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Ready & Willing:  Bevarly, Elizabeth.

When the purchase of a nineteenth-century portrait of a riverboat captain results in an otherworldly visitor who needs her help, widow Audrey Magill must convince a complete stranger, high-powered businessman Nathaniel Summerfield, that he is in danger of losing his soul.

ORDER # R1008-1   $15-90    ISBN 9780425224779


All I Want for Christmas:  Wilkins, Gina.

Orphans Pip and Kelsey want a new mom and dad for Christmas and set their sights on doll-shop owner Ryan Clark, who is longing for a family, and Max Monroe, who is afraid of commitment.

ORDER # R1008-2   $15-90    ISBN 9780373199327


All I Want for Christmas Is a Vampire:  Sparks, Kerrelyn.

With her best friend confined to a mental institution after claiming she had been attacked by vampires, the only thing Tony can do to get her released is to prove that vampires really exist, taking a job as a bodyguard for the undead, in which role she encounters the gorgeous, five-hundred-year-old Ian MacPhie.

ORDER # R1008-3   $15-90    ISBN 9780061118463


All That Matters:  Holm, Stef Ann.

When a megastore grocery chain threatens to shut down her new boutique bakery, Chloe Lawson asks high-powered lawyer John Moretti to join her in her cause, which he gladly does after sampling her home-baked charms.

ORDER # R1008-4   $15-90    ISBN 9780373773138


Anchors Aweigh:  Bacus, Kathleen.

When she and her family accidentally board a low-cal "biggest loser" cruise, Tressa "Calamity" Jayne Turner discovers something even more disturbing than healthy eating choices and a Bermuda-esque love triangle - murder.

ORDER # R1008-5   $15-90    ISBN 9780505527356


Between Light and Dark:  Wilds, Elissa.

As a war between good and evil is waged around her, Laurell Pittman succumbs to the Yearning and conceives a child with an immortal being so that she may give birth to the Earth Balancer, humankind's saviour.

ORDER # R1008-6   $15-90    ISBN 9780505527912


The Bride Price:  Mallory, Anne.

After waiting a lifetime for revenge, Sebastien Deville, the rakish, illegitimate son of the Duke of Grandien, has a chance to regain his mother's stolen lands and to gain respectability, if he can win a competition sponsored by the king that would bring him a fortune, a title, and a well-born bride, and if he can outwit Caroline Martin, who is determined to stop him.

ORDER # R1008-7   $15-90    ISBN 9780061579134


The Brands Who Came for Christmas:  Shayne, Maggie.

When the father of her unborn twins mysteriously disappears and then returns, Maya Brand does not know if she can trust Caleb Montgomery even as he goes out of his way to prove his devotion to her and their soon-to-be family.

ORDER # R1008-8   $15-90    ISBN 9780373199310


Christmas Getaway:  Stuart, Anne; Leonard, Tina; & Lennox, Marion.

Three women, connected by friendship and fate, are on Santa's naughty list in this holiday collection that includes Anne Stuart's "Claus and Effect," in which Eloise is forced to spend Christmas with an infuriating cop and wonders if she is sleeping with the enemy or her future husband.

ORDER # R1008-9   $15-90    ISBN 9780373837298


Dangerous Games:  Krentz, Jayne Ann.

Features two classic novels from the New York Times best-selling author, Including The Devil to Pay, in which a desperate Emelina Stratton, planning to break into an empty beach cottage, encounters a dangerously handsome man who offers to help her for a price.

ORDER # R1008-10   $15-90    ISBN 9780373773206


Dark Highland Fire:  Castle, Kendra Leigh.

When her hiding place on Earth is revealed, the demigoddess Rowan an Morgaine is left fearing for her life, knowing that the dragon prince will soon be in pursuit of her, and turns to Gabriel, a Highland werewolf of Alpha lineage, for help in making a safe escape.

ORDER # R1008-11   $15-90    ISBN 9781402211591


Dark Magic:  McCray, Cheyenne.

A D'Anu witch of powerful ancient heritage, Cassia finds herself drawn despite her better judgment to mortal Jake Macgregor, leader of San Francisco's Paranormal Special Forces unit, and when she intervenes to save his life during a skirmish, she faces unexpected consequences for her actions.

ORDER # R1008-12   $15-90    ISBN 9780312949594


Dark Temptation:  Chase, Allison.

Exiled to her aunt's estate in Cornwall, Sophie St. Clair investigates the strange going-ons in the village of Penhollow, where she finds help and passion in the arms of a rakish nobleman who helps her uncover the secrets of both the past and present to solve a centuries-old mystery.

ORDER # R1008-13   $15-90    ISBN 9780451225528


The Darkest Touch:  Burton, Jaci.

Drawn by passion to one of the sexy and powerful Demon Hunters, a woman discovers that she may have her own role to play in the ultimate fate of all humankind, in the third volume in a series that began with Surviving Demon Island and Hunting the Demon.

ORDER # R1008-14   $15-90    ISBN 9780440244547


The Decadent Duke:  Henley, Virginia.

Expected to make a better match than her sisters, Lady Georgina Gordon, a vivacious beauty, refuses to marry a man to whom she is not attracted, until she meets the powerful Duke of Bedford's younger brother, John Russell, who is not a suitable candidate.

ORDER # R1008-15   $15-90    ISBN 9780451225429


Dead Ringer:  Burton, Mary.

Despite warnings from Detective Jacob Warwick, Kendall Shaw, a local anchorwoman, begins investigating a recent string of murders where all of the victims, each brutally strangled, bear a striking resemblance to her.

ORDER # R1008-16   $15-90    ISBN 9781420100273


The Dragon Master:  James, Allyson.

When Seth, a fire dragon summoned into this world by a dangerous mage who longs to devour his powers, comes blazing into her life, awakening her latent Dragon Master powers, Carol Juan is drawn into a sinister world of danger and explosive passion.

ORDER # R1008-17   $15-90    ISBN 9780425224717


Demon Bound:  Brook, Meljean.

When the demon Teqon calls in his debt after saving her soul, Alice Grey, known as the Black Widow, must align herself with the enemy, Jake Hawkins, a novice Guardian, as she determines her next move.

ORDER # R1008-18   $15-90    ISBN 9780425224533


Enticing the Prince:  Grasso, Patricia.

After tragedy strikes her family, Katerina Pavlova, the daughter of a famous Russian jeweler, arrives in London, transforming herself into a mysterious aristocrat who makes beautiful jewelry and becoming the obsession of every man she encounters, especially Prince Drako Kazanov.

ORDER # R1008-19   $15-90    ISBN 9780821780732


Fallen Angel:  Weis, Margaret & Weis, Lizz.

Cast out of heaven because of his lack of faith, fallen angel Matthew Gallow roams the world, until he nearly dies in an encounter with a demon and meets the gorgeous Natalia, who works for Cain, a wild rocker living on the edge, who is in league with Lucifer to destroy all humankind.

ORDER # R1008-20   $15-90    ISBN 9780060833336


Have Yourself a Naughty Little Santa:  Tabke, Karin.

Kimberly Michael's plans to uncover the secrets of the Christmas-themed town of Evergreen, California, so that her fiancé and boss can level the place to build a mega-resort, go awry when she encounters sexy cop Ricco Maza and begins falling for the charming inhabitants of the endangered village.

ORDER # R1008-21   $15-90    ISBN 9781416564584


Foul Play:  Evanovich, Janet.

An updated and revised edition of the long out-of-print romance novel originally published under the pseudonym of Steffie Hall offers a zany tale of love at first sight and of one woman's struggle to cope with the loss of her job to a chicken.

ORDER # R1008-22   $15-90    ISBN 9780061690389


Her Secret Lover:  Bennett, Sara.

Desperate to preserve her reputation, heiress Antoinette Dupre seeks refuge in Devon at the country estate of Wexmoor Manor, where she encounters a masked man, Gabriel Langley, who is seeking a mysterious letter in Antoinette's possession to restore his family's ancestral home.

ORDER # R1008-23   $15-90    ISBN 9780061336898


Hero Under Cover:  Brockmann, Suzanne.

When an attempt is made on her life while working on a nineteenth-century death mask, anthropologist Annie Morgan is rescued by CIA agent Pete Taylor, who is the only person she can trust and the only man she believes she could spend the rest of her life with.

ORDER # R1008-24   $15-90    ISBN 9780373773367


The Hiding Place:  Harper, Karen.

Awakening from a coma to discover that her best friend has been murdered, leaving her as guardian to her daughter, Claire, and her husband has divorced her, P.I. Tara Kinsale, forced to start over, searches for the truth surrounding the missing months of her life with the help of Claire's uncle.

ORDER # R1008-25   $15-90    ISBN 9780778325888


Highland Captive:  Howell, Hannah.

When she is kidnapped by a rival clan, Aimil Megue finds herself drawn to her captor, infamous warrior Parlan MacGuin, but their forbidden passion could unleash an unstoppable blood feud.

ORDER # R1008-26   $15-90    ISBN 9780821780039


Immortal Warrior:  Hendrix, Lisa.

Cursed by an evil sorceress to live forever as a were-creature, Viking warrior Ivar Graycloak leads a solitary existence until the king orders him to marry Lady Alaida, a spirited beauty who soothes his soul, but when he has a dark vision, he vows to stay away from his new bride forever.

ORDER # R1008-27   $15-90    ISBN 9780425224540


Immortals: The Haunting:  Popp, Robin T.

Plagued by hallucinations that are becoming all too real, brought about by a powerful dark magic, Mai turns to a mysterious dream walker who comes to her at night, calming her fears and fulfilling her wildest fantasies.

ORDER # R1008-28   $15-90    ISBN 9780505527660


The Lady Flees Her Lord:  Young, Michele Ann.

Fleeing from an abusive marriage after failing to produce an heir, Lady Denbigh starts life anew posing as a poor window with a small daughter, but when Lord Hugo Wanstead goes in pursuit of her, Lady Denbigh fears losing everything that matters when their worlds collide once again.

ORDER # R1008-29   $15-90    ISBN 9781402213991


Kiss and Tell:  Brockmann, Suzanne.

Falling in love with Leila Hunt, with whom he has fought since childhood, Dr. Marshall Devlin steals a kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve while hiding behind a mask and forces Leila to begin a desperate search for the stranger who has stolen her heart.

ORDER # R1008-30   $15-90    ISBN 9780553592009


Like No Other Lover:  Long, Julie Anne.

Driven from London by a secret scandal, Cynthia Brightly is desperate to find a husband at the Redmonds' grand house party, before word of her ruined reputation spreads all over England, enlisting the assistance of noted explorer Miles Redmond to help her - in exchange for a single kiss.

ORDER # R1008-31   $15-90    ISBN 9780061341595


The Man Must Marry:  Chapman, Janet.

Unexpectedly inheriting a business dynasty from elderly eccentric Abram Sinclair, Willa Kent is dismayed to discover that, to gain her legacy, she must marry one of Abram's three eligible bachelor grandsons within three months, or risk losing everything.

ORDER # R1008-32   $15-90    ISBN 9781416505303


A Merry Little Christmas: Palmer, Catherine & Hart, Jillian.

In "Unto Us a Child," Jeremiah Maddox plays host to international students and finds his life filled with laughter, children, and love; and in "Christmas, Don't Be Late," a millionaire makes the Christmas wish of his beautiful neighbor's son come true.

ORDER # R1008-33   $15-90    ISBN 9780373786329


The Matchmaker:  Denton, Jamie.

When former FBI profiler Greer Lomax, now a deputy sheriff, exhumes a body over a contested will, she finds the remains of a missing young woman in the grave and turns to FBI agent Ash Keller for help in solving this bizarre case.

ORDER # R1008-34   $15-90    ISBN 9780758210135


Mona Lisa Blossoming:  Sunny.

Having accepted her true identity as the newest queen of the mixed-blood Monère children of the moon, Mona Lisa enters her Louisiana territory for the first time, slowly learns the erotic and savage customs of her people, and faces numerous enemies.

ORDER # R1008-35   $15-90    ISBN 9780425224946


Mischief, Becomes Her:  Michaels, Kasey.

When he teams up with sexy TV reporter Jessica Sunshine, who drives him insane with lust, homicide detective Matt Denby, determined to protect her from herself, is in desperate need of back up when the blonde bombshell turns her charms on him.

ORDER # R1008-36   $15-90    ISBN 9780373773183


My Immortal Promise:  Holling, Jen.

Drake MacKay, who has risked his immortal soul in his quest for vengeance, and Hannah O'Shea, an immortal blood witch, are forced into an uneasy alliance to stop an evil from their shared past that now threatens Drake's family, but their quest is threatened by their growing passion for each other.

ORDER # R1008-37   $15-90    ISBN 9781416525868


A NASCAR Holiday 3:  Allison, Liz, et al.

This fast-paced collection of holiday romances includes Liz Allison's and Wendy Etherington's "Have a Beachy Little Christmas," in which a forbidden island romance between a NASCAR team engineer and his boss's daughter during a company holiday getaway leads to something more.

ORDER # R1008-38   $15-90    ISBN 9780373773374


One Silent Night: Dark-Hunter Novel: Kenyon, Sherrilyn.

The adopted brother of the legendary Dark-Hunter Acheron, Stryker prepares to lead an army of demons and vampires against the entire human race, preparing to annihilate the Dark-Hunters, but his plans go badly awry thanks to the arrival of his shrewish and angry ex-wife, Zephyra.

ORDER # R1008-39   $15-90    ISBN 9780312947064


Night Secrets:  Adair, Cherry.

Coming to Rio to do a profile on a plastic surgery spa catering to celebrities - and to undergo treatment herself to boost her sagging career, writer Sydney McBride encounters the enigmatic Lucas Fox, a T-FLAC operative out to stop an evil out to unleash a new horror on the world, in the sequel to Night Fall.

ORDER # R1008-40   $15-90    ISBN 9780345499912


Phenomenal Girl 5:  Menden, A. J.

A new recruit to the Elite Hands of Justice, the world's premiere cadre of superheroes, Lainey Livingston, who possesses great strength and the ability to fly, falls in love with her trainer, a Reincarnist who cannot die, when they stumble upon a fiendish plot to take over Megolopolis.

ORDER # R1008-41   $15-90    ISBN 9780505527868


Pale Moon Stalker:  Henke, Shirl.

Determined to bring her husband's killer to justice, Sky Brewster leaves her Sioux people behind to make a devil's bargain with a dashing English bounty hunter who agrees to help her if she agrees to be his wife.

ORDER # R1008-42   $15-90    ISBN 9780843961126


The Pirate Bride:  Drake, Shannon.

On a mission of vengeance, Red Robert, a feared pirate who is actually a woman masquerading as a man, rediscovers her femininity when she is shipwrecked on a desert isle with a dashing captain until the arrival of their common enemy.

ORDER # R1008-43   $15-90    ISBN 9780373773169


Prisoner of the Flames:  MacTavish, Dawn.

Arriving in Paris to seek healing from the great Nostradamus, Robert Mack, a horribly scarred Scottish laird, instead finds love in the arms of a blind flower girl against the tumultuous backdrop of the French civil war.

ORDER # R1008-44   $15-90    ISBN 9780843959826


The Rogue and the Rival:  Rodale, Maya.

Preparing to take her vows of poverty, obedience, and chastity, Angela Sullivan, banished to Stanbrook Abbey after her reputation is ruined, has a hard time quelling her impure thoughts, especially when Lord Phillip, a man from her past, arrives at the Abbey in need of medical attention.

ORDER # R1008-47   $15-90    ISBN 9780425224526


Risky Moves (NASCAR):  Wilkins, Gina.

Tobey Harris, the new crew chief for Maximus Racing, must work with publicist Amy Barber, who, representing one of NASCAR's top drivers, refuses to mix business with pleasure until it gets even harder to keep their relationship strictly professional.

ORDER # R1008-48   $15-90    ISBN 9780373217960


Unravel Me:  Ridgway, Christie.

Juliet Weston, a young widow, finds comfort and friendship at a beachside knitting shop where she also gets a second chance at love when a longtime family friend and former soldier shows her how to knit two hearts together.

ORDER # R1008-49   $15-90    ISBN 9780425224854


Running on Empty (NASCAR):  Casper, Ken.

When Sylvie Ketchum returns to atone for her mistakes and save the life of the child she left behind, she must deal with her ex-husband Hugo and finally reveal to him why she left him and the world of NASCAR behind.

ORDER # R1008-50   $15-90    ISBN 9780373217977


Silver Bells:  Michaels, Fern, et al.

This enchanting collection of holiday tales includes Fern Michaels's "Silver Bells," in which a beautiful movie star decides to leave her glamorous life behind and return home to Apple Valley, Pennsylvania, where she gets a special gift when she encounters her old high-school boyfriend.

ORDER # R1008-51   $15-90    ISBN 9781420103632


A Seduction at Christmas:  Maxwell, Cathy.

Desperate and poverty-stricken, Fiona Lachlan reluctantly agrees to a plan to lure the notorious Duke of Holburn into trouble, but when the plot goes wrong, she finds herself posing as his ward and trying to help him avoid the killers on his trail.

ORDER # R1008-52   $15-90    ISBN 9780061350986


Snowy Night with a Stranger:  Feather, Jane; Jeffiries, Sabrina; & London, Julia.

In a trio of holiday romance tales set in Regency England and Scotland, a debutante falls for the mysterious driver taking her to deliver a warning to her brother, a bookish spinster finds refuge after an accident at the home of curmudgeonly aristocrat, and a lord, ambushed by a gang of ruffians, seeks shelter at a nearby mansion and meets an enigmatic young lady trying to escape the home.

ORDER # R1008-53   $15-90    ISBN 9781416578222


Small Town Christmas:  Macomber, Debbie.

A two-in-one volume set in Promise, Texas, includes Return to Promise, in which a scheming young woman wreaks havoc on the marriage of Cal and Jane Patterson when she sets her sights on Cal, and Mail-Order Bride, in which Caroline Myers, with the help of her matchmaking aunts, ends up in the hold of Paul Trevor on Christmas.

ORDER # R1008-54   $15-90    ISBN 9780778325956


Spy Candy:  Robinson, Gina.

While at a fantasy spy camp in the Arizona desert, bank officer Jenna Jarvis throws caution to wind when she falls for a hunky ex-CIA agent who comes to her rescue when someone, unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality, starts gunning down her fellow spies.

ORDER # R1008-55   $15-90    ISBN 9781420104721


Suite 606:  Robb, J. D., et al.

The secrets of desire are unlocked in this collection, rife with paranormal passion and suspense, that features a never-before-published Eve Dallas novella by J. D. Robb, as well as other works by Mary Blayney, Ruth Ryan Langan, and Mary Kay McComas.

ORDER # R1008-56   $15-90    ISBN 9780425224441


Take No Prisoners:  Gerard, Cindy.

Abbie Hughes, a Las Vegas blackjack dealer, joins forces with Sam Lang, a former Black Ops, Inc. agent, to rescue her brother, Cory, from an unscrupulous gem collector in Honduras, the same man who may be responsible for the murder of Sam's sister and appears to be head of a ring of ruthless gem thieves.

ORDER # R1008-57   $15-90    ISBN 9781416566748


Tall, Dark, and Kilted:  Mackay, Allie.

Arriving at Dunroamin Castle in Scotland, jeweler Cilla Swanner finds her plans for some rest and relaxation interrupted by the ghost of a Scottish knight who has been cursed to roam the Earth forever, pleasing a different women each night with no hope of true love - until he meets her.

ORDER # R1008-58   $15-90    ISBN 9780451225511


This Life Isn't Perfect Holla:  Foy, Sandra.

When her husband leaves her, taking their children with him, and she is accused of criminal wrongdoing at work, Kimberly Riley decides to fight back and discovers that she has the inner strength to triumph over the worst life has to offer.

ORDER # R1008-59   $15-90    ISBN 9781585713318


Tall, Dark, and Texas:  Thomas, Jodi.

When Jessie Barton and her three little girls arrive on his ranch, desperate for a place to stay, hardened rancher Teagen McMurray finds himself proposing marriage in order to protect her and her children.

ORDER # R1008-60   $15-90    ISBN 9780515145434


To Seduce a Sinner:  Hoyt, Elizabeth.

After years of loving the rakish Lord Vale from afar, Melisande Fleming finally gets the chance to prove her feelings for him when he is jilted on his wedding day and she boldly offers to marry him, but his dark nightmares of his military career in the colonies and a deadly betrayal from the past threaten to tear them apart.

ORDER # R1008-61   $15-90    ISBN 9780446406925


Too Far Gone:  Melton, Marliss.

After a bitter divorce, Ellie Stuart is finally beginning to build a new life for herself in a new city, until armed men kidnap her three children, and Navy SEAL Sean Harlan, determined to help her find the youngsters, risks everything to take on a sinister and secretive organization to get them back.

ORDER # R1008-62   $15-90    ISBN 9780446509268


Traitor's Kiss/Lover's Kiss:  Blayney, Mary.

Rescued from prison by Charlotte Parnell, accused traitor Lord Gabriel Pennistan is finally free and joins the enigmatic woman on a mysterious adventure in danger and passion in Traitor's Kiss, and in Lover's Kiss, Lady Olivia Pennistan is kidnapped by unknown enemies and rescued by former soldier Michael Garrett.

ORDER # R1008-63   $15-90    ISBN 9780553592122


Touched by Love:  Garrett, Tracy.

When cowboy and gun-for-hire Jaret Walker rides into her life, ranch owner Isabel Bennett, who has sworn never to marry, cannot deny the desire that rages between them.

ORDER # R1008-64   $15-90    ISBN 9781420101010


A Virgin River Christmas:  Carr, Robyn.

Newly widowed, Marcie Sullivan tracks down Ian Buchanan, the man responsible for saving her husband's life years ago, and finds an emotionally scarred man who needs her help in healing his wounded soul during a season of miracles.

ORDER # R1008-67   $15-90    ISBN 9780778325734


Viking Warrior:  Mason, Connie.

When his brother gives him Reyna the Dane, a beautiful healer, as a gift, Wulfric the Ruthless finds his destiny in the arms of this fair-haired temptress who eases his torment.

ORDER # R1008-68   $15-90    ISBN 9780843957464


Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home:  Bardsley, Michele.

Journalist Libby Monroe, searching for the story that will make her career, gets more than she bargains for when she arrives in Broken Heart, Oklahoma, to chase down rumors of strange happenings and comes face-to-face with zombies, werewolves, and one sexy vampire.

ORDER # R1008-69   $15-90    ISBN 9780451225504


Wanted: Christmas Mommy:  Christenberry, Judy.

Single father Doug Graybow does not expect his ad for a housekeeper to turn into a search for a wife and almost turns Leslie away, but before he can, she wins over his twin boys and him.

ORDER # R1008-70   $15-90    ISBN 9780373199303


A Week from Sunday:  Garlock, Dorothy.

Devastated when her father leaves her entire inheritance to a repulsive social-climbing lawyer whom she must marry in order to reclaim what is rightfully hers, Adrianna Moore finds herself working off debts in a truck driver's home after an auto accident, an endeavor that is further complicated by a marriage-minded housekeeper.

ORDER # R1008-71   $15-90    ISBN 9780446616065


What She Wants for Christmas:  Johnson, Janice Kay.

Teresa, a veterinarian who is having a hard time starting a new practice, finds the perfect man in Joe who, unbeknownst to her, is hiding a secret that could threaten their future happiness.

ORDER # R1008-72   $15-90    ISBN 9780373199334


Wish You Were Here:  Rich, Lani Diane.

Baffled when her father pulls her off her most recent assignment to send her to Deer Creek, Idaho, to purchase a run-down campground, businesswoman Freya Daly believes her task will be a breeze, until she meets Nate Brody, the five-star chef running the campground, who had promised his dying father not to sell the property, and his young daughter.

ORDER # R1008-73   $15-90    ISBN 9780446618250


The Wild Sight:  McGary, Loucinda.

Returning to his Irish homestead where his mother had disappeared into the fens never to be seen again, clairvoyant Donovan O'Shea discovers ancient secrets about his legacy when a beautiful woman tells him that she is his half-sister and reveals a mysterious connection to the Celtic High King Niall of the Nine Hostages.

ORDER # R1008-74   $15-90    ISBN 9781402213946


A Lick of Frost:  Hamilton, Laurell K.

Commanded by her aunt, the dark Queen Andais, to conceive a child as heir to the throne, Meredith Gentry, a half-mortal, half-faerie princess, returns to Los Angeles, accompanied by her bodyguards, to continue her efforts to conceive an heir, only to find herself and her lovers trapped between the dark and light faerie courts and human law.

ORDER # R1008-75   $15-90    ISBN 9780345495914


Yuletide Treasure:  Snelling, Lauraine & Hart, Jillian.

In Lauraine Snelling's "The Finest Gift," Arley Hoople, a plain Jane who brings holiday joy to others, no longer dreams of romance until she meets a special woodcarver, and in Jillian Hart's "A Blessed Season," a hardened bounty hunter helps an abandoned girl find her long-lost mother.

ORDER # R1008-76   $15-90    ISBN 9780373786312


Destiny Kills:  Arthur, Keri.

Awakening on an Oregon beach with an enigmatic serpent tattoo on her back and next to a dead man, Destiny McCree, left with few memories of her past, finds herself on the run from dark forces that are out to destroy her, joining forces with master thief Trae Wilson, a man with his own secret agenda, to explore the mystery of their extraordinary new powers and stop their enemies.

ORDER # R1008-77   $15-90    ISBN 9780553589603


Large Size Paperbacks
My Man's Best Friend:  Collier, K. Elle.

What do you do when your man's best friend is a woman, and a drop-dead, gorgeous one at that? Kai Edwards has a big problem when Todd Daniels's best friend, Alana Brooks, moves to Chicago and straight into the middle of their perfect life. To compete with the new threat and to keep her man, Kai devises a deliciously devious plan, but it takes an unexpected turn when she falls hard for Alana. What unfolds is an unconventional passion triangle that turns Kai's once normal life upside down - forever.

ORDER # R1008-79   $23-90    ISBN 9780981649528 


Be with Me:  Banks, Maya.

When her life is threatened by an unknown killer, police officer Regina is reunited with the gorgeous Hutch, Cam, and Sawyer, a trio of one-time juvenile delinquents with whom she had once been involved as a wealthy but lonely young girl, and finds herself once again caught up in a passionate bond with all three men when they take on the task of protecting her.

ORDER # R1008-80   $24-90    ISBN 9780425224045 


Casting Spells:  Bretton, Barbara.

Chloe Hobbs, a sorcerer's daughter and owner of Sticks & String, a knitting shop in Sugar Maple, a Vermont town populated by warlocks, vampires, witches, and other paranormal inhabitants, believes that she has finally found Mr. Right, Luke MacKenzie, the all-too-human cop investigating the town's first homicide.

ORDER # R1008-81   $23-90    ISBN 9780425223642 


Captivated & Entranced:  Roberts, Nora.

Centering around the extraordinary Donovan clan, this enchanting collection includes Captivated, in which Morgana Donovan proves to a handsome skeptic that magic really does exist, and Entranced, in which psychic Sebastian Donovan is brought in to help a beautiful PI who is his soulmate.

ORDER # R1008-82   $24-90    ISBN 9780373285723 


The Demon King and I:  Havens, Candace.

Heiress Gillian Caruthers, the eldest of the wealthy Caruthers sisters, who hides her identity as the Assassin - responsible for the elimination of troublesome interdimensional jumpers - is forced into an uneasy alliance with one of her enemies when Earth is threatened by a plague of murderous demons, in the first volume in a new series by the author of Charmed & Deadly.

ORDER # R1008-83   $23-90    ISBN 9780425223635 


Do It To Me:  Kozak, P. F.

This collection of high-seas sexcapades includes "Cruise Ship Charlie," in which a fashion designer has a sizzling hot encounter with a young sailor; "Southern Seaman," in which a Southern gentleman pleasures the ladies again and again; and "Merchant Maureen," in which a female marine has a thing for her first mate.

ORDER # R1008-84   $21-90    ISBN 9780758222725 


The Edge of Impropriety:  Rosenthal, Pam.

The scandalous private life of novelist Countess Marina Wyatt takes a dramatic turn when she becomes embroiled in a torrid and dangerous love affair with Jasper James Hedges, a renowned art appraiser and the uncle of a former lover.

ORDER # R1008-85   $23-90    ISBN 9780451222305 


Down in Texas:  Devlin, Delilah.

Set in a little town called Honkeytonk, Texas, this trio of sensual stories includes "Wearing His Brand," in which Lyssa McDonough gets the wildest ride of her life when she is rescued by rugged rancher Brandon Tynan.

ORDER # R1008-86   $22-90    ISBN 9780758228727 


Enchanted Again: More Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women:  Madore, Nancy.

Combining sexual fantasies with classic nursery rhymes, this deliciously wicked collection of short stories includes ingenious new renditions of "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater" and "Georgie Porgie," in which Georgie is no longer the boy who's content with only kissing girls.

ORDER # R1008-87   $23-90    ISBN 9780373605217 


Erotic City:  Pynk.

When outside influences threaten her upscale swingers club, owner Milan Kennedy launches a plan that reveals truths about local families, conservatives, and the world of her patrons.

ORDER # R1008-88   $23-90    ISBN 9780446179577 


Hot as Hell:  Dimon, HelenKay.

When she discovers that her fiancé is harboring such secrets as a previous marriage, Lexy Stuart, giving back her ring, hightails it to a remote desert spa, where she soon discovers that she can run, but she cannot hide from a man who is determined to prove that they are meant to be together.

ORDER # R1008-89   $23-90    ISBN 9780758222251 


Flat-Out Sexy:  McCarthy, Erin.

An independent single mother looking for a no-strings-attached affair, Tamara Briggs is disturbed by her attraction to Elec Monroe, a sexy - and younger - NASCAR driver, who is out to change her mind about a lifetime of love and commitment.

ORDER # R1008-90   $23-90    ISBN 9780425224076 


The House on Tradd Street:  White, Karen.

Inheriting an historic home from an elderly man she had recently met, Melanie Middleton, a Charleston real-estate agent who possesses the ability to see ghosts, finds herself dealing with an entire family of haunts and joins forces with Jack Trenholm, a handsome writer, to unravel the house's dark history and find some long-missing diamonds.

ORDER # R1008-91   $23-90    ISBN 9780451225092 


The Mane Attraction:  Laurenston, Shelly.

When she wakes up in the bed of Mitch Shaw the morning after her brother's wedding, Sissy Mae must keep this lion shifter safe from the gunmen who are trying to silence him forever by taking him to her Tennessee Pack's turf, where he finds himself in a different kind of danger.

ORDER # R1008-92   $23-90    ISBN 9780758220387 


A Mermaid's Kiss:  Hill, Joey W.

After centuries of battling the Dark Ones, the angelic Joseph falls to his enemies when an attack severs his wings and plunges him into the depths of the sea, where he is rescued by Anna, the mermaid daughter of Arianne, and is confronted by the ultimate choice between duty and desire.

ORDER # R1008-93   $24-90    ISBN 9780425223802 


The Missing:  Walker, Shiloh.

Psychic Taige Branch is reunited with Cullen Morgan, the teenage love who had left her after the murder of his mother and blamed her for being unable to prevent the crime, when the widowed father returns to ask her to help him find his kidnapped young daughter before it is too late.

ORDER # R1008-94   $23-90    ISBN 9780425224380 


On Santa's Naughty List (Ellora's Cave Presents):  Alexander, Lacey; Reed, Shelby; & Blazer, Melani.

A tenth installment in a thirteen-part anthology series features three Christmas-themed novellas in which unsuspecting lovers are brought together for a night of passion that is inspired by holiday magic.

ORDER # R1008-95   $23-90    ISBN 9781416577645 


Simply Sinful:  Pearce, Kate.

Longing to experience the pure carnal lust that she has only read about, Abigail Beecham, tired of living in a sexless marriage, finds the perfect man to satisfy her needs in Peter Howard, who spent ten years as a slave in a Turkish brothel.

ORDER # R1008-96   $23-90    ISBN 9780758223555 


Sun Stroked:  Fox, Cathryn.

Danielle, Lauren, and Abby journey to an exclusive island spa resort in the hopes of pursuing a no-strings romantic fling, unaware of a legend about a magical elixir that can transform a woman's wildest fantasies into reality or of the presence of a rehabilitation center for injured soldiers, in a steamy erotic anthology.

ORDER # R1008-97   $23-90    ISBN 9780451225115 


Strip:  Dupree, Delta.

Beautiful Rio, the owner of a male strip club that's all about women's pleasure, meets her match in a new dancer named Bryce who keeps her satisfied both on and off the stage.

ORDER # R1008-98   $22-90    ISBN 9780758227027 


Take Me to Bed:  Lloyd, Joan Elizabeth.

This erotic duet of two complete novels includes Velvet Whispers and The Pleasures of Jessicalynn, in which Jessie is convinced that she has no sex appeal after being trapped in a passionless marriage, until she has a ménage-à-trois with her best friend's husband and her best friend.

ORDER # R1008-99   $24-90    ISBN 9780758212788 


Ultimate Weapon:  McKenna, Shannon.

In this super-sexy suspense novel, covert operative Val Janos must choose between loyalty and love when, in order to save the life of his mentor, he must deliver his lover to a dangerous enemy.

ORDER # R1008-100   $23-90    ISBN 9780758211897 


Swallowing Darkness:  Hamilton, Laurell K.

In the sequel to A Lick of Frost, Meredith Gentry, whose rightful place on the throne of Faerie is dependent on being able to produce an heir, is overjoyed when she finds herself pregnant after many failed attempts, but her triumph is overshadowed when she discovers that she carries two babies with different fathers and the lost of her beloved Frost.

ORDER # R1008-101   $44-90    ISBN 9780345495938 (Hardcover)


Alluring Tales: Hot Holiday Nights:  Anna, Vivi, et al.

The authors of Alluring Tales: Awaken the Fantasy present an anthology of erotic, holiday-themed works tinged by paranormal, humorous, and fantasy elements.

ORDER # R1008-102   $23-90    ISBN 9780061463174 


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