Evidence:  Clare, Pamela.

Undercover FBI agent Julian Darcangelo, working with the Denver police to catch a human trafficker and killer, must gain the trust of investigative reporter Tessa Novak, when she, believing him to be responsible for the murder of a teenage girl, threatens to blow his cover.

ORDER # ROB-17   $15-00   ISBN 0425212602 


Haunting Olivia:  Taylor, Janelle.

When she inherits a summer cottage from her estranged father, magazine editor Olivia Sedgwick, forced to confront her painful past, returns to Blueberry, Maine, where she encounters her first love and the child she thought she had given up for adoption.

ORDER # ROB-18   $15-00   ISBN 0821778919 


Hawk's Prize:  Barbieri, Elaine.

Reunited with his brother and sisters, Drew, while trying to right the wrongs of the past, searches for the woman who nursed him back to health in a high-priced bordello whom he believes is his soulmate.

ORDER # ROB-19   $15-00   ISBN 0843956380 


Heat Lightning:  Thompson, Colleen.

Passion ignites between Luz Maria Montoya, a community activist who was the victim of a hate crime, and investigator Grant Holcomb when she begins receiving threatening phone calls and needs his protection.

ORDER # ROB-20   $15-00   ISBN 0505526719 


Hired Gun:  Smith, Bobbi.

Agreeing to rescue a young girl kidnapped by the Apache, Trent Marshall, a bitter, hard man, finds his heart captured by the victim's older sister who, despite his objections, joins him in his search.

ORDER # ROB-21   $15-00   ISBN 0843956658 


How to Seduce a Duke:  Caskie, Kathryn.

Determined to prevent Mary's marriage to his brother, Viscount Wetherly, the notorious Duke of Blackstone sets out to seduce the bewitching beauty, never expecting his prey to resist his practiced wiles.

ORDER # ROB-22   $15-00   ISBN 0061124567 


I'll Be Home for Christmas:  Miller, Linda Lael, et al.

Linda Lael Miller's "Christmas of the Red Chiefs," a story about a young woman's broken heart and the sexy widower who may have a solution, highlights a quartet of heartwarming holiday romances, which also includes Catherine Mulvany's "Once Upon a Christmas," "Meltdown" by Julie Leto, and "You Can Count on Me" by Roxanne St. Claire.

ORDER # ROB-23   $15-00   ISBN 074344227X 


I'm in No Mood for Love:  Gibson, Rachel.

After finding her fiancé in a compromising position with a washing machine repairman and attending a wedding in which she served as a bridesmaid, Clare Wingate awakens with a hangover, next to her childhood crush, Sebastian Vaughan, now a sexy, globe-travelling journalist.

ORDER # ROB-24   $15-00   ISBN 0060773170 


In Plain Sight:  Quinn, Tara Taylor.

While prosecuting the leader of a white supremacy organization, Arizona chief prosecutor Janet McNeil becomes the target of his vindictive followers and turns to an ex-cop, who believes in annihilating violence and hate, for help.

ORDER # ROB-25   $15-00   ISBN 0778323080 


The Knight Before Christmas:  Ivie, Jackie.

When Myles Donal, a fierce warrior, and Kendran, a woman known as the Harridan of the Highlands, are stranded together during a snowstorm, they engage in a battle of wills that explodes into undeniable passion.

ORDER # ROB-26   $15-00   ISBN 0821780123 


Love at First Bite:  Kenyon, Sherrilyn, et al.

Four tales of supernatural romance and desire include "The Forgotten One" by Ronda Thompson, Susan Squires's "The Gift," "Ride the Night Wind" by L. A. Banks, and Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Until Death Do Us Part," in which, after five hundred years, an immortal Esperetta is reunited with her husband, a Dark-Hunter, to face down an old enemy.

ORDER # ROB-27   $15-00   ISBN 0312349297 


Lord of the Beasts:  Krinard, Susan.

Veterinarian Donal Flemming, who is gifted with an empathic ability for all creatures, finds himself unable to control his most primal instincts when he meets Cordelia Hardcastle, who, after experiencing unimaginable passion in his arms, defies propriety and convention to be with him.

ORDER # ROB-28   $15-00   ISBN 0373771398 


Lucy Gets Her Life Back:  Holm, Stef Ann.

Arriving in the town of Red Duck, Idaho, with her two teenage boys, her recipes, and a dream of being a celebrity chef, Lucy Carpenter finds an ally in former pro baseball player Drew Tolman who, after sampling her culinary delights, becomes her number one client.

ORDER # ROB-29   $15-00   ISBN 0778323447 


Master of Swords:  Knight, Angela.

Gawain, a virile vampire knight, vows to prove to witch Lark McClure that not all vampires are violent and out for blood, while dealing with a relentless killer who wants them both destroyed.

ORDER # ROB-30   $15-00   ISBN 0425209210 


Must Love Dragons:  Rowe, Stephanie.

Tired of being a dragon and of celibacy, Theresa Nichols makes a deal with Satan to shed her dragon guise in order to meet her online paramour, Zeke Siccardi, a recovering dragon slayer turned private detective, but their growing relationship could turn to ashes when Satan threatens to turn her back into a dragon if she does not give him the Goblet of Eternal Youth.

ORDER # ROB-31   $15-00   ISBN 0446617679 


Missing Magic:  Whiddon, Karen.

To save his people from a great evil, Cenrick, a sorcerer prince, enters the world of mortals to convince policewoman Dee Bishop to help him in his dangerous quest, bringing much-needed magic into her life.

ORDER # ROB-32   $15-00   ISBN 0505526425 


The Night Before Christmas:  Foster, Lori, et al.

Six sexy Christmas tales - by Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy, Kathy Love, Jill Shalvis, Kylie Adams, and Katherine Garbera - come together in a seductive collection that will thaw the icicles off the eave, with stories of office romance, infatuation, lust, and fantasy.

ORDER # ROB-33   $15-00   ISBN 0758212151 


The Night We Met:  Morsi, Pamela; Kendall, Karen; & Collins, Colleen.

As three couples celebrate their Thanksgiving anniversaries on a cruise ship bound for Thailand, they share the remarkable stories of how they met and fell in love, while celebrating new friendships, breathtaking scenery, and the promise of many more years together.

ORDER # ROB-34   $15-00   ISBN 0373837283 


O'Rourke's Bride:  Dan, Barbara.

To outsmart her matchmaking father, Kate McGillacutty pays Irish actor Peter O'Rourke to marry her until she can get an annulment and be free, but her plan backfires when she discovers that her new husband has been conspiring with the enemy, her father.

ORDER # ROB-35   $15-00   ISBN 0821780557 


Paradise:  McNaught, Judith.

When the Bancroft family empire is threatened by a hostile takeover, Meredith Bancroft flees into the arms of Matthew Farrell, a man with whom she once had a passionate affair.

ORDER # ROB-36   $15-00   ISBN 0671776800 


Passionate Thirst: Candace Steele Vampire Killer Novel:  Dean, Cameron.

In the first of a trilogy of supernatural romance novels featuring vampire killer Candace Steele, Candace is working undercover in a Las Vegas casino as she stalks Sin City's undead, when she assigned to a security detail for popular singer Temptation McCoy, a job that is complicated by the return of her former lover, seductive vampire Ash.

ORDER # ROB-37   $15-00   ISBN 0345492536 


Parallel Heat:  Knight, Deidre.

In a world on the verge of destruction, alien warrior Marco McKinley and his greatest enemy, soldier Thea Haven, discover that they have met before in an alternate universe and are bound together by betrayal, vengeance, and passion.

ORDER # ROB-38   $15-00   ISBN 0451219651 


Pink Jinx:  Hill, Sandra.

Vernonica Jinkowsky is stunned when her estranged grandfather suddenly gives her his famous treasure hunting company and then manipulates her into searching for a stash of pink diamonds that went down with a ship off the Jersey shore, until she discovers that her grandfather's true agenda is to get her back together with her four-times ex-husband, Jake Jensen, permanently.

ORDER # ROB-39   $15-00   ISBN 0446616524 


Priceless:  Stewart, Mariah.

Underwater archaeologist Sam McGowan and salvage expert Rachel Chandler resent being forced to work together on a sunken Confederate blockade runner, until they stumble upon a cache of hidden gems aboard the wreck and find their working partnership being transformed by passion.

ORDER # ROB-40   $15-00   ISBN 0671026259 


The Raven Prince:  Hoyt, Elizabeth.

In eighteenth-century Georgian London, a widowed Anna Wren takes a job as a secretary to the Earl of Swartingham, only to find herself falling in love with her employer, but when the Earl heads to a brothel for a little "entertainment," Anna comes up with a plan to make him her unwitting lover.

ORDER # ROB-41   $15-00   ISBN 0446618470 


Reasonable Doubt:  Anderson, Catherine.

When a promise to a dying woman leads her back home to the Crescent Moon mining claim, which has been in her family for generations, Brenna Morgan begins receiving threats and warnings, which lead her into the arms of her neighbor Tyler Ross, who might be after her land - not her heart.

ORDER # ROB-42   $15-00   ISBN 0373470851 


Retrieval:  London, Jeanie.

Using her unique talents to intervene in the lives of humans to help them resist temptation and avoid untimely deaths, Nina, a guide between the living and the dead, finds herself caught in the middle between good and evil forces battling for control of Purgatory and battling her own temptations.

ORDER # ROB-43   $15-00   ISBN 0765354225 


The Rules of Seduction:  Hunter, Madeline.

Forced into marriage to the very man who had ruined her reputation, a penniless Alexia Welbourne is unaware that Hayden Rothwell, her new husband, has unexpected and secret motives for his seduction and marriage.

ORDER # ROB-44   $15-00   ISBN 0553587323 


Secrets of the Highwayman:  Mackenzie, Sara.

Nearly two centuries after being betrayed and murdered by a trusted friend, Nathaniel Raven is given one final chance to uncover the secrets behind his death, with the help of Melanie Jones, an infuriatingly independent modern woman.

ORDER # ROB-45   $15-00   ISBN 0060795522 


The Secret Life of Mrs.Claus:  Alexander, Carly.

For three very different women trying to get what they want, it is a Christmas where miracles happen, love is magical, and changing their lives is as simple as changing their outfits.

ORDER # ROB-46   $15-00   ISBN 0758209266 


Seduced by Magic:  McCray, Cheyenne.

An accomplished D'Anu witch, Copper Ashcroft is thrust into a mysterious Otherworld when a spell backfires and finds herself trapped with Tiernan, a powerful and seductive Tuatha D'Danann warrior, with whom she must unite to keep a terrifying evil from being unleashed on an unprotected city.

ORDER # ROB-47   $15-00   ISBN 0312937636 


Sheer Dynamite:  Skully, Jennifer.

When her first real vision leads her to Jack Davis, a skeptic who thinks she's crazy, Opal Smith, a misfit in her family of bona fide psychics, convinces Jack that they are destined to be together, with the help of Grandma Blue, who believes that he is the reincarnation of her favorite race-car driver.

ORDER # ROB-48   $15-00   ISBN 0373771320 


The Sinful Nights of a Nobleman:  Hunter, Jillian.

Forced into marriage after unwittingly falling victim to a mysterious invitation that leads to a secret tryst, demure debutante Jacelyn Lydbury finds herself wed to Lord Devon Boscastle, London's most elusive bachelor, a marriage of inconvenience that leads to a passionate alliance of the heart.

ORDER # ROB-49   $15-00   ISBN 0345487613 


A Soldier's Christmas:  Lee, Rachel; Lovelace, Merline; & Mann, Catherine. 

Celebrating love and peace on the front lines, this collection of holiday romances includes Rachel Lee's I'll Be Home, in which Navy SEAL Seth Hardin, resigned to spending Christmas alone, gets a special gift when he is stranded during a snowstorm with Maria Hoskins.

ORDER # ROB-50   $15-00   ISBN 037377155X 


The Stolen Bride:  Joyce, Brenda.

On the run from the law, Sean O'Neil returns home only to discover that the woman he loves, Eleanor de Warenne, is about to marry another, and, in an act of passionate recklessness, he steals her away from her betrothed and discovers that she is on his side, for better or for worse.

ORDER # ROB-51   $15-00   ISBN 0373771843 


Switchback:  Anderson, Catherine.

When her daughter is kidnapped, Mallory Christiani, warned not to tell anyone, is unable to stop private investigator Bud MacPhearson from getting involved since he believes that he is responsible for her disappearance.

ORDER # ROB-52   $15-00   ISBN 0373470878 


Take Me:  Monroe, Lucy.

When he honors the deathbed wish of his servant and introduces her daughter to the scandalous Duchess of Clairborne, Viscount Ravenswood discovers a tormented woman who needs his help in unravelling the mystery of her life and his love to heal her wounded soul.

ORDER # ROB-53   $15-00   ISBN 0425212211 


Taken by Storm:  Fletcher, Donna.

Travelling to Scotland to find his missing brother, Burke Longton finds himself incarcerated in a dungeon, charged with a crime he did not commit, only to be rescued by a beautiful outlaw known as Storm and her motley crew, who are dedicated to saving the lives of the wrongfully imprisoned.

ORDER # ROB-54   $15-00   ISBN 0061136255 


Touch of Desire:  Paul, Susan Spencer.

Known as the Dewin Mawr, the Great Sorcerer, to those with magical gifts, the Earl of Graymar, a descendant of an ancient Welsh clan of magic makers, gets more than he had bargained for when he meets mortal Sarah Tamony, a beautiful and passionate storyteller.

ORDER # ROB-55   $15-00   ISBN 0312933894 


Twin Peaks:  Johnson, Susan & Haynes, Jasmine.

The best-selling author of Hot Spot and Hot Pink joins forces with an up-and-coming star to present an erotic trio of romance stories that follow the sensual adventures of twins.

ORDER # ROB-56   $15-00   ISBN 042521110X 


Under the Mistletoe:  Balogh, Mary.

A special holiday anthology features a quartet of classic romance tales - "The Star of Bethlehem," "The Best Gift," "Playing House," and "No Room at the Inn" - along with an all-original story written specially for this volume, "A Family Christmas," set against the backdrop of Regency England.

ORDER # ROB-57   $15-00   ISBN 0451219791 


The Vampire Who Loved Me:  Medeiros, Teresa.

Five years after saving the life of vampire Julian Kane, beautiful Portia Cabot is reunited with the seductive creature of the night, whose fruitless pursuit of his stolen mortality and his lost soul has reduced him to an existence of drunken debauchery.

ORDER # ROB-58   $15-00   ISBN 0060763035 


The Wicked One:  Keys, Elizabeth.

When rumors and falsehoods damage his reputation, dashing horse trainer Connal Delaney, avoiding polite society, finds salvation in the arms of a beautiful young widow from North Carolina, but their enemies threaten to tear them apart.

ORDER # ROB-59   $15-00   ISBN 0821777947 


Veiled Desires:  MacNish, Tracy.

Defying her cruel stepfather, Emeline finds love with Rogan Mullan, heir to a dukedom, who helps her to break free from this abusive man who will stop at nothing to control her fate.

ORDER # ROB-60   $15-00   ISBN 0821779532 


Wolf's Temptation:  Birdsell, Donna.

Fast on the trail of a smuggler shipping weapons to colonial rebels in America, spymaster Ethan Gray, a.k.a. the Wolf, is distracted by a beautiful spy and rival who, unbeknownst to Ethan, has been ordered to protect the very same man he has been hired to capture.

ORDER # ROB-61   $15-00   ISBN 0425212610 


Without a Trace:  Anderson, Catherine.

When she helps Michael De Lorio search for his biological parents, genealogist Sarah Montague finds her investigation taking a dangerous turn when someone will stop at nothing to keep the truth from coming to light.

ORDER # ROB-62   $15-00   ISBN 037347086X 


Comfort & Joy:  Hannah, Kristin.

Recently divorced and having no family of her own, Joy Candellaro is beginning to dream of a new life with widower Daniel O'Shea and his son, Bobby, until a fateful Christmas Eve forces her to make a painful choice.

ORDER # ROB-63   $15-00   ISBN 0345483790 


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