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Delia's Crossing:  Andrews, V. C.

When her parents are killed in a truck accident outside their poor Mexican village, Delia Yeberra is sent to live with her wealthy aunt in Palm Springs, California, but she soon discovers the dark underside of her glamorous new life as she become caught in a bitter battle whose resentment may be linked to a sinister secret, in the first volume in a trilogy.

ORDER # R908-1   $15-90   ISBN 1416530843


Addicted to Love:  Wilde, Lori.

Born on Valentine's Day in Valentine, Texas, Rachael Henderson has always been the poster child for all things romantic, until she finds herself jilted at the altar and launches a campaign to destroy the town's reputation as the "Romance Capitol of the USA," a campaign that brings her face to face with her childhood crush, Sheriff Brody Carlton.

ORDER # R908-2   $15-90   ISBN 0446502049


As Luck Would Have It:  Johnson, Alissa.

Becoming a spy for the Prince Regent to reclaim her family's fortune, Miss Sophie Everton finds her new assignment endangered by her attraction to the dark and dashing Duke of Rockeforte who tries to foil her at every turn.

ORDER # R908-3   $15-90   ISBN 0843961554


Angel's Pain:  Shayne, Maggie.

Bent on revenge, Briar, who believes that she needs no one, joins the mysterious Reaper and his misfit gang of vampires in an attempt to destroy Gregor, the renegade vampire who had betrayed and tortured her.

ORDER # R908-4   $15-90   ISBN 0778324982


A Bride by Christmas:  Graham, Heather; Beverley, Jo; & Camp, Candace.

This enchanting trio of stories, celebrating the magic of the holiday season, includes Heather Graham's Home for Christmas, in which Isabelle, a daughter of the Confederacy, and Travis, a Yankee captain, discover the miracle of love in the war-torn South.

ORDER # R908-5   $15-90   ISBN 0373773439


Bundle of Joy:  Hatcher, Robin Lee.

Refusing to disappoint her grandfather by revealing that she will be a single mother, Alicia Harris, expecting her first baby in two months, asks a childhood friend to pose as her husband, resulting in a startling revelation.

ORDER # R908-6   $15-90   ISBN 0373786255


The Christmas Countess:  Basso, Adrienne.

When she discovers that the child she believed to be stillborn is actually alive, Rebecca Tremaine is desperate to meet her daughter and must convince the Earl of Hampton, a distant family friend who has cared for the girl since infancy, to let her into his home and his heart.

ORDER # R908-7   $15-90   ISBN 1420104322


Capture My Heart:  Smith, Bobbi.

Setting sail from India, heiress Victoria Lawrence is captured by dashing pirate Serad and, refusing to bow to any man, must find a way to deny her attraction to this dangerous man who will stop at nothing to make her surrender to him.

ORDER # R908-8   $15-90   ISBN 1420101811


Christmas Weddings:  Mortimer, Carole; Jump, Shirley; & McDonagh, Margaret.

Holiday mayhem and matrimony is in the air in this delightful collection of romances that includes Carole Mortimer's "His Christmas Eve Proposal," in which a Hollywood movie star finds his quiet vacation in the mountains disturbed by an irresistible redhead who disrupts his life and steals his heart.

ORDER # R908-9   $15-90   ISBN 0373837275


The Christmas Kite:  Martin, Gail Gaymer.

A heartwarming novel of unconditional love, hope, and redemption follows an eight-year-old boy with Down's syndrome who brings his mother and a reclusive stranger, haunted by the death of his wife and child, together, giving them both a second chance at love.

ORDER # R908-10   $15-90   ISBN 0373786298


The Courtesan's Daughter:  Dain, Claudia.

With her prospects for finding a suitable match limited by her mother's infamous past as one of London's most sought-after courtesans, Lady Caroline is dismayed to discover that her mother plans to purchase a husband for her by agreeing to settle the Earl of Ashdon's gambling debts in exchange for marriage.

ORDER # R908-11   $15-90   ISBN 0425224228


Come the Night:  Krinard, Susan.

Gillian Maitland, forced to marry a werewolf of her father's choosing, is torn between duty and desire when the father of her child, Ross Kavanaugh, returns to England a changed man and a murder suspect.

ORDER # R908-12   $15-90   ISBN 0373773153


Dark Possession: A Carpathian Novel:  Feehan, Christine.

On the verge of becoming a vampire, Manolito De La Cruz is called back to his Carpathian homeland and unexpectedly finds his destined lifemate, MaryAnne Delaney, a counselor for battered women who has no use for the aggressive tendencies of Carpathian males and who has no idea of the lengths that Manolito will go to keep his mate.

ORDER # R908-13   $15-90   ISBN 0515145351


Crate & Peril:  Warren, J. D.

Determined to exact revenge on the Kin, a shape-shifting race that stole three years of her life, Samantha Dorringer joins forces with the mysterious leader of the Storm Ravens when the Kin help a Hollywood agent smuggle his A-list clients into their land to keep them young forever.

ORDER # R908-14   $15-90   ISBN 0505526999


Dragon Lovers:  Beverley, Jo, et al.

Fantasy and romance come together in a quartet of enchanting love stories dealing with dragons of all forms, in a collection featuring original tales by Jo Beverley, Mary Jo Putney, Karen Harbaugh, and Barbara Samuel that range from a virgin princess's first love and a shape-shifting samurai groom to a knight dealing with a damsel in distress and a young widow involved in a secret project with her sexy handyman.

ORDER # R908-15   $15-90   ISBN 0451225368


Lucky Charm:  Phillips, Carly.

In an attempt to break the long-standing Corwin curse, Derek Corwin leaves Gabrielle, his true love, and marries someone else, soon finding himself divorced and broke until Gabrielle returns, determined to help him break the curse and become his lucky charm.

ORDER # R908-16   $15-90   ISBN 0373773315


Fallen:  Delacroix, Claire.

Determined to uncover the truth when her estranged husband's death is mistakenly ruled an accident, Lilia Desjardins braves the perils of the Republic, only to discover that she has been targeted by unknown forces and that her only hope lies in the enigmatic Adam Montgomery, a man on his own mysterious mission, in the first volume in a paranormal romance trilogy.

ORDER # R908-17   $15-90   ISBN 0765359499


First Impressions:  Roberts, Nora.

In the title story, a wealthy businessman reinvents himself as an out-of-work carpenter in a rural town where he falls in love with his neighbor, and in Blithe Images, a magazine mogul sets his sights on a fashion model and small-town girl who surprises him with her innocence.

ORDER # R908-18   $15-90   ISBN 037328571X


For Her Eyes Only:  London, Cait.

The oldest and most powerful of the Aisling triplets, Leona is troubled by dark visions of the crazed killer who has targeted her sisters and reluctantly puts her talents to work to find her unknown enemy and to help the troubled sister of rugged newcomer Owen Shaw, in the conclusion of a trilogy that began with At the Edge and A Stranger's Touch.

ORDER # R908-19   $15-90   ISBN 006114052X


A Historical Christmas Present:  Kleypas, Lisa; Sands, Lynsay; & Greenwood, Leigh.

This trio of historical holiday romances, filled with warmth, joy, and love, features Lisa Keypas's "I Will," in which a Georgian bluestocking gets the present of a lifetime when a rakish noble asks for her hand in marriage.

ORDER # R908-20   $15-90   ISBN 050552788X


The Holiday Inn:  Williams, Phyllis Bourne; Rochon, Farrah; & Worth, Stefanie.

Just in time for Christmas, this trio of romances includes Farrah Rochon's "A Change of Heart," in which a husband and wife, on the verge of separation, get a second chance at love when a snowstorm leaves them stranded at the Holiday Inn.

ORDER # R908-21   $15-90   ISBN 0843961570


Home for the Holidays:  Plumley, Lisa.

When stylist-to-the-stars Rachel Porter finds her boyfriend in bed with her number one client, she tricks her "frenemy" into committing fashion suicide on the red carpet and finds herself out of the job and forced to return home to Kismet, Michigan, where she finds unexpectedly holiday romance.

ORDER # R908-22   $15-90   ISBN 0821780530


I'm Your Santa:  Foster, Lori; Castell, Dianne; & Kelley, Karen.

Three sexy Santas make Christmas fantasies come true in this sensual collection that features Lori Foster's "The Christmas Present," in which Beth Monroe, after catching her fiance with another woman, gets revenge by sleeping with his best friend, again and again.

ORDER # R908-23   $15-90   ISBN 0758228600


Hot Night:  McKenna, Shannon.

When she acquires a priceless Spanish treasure for her museum, Abby Maitland, an expert in arts and antiquities, becomes trapped in a world of betrayal, greed, and murder where only Zan Duncan, a dangerously sexy security consultant and master of seduction, can save her.

ORDER # R908-24   $15-90   ISBN 0758205651


Irreversible (Shomi):  Maverick, Liz.

When her best friend Katherine is stolen by a brilliantly twisted man who, driven by hate and revenge, forces her to live a manufactured life, L. Roxanne Zaborovsky enlists the help of a time-anomaly specialist who is the only one that can save Katherine from the vagaries of time.

ORDER # R908-25   $15-90   ISBN 0505527782


Immortals: The Crossing:  Nash, Joy.

When a faerie child under his protection almost dies, Manannan mac Lir, on the hunt for the would-be killer, finds Armeis Black, a dangerous woman who infuses his soul with deadly magic and forbidden desire.

ORDER # R908-26   $15-90   ISBN 0505527677


It Happened One Night:  Laurens, Stephanie, et al.

Four spirited heroines discover a passion and a love that can change everything in their lives while each is stranded at a remote inn, far from the constraints of proper society, in four historical romance tales by Stephanie Laurens, Mary Balogh, Jacquie D'Alessandro, and Candice Hern.

ORDER # R908-27   $15-90   ISBN 0061354163


Just the Sexiest Man Alive:  James, Julie.

When she is hired to coach People's "Sexiest Man Alive" for his role in an upcoming legal thriller, lawyer Taylor Donovan refuses to fall for Jason Andrews's Hollywood heartthrob ways.

ORDER # R908-28   $15-90   ISBN 0425224201


Kiss of a Dark Moon (Moon Chasers):  Kohler, Sharie.

A hunter dedicated to the eradication of the lycans who had killed her parents, Kit March has put everything else in her life on hold, until she meets legendary lycan hunter Rafael Santiago, who is determined to put an end to her activities - if his growing feelings for her do not get in the way.

ORDER # R908-29   $15-90   ISBN 1416542280


King of Sword and Sky:  Wilson, C. L.

Risking everything to protect his kingdom, the Fey King must help his truemate and new bride embrace her magical powers to save both the tairen and her soul.

ORDER # R908-30   $15-90   ISBN 0843960590


Knight's Fork:  Cherry, Rowena.

When the Queen Consort of the Volnoth asks him to father her child, not realizing that he is the son of her greatest enemy and that he has taken a vow of chastity, the Saurian Knight is torn between his father and a married Princess who will stop at nothing to make him bend to her will.

ORDER # R908-31   $15-90   ISBN 0505527405


A Knight Well Spent:  Ivie, Jackie.

Unable to forget Aislynn, the beautiful healer who saved his life and captured his heart, formidable knight Rhoenne Guy de Ramhurst becomes her protector when his brother kidnaps her in an attempt to take over his fiefdom.

ORDER # R908-32   $15-90   ISBN 142010165X


A Magical Christmas Present:  Alexander, Victoria; Riley, Eugenia; & Cach, Lisa. 

The holiday season is teeming with magic and romance in this enchanting collection of stories that includes Victoria Alexander's "Promises to Keep," in which a lonely businesswoman is transported back in time to a long-ago Christmas where she gets the gift of love.

ORDER # R908-35   $15-90   ISBN 0505527898


Marry Christmas:  Goodger, Jane.

When he sells his title to the highest bidder to save his vast estate, Randall Blackmore, the Duke of Bellingham, is stunned to discover that his intended bride is pretty, impertinent, and courageous and has no interest in marrying him let alone becoming a Duchess.

ORDER # R908-36   $15-90   ISBN 1420103784


Mona Lisa Awakening:  Sunny.

Mona Lisa, an unusual young woman who has always known that she is different, is drawn to Gryphon, a mysterious man of unearthly beauty who arrives during her night shift in the E.R., and discovers that he, like herself, is a Monère, a child of the moon, and is introduced to the night-time world of the Monère, one of calculated cruelty, intrigue, and casual lust.

ORDER # R908-37   $15-90   ISBN 0425224554


Moments of Clarity:  Cameron, Michele.

Sasha Diamond decides to give up on love until she meets Sexton, an NBA star who relentlessly pursues her, but her doubts about men are reinforced when her best friend, Tiara, discovers that her own husband has been frequenting prostitutes and evidence surfaces that Sexton has betrayed her.

ORDER # R908-38   $15-90   ISBN 1585713309


Mr. Cavendish, I Presume:  Quinn, Julia.

Betrothed to the Duke of Wyndham since she was a baby, Amelia Willoughby has spent her life waiting for Thomas Cavendish, the arrogant duke, to marry her, while Thomas enjoys having a fiancée to keep the husband-hunters at bay, until a long-lost cousin, who may have a claim to the dukedom, arrives to threaten everything he cares about.

ORDER # R908-39   $15-90   ISBN 0060876115


Mysteria Lane:  Davidson, MaryJanice, et al.

This collection of paranormal romances centers around the Disdaine Triplets - Glory, a witch who uses a magic pen to find love; Summer, a vegan vampire who has trouble adapting to her new life until she meets a sexy fellow vamp; and Shay, an emissary for Satan who has a penchant for disaster.

ORDER # R908-40   $15-90   ISBN 0425222942


Night Falls Darkly: Shadow Guard:  Lenox, Kim.

Archer, a member of the immortal Shadow Guard, arrives in London to eliminate Jack the Ripper, but finds himself distracted from his mission by his beautiful young ward, Miss Elena Whitney, who needs his help in remembering her past - and who just might be the Ripper's next victim.

ORDER # R908-41   $15-90   ISBN 0451225376


Naughty or Nice:  Erwin, Sherri.

Forced to get a job to support her shopping habit, widow Bennie St. James discovers that gainful employment has its advantages when she is torn between two men - naughty Nick Angelos, the nephew of Hades, and nice Josh Brandon.

ORDER # R908-42   $15-90   ISBN 1420101064


Night Fall:  Adair, Cherry.

T-FLAC/psi operative Simon Blackthorne is sent to the tiny African nation of Mallaruza to use his remarkable powers to help battle an insidious paranormal terror that has cost the lives of thousands and joins forces with beautiful Kess Goodall, a publicist for the MIT-educated African leader struggling to save his country, in the first volume in a new back-to-back trilogy.

ORDER # R908-43   $15-90   ISBN 0345499905


Night's Master:  Ashley, Amanda.

As an evil forces invades the supposedly neutral territory of Oak Hollow, a place for supernatural beings, Raphael Cordova, the leader of the American vampires, is drawn to bookstore owner Kathy McKenna, an innocent mortal who becomes drawn in a paranormal war.

ORDER # R908-44   $15-90   ISBN 0821780638


One Bite with a Stranger: First Novel of The Others:  Warren, Christine.

When her friends set her up for a "Fantasy Fix" to help her get over her cheating ex-boyfriend, Regina finds herself attending the Vampire Ball in Manhattan's East Village, where she meets the gorgeous Dmitri Vidâme, unaware of his bloodsucking secret or that he is a member of the Council that governs The Others.

ORDER # R908-45   $15-90   ISBN 0312947933


No Escape:  Butcher, Shannon K.

After years as a Navy SEAL, Grant wants nothing more than build a new life and is reunited with Isabelle, an old friend from the foster home in which he spent his childhood, and finds himself drawn into her investigation into a series of mysterious "suicides" targeting some of the other foster children with whom they grew up.

ORDER # R908-46   $15-90   ISBN 0446510289


Passionate:  Lawson, Anthea.

Deciding on one last adventure before she gets married, Lily Strathmore, on a botanical expedition through the wilds of North Africa, finds herself falling in love with notorious rogue James Huntington, who, searching for a fabled bloom, claims her as his and his alone.

ORDER # R908-47   $15-90   ISBN 142010456X


Power Play:  Martin, Deirdre.

When NHL star and notorious playboy Eric Mitchell agrees to pose as her boyfriend to boost her career, soap opera actress Monica Geary longs for him to take a leading role in her life forever.

ORDER # R908-48   $15-90   ISBN 0425224511


The Private Concierge:  Forster, Suzanne.

When one of her high-profile clients is murdered and a security breach occurs, Jillian Easton, whose company caters to the whims of the rich and powerful, starts losing business and must place her trust in a former police officer who knows all about her shadowy past.

ORDER # R908-49   $15-90   ISBN 0778325458


Promises Reveal:  McCarty, Sarah.

Brad "Shadow" Swanson, who is posing as a preacher to escape the law, must choose between saving the reputation of artist Evie Washington by marrying her, which means revealing his true identity, or going on the run.

ORDER # R908-50   $15-90   ISBN 0425224198


Red Fire: Gods of Midnight:  Knight, Deidre.

Searching the world for the other half of his soul, the woman who can release him from his immortal prison, Ajax Petrakos finally finds her in Shay Angel, the youngest of a powerful demon-hunting clan who draws the deadly attention of Ajax's worst enemy.

ORDER # R908-51   $15-90   ISBN 0451225384


Risking Her Heart (NASCAR):  Allison, Liz

Rachel Garrison, the manager of her family's champion racing team, refuses to mix business with pleasure when she meets NASCAR sponsor Parker Huntington, who almost ruined her brother's racing career, until he convinces her to take a risk on love.

ORDER # R908-52   $15-90   ISBN 0373773196


The Rogue Hunter:  Sands, Lynsay.

After eight hundred years as a bachelor, Garrett Mortimer, an immortal hunter assigned to protect the world from renegade vampires, finds himself strangely attracted to Samantha Willan, a workaholic attorney seeking some relaxation in a country cottage after a recent romantic breakup.

ORDER # R908-53   $15-90   ISBN 0061474290


The Rustler:  Miller, Linda Lael.

Arriving in Stone Creek to start a new life, reformed rustler and train robber Wyatt Yarbro, searching for redemption, sets his sights on prim and proper Sarah Tamlin who, unbeknownst to him, is harbouring her own dark secret.

ORDER # R908-54   $15-90   ISBN 0373773307


The Scarlet Spy:  Pickens, Andrea.

A graceful and ladylike orphan trained in lethal martial arts skills for her role as a spy, Sofia is assigned the task of masquerading as an Italian contessa to uncover corrupt officials at the highest levels of government, but she soon discovers that sexy Deverill Osborne could endanger her mission.

ORDER # R908-55   $15-90   ISBN 0446618012


Searching for Santa:  Dailey, Janet.

Determined to make this Christmas merry and bright, Casey Gilmore will stop at nothing to make Flint McAllister, the man her father hired to manage the family ranch after an injury, leave by proving that anything he can do, she can do better.

ORDER # R908-56   $15-90   ISBN 1420103067


Seduce Me At Sunrise:  Kleypas, Lisa.

Refusing to give in to his feelings for the tempting Winifred Hathaway whose family had rescued him from death as a boy, Kev Merripen, tormented by the mysteries of his Gypsy past, is reunited with his long-denied love as he competes for her affections and struggles to confront a dangerous secret concerning his destiny.

ORDER # R908-57   $15-90   ISBN 0312949812


Secret Desires of a Gentleman:  Guhrke, Laura Lee.

Twelve years after an elopement with the younger brother of a powerful aristocrat goes awry, thanks to the machinations of Phillip Hawthorne, Marquess of Kayne, Maria Martingale finds her fate in the hands of the proud lord who will do anything to protect his family from scandal.

ORDER # R908-58   $15-90   ISBN 0061456829


Show No Mercy:  Gerard, Cindy.

Leaving the CIA to take a job with Black Ops, Inc., a private security and intelligence firm specializing in jobs the military and CIA will not touch, Gabriel Jones becomes involved with American journalist Jenna McMillan when she accidentally becomes caught in the middle of an assassination plot Gabriel is trying to foil in Buenos Aires.

ORDER # R908-59   $15-90   ISBN 1416566724


Shadow Rider:  Dennis, Kathrynn.

Beautiful servant Sybilla Corbuc and her new master, Sir Guy of Warwick, are drawn together by the birth of a mysterious colt, an animal that has supernatural power, leading them on a journey of danger, courtly intrigue, and love.

ORDER # R908-60   $15-90   ISBN 1420100483


This Year's Christmas Present:  Bangs, Nina; Hill, Sandra; & Joy, Dara.

Includes Nina Bang's "The Man with the Golden Bow," in which a shy Jersey girl has a good time unwrapping her special Christmas present; Sandra Hill's "Fever," in which a bitter businessman finds the one woman who can melt his icy heart, and Dara Joy's "Santa Reads Romance."

ORDER # R908-61   $15-90   ISBN 0505527901


Thread of Fear:  Griffin, Laura.

On the verge of a total breakdown after her years of working to bring to justice countless brutal criminals, forensic artist Fiona Glass is haunted by the evil she has confronted in her career, until she meets handsome police chief Jack Bowden, who persuades her to take on one final case, putting her heart and her life in peril.

ORDER # R908-62   $15-90   ISBN 1416570632


Touch the Horizon:  Johansen, Iris.

Stranded in the middle of a deadly sandstorm in the heart of the Sedikan desert, actress Billie Callahan is rescued by David Bradford, an enigmatic and eccentric mystery man with ties to Middle Eastern royalty.

ORDER # R908-63   $15-90   ISBN 0553591983


Three Wishes:  Glass, Seressia.

Longing for a child, Maya Hughes meets Taylor Whitfield, a seven-year-old in need of a mother, and her father, Nic, who will do anything to make his daughter happy, and together they all find a way to become a family.

ORDER # R908-64   $15-90   ISBN 1585712787


Up in Smoke:  MacAlister, Katie.

Finding it increasingly more difficult to fend off the amorous advances of a demon lord, May Northcott, whose heart belongs to the leader of the silver dragons, is stunned when her master, who has an ulterior motive, orders her to succumb to the demon, forcing her to choose between her destiny and her freedom.

ORDER # R908-65   $15-90   ISBN 0451225287


Under the Highlander's Spell:  Fletcher, Donna.

Desperate to find his missing brother, Highland warrior Artair Sinclair rescues the lovely Zia, a talented healer branded a witch by vicious local villagers, from being burned at the stake, masquerading as her husband to protect her from harm while enlisting her aid in finding his brother.

ORDER # R908-66   $15-90   ISBN 0061375446


Veiled Passions:  MacNish, Tracy.

After one fateful night, Kieran Mullen, once a carefree, confident beauty, becomes a recluse, refusing to leave her London home until her brother takes her to Venice where, during Carnivale, she meets a mysterious stranger who offers her the one thing to free her from the past - revenge.

ORDER # R908-67   $15-90   ISBN 1420101692


Warrior's Lady:  Russell, Gerri.

Searching for his small niece and the legacy of the Charm Stone she carries, Camden Lockhart, determined to eliminate every member of the Ruthven clan, finds himself drawn to Rhiannon Ruthven, who is willing to sacrifice her life to save another's.

ORDER # R908-68   $15-90   ISBN 0843961112


Where There's Fire:  McKade, Maureen.

While taking the law into her own hands to bring justice to her mother's killer, Detective Shoni Alexander meets a handsome amnesiac during an arson investigation whose past is inexplicably linked to her own.

ORDER # R908-69   $15-90   ISBN 042522421X


Large Size Paperbacks
Bare Witness:  Garbera, Katherine.

An expert in small arms and street fighting, investigator Justine O'Neill is hired to guard Nigel Carter, the CEO of Baron Industries, as he travels to Peru where passion explodes between them, but when his daughter is kidnapped, Justine launches a full-scale attack on the enemy.

ORDER # R908-70   $19-90   ISBN 0758222335 


Big Juicy Lips:  Hobbs, Allison.

A follow-up to Double Dippin' finds con artist Misty unable to forget the lover she believes is dead in spite of her intimate partnership with Brick, a situation that is challenged when she spots a man who strongly resembles her lost lover.

ORDER # R908-71   $20-90   ISBN 1593092075 


Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide:       Ward, J. R.

An insider's guide to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series offers profiles of the members of the Brotherhood and their romantic adventures, includes a teaser for the upcoming novel in the series, Lover Avenged, and features an original short story about Zsadist and Bella.

ORDER # R908-72   $24-90   ISBN 0451225007 


Bond of Darkness:  Whiteside, Diane.

After years as a follower of Don Rafael Perez, the vampire patron of Texas, Ethan Templeton endangers everything he has known when he falls in love with Stephanie "Steve" Darling, a mortal Texas Ranger, as they work together to stop a vicious serial killer.

ORDER # R908-73   $19-90   ISBN 042522354X 


The Captive Heart:  Small, Bertrice.

In 1461, as internecine war ravages England, Alix Givet, daughter of Queen Margaret's physician, and the rest of Henry VI's court find themselves uprooted, as Alix is trapped in a loveless marriage to a cruel Northumbrian, until she seizes the opportunity to flee across the border into Scotland and into the arms of a brooding and dangerous laird.

ORDER # R908-74   $20-90   ISBN 0451225023 


Caught:  Alden, Jami.

Forced to enter into a dark underworld of sex and drugs to save the life of an innocent girl and bring justice to a faceless enemy with a penchant for cruelty, agent Ethan Taggart and Toni Crawford, a computer genius turned PI, discover that danger brings about the hottest passion.

ORDER # R908-75   $19-90   ISBN 0758225466 


Caught!:  Foster, Lori.

In "Taken," a security expert, while trying to find out who framed his brother for embezzlement, gets some help from the notorious Virginia Johnson, and in "Say Yes," a young woman, after discovering her fiancé in bed with another woman, decides to have a fling and sets her sights on her hot neighbor.

ORDER # R908-76   $19-90   ISBN 0373773129 


The Chosen Sin:  Bast, Anya.

Determined to seek revenge on the vampire that nearly destroyed her, special forces agent Daria must abandon her own mortality to succeed, turning for help to sexy vampire Alejandro Martinez to bring the monster to justice, in an erotic paranormal romance.

ORDER # R908-77   $19-90   ISBN 0425223566 


Driven by Desire:  McLane, LuAnn.

Ten years after asking her high school sweetheart to give up racing in the wake of a near-fatal accident, only to have him leave her, Alexia Spencer is reunited with motocross racer Jayden Michaels, reigniting old sparks and forcing them both to make a choice between love and danger.

ORDER # R908-78   $19-90   ISBN 045122504X 


The Diary of Cozette:  McIntyre, Amanda.

In this sensual journal, Cozette, an English maidservant, allows herself to sample life's greatest pleasures at the hands of the noblemen of wealth and privilege that she serves, becoming a woman of great power.

ORDER # R908-79   $19-90   ISBN 0373605250 


Everlasting Bad Boys:  Laurenston, Shelly; Eden, Cynthia; & Mack, Noelle.

Featuring heroes who have both supernatural and sensual talents, this hot collection includes Shelly Laurenston's "Can't Get Enough," in which dragon Ailean the Wicked decides that his new conquest will be a gorgeous dragoness who needs his help in vanquishing her enemies.

ORDER # R908-80   $19-90   ISBN 0758228503 


Forbidden Fruit:  Bradley, Eden.

A university instructor in alternative sexuality and an expert in sexual fantasies and fetishes, Mia Rose Curry has never experienced passion in her own life, until twenty-six-year-old Jagger, a new student in her class, offers to turn her textbook knowledge into real-life erotic encounters.

ORDER # R908-81   $19-90   ISBN 0553385119 


Hot Silk (Aphrodisia):  Page, Sharon.

Already submerged in scandal, Miss Grace Halton decides to engage in one night of extreme passion with a wickedly sensual highwayman who, after their tryst, sets out to find her, longing to explore her every fantasy and fulfil her every desire.

ORDER # R908-82   $19-90   ISBN 075821491X 


Get Your Sexy On:  Terry, Kimberly Kaye.

Sin, an exotic dancer, is lost in a world of her own until PI "Mac" Garret McAllister steps into the club and, after one night of extreme ecstasy, she finds herself longing only for him.

ORDER # R908-83   $19-90   ISBN 0758222505 


Intimate Beings:  Inclan, Jessica.

When Claire, who has the ability to go anywhere she wants just by wishing it, meets a man with the exact same power, she discovers that he is her partner and life mate, and as they explore their sensual connection, they must go up against an evil, power-hungry race that wants to destroy them.

ORDER # R908-84   $19-90   ISBN 1420101145 


Nights in Black Lace (Aphrodisia):  Mack, Noelle.

During one of her private runway shows, lingerie designer Odette Gaillard, a former model who donates her profits to charity, presents gorgeous American athlete Bryan Bachman with a special invitation to sample her wares.

ORDER # R908-85   $19-90   ISBN 0758221908 


Raintree:  Howard, Linda; Jones, Linda Winstead; & Barton, Beverly.

Collects the supernatural Raintree miniseries in one volume, including Linda Howard's Inferno, in which the Raintree clan, who have blended into the modern world as bankers, cops, husbands, wives, and lovers, find their loyalties and relationships tested when their enemy rises again.

ORDER # R908-86   $20-90   ISBN 0373773420 


Ravish: The Awakening of Sleeping Beauty:        Yardley, Cathy.

Collapsing into a mysterious coma while anticipating the loss of her virginity, twenty-year-old Aurora haunts the dreams of her doctor, Jacob, who experiences increasingly heady and erotic nights while unknowingly entering into the sleeping Aurora's subconscious.

ORDER # R908-87   $19-90   ISBN 0061376086 


Succubus Dreams:  Mead, Richelle.

Shape-shifting succubus Georgina Kincaid, who gets her energy from seducing men, is frustrated by her non-sexual relationship with best-selling author Seth Mortensen and her attraction to Dante, a dream interpreter, while dealing with a mysterious force that is draining her energy.

ORDER # R908-88   $20-90   ISBN 0758216432 


Riding Temptation:  Burton, Jaci.

Working for the feds as a member of the Wild Riders, biker Diaz Delgado is drawn into a dangerous alliance with the tempting Jessie, when they both go undercover with a gang of killer survivalists, but their growing passion for each other could destroy them both.

ORDER # R908-89   $19-90   ISBN 0425223574 


To All a Good Night:  Kauffman, Donna; Shalvis, Jill; & Dimon, HelenKay.

Includes Donna Kauffman's "Unleashed," Jill Shalvis's "Finding Mr. Right," and HelenKay Dimon's "Can You Hand Me the Tape?," in which a young woman desperately searches for the naughty tape she made for her now ex-boyfriend that has fallen into the hands of her nemesis.

ORDER # R908-90   $19-90   ISBN 075822849X 


Under the Blood Red Moon:  Hepsen, Mina.

Isolated from the outside world by her unsettling telepathic gifts, beautiful Angelica spends her days in the library of her father's English country estate before she is forced to make her London debut, during which she meets an unusual suitor in vampire leader Alexsander, who wants to use her talents to capture a rogue vampire.

ORDER # R908-91   $19-90   ISBN 0061373257 


Unwrap Me (Aphrodisia):  MacNeal, Melissa; Lyons, Susan; & Randall, Melissa.

Three erotic holiday tales, exploring who is naughty - and even more naughty - includes Susan Lyons's "Unwrap Me," in which Jude Kincaid counts down the twelve days of Christmas with her own personal Secret Santa.

ORDER # R908-92   $19-90   ISBN 0758228538 


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