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You Had Me at Goodbye:  Blackwood, Jane.

Arriving at her Aunt Lila's summer house on Martha's Vineyard, Kat Taylor goes up against an arrogant British author named Lawrence Kendall who claims to have the house and refuses to leave, forcing this unlikely couple to find some way to compromise.

ORDER # RST-1   $15-00   ISBN 0821779508 


Morrigan's Cross (Circle Trilogy: 01):  Roberts, Nora.

As a powerful vampire, with an unquenchable thirst for destruction, prepares to unleash her fury, a medieval sorcerer, one of the circle of six charged by the goddess Morrigan to stop her, must travel through time and into the embrace of the one woman brave enough to help him.

ORDER # RST-2   $15-00   ISBN 0515141658 


Charming Jo:  Drewry, Laura.

When she is forced to hire a ranch hand, cowgirl Jo McCaine finds her sexy new employee, Levi Travers, willing to work hard both in--and out--of the bedroom.

ORDER # RST-3   $15-00   ISBN 0821778595 


Cry of the Wild:  Anderson, Catherine.

Crysta Meyers teams up with mountain guide Sam Barrister to find her brother who has gone missing in the Alaskan wilderness--a search that uncovers betrayal.

ORDER # RST-4   $15-00   ISBN 0373470886 


Come September:  D'Alessandro, Jacquie

When summer ends, romance begins in this delicious collection of stories that includes Jacquie D'Alessandro's Summer Breeze, in which a divorcee falls for a green-eyed contractor ten years her junior, who, while fixing up her house, works his way into her heart.

ORDER # RST-5   $15-00   ISBN 0373837232 


Captive Heart:  McKerrigan, Sarah.

Refusing to allow a Norman, Pagan Cameliard, to force her younger sister into marriage, fierce Helena of Rivenloch plans to kill the prospective bridegroom, only to run afoul of his aide, Colin du Lac.

ORDER # RST-6   $15-00  ISBN 0446616168 


Damage Control:  Gold, Kristi.

When Pete Traynor, the Hollywood director who ruined her career, checks into her family's New Orleans hotel, Renee Marchand, unable to let bygones be bygones, demands answers from this dangerously sexy man who still has a hold over her.

ORDER # RST-7   $15-00  ISBN 0373389418 


Dirty Little Lies:  Leto, Julie.

While attending a society masquerade ball, Marisela Morales comes face to face with her former lover Frankie Vega, a colleague at Titan International Investigations, but their reunion is cut short by a mysterious female assassin targeting a popular senator.

ORDER # RST-8   $15-00  ISBN 1416501630 


Every Breath You Take:  McNaught, Judith.

A single night of passion with enigmatic billionaire Mitchell Wyatt on the tropical island of Anguilla draws Kate Donovan into the middle of a perilous criminal case when police suspect that Mitchell may have been responsible for the disappearance and possible murder of his own brother.

ORDER # RST-11   $15-00  ISBN 0345479912 


The Eternal Highlander: Howell, Hannah & Sands, Lynsay

Vampires Cathal MacNachton and Connall MacAdie find salvation when they rescue and then marry two beautiful Outsiders, whose pure bloodline holds the key to their clan's survival when a war of darkness and evil is waged.

ORDER # RST-12   $15-00  ISBN 0821777203 


Everything's Coming Up Rosie:  Michaels, Kasey

When Rosie Kilgannon and Doug Llewellyn meet at a week-long society wedding celebration, they decide to enjoy each other's company with no strings attached until the hysterical bride, the shifty groom, the insane wedding planner, and true love gets involved.

ORDER # RST-13   $15-00  ISBN 0373771274 


Faery Magic:  Beverley, Jo, et al.

A sprinkle of faery dust turns a quartet of love stories into a magical, mysterious, and enchanting collection and includes "The Lord of Elphindale" by Jo Beverly, "The Faery Braid" by Karen Harbaugh, "The Love Talker" by Barbara Samuel, and Mary Jo Putney's "Dangerous Gifts.

ORDER # RST-14   $15-00  ISBN 0821780913 


Footloose:  Banks, Leanne.

When she accompanies her boss, Ms. Lillian Bellagio, to her estate in the Keys, overworked temp Amelia Parker encounters Jack "The Shark" O'Connell, a sexy venture capitalist who dares her to let loose and due something wild.

ORDER # RST-15   $15-00  ISBN 0373771282 


Good With His Hands:  Darin, Alexa.

In her quest to find a smart, sensitive, and faithful man who is not afraid of commitment, Pepper Bartlett gets more than she bargained for when gorgeous architect Jake Hunter answers her personal ad.

ORDER # RST-16   $15-00  ISBN 0821780387 


Hawk's Pursuit:  O'Banyon, Constance.

Hiding her beauty, and publishing her articles under a man's name, Jena Leigh Hawk, a.k.a. J. L. Rebel, arrives in Galveston, Texas, to investigate her past and her family's origin and meets a dashing Union colonel who sees through her disguise.

ORDER # RST-17   $15-00  ISBN 0843956364 


Heart Quest:  Owens, Robin D.

Guardsman Ilex Winterberry, the HeartMate to Trif Clover, refuses to reveal his true identity to her, believing that she will be disappointed, until a killer sets his sights on her, forcing him to tell her the truth no matter what the outcome or risk losing her forever.

ORDER # RST-18   $15-00  ISBN 0425210847 


Highland Vampire:  Howell, Hannah; Basso, Adrienne

A trio of darkly sensual romances features Hannah Howell's "Kiss of the Vampire," in which an innocent beauty finds salvation in the arms of a sensual creature who shows her the promise of immortal love.

ORDER # RST-19   $15-00  ISBN 0821778986 


His Mistress by Morning:  Boyle, Elizabeth.

An impetuous wish that she could capture the heart of Sebastian, Viscount Trent, a man she has long adored, has unexpected repercussions when shy spinster Charlotte Wilmont awakens in the bed of Sebastian, transformed into London's most notorious rake, while she has inexplicably become a scandalous mistress.

ORDER # RST-20   $15-00  ISBN 0060784024 


Hysterical Blondeness:  Macpherson, Suzanne.

Patricia Stillwells discovers that the experimental weight-loss program that she has been on has an unexpected side effect when she goes to bed a brunette and wakes up in the morning as a blonde, and the men around her, especially Brett Nordquist and Paul Costello, are suddenly taking notice.

ORDER # RST-21   $15-00  ISBN 0060775009 


I'm the Vampire, That's Why:  Bardsley, Michele.

Now one of the undead, single mother Jessica Matthews, who is delighted with the disappearance of her stretch marks and her newly improved vision, has trouble dealing with the fact that she is now bound to a sinfully sexy Irish vampire for several hundred years.

ORDER # RST-22   $15-00  ISBN 0451219376 


Just One Sip:  MacAlister, Katie; Ashley, Jennifer

From a Moravian Dark One who must take on zombies and an angst-ridden teenage vampire to win the love of his soulmate, to a sunbathing vampire who finds the woman of his dreams in Vegas, this hilarious collection of paranormal romances celebrates the lives and loves of the immortal undead.

ORDER # RST-23   $15-00  ISBN 050552659X 


Kick Ass:  Shayne, Maggie, et al.

Four of today's most popular romance authors bring together a quartet of sensuous and action-packed tales featuring a quartet of bold and beautiful women who can fall in love while saving the world, in a collection that features contributions from Maggie Shayne, Mary Janice Davidson, Angela Knight, and Jacey Ford.

ORDER # RST-24   $15-00  ISBN 042521222X 


Kiss of Darkness:  Graham, Heather

When several visiting students disappear in the woods of Transylvania, professor Bryan McAllister, believing that a dark cult is at work, joins forces with psychologist Jessica Fraser to find them, a dangerous, and passionate, alliance that brings them face-to-face with an ancient evil.

ORDER # RST-25   $15-00  ISBN 0778323439 


Knights of the Round Table:  Lancelot: Rowley, Gwen.

When Lancelot rides incognito into Corbenic on his way to the king's tournament, he is drawn to Elaine, a woman struggling to keep her family together who reveals her hatred for "Lancelot," and must learn some humility in order to win her hand and free himself from the curse that binds him.

ORDER # RST-26   $15-00  ISBN 0515141992 


Lord Harry:  Coulter, Catherine.

Henrietta Rolland, a young beauty and queen of London society, disguises herself as a man and becomes Lord Harry Monteith to seek revenge on the man she holds responsible for the death of her brother at Waterloo, the arrogant Jason Cavander, Marquess of Oberlon.

ORDER # RST-27   $15-00  ISBN 0451208145 


Love on the Ropes:  White, Pat.

Going undercover as pro wrestler "Jack the Stripper" to stop steroid distribution, DEA agent Jason McBain gets knocked out by love when a beautiful physical therapist decides to mix business with pleasure.

ORDER # RST-28   $15-00  ISBN 0505526662 


Lover Awakened:  Ward, J.R.

When Zsadist, the most feared member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, rescues Bella from the evil Lessening Society, he is nearly driven insane by rage against her tormentors, and must confront his tortured past in order to have a future with this brave beauty who is his destiny.

ORDER # RST-29   $15-00  ISBN 0451219368 


Mistletoe & Magic:  Cach, Lisa, et al.

This enchanting collection of Regency romances--by Lisa Cach, Stobie Piel, Lynsay Sands, and Amy Elizabeth Saunders--provides the perfect holiday recipe for love, with a pinch of magic and a dash of mischief, that brings together four very special couples.

ORDER # RST-30   $15-00  ISBN 0843947780 


Murphy's Law:  Foster, Lori.

When her independence is threatened by her attraction to a Bentley-driving stud named Quinton Murphy, Ashley Miles, determined to stay away from emotional commitments, decides to lay her heart on the line and see what happens.

ORDER # RST-31   $15-00  ISBN 082177803X 


Night Heat:  Jackson, Brenda.

When Sebastian Steele, a wealthy--and dangerously sexy--businessman, offers to save her struggling company, Erin Mason refuses his offer until they spend one night together, which leads to something unexpected.

ORDER # RST-32   $15-00  ISBN 1583147780 


No Man's Bride:  Galen, Shana.

After growing up with a disreputable father, stubborn Catherine Fullbright has vowed never to marry, only to find herself unexpectedly wed to her sister's fiancé, Quint Childers, Lord Valentine, thanks to the scheming machinations of her parent.

ORDER # RST-33   $15-00  ISBN 006112494X 


Only a Duke Will Do:  Jeffries, Sabrina.

Returning from a five-year exile, Simon Tremaine, the Duke of Foxwood, the man she had once loved, proposes to independent Louisa North, but she is unaware that he has made a secret bargain with the king--her hand in marriage in exchange for a place in the royal government.

ORDER # RST-34   $15-00  ISBN 1416516093 


The Perfect Seduction:  Maguire, Margo.

After years in a French convent, innocent Norman beauty Kathryn de St. Marie dreams of a once-in-a-lifetime love, until she is kidnapped by Scot barbarians and rescued by Edric of Braxton Fell, a bitter Saxon aristocrat displaced by Norman conquerors.

ORDER # RST-35   $15-00  ISBN 0060837322 


Playing with Fire: Tales of an Extraordinary Girl:  Showalter, Gena.

When a secret experimental formula, injected into her morning latte, allows her to control the elements with her mind, Belle Jamison is kidnapped by a gorgeous government agent who, sent to destroy her, is unable to carry out his mission due to the explosive passion between them.

ORDER # RST-36   $15-00  ISBN 0373771290 


A Reason to Live:  McKade, Maureen.

After the Civil War, Laurel Covey, a Confederate nurse, is rescued from a band of outlaws by Creede Forrester, the ex-gunslinger she has come to tell of his son's death, and, helping him deal with his grief, finds something deep inside this man that she cannot resist.

ORDER # RST-37   $15-00  ISBN 0425212203 


Reasonable Doubt:  Anderson, Catherine.

Returning home to Oregon to confront her past, Breanna Morgan begins to suspect that her neighbor, Tyler Ross, is responsible for the strange occurences happening around the cabin she has just inherited.

ORDER # RST-38   $15-00  ISBN 0373470851 


Rumble on the Bayou:  DeLeon, Jana.

In the town of Gator Bait, Louisiana, all heck breaks loose when an alligator found in the town drunk's swimming pool is stoned on heroin and hunky DEA agent Richard Starke arrives to investigate--much to the chagrin of Deputy Dorie Berenger, who thinks he's too handsome for her own good.

ORDER # RST-39   $15-00  ISBN 0843957379 


Savage Tempest:  Edwards, Cassie.

Ordered by his chieftain father to kidnap a white woman, High Hawk, a Pawnee warrior, is torn between duty and love when his beautiful red-headed prisoner captures his heart.

ORDER # RST-40   $15-00  ISBN 0843955341 


Sex and the Single Witch:  Alan, Theresa

Backfired love spells, shifty warlocks, and potions abound in this delightfully wicked trio of stories that includes Theresa Alan's The Witch's Guide to Life, in which an artist and witch finds her creativity slowly waning when she catches the eye of a sexy ice hockey coach who loves her work.

ORDER # RST-41   $15-00  ISBN 0758209320 


Without a Trace:  Anderson, Catherine.

Haunted by recurring nightmares about a murder, Michael De Lorio turns to genealogist Sarah Montague to help him research his past, which someone wants buried forever.

ORDER # RST-42   $15-00  ISBN 037347086X 


6 Rainier Drive:  Macomber, Debbie.

When Justine and Seth lose their restaurant, The Lighthouse, to arson, they must rebuild their lives and their marriage, while the residents of Cedar Cove go about their daily business, dealing with marriages, births, reunions, and scandal.

ORDER # RST-43   $15-00  ISBN 077832334X 


Slave to Sensation:  Singh, Nalini.

When several Changeling women are murdered, Lucas Hunter, both human and animal, convinces Sascha Duncan, a member of the Psy, a race that is forbidden to feel emotions, to help him find the killer.

ORDER # RST-44   $15-00  ISBN 0425212866 


The Smoke Thief:  Abé, Shana.

Kit, the young leader of a mysterious tribe possessing the power to transform themselves into dragons, journeys to London to find a rogue drâkon who has been using his abilities to steal a fortune in jewels, but when he sets a trap for the culprit, he comes face to face with a beautiful and enigmatic young woman.

ORDER # RST-45   $15-00  ISBN 0553588044 


Something Sinful:  Enoch, Suzanne.

Drawn to the seductive, charming, and apparently naïve young woman he meets at a ball, Lord Charlemagne Griffin is unaware that Lady Sarala Carlisle's gorgeous appearance masks a razor-sharp intelligence and the ability to beat him at his own game.

ORDER # RST-46   $15-00  ISBN 0060842555 


Step Into Darkness:  Bellis, Naomi.

Sarah Leaford, gifted with magical abilities, hires Gentleman Jack, the greatest thief in all of London, to rescue her father from the dungeons of Paris, but, unbeknownst to Sarah, Jack has his own agenda that places her and her family in jeopardy.

ORDER # RST-47   $15-00  ISBN 0451219384 


Sweet Surrender:  Monkou, Michelle.

After her divorce, Haley Sanders, starting a new life with her thirteen-year-old daughter, swears off men until her new landlord, Dr. Pierce Masterson, shows her the healing power of love.

ORDER # RST-48   $15-00  ISBN 1583147802 


Switchback:  Anderson, Catherine.

When her father-in-law's investigation leads to the kidnapping of her daughter, Mallory Christiani must place her trust in Bud "Mac" MacPherson, the only man who has the resources to bring her child home.

ORDER # RST-49   $15-00  ISBN 0373470878 


Tempting the Devil:  Potter, Patricia.

Believing that the Southern Mafia is responsible for the murder of three policeman, FBI agent Ben Taylor goes up against journalist Robin Stuart when she, receiving information vital to his investigation, refuses to give up her source.

ORDER # RST-50   $15-00  ISBN 0425212580 


To Distraction:  Laurens, Stephanie.

In desperate need of a wife, Deverell, Viscount Paignton, enlists the aid of his aunt to find him the perfect wife, sending him to a country house party where he finds his prospective bride, Phoebe Malleson, with her nose buried in a book, determined to avoid marriage to promote the secret cause to which she is committed.

ORDER # RST-51   $15-00  ISBN 0060839104 


Too Wicked to Wed:  Holt, Cheryl.

Thanks to a bet in which her incompetent and greedy brother gambles away his sister's chastity to save the family estate, Helen Mansfield is introduced to the roguish Luke Westmoreland, the illegitimate son of a duke, who offers her a passionate bargain in exchange for another year in her home.

ORDER # RST-52   $15-00  ISBN 0312937997


Touch a Dark Wolf:  St.Giles, Jennifer

Stumbling upon a terrifying conspiracy in her work with a pioneering New York medical center, Erin Morgan flees for her life, seeking refuge in the Tennessee mountains, only to come face to face with a powerful and seductive shapeshifting warrior who vows to protect her from her enemies.

ORDER # RST-53   $15-00  ISBN 1416513329 


An Unexpected Pleasure:  Camp, Candace.

Irish-American journalist Megan Mulcahey goes undercover as a governess in Broughton House to discover if Theo Moreland, the Marquess of Raine, murdered her brother, but her plan backfires when love blossoms between them.

ORDER # RST-54   $15-00  ISBN 0373771355 


True Blood:  Waddell, Patricia.

Assigned to investigate the explosion of a space freighter, diplomat Danna MacFadyen of the League of Planets must use her psychometric skills to determine what caused the explosion, but she finds her mission complicated by having to work with Korcian Enforcer Cullon Gavriel, who is searching for those responsible for killing Korcian True Bloods.

ORDER # RST-55   $15-00  ISBN 0765354640 


Ways to Be Wicked:  Long, Julie Anne.

Stumbling upon a letter that her former guardian had hid from her, proud French ballerina Sylvie Lamoureux discovers clues to a past that she never knew she had and heads for England to investigate, finding work at the notorious White Lily Theatre and love with its handsome owner, Tom Shaughnessy, until her former lover arrives to threaten everything.

ORDER # RST-56   $15-00  ISBN 0446616877 


Weapon of Seduction:  Smith, Maureen.

While investigating the Riverwalk murder, FBI agents Korrine Friday and Rage Santiago, marked for death by a secret society of twisted killers, find a safe haven at a secluded ranch--and in each other's arms.

ORDER # RST-57   $15-00  ISBN 0758214316 


What a Gentleman Wants:  Linden, Caroline.

When his wayward twin brother tricks him into marrying a vicar's widow, Marcus Reese, Duke of Essex, finds his life forever changed by this spirited beauty as they are both swept into a world of deception, betrayal, and passion.

ORDER # RST-58   $15-00  ISBN 0821779311 


Where Truth Lies:  Heggan, Christiane.

When her ex-fiance is murdered, museum curator Grace McKenzie, inheriting his art gallery in New Hope, Pennsylvania, journeys to this small town where she meets FBI agent Matt Baxter, who is also searching for answers, and together they unearth an old secret that rocks this closeknit community.

ORDER # RST-59   $15-00  ISBN 0778323374 


The Wicked Games of a Gentleman:  Hunter, Jillian.

Hoping to alleviate his growing discontent and boredom, the charming and wealthy Lord Drake Boscastle sets up a rendezvous with one of England's most celebrated courtesans, but his life is turned upside down by an encounter with spirited governess Eloise Goodwin, in hot pursuit of a rebellious young charge who has apparently eloped with a local rogue.

ORDER # RST-60   $15-00  ISBN 0345487605 


My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding: A Collection of Stories:  Sherrilyn Kenyon etc.

An original anthology of romantic tales of marital bliss and the supernatural features a new Dark Hunter tale by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Charlaine Harris's story of the tumultuous wedding of a vampire and a werewolf, P. N. Elrod's story of a reincarnated Elvis serving as a wedding singer, and other works by L. A. Banks, Lori Handeland, Susan Krinard, and other notables.

ORDER # RST-61   $25-00   ISBN 0312343604 


Dark Celebration: A Carpathian Reunion:  Christine Feehan

From the uninhibited imagination of Christine Feehan comes a sensual adventure of her beloved Carpathians-one of undying passion, astonishing fantasy, and eternal love.
They are the Carpathians. For years, they have been persecuted by their enemies, and have struggled against all odds to preserve their species. Now, a new insidious plot has been devised-one that would slaughter Carpathian females and bring an end to all that the Carpathians have worked for.
Even with his own lifemate, Raven, and their daughter Savannah, in danger, Carpathian king Mikhail believes that all is not lost. Gathering all of his people together, he will forge a new bond of strength, joining their powers in a celebration that will bring light even in this dark time.

ORDER # RST-62   $44-00   ISBN 0425211673  Hardcover


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