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Ghost Rider:  Cox, Greg.

Selling his soul to Mephistopheles in exchange for his father's life and the safety of his true love, motorcyclist-turned-vigilante Johnny Blaze is given the chance to redeem himself by taking on the role of Ghost Rider, a spirit of justice and vengeance, as he takes on Blackheart, the son of the devil himself.

ORDER # SDM-1   $16-40   ISBN 1416538186 


Nova (StarCraft):  DeCandido, Keith R.A.

In the four years since the end of the Brood War, the emperor has rebuilt much of the Terran Dominion, despite the continuing alien threat, as a young woman known as Nova uses her unique physical prowess, advanced technology, and her extraordinary psychic abilities to become the Dominion's most powerful weapon.

ORDER # SDM-2   $16-40   ISBN 0743471342 


The Baxter Effect (Fantastic Four):  Stern, Dave.

After finally creating a powerful quantum computer, Reed Richards - Mr. Fantastic - is stunned when an explosion in his lab at the Baxter Building catapults Ben Grimm (The Thing) into an alternate universe in which their arch-nemesis Dr. Doom plots to turn the members of the Fantastic Four against one another.

ORDER # SDM-3   $16-40   ISBN 1416510664 


Rise of the Horde (World of WarCraft):  Golden, Christie.

Once again, the rampaging orcs are pitted against the human Alliance, unless the old enemies can put aside their bloodlust to join forces to uncover the truth about a powerful new race of beings that may be plotting to eliminate all competition.

ORDER # SDM-4   $16-40   ISBN 0743471385 


Capacity:  Ballantyne, Tony.

Helen, a personality construct, awakens to a twenty-third-century society that runs smoothly and peacefully with the aid of Social Care operatives such as Judy 3, while benevolent AIs, under the control of the near mythical Watcher, seem to have solved all humankind's problems, but Helen's new world is threatened by a psychopathic killer and by a menace from beyond the galaxy.

ORDER # SDM-5   $16-40   ISBN 0553589296 


Bridge Head:  Drake, David.

Mysterious visitors from six thousand years in the future offer to help scientists build a time machine, but strange accidents mar their progress.

ORDER # SDM-6   $16-40   ISBN 0765356473 


Changelings (Twins of Petaybee: 01):  McCaffrey, Anne

On the planet of Petaybee, when a visiting scientist discovers the shapeshifting talents of the Shongili twins, who are able to tranform from human to seal and back, the twins are in danger of being kidnapped and must flee their home, just as Petaybee confronts world-changing events.

ORDER # SDM-7   $16-40   ISBN 0345470036 


The Chosen (Rogue Angel):  Archer, Alex.

Continuing her quest to uncover the truth about her own destiny, archaeologist Annja Creed investigates the sightings of strange creatures in the area of Santa Fe and encounters a dangerous Jesuit, a brilliant artist, and a famous monster hunter who could hold the key to everything.

ORDER # SDM-8   $16-40   ISBN 0373621221 


A Confederation of Valor: Valor's Choice/The Better Part of Valor:  Huff, Tanya.

In "Valor's Choice," humans, after being granted membership in the Confederation, must protect the peaceful members of the alliance, and in "The Better Part of Valor," Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr, separated from her platoon, is sent off on a perilous mission to protect a scientific expedition.

ORDER # SDM-9   $16-40   ISBN 0756403995 


Coyote Frontier:  Steele, Allen.

Twenty years following the revolution that won Coyote's independence from Earth, the colony is faced with a crisis in aging technology and discovers that the future is at stake, as ruthless politicians and others seek to exploit the planet.

ORDER # SDM-10   $16-40   ISBN 0441013570 


Designated Targets:  Birmingham, John.

In the sequel to Weapons of Choice, both the Axis and Allies have the use of nuclear weapons, computer technology, and advanced knowledge of the supposed course of the war, as Hitler and Stalin form an alliance, the Japanese invade Hawaii and Australia, and the Nazis launch an all-out assault on Britain.

ORDER # SDM-11   $16-40   ISBN 0345457153 


The Draco Tavern:  Niven, Larry.

Human entrepreneur Rick Schumann builds a tavern catering to various species of visiting aliens, an interplanetary gathering place situated in Siberia that is known as Draco Tavern, in an entertaining anthology of short fiction that includes such tales as "The Subject Is Closed," "Table Manners: A Folk Tale," "Wisdom of Demons," and the previously unpublished "Losing Mars.

ORDER # SDM-12   $16-40   ISBN 0765347717 


The Empty Chair (Star Trek: Rihannsu):  Duane, Diane.

As the Romulan Empire, armed with a master weapon that can destabilize entire stars, prepares for war against the Federation, a growing number of Romulan worlds revolt, led by renegade Commander Ael t'Rllaillieu of the warbird Bloodwing, and aided by Captain James T. Kirk and Hamalki physicist K's't'lk, the Federation's leading expert on the new technology.

ORDER # SDM-13   $16-40   ISBN 1416508910 


Earthseed:  Sargent, Pamela.

Before Zoheret and her companions can populate a new planet, they must learn to conquer those same instincts that almost destroyed their ancestors on Earth over one hundred years ago.

ORDER # SDM-14   $16-40   ISBN 0765352877 


The Frost-Haired Vixen:  Zakour, John.

In the year 2061, Zachary Nixon, the last P.I. on Earth, is hired by Santana Clausa, the mutant CEO of the North Pole Organization, to find a not-so-nice killer who is trying to sabotage the winter holidays by picking off her cloned elf workers one-by-one.

ORDER # SDM-15   $16-40   ISBN 0756403979 


The Final Key (Triad: 02):  Asaro, Catherine.

A second half of the story that began with Schism finds the Skolian Empire targeted by a series of assassinations and subterfuges by the Euban Concord, a situation in which a teenage cadet becomes her world's only hope.

ORDER # SDM-16   $16-40   ISBN 0765352095 


Good Omens:  Gaiman, Neil & Pratchett, Terry.

The world is going to end next Saturday, just before dinner, but it turns out there are a few problems - the Antichrist has been misplaced, the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse ride motorcycles, and the representatives from heaven and hell decide that they like the human race, in a new edition of the classic novel, featuring a new afterword from the authors.

ORDER # SDM-17   $16-40   ISBN 0060853980 


Interstellar Patrol II: Federation of Humanity:  Anvil, Chris

A new omnibus anthology continues the adventures of a starship crew trapped on a planet populated by battling gangs, as they take on a series of difficult and dangerous assignments as members of the Interstellar Patrol, in a volume that contains the novel Warlord's World, along with other short novels and stories from the same series.

ORDER # SDM-18   $16-40   ISBN 1416520996 


Missing in Action (Star Trek: New Frontier):  David, Peter.

Lost in the farthest reaches of space after being catapulted into the distant Andromeda galaxy, Captain Mackenzie Calhoun and the crew of the USS Excalibur find themselves caught in the middle of a genocidal interstellar war as they desperately seek a way to get home.

ORDER # SDM-19   $16-40   ISBN 0743429591 


Old Man's War:  Scalzi, John.

Enlisting in the army on his seventy-fifth birthday, John Perry joins an interstellar war between Earth and alien enemies who would stake claims on the few existing inhabitable planets, unaware that the conflict involves much more than he understands.

ORDER # SDM-20   $16-40   ISBN 0765348276 


The Quantum Connection:  Taylor, Travis S.

Left alone after a meteor shower destroys his hometown, Steven Montana, a computer whiz and hacker, takes a job with a government project, only to discover that the U.S. is involved in a secret war with enemies who had attacked America using a new warp drive technology, as well as with unfriendly aliens who have captured him.

ORDER # SDM-21   $16-40   ISBN 1416521003 


Plague of Memory: A Stardoc Novel:  Viehl, S.L.

With no memory of her past, Dr.Cherijo Torin has no desire to recall who she had been or the people in her life, but if she is to develop a cure for the Hsktskt plague before it annihilates an entire race, she must remember before it is too late.

ORDER # SDM-22   $16-40   ISBN 0451461231 


Surrender Your Dreams (MechWarrior: Dark Age: 23):  Pardoe, Blaine Lee.

Three knights - Lady Synd, who finds her devotion to the Republic tested; Hunter Mannheim, who must make the ultimate sacrifice in battle; and Kristoff Erbe, who is desperate to redeem his family honor - join forces to carry out a mission that could either save their world, or destroy it.

ORDER # SDM-23   $16-40   ISBN 0451461207 


The Trikon Deception:  Bova, Ben

As the Earth faces total destruction, Commander Dan Tighe discovers that Trikon, an orbiting research ship carrying out dangerous genetic experiments and the only thing that can save the planet, has become involved in espionage.

ORDER # SDM-24   $16-40   ISBN 0765355361 


Wall of Mirrors:  Caselberg, Jay.

While trying to decode the dreams he is being sent by aliens, psychic detective Jack Stein, kidnapped by agents of Outreach Industries who want to exploit his talent, is rescued by a woman named Billie who reveals that one of his friends is a traitor.

ORDER # SDM-25   $16-40   ISBN 0451461193 


The Wave:  Mosley, Walter.

No Picture Available

Receiving a bizarre prank call from someone claiming to be his dead father, Errol visits the graveyard where his father is buried and makes an astonishing discovery about a supernatural presence that is spreading throughout the planet.

ORDER # SDM-26   $16-40   ISBN 0446618187 


Wolf Star:  Meluch, R.M.

During the war with the Palentine Empire, a culture that mimics Roman civilization, the U.S.'s sister starships, the U.S.S. Merrimack and the U.S.S. Monitor are endangered as both sides struggle for supremacy while an alien life-form, called the Hive, prepares for invasion.

ORDER # SDM-27   $16-40   ISBN 0756403839 


Cosmic Cocktails:  Little, Dennis, ed.

Readers can go intergalactic bar hopping in this stellar collection of fifteen original stories, centering around watering holes throughout the universe, that includes contributions from Sarah A. Hoyt, Greg Beatty, Dan C. Duval, and Peter Orullian.

ORDER # SDM-28   $16-40   ISBN 0756403987 


Powers of Detection: Stories of Mystery & Fantasy:  Stabenow, Dana, ed.

An original anthology of short fiction blends the mystery and fantasy genres in a collection of magical mystery from Anne Perry, Charlaine Harris, Simon R. Green, Sharon Shinn, Michael Armstrong, Anne Bishop, Donna Andrews, Dana Stabenow, John Straley, and other notable authors.

ORDER # SDM-29   $16-40   ISBN 044101464X 


Time Twisters:  Rabe, Jean & Greenberg, Martin H., eds.

A new anthology of short fiction by some of the leading writers in the genre features seventeen tales about individuals who meddle with the flow of time in works by Harry Turtledove, Kevin J. Anderson, Robert E. Vardeman, Stephen Leigh, John Helfers, and other authors.

ORDER # SDM-30   $16-40   ISBN 0756404053 


Academ's Fury (The Codex Alera: 02):  Butcher, Jim.

The precarious alliance between the people of Alera and the furies is thrown into disarray by the death of the First Lord of Alera, and the fate of the Alerians lies in the hands of Tavi, an untried young man who must draw on his courage to save his world.

ORDER # SDM-31   $16-40   ISBN 0441013406 


Bear Daughter:  Berman, Judith.

A young bear awakens one morning to find that she has been transformed into a human, and she embarks on a dangerous journey through both mortal and immortal worlds to confront her fears and preserve the lands in which she walks.

ORDER # SDM-32   $16-40   ISBN 0441013902 


Bridge of Souls (The Quickening: 03):  McIntosh, Fiona.

In the epic conclusion of the Quickening trilogy, Wyl Thirsk, a former general of the Morgravian army and bearer of Myrren's "gift," risks everything to stop the marriage of his beloved queen to his enemy, the hated tyrant King Celimus of Morgravia, as well as to prevent a looming war between the two nations and a growing threat from an ominous new power.

ORDER # SDM-33   $16-40   ISBN 0060747617 


The Becoming:  Stein, Jeanne C.

Trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead, Anna Strong, a vampire and trained warrior, is torn between two men - a human DEA agent and a Night Watcher - as she wages war on evil.

ORDER # SDM-34   $16-40   ISBN 0441014569 


Crown of Stars: Volume Seven:  Elliott, Kate.

Cultures, religions, and races battle for control of the new world in this seventh volume of the "Crown of Stars" series that finds the Aoi carrying out random attacks, Sanglant struggling to legitmize his own leadership, Adelheid and Antonia making an unholy alliance, and Sabell and Duke Conrad attempting to seize Sanglant's crown.

ORDER # SDM-35   $16-40   ISBN 0756404061 


Divine by Choice:  Cast, P.C.

In this sequel to Divine by Mistake, Shannon Parker, a centaur's wife who is linked to the goddess Epona, discovers that she is pregnant and is returned to her old life in Oklahoma, where she desperately searches for someone to return her to the world in which she belongs.

ORDER # SDM-36   $16-40   ISBN 037380251X 


Dragonmaster (Dragonmaster Trilogy: 01):  Bunch, Chris.

Living a dangerous, hand-to-mouth existence, young runaway Hal Kailas is obsessed with his memories of bonding with a young dragon, an experience that could play a profound role in a war in which the ability of a few daring men to ride and control fearsome dragons could turn the tide of battle.

ORDER # SDM-37   $16-40   ISBN 0451461185 


Faerie Wars:  Brennan, Herbie.

With the help of his sister, Holly Blue, and his friend, Henry, Pygrus must find a way to return to the Faerie realm in order to stop the demon prince from taking over the majestic land and enslaving all of its fairy inhabitants.

ORDER # SDM-38   $16-40   ISBN 0765356740 


Hell to Pay:  Green, Simon R.

After the war that had left the Nightside leaderless, Jeremiah Griffin, head of one of the last immortal human families, plans to fill the power vacuum, but when his granddaughter vanishes, he is forced to enlist the assistance of John Taylor and his special talents to find her, but someone - or something - is blocking his abilities.

ORDER # SDM-39   $16-40   ISBN 0441014607 


Guardian of Honor:  Owens, Robin D.

Transported to the mystical realm of Llandrana, lawyer Alexa Fitzwalter, possessing gifts she never knew she had, has been called upon by the Marshalls to save this land from a dark evil with the help of a chevalier named Bastien.

ORDER # SDM-40   $16-40   ISBN 0373802625 


Knife of Dreams (The Wheel of Time: 11): Jordan, Robert

An eleventh instalment in the best-selling series finds Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn, preparing for a confrontation with the Dark One in order to save humanity, a feat that is challenged by the murderous Forsaken and Rand's need to acquire the remaining seals on the Dark One's prison.

ORDER # SDM-41   $16-40   ISBN 0812577566 


Land of Mist and Snow:  Doyle, Debra 

Lieutenant John Nevis and the crew of the USS Nicodemus, a remarkable ironclad ship that runs with the help of benevolent magic, take on their most dangerous adversary, a demonic vessel that is fueled by cruelty, terror, and an insatiable lust for human blood.

ORDER # SDM-42   $16-40   ISBN 0060819197 


Lord of the Libraries:  Odom, Mel.

Working as a master librarian at Great Library one hundred years after the events of The Rover, Edgewick Lamplighter takes on inexperienced apprentice Juhg to help acquire volumes for the Vault of All Known Knowledge, a task that is compromised by dark forces.

ORDER # SDM-43   $16-40   ISBN 0765346508 


One Good Knight:  Lackey, Mercedes.

When a champion arrives in the form of Sir George, who sort of defeats the dragon, former virgin sacrifice Princess Andromeda, along with her bumbling savior, must find the dragon's lair and destroy it before the Five Hundred Kingdoms bear the brunt of the beast's wrath.

ORDER # SDM-44   $16-40   ISBN 0373802609 


Savage Messiah (The Destinies of Blood and Stone: 01):  Newcomb, Robert.

With the Orb of the Vigors,the source of all good magic, bleeding deadly magical energy across the kingdom, only Tristan can heal the Orb, but first he must undertake a quest to cleanse his blood and bring it back to its natural state, a mission that takes him and his companions to distant Parthalon and the mysterious Well of Forestallments.

ORDER # SDM-45   $16-40   ISBN 0345477081 


Planar Chaos (Time Spiral Cycle: 02)(Magic: The Gathering): McGough, Scott

After sacrificing his powers to repair the splintering Multiverse, Teferi Planeswalker discovers that his efforts have been in vain as an unnatural, destructive cold is engulfing Dominaria and that, now powerless, he must risk everything to prevent the ultimate destruction of the world.

ORDER # SDM-46   $16-40   ISBN 0786942495 


Shadows of Destiny:  Lee, Rachel.

In the third and final volume in the Ilduin trilogy, Tess Birdsong and Archer Blackcloak have finally liberated Anahar, but now they are confronted by a rebellion of Anari slaves and must bring the warring races together to move against the dark forces that threaten them all.

ORDER # SDM-47   $16-40   ISBN 0373802617 


Shield of the Sky:  Krinard, Susan.

When a shapeshifter is captured by the servants of the Stone God, a bringer of chaos and evil, Rhenna of the Free People, seeking redemption and salvation, joins forces with a shaman, a panther shapechanger, and a rebel warrior to save him - and all humankind - from destruction.

ORDER # SDM-48   $16-40   ISBN 0373802633 


Talyn: A Novel of Korre:  Lisle, Holly.

Rendered unnecessary when peace is declared throughout her land, magic soldier Talyn is seduced by a Feegash peace diplomat and discovers a darker side to her personality, but realizes with dismay that the Feegash are more interested in oppression than peace.

ORDER # SDM-49   $16-40   ISBN 076534873X 


Three Hands for Scorpio:  Norton, Andre.

Kidnapped and left to die in the underground Dismals as part of a plot to shift a balance of power, the triplet princess daughters of a border lord use their telepathic powers to uncover a secret that may help save their people from a long-standing threat.

ORDER # SDM-50   $16-40   ISBN 0765343851 


Threshold:  Kiernan, Caitlín.

Chance Matthews, a troubled young woman grieving over the death of her grandfather, stumbles upon a bizarre fossil among her geologist grandparents' artifacts, a discovery that leads to an encounter with a strange girl who claims to have been charged with the task of battling monsters and who is out to enlist Chance's assistance in her quest.

ORDER # SDM-51   $16-40   ISBN 045146124X 


Traitor to the Blood: A Novel of the Noble Dead:  Hendee, Barb & Hendee, J.C.

In the fourth novel of the Noble Dead saga, following Sister of the Dead, Magiere the dhampir and Leesil the half-elf embark on an odyssey in search of the secrets of their mysterious origins and of those responsible for the events that brought them together.

ORDER # SDM-52   $16-40   ISBN 0451460901 


Wolf Hunting:  Lindskold, Jane.

Summoned by the soothsayer-jaguar Truth, Firekeeper and her wolf companion work to identify a group of people who are utilizing forbidden ancient magic for sinister purposes.

ORDER # SDM-53   $16-40   ISBN 0765351439 


Ptolemy's Gate (Bartimaeus Trilogy: 03): Stroud, Jonathan.

Dangerous adventures continue for the djinni Bartimaeus and his master, seventeen-year-old Nathaniel, a powerful magician who is serving as England's minister of information.

ORDER # SDM-54   $16-40   ISBN 078683868X 


Large Size Paperbacks
The Armageddon Rag:  Martin, George R.R.

Journalist Sandy Blair's investigation into the killing of a successful rock music promoter who made millions with his 1960s band, the Nazgul, takes him back into the lives of old friends, enmeshes him in a demonic plot, and threatens to make him a murderer.

ORDER # SDM-56   $27-00   ISBN 0553383078 


Brass Man:  Asher, Neal.

On the primitive world of Cull, Earth Central Security agent Ian Cormac is hunting an interstellar dragon, not realizing that far away a competitor has resurrected a brass killing machine called "Mr Crane" to assist in a similar hunt encompassing entire star systems.

ORDER # SDM-57   $27-00   ISBN 0765317311 


Day Watch:  Lukyanenko, Sergei.

In the sequel to Night Watch, the uneasy balance between the forces of Light and Dark is threatened when a priceless and powerful artifact is stolen from the Others and when one of the Dark Ones, a young witch who enhances her evil powers by absorbing the fear from children's nightmares, falls in love with a handsome young Light One.

ORDER # SDM-58   $25-00   ISBN 1401360203 


Decipher:  Pavlou, Stel.

In a scientific thriller taking place ten years in the future, the armies of America and China prepare to fight for control of secret codes retrieved from the sunken city of Atlantis while ancient monuments all over the world begin reacting to an unknown force from outer space.

ORDER # SDM-59   $27-00   ISBN 0312366965 


Final Impact (The Axis of Time):  Birmingham, John.

In the climax of an alternate history trilogy that began with Weapons of Choice and Designated Targets, the Axis and Allied forces race to build an atom bomb, while a revitalized Soviet Union threatens to unleash a new wave of destruction, and Kolhammer and his team confront the consequences of messing with the historical timeline.

ORDER # SDM-60   $27-00   ISBN 0345457161 


From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain:  Faust, Minister.

After defeating all of their enemies in a global battle in the 1980s, the Fantastic Order of Justice, Earth's most powerful - and dysfunctional - team of super heroes, finds itself adrift in a peaceful world without super villains and without purpose, until Dr. Evan Brain-Silverman is enlisted to help save them from themselves.

ORDER # SDM-61   $25-00   ISBN 0345466373 


Platinum Pohl: Collected Best Stories:  Pohl, Frederik.

A new compilation of short fiction from the Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author includes a never-before-published Heechee story; "Fermi and Frost," his award winning novella; and other memorable tales that exemplify the best in the science fiction genre.

ORDER # SDM-62   $29-00   ISBN 0765301458 


Daughter of Hounds:  Kiernan, Caitlín R.

Stolen their human parents to be raised by ghouls, the Children of the Cuckoo are changelings who are forbidden any human contact, but now they are coming to reclaim a lost child, Emmie Silvey, a precocious and solitary young girl, who has been raised by her widower father and is haunted by two very different women - one who stalks her and one who haunts her dreams.

ORDER # SDM-63   $25-00   ISBN 0451461258 


The Diamond Isle (The Dreamtime: 03):  Nicholls, Stan.

Trading his fighting skills for access to an ancient magic he hopes will bring an end to his immortality and debilitating visions, Reeth Caldason finds himself trapped on the Diamond Isle, where he is forced to come to terms with his true nature while fighting off hordes of pirates.

ORDER # SDM-64   $27-00   ISBN 0060738936 


Doppelgangsters:  Resnick, Laura.

Out-of-work actress Esther Diamond, while waiting tables, stumbles upon mystical mayhem and must once again call on Max the magician and Detective Connor Lopez for help when a gangster meets his demise at the hands of his doppelganger.

ORDER # SDM-65   $27-00   ISBN 0373802528 


Oath of Swords:  Weber, David.

Bahzell Bahnakson, one of the Hradani, a race that is despised for their rages, thirst for blood, and generally uncivilized behavior, runs afoul of the War God and ends up in trouble involving sorcery, demons, and a great deal more.

ORDER # SDM-66   $27-00   ISBN 1416520864 


Hardcover Titles
Exodus:  White, Steve

In the sequel to The Shiva Option, in the decades following the struggle against alien invaders, the sentient races - human, Orions, Ophiuchi, and Gorm - have become dangerously complacent, as they confront a new race of invaders who have fled their doomed planet to seek refuge on a new world that they will do anything to colonize - even genocide of the planet's human inhabitants.

ORDER # SDM-67   $46-00   ISBN 1416520988 


Emperor (Time's Tapestry):  Baxter, Stephen.

A first instalment of a four-book alternate history epic traces the rise of a powerful family whose successes are linked to an ancient prophecy that guides their financial and political choices, in a tale that begins with a Celtic noble's betrayal and culminates in the fall of the Roman empire.

ORDER # SDM-68   $45-00   ISBN 0441014666 


Gods and Pawns: Stories of the Company:  Baker, Kage.

A collection of short fiction set in the universe of the Company chronicles the history and adventures of the organization and its operatives, in a volume that includes the novella "To the Land Beyond the Sunset," in which Lewis and Mendoza investigate a mysterious tribe in Bolivia whose members claim to be gods, as well as seven other pieces.

ORDER # SDM-69   $45-00   ISBN 0765315521 


Grantville Gazette III:  Flint, Eric,ed.

A third volume in the series of anthologies based on the saga that began in 1632 describes life for the inhabitants of Grantville, an American town from West Virginia that finds itself hurtled back in time and into the middle of the Thirty Years War, as they struggle to incorporate their advanced technology and modern-day culture into the seventeenth century.

ORDER # SDM-70   $45-00   ISBN 1416509410 


Off Armageddon Reef:  Weber, David.

With humankind reduced to a single colony on the distant world of Safehold by a ruthless alien enemy, the human rulers of the planet will do anything to preserve the remnants of their industrial civilization, including building a religion designed to hide the colony by keeping its society medieval, until the awakening of an android signals a chance for humankind to regain its place.

ORDER # SDM-71   $46-00   ISBN 0765315009 


The Hunter's Blades Trilogy Collector's Edition (Forgotten Realms):  Salvatore, R.A.

Believing his friends to be dead and his home overrun by vicious orcs, an isolated Drizzt Do'Urden takes on the solitary role of avenger as the Hunter, risking everything to destroy the orc king Obould, in an omnibus edition containing the three novels from the Hunter Trilogy - The Thousand Orcs, The Lone Drow, and The Two Swords.

ORDER # SDM-72   $49-00   ISBN 0786943157 


A March into Darkness (Destinies of Blood and Stone: 02):  Newcomb, Robert.

Prince Tristan must race against time to gain control of his own nascent magical abilities as he gathers a courageous band of wizards and warriors to battle an evil emissary, summoned by the forces of darkness, whose goal is the total destruction of anything and anyone in his path, in the sequel to Savage Messiah.

ORDER # SDM-73   $48-00   ISBN 034547709X 


Rebel Fay: A Novel of the Noble Dead:  Hendee, Barb

Determined to free his mother from her elven assassin captors, Leesil joins forces with his beloved Magiere, the sage Wynn, and their canine protector Chap to embark on a perilous quest through the dangers of the wilderness and the Elven Territories, unaware that they have been brought together to force an alliance against the forces of dark magic.

ORDER # SDM-74   $44-00   ISBN 0451461215 


The White Tyger:  Park, Paul.

Reunited with her old friends only to be captured by her archnemesis, Miranda Popescu once again matches wits with the mad Baroness Ceausescu as she finds herself at the center of a dangerous political and diplomatic firestorm between conjurers, in the sequel to A Princess of Roumania and The Tourmaline.

ORDER # SDM-75   $46-00   ISBN 0765315297 


Allegiance (Star Wars):  Zahn, Timothy.

Following the events of Star Wars: A New Hope, Luke Skywalker is learning about the Force from his late mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, while Han Solo struggles with the decision to join the Rebel Alliance, Leia helps run the rebellion while dealing with her feelings for Han, and Mara Jade is doing the Emperor's dirty work while trying to avoid Darth Vader.

ORDER # SDM-76   $46-00   ISBN 0345477383 


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