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Archform:  Beauty: Modesitt, L.E., Jr.

The stories of five very different people - a singing teacher suffering for her music, a news researcher, a police investigator, a ruthless businessman, and an honest politician - overlap and intertwine in a strange future world, drowning in apathy, threatened by a devious evil, and undermined by technological challenges.

ORDER # S407-1   $16-40   ISBN 0765343649 


Rise of the Silver Surfer (Fantastic Four): Josephs, Dan.

When the Silver Surfer, an intergalactic herald, arrives on Earth on a mission to prepare the planet for destruction, the Fantastic Four - Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben - race against time to stop the alien visitor from wreaking havoc, only to be faced with the return of their mortal enemy, Dr. Doom.

ORDER # S407-2   $16-40   ISBN 1416548092 


Betrayal (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force): Allston, Aaron

In the first volume in an all new nine-volume Star Wars saga, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker has united the Jedi order into a group of powerful Jedi Knights, but conflicting planetary interests and Luke's dark visions of an approaching darkness threaten to destroy everything he has worked for.

ORDER # S407-3   $16-40   ISBN 0345477359 


Revelation (Mass Effect):  Karpyshyn, Drew.

In a fictional prequel to the award-winning video game, it is the year 2183,and a mysterious race of machines returns to the galaxy with the intent of harvesting all organic life.

ORDER # S407-4   $16-40   ISBN 034549816X 


Divergence:  Ballantyne, Tony.

Rescued from a deep space near disaster by mysterious machines owned by DIANA, a commercial organization headquartered on Earth, Judy is sent back to Earth when something strange is found in her genetic code and discovers that she is destined to destroy the Watcher, an omnipotent AI that controls the entire planet.

ORDER # S407-5   $16-40   ISBN 055358930X 


The Ghost Brigades:  Scalzi, John.

When humanity is threatened by an alliance of three adversarial races who would halt the world's expansion into space, Jared Dirac, a super-power clone who serves in the Ghost Brigades for the Colonial Defense Forces, tries to discover why the scientist who gave Jared his DNA has revealed key military secrets.

ORDER # S407-6   $16-40   ISBN 0765354063 


Light:  Harrison, M.John.

The stories of three people - modern-day Michael Kearney who plays a part in a discovery that will make interstellar travel possible; Seria Mau Genlicher, a spaceship pilot modified to interact directly with her ship; and Ed Chainese, a down-and-out drifter and adventurer, living in New Venusport - are linked by the mysteries of the Kefahuchi Tract.

ORDER # S407-7   $16-40   ISBN 0553587331 


The Lost Scrolls (Rogue Angel: 06):  Archer, Alex.

When ancient scrolls are discovered, revealing secrets about Atlantis, archaeologist Annja Creed must battle against those determined to preserve empires built on power, greed, and global manipulation in a race to control the world's energy.

ORDER # S407-8   $16-40   ISBN 0373621248 


The Rosetta Codex:  Russo, Richard Paul.

Enslaved by a nomadic tribe after escaping an attack on his family's starship en route to a civilized outpost on a savage planet, Cale Alexandros stumbles upon a mysterious book that holds the key to deciphering alien languages, making him the target of ruthless enemies.

ORDER # S407-9   $16-40   ISBN 0441013899 


Red Lightning:  Varley, John.

The son of one of the first explorers of Mars, Ray Garcia-Strickland is tired of the overdevelopment and tourists there, and when Earth is struck by a mysterious object, he is forced to return to his home plant and help solve the mystery.

ORDER # S407-10   $16-40   ISBN 0441014887 


Spin:  Wilson, Robert Charles.

After witnessing the onset of an astronomical event that has caused the sun to go black and the stars and moon to disappear, Tyler, Jason, and Diane learn that the darkness has been caused by a time-altering, alien-created artificial barrier and that the sun will be extinguished in less than forty years.

ORDER # S407-11   $16-40   ISBN 076534825X 


Saturn Returns:  Williams, Sean.

Reborn into a body that is not his own, Imre Bergamasc, who was the victim of an elaborate murder plot, sets out to assemble the pieces of his past, journeying through interstellar graveyards, decaying megacities, and bizarre star systems to find the truth.

ORDER # S407-12   $16-40   ISBN 0441014933 


X-Men: The Return:  Roberson, Chris.

When alien invaders known as the Kh'thon arrive to assert their claim that they are the rightful owners of Earth and prepare to take back the planet and everyone living on it, Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Nighcrawler, and the rest of the X-Men join forces with Scott Summers, currently a member of X-Force, to stop the Kh-thon before it is too late.

ORDER # S407-13   $16-40   ISBN 1416510753 


The Way to Glory:  Drake, David.

Lt. Daniel Leary and Signals Officer Adele Mundy return in the sequel to The Far Side of the Stars as they battle a ruthless, paranoid officer, conspiracy, anarchy, and an overwhelming Alliance force, in a fast-paced, outer-space adventure.

ORDER # S407-14   $16-40   ISBN 1416521062 


Army of the Fantastic: Marco, John & Helfers, John, eds.

Featuring contributions from Jean Rabe, Fiona Patton, Tanya Huff, and Jody Lynn Nye, this collection of original tales visits a vast array of magical places where armies, comprised of fantastical creatures, secret weapons, and state-of-the art technology, wage war throughout the universe.

ORDER # S407-15   $16-40   ISBN 0756404134 


Ardneh's Sword:  Saberhagen, Fred.

One thousand years after humanity is saved by the transcendent being, Ardneh, from a vicious arch-demon, Chance Rolfson, a nightmare-plagued descendant of one of Ardneh's followers, joins a forest expedition to find a great vault prophesied to contain secrets about Ardneh's wisdom.

ORDER # S407-16   $16-40   ISBN 0765350599 


Beguilement (Sharing Knife: 01):  Bujold, Lois McMaster.

Fleeing her family farm after becoming pregnant, unwed Fawn Bluefield encounters a patrol of enigmatic soldier-sorcerers under the leadership of Dag, a knife-bearing, one-handed patroller who comes to Fawn's rescue when she is kidnapped by a dangerous magical entity.

ORDER # S407-17   $16-40   ISBN 0061139076 


Bitter Gold Hearts: A Garrett, P.I. Novel:  Cook, Glen.

When someone abducts the magical and merciless Stormwarden's son and heir, Garrett, a hard-boiled human detective, is fast on the case and finds himself in way over his head as he deals with ogres, assassins, and some of the wickedest women he has ever encountered.

ORDER # S407-18   $16-40   ISBN 0451450728 


The Blood Knight (Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone: 03):  Keyes, Greg.

As a deadly magic threatens to engulf the entire kingdom, Anne Dare is faced with the murder of her father, the king of Crotheny, the capture of her mother, and a madman's seizure of power, and joins forces with her faithful allies - a loyal knight, a courageous swordsman, a brave woodsman, and others - as she seeks to destroy the usurper.

ORDER # S407-19   $16-40   ISBN 0345440722 


Druid's Sword (The Troy Game: 04):  Douglass, Sara.

In the wake of increasingly brutal Blitz attacks on World War II London, the Greek Kingman Brutus finds himself reborn as an American major who must fight a last battle and restore a magical Labyrinth buried at the heart of the city, in the fourth and final volume in the Troy Game series.

ORDER # S407-20   $16-40   ISBN 0765344459 


A Fate Worse Than Dragons:  Moore, John.

When he accidentally defeats the dragon in a neighboring kingdom, Sir Terry, a middle-class knight, wins the hand of Princess "Crazy Jane," who talks to dead animals, but instead fights for the love of the beautiful Princess Gloria to whom he is wrongly devoted.

ORDER # S407-21   $16-40   ISBN 044101495X 


Goblin Hero:  Hines, Jim C.

Heroic goblin Jig, now known as a dragonslayer, embarks on his latest adventure, along with his pet fire-spider, when he is ordered by the conniving head goblin to defeat a terrifying enemy who is determined to destroy or enslave all of ogrekind.

ORDER # S407-22   $16-40   ISBN 0756404428 


The Gold Falcon (The Silver Wyrm: 01):  Kerr, Katharine.

When a cholera epidemic sweeps through TrevHael, orphaned Neb, the scribe's son, and his brother are sent to their last living relative in Deverry, where they become trapped in a war between the villagers and the goddess Alshandra.

ORDER # S407-23   $16-40   ISBN 0756404193 


The Heart of Stars (Rhiannon's Ride: 03):  Forsyth, Kate.

When Princess Olwynne and her twin brother are kidnapped by an evil necromancer, half-human Rhiannon is forced to risk her winged mare, her freedom, and her own life to save the one woman she hates above all others.

ORDER # S407-24   $16-40   ISBN 0451461444 


Habeas Corpses:  Simmons, Wm. Mark.

Pursued by humans, monsters, and government agencies alike because of his infection with half the combinant viral strain that transforms the living into the undead, Christopher Csejthe is hurtled into the afterlife by an assassination attempt and comes face to face with an evil kept alive since Nazi Germany who needs only his blood to find immortality.

ORDER # S407-25   $16-40   ISBN 1416521259 


Kushiel's Scion:  Carey, Jacqueline.

A first instalment of a new trilogy set in the same world as the best-selling Kushiel's Avatar finds Terre d'Ange prince Imriel de la Courcel drawing on his abilities to inflict pain on others and working against his enemies in his determination to obey Blessed Elua's precept of love.

ORDER # S407-26   $16-40   ISBN 044661002X 


Laws of the Blood:  The Hunt: Sizemore, Susan.

As the blood lust of the vampires of Los Angeles begins to take over, it is up to the Enforcer, Selim, to keep them under control, but his life and the life of Siri, his mortal love, are threatened by a would-be betrayer who is out to violate his community's most sacred Law.

ORDER # S407-27   $16-40   ISBN 0441006604 


The Lightstone:  Zindell, David.

A young prince from an oppressed land takes up the quest to find a legendary weapon believed to have the power to defeat an immortal fallen angel who would enslave the entire world.

ORDER # S407-28   $16-40   ISBN 0765349930 


Once Upon An Autumn Eve:  McKiernan, Dennis L.

In the sequel to Once Upon a Summer Day, Liaze, Princess of the Autumnwood, falls in love with the wounded knight who somehow has breached the boundary between her faery world and the land of mortals, only to have her beloved stolen from her by a dark force.

ORDER # S407-29   $16-40   ISBN 0451460979 


Thraxas and the Sorcerers:  Scott, Martin.

Thraxas, a portly private detective in the corrupt, violent, and enchanted city of Turai, is looking forward to an increase in business when word hits the street that the Sorcerers Guild is planning to hold its convention downtown.

ORDER # S407-30   $16-40   ISBN 1416521240 


When Darkness Falls (The Obsidian Trilogy: 03):  Lackey, Mercedes

A new instalment of the series that began with The Outstretched Shadow and To Light a Candle finds the human race teaming up with hated magical beings in order to survive a war against Demon forces, while Knight-Mage Kellen and his band of unlikely companions head a vast Light army in a battle against Darkness.

ORDER # S407-31   $16-40   ISBN 0765341433 


Large Size Paperbacks
From the Sea to the Stars:  Norton, Andre.

Surviving the nuclear holocaust of World War III, the inhabitants of a West Indies island realize they are imperiled by both the nuclear fallout and by an implacable enemy from the depths of the sea in Sea Siege, while in Star Gate, Kincar, a halfblood of Gorthian and Star Lord blood, follows the Star Lords through a gate into an alternate universe.

ORDER # S407-32   $26-00   ISBN 1416521224 


Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy:  Brooks, Terry; Salvatore, R.A.; & Stover, Matthew. 

An omnibus edition features the complete novelizations of the three most recent Star Wars films - Episode I The Phantom Menace, Episode II Attack of the Clones, and Episode III Revenge of the Sith.

ORDER # S407-33   $33-00   ISBN 0345498704 


The Awakened City:  Strauss, Victoria.

In the sequel to The Burning Land, Rāvar, the last and most powerful of Refuge's heretic Shapers, vows revenge upon the Brethren for the destruction of Refuge and its inhabitants, kidnapping the seer Axane and joining forces with an army of fanatical followers to destroy the holy city.

ORDER # S407-34   $26-00   ISBN 0061242837 


Twist of Faith (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine):  Perry, S.D.

A collection of four sequel novels based on the popular television series continues the story of Benjamin Sisko and his space-station companions, in a volume that includes Avatar I, Avatar II, Abyss, and Demons of Air and Darkness.

ORDER # S407-35   $32-00   ISBN 1416534156 


Damsel Under Stress:  Swendson, Shanna.

In the sequel to Once Upon Stillettos and Enchanted Inc., Katie Chandler finally believes that her life is under control, until her bumbling fairy godmother Ethelinda interrupts her date with her hunky co-worker Owen and an evil wizard with an eye for the ladies and plans for world domination is unleashed on New York.

ORDER # S407-36   $23-00   ISBN 0345492927 


Coyote Dreams:  Murphy, C. E.

When her fellow cops succumb to the blue flu, a mysterious sleeping sickness that keeps spreading, shaman Joanna Walker, plagued by strange dreams, must find a way to save her friends, while protecting those who are still awake, including her boss, with whom she has fallen in love.

ORDER # S407-37   $26-00   ISBN 0373802722 


Flesh and Spirit:  Berg, Carol.

In the first volume of a proposed duology, Valen, the rebellious scion of a dynasty of pureblood cartographers and diviners, has spent years denying his heritage, until he nearly ends up dead, addicted to a spell that converts pain to pleasure and possessing only a stolen book of maps, a mystical volume that could hide the secret to the doom of the entire world.

ORDER # S407-38   $26-00   ISBN 045146088X 


Maledicte:  Robins, Lane.

When her aristocratic lover is reclaimed by his father in order to marry and produce an heir, slum-born Miranda summons Ani, the god of love and vengeance, to retrieve her lover, Janus, and kill his father, the Earl of Last, donning the role of a mysterious male cavalier known as Maledicte to pursue her goal.

ORDER # S407-39   $26-00   ISBN 034549573X 


Seraphs:  Hunter, Faith.

Living among humans in a post-apocalyptic ice age, neomage Thorn St. Croix possesses the power to protect the people of Mineral City but could also bring down demons to destroy them all, as she confronts her ultimate test - to free an imprisoned, fallen seraph from the armies of darkness that threaten them all.

ORDER # S407-40   $25-00   ISBN 0451461479 


A Nameless Witch:  Martinez, A. Lee.

Hiding her inherent beauty while hunting for men to consume, an immortal witch enters a reluctant partnership with the pure-hearted White Knight in order to counter the efforts of an insane sorcerer who is threatening their world.

ORDER # S407-41   $22-00   ISBN 0765315483 


The Stolen Child:  Donohue, Keith.

Stolen by changelings from his family and home, Henry Day is given the name Aniday by the ageless and magical beings, who replace him with another child who takes his place with his parents, a young boy who possesses an extraordinary gift of music but who is haunted by persistent memories of a life in another time and place.

ORDER # S407-42   $24-00   ISBN 1400096537 


Wish Club:  Strickland, Kim.

Five women get more than they had bargained for when they delve into the world of witchcraft, spells, and charms and discover that their various wishes have gone badly awry, sending their lives out of control, and are forced to find a real witch who can undo their errant spells, return their lives to normal, and help them figure out how to make wishes come true without the use of magic.

ORDER # S407-43   $24-00   ISBN 030735282X 


Dreamquest (Tales of Slumberia):  Hartinger, Brent.

Suffering from nightmares that she believes stem from her parents' continual fighting, eleven-year-old Julie Fray is astonished to awaken one night trapped within the production studio of her own nightmares, a situation for which she enlists the aid of unusual new friends.

ORDER # S407-44   $30-00   ISBN 0765313979 



Hardcover Titles
Death's Head:  Gunn, David.

After being drafted into the Death's Head, a group of elite enforcers of Imperial control, Sven Tveskoeg is sent to a harsh, remote planet that is the latest battleground between the powers that rule the universe and where he finds himself caught in the middle of an epic struggle between the ruling powers and a mysterious group known as the United Free.

ORDER # S407-46   $44-00   ISBN 0345498275 


Epiphany (Star Trek: Vulcan's Soul: 03):  Sherman, Jo.

A final instalment in a best-selling trilogy that began with Exodus and Exiles finds Spock and his allies attempting to bridge a gap separating the estranged branches of the Vulcan race, an effort that comes with a terrible personal price.

ORDER # S407-47   $44-00   ISBN 0743463625 


HARM:  Aldiss, Brian W.

In a paranoid, near-future world, Paul Ali, a young writer of Muslim heritage, finds himself imprisoned and held for questioning because of his comic novel, which contains a scene in which two characters joke about the murder of a British prime minister, and his only escape is to an alien planet that he invents within his own mind.

ORDER # S407-48   $40-00   ISBN 034549671X 


In War Times:  Goonan, Kathleen Ann.

In an alternate-universe depiction of World War II, Sam enlists for the military after his brother is killed at Pearl Harbor and receives plans for a mysterious device from one of his instructors that he spends the war constructing, with unexpected and bizarre results.

ORDER # S407-49   $45-00   ISBN 0765313553 


1634:The Baltic War:  Weber, David & Flint, Eric.

With the Baltic War raging around them, the time-traveling Americans from the West Virginia town of Grantville find themselves caught in the middle, with Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, and the Emperor of the United States of Europe launching a counterattack on the combined forces of France, Spain, England, and Denmark.

ORDER # S407-50   $45-00   ISBN 141652102X 


The Last Colony:  Scalzi, John.

Serving his human colony on distant Huckleberry as a village ombudsman, retired fighter John Perry looks forward to settling into farm life with his wife and adopted daughter before he is reluctantly drawn back into the dangerous interstellar politics of his past.

ORDER # S407-51   $42-00   ISBN 0765316978 


The Pesthouse:  Crace, Jim.

In a futuristic American wasteland in which families are fleeing to Europe, an injured Franklin Lopez joins forces with Margaret, a woman suffering from a deadly infection and confined to the Pesthouse to either recover or die alone, as the two discover that their dreams of a safe and secure future mean following an unexpected path.

ORDER # S407-52   $44-00   ISBN 0385520751 


Sacrifice (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force): Traviss, K.

As Jacen Solo continues his rise to power, he grows increasingly like his grandfather, Darth Vader, and his evil Sith mentor, Emperor Palpatine, until he is forced to make a horrifying choice that will forever change his own life and those of the Skywalker and Solo families.

ORDER # S407-53   $45-00   ISBN 0345477405 


The Broken Kings (Merlin Codex: 03):  Holdstock, Robert.

While Jason and the Argonauts remain aboard their ancient ship in an enchanted sleep, the feckless Sons of Llew bring news of gateways between the realms of the living and dead, while the children of Urtha disagree on how to receive the forthcoming Shades of Heroes.

ORDER # S407-54   $47-00   ISBN 0765311097 


The Well of Shades:  Marillier, Juliet.

A continuation of the epic series that began with The Dark Mirror finds master assassin and spymaster Faolan dispatched by King Bridei to identify who among the king's subjects are loyal and treasonous, a mission Faolan hopes will unlock secrets from his past.

ORDER # S407-55   $46-00   ISBN 0765309971 


Lucy's Blade:  Lambshead, John.

Lucy, the orphaned niece of Sir Francis Walsingham, the Secretary of State and spymaster to Queen Elizabeth I of England, takes on the role of the queen's daemon fighter, protecting the throne from enemies both natural and supernatural, all the while avoiding her uncle's plans to find her a suitably aristocratic husband.


ORDER # S407-56   $44-00   ISBN 1416521216 


Mother of Lies:  Duncan, Dave.

Fifteen years after the city of Celebre is conquered by the evil Bloodlord Stralg and his fanatical sister, Saltaja, the Mutineer Marno Cavotti amasses a powerful liberation force in the hopes of rescuing the city's four exiled heirs.

ORDER # S407-57   $44-00   ISBN 0765314843 


The Ninth Talisman (The Annals of the Chosen: 02):  Watt-Evans, Lawrence.

Working as a check-and-balance team at the side of the Wizard Lord, the magically infused Chosen remember a past time when they were forced to remove a treacherous lord from power and wonder if the current Wizard Lord's plan to modernize will jeopardize the delicate balance of power.

ORDER # S407-58   $45-00   ISBN 0765310279 


The Spirit Stone (Silver Wyrm: 02):  Kerr, Katharine.

When a new threat emerges, Prince Dar of the Westlands must call upon his dwarven and human allies for help when the goddess Alshandra gives his vast lands to his ancient enemies, the Horsekin, and orders the slaughter of his people.

ORDER # S407-59   $44-00   ISBN 0756404339 


No Humans Involved:  Armstrong, Kelley.

Planning to retire from the celebrity spotlight, Jaime Vegas signs up to appear in a final reality TV special called "Raising Marilyn Monroe," but her arrival on the set is marked by the ghostly haunting of children trapped between two worlds and joins forces with a powerful werewolf to track down the evil cadre of would-be magicians responsible.

ORDER # S407-60   $35-00   ISBN 0553805088 


The Serpent Bride (The Darkglass Mountains Saga):  Douglass, Sara.

A first instalment in a new series by the author of the Axis trilogy finds Serpent cult devotee Ishbel Labarde preparing to become Archpriestess while contriving to marry the king of Escator in order to prevent the return of a deadly enemy.

ORDER # S407-61   $46-00   ISBN 0060882131 


The Silver Sword:  Zindell, David.

When the evil Lord Morjin successfully continues his campaign to enslave the island continent of Ea, the land's remaining free rulers set out to find a powerful object with the capacity to destroy Morjin, a quest during which young prince Val begins to doubt his perceptions of reality.

ORDER # S407-62   $45-00   ISBN 0765316749 


The Society of S:  Hubbard, Susan.

Thirteen-year-old, half-vampire Ariella Montero struggles with the daily realities of her condition while harboring an unflinching desire to unravel the darkest secrets of vampire nature, a longing that leads her to learn about the gentle, wise, and even vegetarian lifestyles of vampires.

ORDER # S407-63   $44-00   ISBN 1416534571


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