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People of the City:  Maresca, Marshall Ryan

Corruption and conspiracy have infected the city of Maradaine, from the top levels of power to the very depths beneath the city. Dayne Heldrin and Jerinne Fendall, elite warriors of the Tarian Order, have no idea how close they truly are to the center of the city's dark secrets. But when they learn that children are going missing, they know they must investigate further - no matter the cost. They are soon joined by others, each with their own reasons for seeking the children. Veranix Calbert, the vigilante known as the Thorn, thinks his enemies are responsible for the missing children. Inspectors Minox Welling and Satrine Rainey fear the disappearing children are tied to corruption in the city Constabulary. Asti and Verci Rynax hope to protect the kids from their streets, one of whom barely escaped the kidnappers. And a mysterious young cloistress seeks to lead each of them deeper down into the depths of enigmas beneath the city, to the dark, unholy cult known as the Brotherhood, and the horrors that are growing within it.

ORDER # S1020-1   $13-30   ISBN 9780756415006


The Best of Jerry Pournelle:  Carr, John F

For half a century, Jerry Pournelle’s name has been synonymous with hard-hitting, idea-driven, wonder-inducing science fiction. His Falkenberg’s Legion stories and Janissaries series helped define the military SF genre, his CoDominium universe is an SF standard for worldbuilding and future history, and his novels with frequent collaborator Larry Niven are some of the most important works science fiction has ever seen - and the best-selling and most read.
Now, for the first time, Pournelle’s best short work is collected together in a single volume. Here are more than a dozen short stories, each with a new introduction by editor and long-time Pournelle assistant John F. Carr. The book also includes a cornucopia of Pournelle’s rampantly imaginative and compelling essays, as well as great remembrances by Pournelle collaborators Larry Niven, S.M. Stirling, and more!

ORDER # S1020-2   $13-30   ISBN 9781982125004

Accepting the Lance, Volume 22:  Lee, Sharon

Exiled from Liad after bombing a city to save it from The Department of the Interior’s infernal weapons and plans, Clan Korval has gone to ground on the backwater planet Surebleak, whose people are as untamed as its weather. Far beyond the surface of frigid Surebleak, Korval’s far-flung trade network needs a serious reset. From flagship Dutiful Passage to the experimental self-aware Bechimo, the clan’s ships are prowling space lanes seeking trade. Meanwhile, old tech from a failed universe and the machinations of the mysterious Uncle are coalescing into either a dangerous opportunity or a nefarious trap. And the Department of the Interior is not done with Clan Korval yet. They seek a final fully reckoned revenge, with Surebleak and Korval’s ships and people everywhere in the crosshairs.

ORDER # S1020-3   $13-30   ISBN 9781982124984


Antediluvian:  McCarthy, Wil

Before disaster erased the coastlines and river valleys of the Antediluvian age - before the mythic Flood - men and women struggled and innovated in a world of savage contrasts. It turns out that our legends of the Stone Age are even older than we think. It was a time when a world of archetypes and myths was written upon the fabric of humanity in the deepest way - a world that has only been preserved in the oldest stories with no way to actually visit it. Until now. In a brilliant and dangerous brain-hacking experiment, Harv Leonel and Tara Mukherjee are about to discover entire lifetimes of human memory coded in our genes, and reveal ancient legends - from knights and trolls to the birth of humanity itself - that are very real. And very deadly.

ORDER # S1020-4   $13-30   ISBN 9781982124991

Cosmonaut: The Lunar Wars:  Gagarin, Laika L

Following the events of Cosmonaut, The Soviet Union prepares for war on the moon, the first of it's kind.
As a veteran soldier and Cosmonaut, Darren Keller is put on the front lines to lead the new branch of the Cosmonaut Program, the Cosmonaut Solar Army. But secret plans within the Soviet Government threaten to destroy all that Darren tries to protect, but as the ghost of his past return to haunt him again, the cracks start to appear, and could leave Darren broken. The rockets are flying, the world turns to the moon, to the gun aimed at the head of the Soviet Union. The Lunar Wars have begun

ORDER # S1020-5   $13-30   ISBN 9781087856841


Critical Point:  Huang, S L

Math-genius mercenary Cas Russell has stopped a shadow organization from brainwashing the world and discovered her past was deliberately erased and her superhuman abilities deliberately created. And that's just the start: when a demolitions expert targets Cas and her friends, and the hidden conspiracy behind Cas's past starts to reappear, the past, present, and future collide in a race to save one of her dearest friends.

ORDER # S1020-6   $13-30   ISBN 9781250749918

The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded Edition:  Carson, Rae

The Resistance has been reborn. But although Rey and her fellow heroes are back in the fight, the war against the First Order, now led by Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, is far from over. Just as the spark of rebellion is rekindling, a mysterious signal broadcasts throughout the galaxy, with a chilling message: Emperor Palpatine, long thought defeated and destroyed, is back from the dead. Has the ancient Lord of the Sith truly returned? Kylo Ren cuts a swath of destruction across the stars, determined to discover any challenge to his control over the First Order and his destiny to rule over the galaxy - and crush it completely. Meanwhile, to discover the truth, Rey, Finn, Poe, and the Resistance must embark on the most perilous adventure they have ever faced.

ORDER # S1020-7   $14-90   ISBN 9781984818645


Song of the Risen God:  Salvatore, R A

War has come to Fireach Speur. The once forgotten Xoconai Empire has declared war upon the humans west of the mountains, and their first target are the people of Loch Beag. Lead by the peerless general, Tzatzini, all that stands in the way of the God Emperor's grasp of power is Aoelyn, Talmadge, and their few remaining allies. But not all hope is lost. Far away from Fireach Speuer, an ancient tomb is uncovered by Brother Thaddeus of the Abellican Church. Within it is the power to stop the onslaught of coming empire and, possibly, reshape the very world itself.

ORDER # S1020-8   $14-90   ISBN 9780765395351

48 Hours:  Forstchen, William R

In 48 hours, the Earth will be hit by a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the Sun, a "Carrington Event" that has the power to shut down and possibly destroy the world's electrical infrastructure. To try and prevent permanent damage, everything goes dark prior to the hit: global communications are shut down; hospital emergency generators are disconnected; the entire internet, media broadcasting, and cell phone systems are turned off.
Will the world's population successfully defend itself in the wake of the CME, or will mass panic lead to the breakdown of society as we know it?

ORDER # S1020-9   $14-90   ISBN 9780765397935


Large Size Paperbacks
The Girls in the Shattered World:  Patchett, Ben

Five years ago, two girls were trapped underground when the USA launched a full scale gas track on Canada in an act of war. Today, the girls are reunited, and they now travel the country looking for means of survival. When they meet an odd man with a promise of salvation, Alex and Alice set off on a journey for a new start in life. However, the further they travel, they discover more and more bizarre people and locations that suggest that Canada is not as lifeless as the two girls think. With one sidetrack leading to another, Alex and Alice are faced with several dark surprises along their desperate journey.

ORDER # S1020-10   $29-90   ISBN 9781098329440 


The Luminous Ones:  Ashbaugh, Nicholas

When an otherworldly being crosses paths with Gabriel, a psychic investigator living in the year one billion, his world gets turned upside down. As missing pieces of his past suddenly emerge, Gabriel realizes that the dreams of a coming apocalypse are true. Now, he must assume the mantle of The Last Steward of the Light. His only hope lies in an old book of magic his grandfather gave him, and the unlikeliest of friends - the Angel of Death.

ORDER # S1020-11   $29-90   ISBN 9781735726809 

Warriors of the Blessed Realms:  McMahon, Chris

In the Vaults of Sheol, Lord VoYannan plots to unleash a devastating assault on the Blessed Realms, a coalition of six worlds dedicated to preserving life. The Realms, defended with steel and magic, have contained VoYannan for thousands of years. VoYannan is a krell - a ruthless alien species that can make themselves virtually immortal by enslaving others. Millions suffer under VoYannan's rule, fifty-eight planets where any resistance is crushed by his dark legions. VoYannan uses an ancient Gateway on Earth to strike at the Realms. His Vault forces capture the priestess Sephany, crucial to his plans, and escape. Realm warrior Finn Evenstone sets off in pursuit, but cannot pass the Gateway used by the Vault.

ORDER # S1020-12   $29-90   ISBN 9780980387056 


The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Vol 5:  Clarke, Neil

Keeping up-to-date with the most buzzworthy and cutting-edge science fiction requires sifting through countless magazines, e-zines, websites, blogs, original anthologies, single-author collections, and more - a task that can be accomplished by only the most determined and voracious readers. For everyone else, Night Shade Books is proud to present the latest volume of The Best Science Fiction of the Year, a yearly anthology compiled by Hugo and World Fantasy Award-winning editor Neil Clarke, collecting the finest that the genre has to offer, from the biggest names in the field to the most exciting new writers.

ORDER # S1020-13   $29-90   ISBN 9781949102222 

Gamechanger:  Beckett, L X

Neuromancer meets Star Trek in Gamechanger, a fantastic new book from award-winning author L. X. Beckett.
First there was the Setback. Then came the Clawback. Now we thrive.
Rubi Whiting is a member of the Bounceback Generation. The first to be raised free of the troubles of the late twenty-first century. Now she works as a public defender to help troubled individuals with anti-social behavior. That’s how she met Luciano Pox.
Luce is a firebrand and has made a name for himself as a naysayer. But there’s more to him than being a lightning rod for controversy. Rubi has to find out why the governments of the world want to bring Luce into custody, and why Luce is hell bent on stopping the recovery of the planet.

ORDER # S1020-14   $29-90   ISBN 9781250165251 


In the Black:  Tomlinson, Patrick S

In a demilitarized zone on the border of human space, long range spy satellites are mysteriously going quiet, and no one knows why. Captain Susan Kamala and her crew are dispatched to figure out what's going on and solve the problem. That problem, however, is a mysterious, bleeding edge alien ship that no human vessel could hope to match in open conflict. But, it's not spoiling for a fight. Now, the Captain and her Crew must figure out how to navigate a complicated game of diplomacy, balancing the needs of their corporate overlords, and the honest desire for a lasting peace between the two races, all without letting a long standing cold war turn hot.

ORDER # S1020-15   $29-90   ISBN 9781250302755 

Subsumption:  Pesci, Luciano W

Trusting an alien is hard - figuring out which alien is trustworthy might be impossible.
Marcus carries the weight of the cosmos on his shoulders. Still, he loves being one of the chosen enrolled in the alien-driven education tract at his university. This extraterrestrial Federation always said he was important, so they're taking the next logical step by inviting him to join their mysterious research Cohort. If he survives selection, Marcus will solidify himself as one of the elites tasked with preparing humanity to face an alien Confederation bent on enslaving Earth. The simulated realities he experiences during this Subsumption research creates critical data the Federation needs to understand human nature, choice, and to integrate worlds. But the alien experimentation proves more physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing than Marcus ever imagined, pushing him to the breaking point.
As the doomsday clock continues its countdown to the Confederation's invasion, Marcus is running out of time to get his personal life in order.

ORDER # S1020-16   $28-90   ISBN 9781735619033 


Chronos: Incursion:  Palmer, Dean

Karl's rage exploded. "Why doesn't our good God smite the whole Nazi regime right now?" He shook a fist, "Why doesn't He wipe them out and stop this wickedness? How can He stand by and watch His chosen people wiped out by the millions?" A tear slipped from his eye unchecked, and his voice broke. "Why doesn't He weep at what is happening?" He tightened every muscle, shook his fists, and bellowed. "Why!" In Chronos: Incursion, the long-awaited sequel to Chronos One, Dean Palmer courageously tackles life's toughest questions about pain and suffering. His insightful answers point to a treasure-trove of hope and much-needed meaning in a world bereft of both. The second novel in the epic Chronos trilogy, Incursion continues the Chronos saga with the story of three men's lives intertwined across time by a force that threatens to undo time.

ORDER # S1020-17   $28-90   ISBN 9781632210388 

Collaborators:  Ross, Deborah

Poised on the brink of war, the people of the planet Bandar are stunned by the arrival of a disabled Terran space ship. But the Terrans are even less prepared to understand the politics, gender fluidity, or mob reflexes of the natives. The Terran captain uses increasing force as the only way to ensure desperately needed repairs. Hoping to bring enlightened human values to the natives, a young scientist's intervention leads to disaster. After a vicious assault, a pregnant native becomes radicalized. A failed poet sees the Terran occupation as a way to gain the recognition he craves. A widow whose farm is bombed using Terran weaponry journeys to the capital in search of help and ends up facing a firing squad. And a reporter becomes the voice of the resistance, determined to take back his world from the invaders.

ORDER # S1020-18   $26-90   ISBN 9781952589003 


The Future of Another Timeline:  Newitz, Annalee

1992: After a confrontation at a riot grrl concert, seventeen-year-old Beth finds herself in a car with her friend's abusive boyfriend dead in the backseat, agreeing to help her friends hide the body. This murder sets Beth and her friends on a path of escalating violence and vengeance as they realize many other young women in the world need protecting too.
2022: Determined to use time travel to create a safer future, Tess has dedicated her life to visiting key moments in history and fighting for change. But rewriting the timeline isn’t as simple as editing one person or event. And just when Tess believes she's found a way to make an edit that actually sticks, she encounters a group of dangerous travelers bent on stopping her at any cost.

ORDER # S1020-19   $29-90   ISBN 9780765392114 

Aether Ones:  Coffman-Porter, Wendi

Long ago, the Great Sundering ripped the universe apart, creating two separate realities. The kuldain realm developed advanced technology, and its inhabitants travel the universe on massive ships to colonize and expand their empire. The aether realm, meanwhile, harnessed the magic of the massively powerful eldrich energy that connects everything within their realm. Now, a tentative peace reigns between the two realms, maintained by a treaty and by the Imperial Investigative Service - a force designed to monitor interactions between the realms and ensure that most kuldain inhabitants don't even know aether space exists. Leilani Falconi, a talented agent of the IIS, polices the galaxy with quick sarcasm and a quicker temper. When a series of suspicious deaths in kuldain space threatens the secrecy and peace, Lei must solve the mystery - fast - before both her realities change forever.

ORDER # S1020-20   $27-90   ISBN 9781612544557 


The Companions:  Flynn, Katie M

In the wake of a highly contagious virus, California is under quarantine. Sequestered in high rise towers, the living can’t go out, but the dead can come in - and they come in all forms, from sad rolling cans to manufactured bodies that can pass for human. Wealthy participants in the “companionship” program choose to upload their consciousness before dying, so they can stay in the custody of their families. The less fortunate are rented out to strangers upon their death, but all companions become the intellectual property of Metis Corporation, creating a new class of people - a command-driven product-class without legal rights or true free will. Sixteen-year-old Lilac is one of the less fortunate, leased to a family of strangers. But when she realizes she’s able to defy commands, she throws off the shackles of servitude and runs away, searching for the woman who killed her.

ORDER # S1020-21   $27-90   ISBN 9781982122164 

Weird World War III:  Hazlett, Sean Patrick

What if the United States had gone to war with the Soviet Union? What if these rival superpowers had fought on land, sea, air, and the astral plane? What if the Soviets and Americans had struggled for dominion across parallel dimensions or on the surface of the moon? How would the world have changed? What wonders would have been unveiled? What terrors would have haunted mankind from those dark and dismal dimensions? Come closer, peer through a glass darkly, and discover the horrifying alternative visions of World War III from some of today’s greatest minds in science fiction, fantasy, and horror.
Includes new stories by David Drake, Brad R. Torgersen, Mike Resnick, Sarah A. Hoyt, and many more!

ORDER # S1020-22   $26-90   ISBN 9781982124915 


Echoes of Darkness:  Campbell, Cheryl

The decades-long conflict with the Wardens, the genocidal faction of alien Echoes that started the war on Earth in 2069, rages on. Dani, an Echo, fights alongside humans and other aliens against the Wardens. As the bond of her newfound family strengthens, she continues to struggle to find a viable solution to retake Boston from the Wardens. Maine's civilian and Commonwealth military alliance against the enemy remains intact, but Dani's relationship with Colonel Houston becomes more strained with rogue Warden attacks, unreliable intelligence reports, and the high casualty counts that will come when they move on the enemy stronghold in the city.

ORDER # S1020-23   $27-90   ISBN 9780989760867 

Lightning Origins:  Reyes, Antonio

Taking place in the the year is 2238, humanity is now bringing an end to a 50 year long interplanetary war against extremist rebels on the frontier colonies. Due to the length of this war, Earth Government had poured all of it's resources into ending it as soon as possible in order to continue humanities expansion into space. However, now that the war is coming to an end, their isn't much initiative left in exploration until one day a mysterious man named Gehnarne radically introduces himself to the leaders of earth government, the council of seven, and reveals to them new ways to not only continue the exploration of their own universe, but how to venture into other universes as well through universal rifts.

ORDER # S1020-24   $26-90   ISBN 9781098321802 


Aurora Rising:  Reynolds, Alastair

Tom Dreyfus is a Prefect, a law enforcement officer with the Panoply. His beat is the Glitter Band, that vast swirl of space habitats orbiting the planet Yellowstone, the teeming hub of a human interstellar empire spanning many worlds.
His current case: investigating a murderous attack against one of the habitats that leaves nine hundred people dead. But his investigation uncovers something far more serious than mass slaughter - a covert plot by an enigmatic entity who seeks nothing less than total control of the Glitter Band.

ORDER # S1020-25   $27-90   ISBN 9780316462587 

In the Orbit of Sirens:  Bruno, T A

DENTON CASTUS is a starship mechanic caught in the destructive path of the Undriel war. The impossible machines force him and the last remaining fragments of the human race to abandon their homes in the Sol-System. Denton's journey will take him to a distant planet, where a small colony is preparing for the arrival of refugees from the war. However, this new safe haven has undiscovered threats of its own.
ELIANA VESTON is a scout preparing the planet Kamaria for the refugees. The beauty of this new world masks the dangers that lurk within it. A pandemic named "lung-lock" is killing off colonists as the scouts struggle to find a cure. Eliana discovers that the auk'nai, a native race of technologically advanced birds, possess the last element she needs to synthesize a cure and save her people. She must convince them to help before the arrival of the refugees. If Eliana fails, humanity will become extinct.

ORDER # S1020-26   $27-90   ISBN 9781734647006 


The Last Engineer: Darrk World:  Van Dyke, Russell E

A Battle Cruiser is forced to engage its star drive to keep from being destroyed at the end of a battle, not knowing where they will end up. Damaged and ending up in Earth's solar system, with no communication with their home world and no parts, they have to wait until the Earth's technology advances enough to help them. Then, far from the world of Darrk, it's up to the last engineer to repair the ship, and get them home. But after being on Earth for so long, Rahm, the last engineer, now has family here on Earth. Repairing the ship means they will bring the fleet back, and bring about Earth's destruction and enslavement. He cannot let that happen. With other like minded Darrk's, they have to prevent a newly trained engineer, and the old Political Officer, from completing the repairs, and bringing about the end of a planet they have grown to love.

ORDER # S1020-27   $26-90   ISBN 9781632211903 

London Centric: Tales of Future London:  Whates, Ian

Militant A.I.s, virtual realities, augmented realities and alternative realities; a city where murderers stalk the streets, where drug lords rule from the shadows, and where large sections of the population are locked in time stasis, but where tea is still sipped in cafés on the corner and the past still resonates with the future.
Thirteen stories that look to the future of this diverse, multi-faceted city, that invite the reader to consider different perspectives. Stories that draw you in to possible tomorrows and suggest what may lie just beyond the city’s ever-changing skyline.
Neal Asher opens the anthology with a story set in his Polity Universe, Dave Hutchinson gives us a novelette from his Fractured Universe milieu, Jeremy Szal takes us to the world of his debut novel Stormblood, M.R. Carey, Aliette de Bodard, Geoff Ryman, Aliya Whiteley and a cast of equally talented writers transport us to Londons near and far.

ORDER # S1020-28   $26-90   ISBN 9781912950737 


The Best Horror of the Year Vol Twelve:  Datlow, Ellen

For four decades, Ellen Datlow has been at the center of horror. Bringing you the most frightening and terrifying stories, Datlow always has her finger on the pulse of what horror readers crave. Now, with the twelfth volume of the series, Datlow is back again to bring you the stories that will keep you up at night. Encompassed in the pages of The Best Horror of the Year have been such illustrious writers as: Neil Gaiman, Kim Newman, Stephen King, Linda Nagata, Laird Barron, Margo Lanagan, and many others.
With each passing year, science, technology, and the march of time shine light into the craggy corners of the universe, making the fears of an earlier generation seem quaint. But this light creates its own shadows. The Best Horror of the Year chronicles these shifting shadows. It is a catalog of terror, fear, and unpleasantness as articulated by today’s most challenging and exciting writers.

ORDER # S1020-29   $26-90   ISBN 9781597809733 

Escape Pod: The Science Fiction Anthology:  Divya, S B

Finalist for the 2020 Hugo Award for Best Semiprozine.
Celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of cutting-edge science fiction from the hit podcast, Escape Pod. Escape Pod has been bringing the finest short fiction to millions of ears all over the world, at the forefront of a new fiction revolution.
This anthology gathers together fifteen stories, including new and exclusive work from writers such as from Cory Doctorow, Ken Liu, Mary Robinette Kowal, T. Kingfisher and more. From editors Mur Laffterty and S.B. Divya comes the science fiction collection of the year, bringing together bestselling authors in celebration of the publishing phenomenon that is, Escape Pod.

ORDER # S1020-30   $26-90   ISBN 9781789095012 


The Book of Malachi:  Farren, T C

Malachi, a mute thirty-year-old man, has just received an extraordinary job offer. In exchange for six months as a warden on a top-secret organ-farming project, Raizier Pharmaceuticals will graft Malachi a new tongue. So Malachi finds himself on an oilrig among warlords and mass murderers. But are the prisoner-donors as evil as Raizier says? Do they deserve their fate? As doubt starts to grow, the stories of the desperate will not be silenced - not even his own. Covertly Malachi comes to know them, even the ones he fears, and he must make a choice - if he wants to save one, he must save them all. And risk everything, including himself.

ORDER # S1020-31   $26-90   ISBN 9781789095197 

Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense:  Su-Ra-U

Melkart the Castaway By MARK MELLON
When a powerful triton destroys his ship, the Phoenician giant Melkart washes up on a foreign shore - and is rudely welcomed by a tyrant who would enslave him!
Its Own Reward By ROB FRANCIS
A pair of bounty hunters happen upon a large promissory note on their latest mark - enough to retire! But will the money prove more trouble than it's worth!?
The White Giant's Map By RICHARD RUBIN
A fierce battle has annihilated the allies Fletcher has made on the alien world he now calls home! But a dying foe offers him a boon - a map to fabulous treasure!
The Chamber of Worms By MATTHEW X. GOMEZ
Heinrick and Viona have been hired by a noble to retrieve a family heirloom from an abandoned manor house - but there's more to this job than meets the eye!

ORDER # S1020-32   $26-90   ISBN 9781949313383 


The Last Campaign:  Shoemaker, Martin L

Brazilian investigator Rosalia Morais, and her husband, revered American spacer Nicolau Aames, are building a life together in Mars’s Maxwell City, the fastest-growing settlement on the planet. Good news: there are no natural predators. Bad news: there are humans. That means the crime rate is growing, too. To ensure public safety, Rosie’s appointed by the mayor as the Red Planet’s first chief of police. No sooner does she build a law enforcement squad than the biggest challenge looks to be internal. Policing the police for graft and corruption is one thing. But when an industrialist is found among the chars of an arson, it’s murder. The fire leads to questions that can be answered by only one man - Nick’s former officer on the Earth-to-Mars vessel the Aldrin. And Nick is still duty bound to keep the officer’s secrets. As loyalties shift, trust breaks, and the tide of a political conspiracy rises, Rosie must solve a mystery that could doom the future of humanity on Mars.

ORDER # S1020-33   $26-90   ISBN 9781542091404 

Hardcover Titles
Dead Lies Dreaming:  Stross, Charles

As Wendy hunts down Imp - the cyberpunk head of a band calling themselves “The Lost Boys”- she is dragged into the schemes of louche billionaire Rupert de Montfort Bigge. Rupert has discovered that the sole surviving copy of the long-lost concordance to the one true Necronomicon is up for underground auction in London. He hires Imp’s sister, Eve, to procure it by any means necessary, and in the process, he encounters Wendy Deere.
In a tale of corruption, assassination, thievery, and magic, Wendy Deere must navigate rotting mansions that lead to distant pasts, evil tycoons, corrupt government officials, lethal curses, and her own moral qualms in order to make it out of this chase alive.

ORDER # S1020-34   $44-90   ISBN 9781250267023 


The Last Druid:  Brooks, Terry

Since he first began the Shannara saga in 1977, Terry Brooks has had a clear idea of how the series should end, and now that moment is at hand.
As the Four Lands reels under the Skaar invasion - spearheaded by a warlike people determined to make this land their own - our heroes must decide what they will risk to save the integrity of their home. Even as one group remains to defend the Four Lands, another is undertaking a perilous journey across the sea to the Skaar homeland, carrying with them a new piece of technology that could change the face of the world forever. And yet a third is trapped in a deadly realm from which there may be no escape.

ORDER # S1020-35   $41-90   ISBN 9780399178542 

How the Multiverse Got Its Revenge:  Eason, K

After avoiding an arranged marriage, thwarting a coup, and inadvertently kick-starting a revolution, Rory Thorne has renounced her title and embraced an unglamorous life as a privateer on the edge of human space. Her new life is interrupted when Rory and her crew - former royal bodyguards, Thorsdottir and Zhang, and co-conspirator Jaed - encounter an abandoned ship registered under a false name, seemingly fallen victim to attack. As they investigate, they find evidence of vicious technology and arithmancy, alien and far beyond known capabilities. The only answer to all the destruction is the mysterious, and unexpected, cargo: a rose plant. One that reveals themself to be sentient - and designed as a massive biological weapon. Rose seeks to escape their intended fate, but before Rory and her friends can get Rose off the derelict ship, the alien attackers return.

ORDER # S1020-36   $38-90   ISBN 9780756415310 


The Ministry for the Future:  Robinson, Kim Stanley

The Ministry for the Future is a masterpiece of the imagination, using fictional eyewitness accounts to tell the story of how climate change will affect us all. Its setting is not a desolate, postapocalyptic world, but a future that is almost upon us - and in which we might just overcome the extraordinary challenges we face.
It is a novel both immediate and impactful, desperate and hopeful in equal measure, and it is one of the most powerful and original books on climate change ever written.

ORDER # S1020-37   $37-90   ISBN 9780316300131 

Attack Surface:  Doctorow, Cory

Most days, Masha Maximow was sure she'd chosen the winning side.
In her day job as a counterterrorism wizard for an transnational cybersecurity firm, she made the hacks that allowed repressive regimes to spy on dissidents, and manipulate their every move. The perks were fantastic, and the pay was obscene. Just for fun, and to piss off her masters, Masha sometimes used her mad skills to help those same troublemakers evade detection, if their cause was just. It was a dangerous game and a hell of a rush. But seriously self-destructive. And unsustainable. When her targets were strangers in faraway police states, it was easy to compartmentalize, to ignore the collateral damage of murder, rape, and torture. But when it hits close to home, and the hacks and exploits she’s devised are directed at her friends and family - including boy wonder Marcus Yallow, her old crush and archrival, and his entourage of naïve idealists - Masha realizes she has to choose.

ORDER # S1020-38   $37-90   ISBN 9781250757531 


The Valkyrie Protocol:  Weber, David

Agent Raibert Kaminski and the crew of the Transtemporal Vehicle Kleio have stumbled across a temporal implosion that has claimed two whole universes, and neither Raibert nor his crew can ­ figure out what caused this calamity, or how to stop its spread. Meanwhile, old colleagues of Raibert’s from the Antiquities Rescue Trust, together with a version of Samuel Pepys transplanted from the 17th century into the 30th, have proposed an expedition into the past. The goal? To branch the timeline by preventing the Plague of Justinian, one of the worst pandemics in human history. And on a multidimensional level, governmental entity SysGov’s multiverse neighbor, the xenophobic Admin, is stirring. While their ambassadors put on a friendly show, the Admin is amassing a fleet of advanced, heavily armed time machines - with SysGov firmly in the crosshairs.

ORDER # S1020-39   $37-90   ISBN 9781982124908 

My Favorites: A Collection of Short Stories:  Bova, Ben

In this new collection, Ben Bova has compiled fourteen of his favorite short stories. Each story includes an all-new introduction with compelling insight into the narrative.
Exploring the boundaries of the genre, Bova not only writes of spaceships, aliens, and time travel in most of his titles, but also speculates on the beginnings of science fiction in ''Scheherazade and the Storytellers,'' as well as the morality of man in ''The Angel's Gift.'' Stories such as ''The Café Coup'' and ''We'll Always Have Paris'' dip into speculative historical fiction, asking questions about what would happen if someone could change history for the better. This expansive collection is a key addition for Bova fans and sci-fi lovers alike!

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