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Allegiance (Star Wars):  Zahn, Timothy.

Following the events of Star Wars: A New Hope, Luke Skywalker is learning about the Force from his late mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, while Han Solo struggles with the decision to join the Rebel Alliance, Leia helps run the rebellion while dealing with her feelings for Han, and Mara Jade is doing the Emperor's dirty work while trying to avoid Darth Vader.

ORDER # S1207-1   $14-50   ISBN 0345477391


Angelmass:  Zahn, Timothy.

The Pax Comitus, rulers of Earth, send a spy, Kostas, into the heart of the Empyrean colonies, which have long resisted the power of the Pax, to investigate the mysterious "angels," particles emitted by a nearby black hole, which the Empyreans use to ensure the ethical behavior of their officials.

ORDER # S1207-2   $14-50   ISBN 081258418X


Deliverer:  Cherryh, C.J.

While the world of the atevi fragments into two antagonistic political camps, eight-year-old Cajeiri, the heir of Tabini-aiji - and the first atevi to have an understanding of the humans - becomes a target for those who oppose his father's rule, in the ninth volume in the Foreigner series.

ORDER # S1207-3   $14-50   ISBN 0756404673


Deathstalker:  Green, Simon R.

Owen Deathstalker, the unwilling head of his clan, flees to Mistworld where he begins to build an unlikely crew of rebels to overthrow the capricious, murderous galactic queen, and soon embarks on a dangerous journey to claim his destiny.

ORDER # S1207-4   $14-50   ISBN 0451454359


Drowned in Thunder (Spider-Man):  Bennett, Christopher

The continuing conflict between Spider-Man and crusading newspaper publisher J. Jonah Jameson continues to escalate, with Jameson exploiting a series of mysterious attacks in Manhattan to manipulate public opinion, just when Spider-Man needs every ally in his corner as he searches for the truth about the killer robots he is trying to stop.

ORDER # S1207-5   $14-50   ISBN 1416510729


Dust:  Bear, Elizabeth.

In the first volume in a new trilogy by the award-winning author of Undertow and Carnival, a wandering space colony struggles to survive and to retain order as it orbits a doomed sun.

ORDER # S1207-6   $14-50   ISBN 055359107X


Final Impact (The Axis of Time):  Birmingham, John.

In the climax of an alternate history trilogy that began with Weapons of Choice and Designated Targets, the Axis and Allied forces race to build an atom bomb, while a revitalized Soviet Union threatens to unleash a new wave of destruction, and Kolhammer and his team confront the consequences of messing with the historical timeline.

ORDER # S1207-7   $14-50   ISBN 034545717X


East of the Sun, West of the Moon:  Ringo, John.

After the world is plunged from high-tech utopia to medieval nightmare, Herzer Herrick and Megan Trevante are assigned the mission to capture the spaceship that supplies the fuel for the whole world.

ORDER # S1207-8   $14-50   ISBN 1416555188


Forged in Fire (Star Trek: Excelsior):  Martin, Michael A.

Describes how ace Enterprise pilot Sulu went on to become captain of his own ship, the U.S.S. Excelsior, at a time when turmoil and violence in the Klingon Empire threaten to spread to the Federation, as a vicious pirate known as the Albino launches his genocidal plans against the race that bore him.

ORDER # S1207-9   $14-50   ISBN 1416547169


Heart of Gold:  Shinn, Sharon.

On a planet torn apart by class and economic divisions and feuding factions, Nolan, a rational scientist of the privileged class, and Katrini, a born rebel, are drawn together in a forbidden love that could change their world forever.

ORDER # S1207-10   $14-50   ISBN 0441008216


The Lost Fleet: Courageous:  Campbell, Jack.

Captain John "Black Jack" Geary, jumping from system to system to keep one step ahead of the Syndics, stumbles upon fragments of intelligence that expose the existence of another potential player in the war that has the means to destroy the human race.

ORDER # S1207-11   $14-50   ISBN 0441015670


Idlewild:  Sagan, Nick.

Waking up with no memory of his identity and a certainty that someone is trying to kill him, a young man reacquaints himself with eight companions under the training of the enigmatic Maestro.

ORDER # S1207-12   $14-50   ISBN 0451461983


Moonsinger:  Norton, Andre.

In Moon of Three Rings, Krip Vorlund, a junior crew member of a galactic trade ship is kidnapped and transformed into a wolf-like creature by a mysterious combine that seeks control of the planet Yiktor, while in Exiles of the Stars, back in a human body on the planet Thoth, he and the crew of the Lydis become caught in the middle of a battle of ancient evil, in an omnibus volume.

ORDER # S1207-13   $14-50   ISBN 141655517X


Oath of Fealty:  Niven, Larry & Pournelle, Jerry.

The consortium executives of Todos Santos, a four-square-mile, self-contained community above the devastated, near-future city of Los Angeles, a blighted urban environment wracked by violence, pollution, and poverty, exercise their full power when a prank sabotage raid reveals their top-secret defense system.

ORDER # S1207-14   $14-50   ISBN 1416555161


Off Armageddon Reef:  Weber, David.

With humankind reduced to a single colony on the distant world of Safehold by a ruthless alien enemy, the human rulers of the planet will do anything to preserve the remnants of their industrial civilization, including building a religion designed to hide the colony by keeping its society medieval, until the awakening of an android signals a chance for humankind to regain its place.

ORDER # S1207-15   $14-50   ISBN 0765353970


Savor Me Slowly: Alien Huntress:  Showalter, Gena.

Her body mechanically augmented to give her superhuman strength, undercover operative Mishka Le'Ace is sent behind enemy lines to rescue Alien Investigation and Removal agent Jaxon Tremain from imprisonment, torture, and death, only to find herself torn between duty and desire as she confronts a desperate choice between love and those who control her.

ORDER # S1207-16   $14-50   ISBN 1416531637


Thunder of Time:  David, James F.

A decade after a cataclysmic time disruption brings elements from the Cretaceous period into the twentieth century and forces humanity to take desperate survival measures, Office of Security Science director Nick Paulson discovers that the time manipulations are being caused by an unknown force in the center of a dinosaur-infested jungle.

ORDER # S1207-17   $14-50   ISBN 0765346842


The Fair Folk: Six Tales of the Fey:  Kaye, Marvin, ed.

A collection of six tales features fairy characters ranging from fair folk to the sinister fey and includes the stories "The Kelpie" by Patricia A. McKillip, "Except the Queen" by Jane Yolen and Midori Snyder, and "UOUS " by Tanith Lee.

ORDER # S1207-18   $14-50   ISBN 0441015573


Realms of War:  Athans, Philip, ed.

As the merchant realm of Sembia descends into chaos and a bitter civil war, their treacherous neighbors from the Shade Enclave offer their assistance - but at what cost - in an anthology featuring tales by R. A. Salvatore, Paul S. Kemp, Elaine Cunningham, Lisa Smedman, Ed Greenwood, Mel Odom, and other fantasy novelists.

ORDER # S1207-19   $14-50   ISBN 0786949341


Across the Face of the World:  Kirkpatrick, Russell.

Two thousand years after being cast out from Dona Mihst, the Undying Man's plans for revenge are on the brink of fruition, until a single prisoner escapes from his clutches and sends his son, along with a small group of villagers, on a perilous quest to warn their world of the coming peril.

ORDER # S1207-20   $14-50   ISBN 0316003417


The Dragon Nimbus Novels, Volume III:  Radford, Irene.

In The Renegade Dragon, the great Battlemage, in order to make peace, loses his powers, leaving the kingdom and dragons of Coronnan vulnerable, and in The Wizard's Treasure, two journeymen magicians, on a quest to find and return the missing dragons of Coronnan, become trapped by an ancient spell.

ORDER # S1207-21   $14-50   ISBN 0756404681


Airs and Graces:  Bishop, Toby.

When Duke William, her old enemy and the new ruler of Oc, succumbs to madness, leaving the coast open to Aesk raiders who strike at will, Larkyn, one of the finest students at the Academy of the Air due to her special gifts, is caught in a desperate battle to save the world of Oc from ruin.

ORDER # S1207-22   $14-50   ISBN 0441015565


Flesh and Spirit:  Berg, Carol.

In the first volume of a proposed duology, Valen, the rebellious scion of a dynasty of pureblood cartographers and diviners, has spent years denying his heritage, until he nearly ends up dead, addicted to a spell that converts pain to pleasure and possessing only a stolen book of maps, a mystical volume that could hide the secret to the doom of the entire world.

ORDER # S1207-23   $14-50   ISBN 0451461568


Dragons of the Highlord Skies: 02:  Weis, Margaret

Seeking a dragon orb rescued from the Tower of High Sorcery in Planathus by an elven wizard before its fall to the forces of the Kingpriest, the Dragon Highlord Ariakas assigns the task of retrieving it to Kitiara Uth-Matar, half-sister of Raistlin and Caramon, but first she must confront Laurana, a leader of the forces of good.

ORDER # S1207-24   $14-50   ISBN 0786948604


Lord of the Silent Kingdom:  Cook, Glen.

A survivor of a battle with the Instrumentalities, the former Else Tage, now known as Piper Hecht, is now a captain-general of the armies of Patriarch Sublime V and sets out to enlist the assistance of legendary sorcerer Cloven Februaren in the battle against the dynastic politics of the Empire and the machinations of the old gods, in the sequel to The Tyranny of the Night.

ORDER # S1207-25   $14-50   ISBN 0765345978


Iron Kissed:  Briggs, Patricia.

Shapeshifting mechanic Mercy Thompson finds her loyalty sorely tested when her former boss and mentor is arrested for murder and left to rot behind bars by his own kind, while trying to choose between Sam and Adam, the two werewolves she loves.

ORDER # S1207-26   $14-50   ISBN 0441015662


A March into Darkness (Destinies of Blood and Stone: 02):  Newcomb, Robert.

Prince Tristan must race against time to gain control of his own nascent magical abilities as he gathers a courageous band of wizards and warriors to battle an evil emissary, summoned by the forces of darkness, whose goal is the total destruction of anything and anyone in his path, in the sequel to Savage Messiah.

ORDER # S1207-27   $14-50   ISBN 0345477103


The Misenchanted Sword:  Watt-Evans, Lawrence.

A magical wizard's sword that can kill any man or half-demon is given to Valder, the army's chief assassin, who soon realizes that the sword will keep him alive forever, unless it turns on him.

ORDER # S1207-28   $14-50   ISBN 0843959169


Mistress of Winter:  Carwyn, Giles & Fahnestock, Todd.

Heartbroken when her beloved Brophy awakens from a curse only to abandon her in favor of Arefaine Morgeon's plot to restore the notorious City of Sorcerers, concubine-sorceress Shara is seduced into a deadly confrontation with a pain-hungry mage.

ORDER # S1207-29   $14-50   ISBN 0060829788


Morningtide (Magic: The Gathering):  Herndon, Cory J.

Ashling has spent her entire life hunting her wild elemental, in search of a merging of beings and an awakening of power, only to be forced into the melding much too early, when the elemental begins to haunt her, transforming her life into a nightmare.

ORDER # S1207-30   $14-50   ISBN 078694790X


Rebel Fay:  Hendee, Barb & Hendee, J.C.

Determined to free his mother from her elven assassin captors, Leesil joins forces with his beloved Magiere, the sage Wynn, and their canine protector Chap to embark on a perilous quest through the dangers of the wilderness and the Elven Territories, unaware that they have been brought together to force an alliance against the forces of dark magic.

ORDER # S1207-31   $14-50   ISBN 0451461436


Return to Quag Keep:  Norton, Andre & Rabe, Jean

In the sequel to Quag Keep, the classic fantasy based on the role-playing world of Dungeons & Dragons, six courageous adventurers return to the city of Greyhawk to embark on an all new quest, the prize for which could be a return to their own world.

ORDER # S1207-32   $14-50   ISBN 0765351528


Weavers of War (Winds of the Forelands: 05): Coe, David

In the epic conclusion of the Winds of the Forelands series, Dusaan, a Weaver of the Qirsi people, uses his ability to bind the magic of many Qirsi together into a single potent weapon to seize control of the Empire and to unite his allies from other realms into a powerful and unbeatable force.

ORDER # S1207-33   $14-50   ISBN 0765351064


To Hell and Back:  Saintcrow, Lilith.

With her body shattered, her mind in turmoil, and her life in utter chaos when she becomes a pawn in one of Lucifer's endless games, Necromancer Dante Valentine is just angry enough to come up with a scheme to make the Devil pay.

ORDER # S1207-34   $14-50   ISBN 0316001775


Wolf's Blood:  Lindskold, Jane.

Accidentally unleashing a plague after learning how to open the gates between worlds, Firekeeper, a young woman raised by intelligent, language-using wolves, and her companions, Derian Carter and Blind Seer, struggle to uncover the mysterious origins and nature of the plague, in order to destroy it forever.

ORDER # S1207-35   $14-50   ISBN 0765353741


Wolves of the Gods (Timuras Trilogy: 02):  Cole, Allan.

The wizard Safar Timura must lead the people to Esmir to safety while being hunted by a nameless evil and the risen-from-the-dead Iraj Protarus who is seeking revenge.

ORDER # S1207-36   $14-50   ISBN 0843959150


Large Size Paperbacks
Romeo and Leila & The Enigma of Time:  Karimi, Bizhan.

Seven seductive Middle Eastern women join a party on a Western Federation cruiser that floats on the Persian Gulf. The women turn out to be narrators of a science fiction story. They mesmerize the crew and draw a dark picture of the future, which handles a fictive nuclear war between Iran and USA: After the explosion of the first atomic bomb, the question is raised if it is possible to turn back time itself?

ORDER # S1207-37   $22-90   ISBN 0979661315 


Gods and Pawns:  Baker, Kage.

A collection of short fiction set in the universe of the Company chronicles the history and adventures of the organization and its operatives, in a volume that includes the novella "To the Land Beyond the Sunset," in which Lewis and Mendoza investigate a mysterious tribe in Bolivia whose members claim to be gods, as well as seven other pieces.

ORDER # S1207-38   $22-90   ISBN 076531553X 


Earthblood & Other Stories:  Laumer, Keith

A new collection of science fiction adventures features two novels - Earthblood, in which Roan Cornay, the last purebred Terran born in the galaxy, sets out to find the mysterious planet of his origin, Earth, and Sibyl Sue Blue, about a tough cop out to recover her husband, who vanished on a mission to the planet Radix - as well as other tales by the two masters of the genre.

ORDER # S1207-39   $21-90   ISBN 1416555153 


Debatable Space:  Palmer, Philip.

Plotting to kidnap a despotic ruler's daughter for a lucrative ransom, space pirate Flanagan and his crew are frustrated by the ruler's unwillingness to cooperate with their demands; a situation that prompts them to consider an extreme secondary plan. 

ORDER # S1207-40   $20-00   ISBN 0316018929 


The Zookeeper's Menagerie:  Duncalf, Joanne.

The Animals are in charge of the world. After delivering a controversial speech on religious freedom, high school valedictorian Mariel Stone upsets a lot of people in her small, provincial town of Green Valley. But there is one person she does impress: It's the mysterious Zookeeper who sends a messenger on a white horse to escort her to his phantasmagorical land, a place called the Menagerie. And as soon as Mariel arrives, she realizes she is in for one amazing ride. Illustrations.

ORDER # S1207-41   $23-90   ISBN 0979723213 


Breath and Bone:  Berg, Carol.

Pursued by a murderous priestess, a prince who steals dead men's eyes, and the Danae guardians, the rebellious sorcerer Valen, addicted to a spell that transforms pain into pleasure, risks everything to rescue one child, seek justice for another, and return the rightful king to the dying land of Navronne, in the conclusion of a duology that began with Flesh and Spirit.

ORDER # S1207-42   $22-90   ISBN 045146186X 


Elric: The Stealer of Souls:  Moorcock, Michael.

The first of six omnibus editions containing the long out-of-print adventures of Elric, the last ruler of the decadent empire of Melniboné, an albino drug addict in possession of a soul-drinking sword, features "The Stealer of Souls," "Stormbringer," essays on the character by the author, and other features.

ORDER # S1207-43   $22-90   ISBN 0345498623 


Firebird:  Lackey, Mercedes.

A young nobleman glimpses the legendary Firebird as it steals cherries from his father's orchards, and he journeys through a fantastical version of Old Russia to find the Firebird and fall in love, in a coming-of-age fantasy inspired by a classic Russian fairy tale.

ORDER # S1207-44   $22-90   ISBN 0765317192 


Mona Lisa Craving:  Sunny.

In the sequel to Mona Lisa Awakening and Mona Lisa Blossoming, Mona Lisa, a Monère woman, is drawn to Dante, the warrior son of a healer, who had been cursed by a high priestess to endure a never-ending cycle of life and death and who wants nothing more than to die at Mona Lisa's hands.

ORDER # S1207-45   $21-90   ISBN 0425217450 


Keepers of the Flame:  Owens, Robin D.

When twin sisters Brigid and Elizabeth are summoned to help fight the deadly sickness that is attacking Lladrana, they must cure the illness before it is too late and the destiny of The Snap is fulfilled.

ORDER # S1207-46   $22-90   ISBN 0373802625 


Un Lun Dun:  Miéville, China.

Stumbling into an alternate funhouse version of her home city, twelve-year-old Londoner Deeba finds herself trapped in a world of killer giraffes, animated umbrellas, ghost children, and flying double-decker buses and menaced by a choking black smog, and is forced to take on the role of unlikely saviour to prevent utter destruction.

ORDER # S1207-47   $19-90   ISBN 0345458443 


Hardcover Titles
Inside Straight: Wild Cards Novel:  Martin, George R.R

In a follow-up to the original Wild Cards series, a new generation of aces comes of age as twenty-one of them compete against one another in a series of tasks and stunts on the blockbuster TV reality show American Hero, and John Fortune, son of the show's creator, discovers his destiny, in a collaborative saga.

ORDER # S1207-48   $36-90   ISBN 0765317818 


Hunter's Run:  Martin, George R.R.

Awakening in the uncharted mountains of the planet of São Paulo with no memory of his identity, exploited prospector Ramon Espejo experiences gradual and traumatic flashbacks of violent scenes from his past that cause him to realize he is being hunted by mysterious alien overseers.

ORDER # S1207-49   $37-90   ISBN 006137329X 


Navigator (Time's Tapestry: 03):  Baxter, Stephen.

A mysterious prophecy continues to transform the face of Europe as two great religions - Christianity and Islam - battle for supremacy across Spain, agents from the future use horrific weapons of destruction to change history, and, in 1492, a bold explorer seeks funding for his western expedition, while an enigmatic Weaver plots to change time itself to stop him.

ORDER # S1207-50   $36-90   ISBN 044101559X 


Pebble in the Sky:  Asimov, Isaac.

Hurtled through time from 1949 Chicago to an Earth during the heyday of the first Galactic Empire, retired tailor Joseph Schwartz finds himself on a backwater, insignificant planet with much of its land ruined by radioactivity and so poor that its inhabitants are sentenced to death at the age of sixty - and Joseph is sixty-two - in a new edition of the author's first novel.

ORDER # S1207-51   $36-90   ISBN 0765319128 


Ring of Fire II:  Flint, Eric, ed.

Continuing the story that began in 1632 and 1633, the inhabitants of Grantville, a modern-day West Virginia town hurtled back in time to Germany during the Thirty Years War, battle the tyrants of seventeenth-century Europe, in a second collection of alternate history tales with contributions by Eric Flint, Andrew Dennis, Dave Freer, K.D. Wentworth, and others.

ORDER # S1207-52   $36-90   ISBN 1416573879 


The Ruby Dice:  Asaro, Catherine.

Despite their own aversion to war, the leaders of two powerful interstellar empires - Jaibriol, head of the Eubian Concord, and Kelric, ruler of the Skolian Imperialate - find their realms plunging toward the possibility of devastating conflict as each man desperately hides a secret that could bring about his downfall, in a new novel in the Skolian Empire series.

ORDER # S1207-53   $34-90   ISBN-10 1416555145 


Dragon Mage:  Norton, Andre & Rabe, Jean.

Living with her grandparents, orphaned teenager Chi stumbles upon a set of dragon puzzles that could hold the key to her late father's fantastical tales of dragons, magic, and adventure, but when she mixes and matches the pieces of the puzzle, she is whisked back to ancient Babylon, where she must continue her father's legacy as servant to the dragon, in the sequel to Dragon Magic.

ORDER # S1207-54   $36-90   ISBN 0765316595 


Child of a Dead God: The Noble Dead:  Hendee, Barb

Seeking to keep a mysterious artifact from falling into the hands of her murderous half-brother Welstiel, Magiere follows her dreams of a castle trapped in ice on an obsessive quest south, accompanied by her half-elf partner Leesil, the sage Wynn, their canine protector Chap, and two elven assassins turned guardians.

ORDER # S1207-55   $36-90   ISBN 0451461878 


The Dragons of Babel:  Swanwick, Michael.

Transforming himself into king of a post-industrialized Faerie after a crash landing, a war-dragon of Babel sets up young Will as his lieutenant, sending Will on a strange quest, during which he acquires a surrogate daughter, Esme, encounters confidence trickster Nat Whilk, becomes a hero to the city's homeless, finds success as a political aide, and meets his true love.

ORDER # S1207-56   $37-90   ISBN 0765319500 


Storm Front (Dresden Files: 01):  Butcher, Jim.

A modern-day mage and consultant to the Chicago police, wizard Harry Dresden finds his stale life suddenly enlivened when he is called to share his expertise in the investigation into a grisly double murder, a crime that reveals the presence of a rival who practices the darkest of black arts.

ORDER # S1207-57   $35-90   ISBN 0451461975 


Tracing the Shadow (Alchymist's Legacy: 01): Ash, Sarah.

Rescuing a starving young orphan girl from the streets, a member of the much feared Guerriers of the Commanderie's Inquisition is unaware that the child is the daughter of one of the mages they had just burned at the stake, and as Celestine grows to womanhood, her beautiful singing voice could provide the key to revenge on the betrayer who destroyed her father.

ORDER # S1207-58   $35-90   ISBN 0553805193 


The Unnatural Inquirer: The Nightside:  Green, Simon

John Taylor, a private detective with a special talent to locate anything or anyone, is hired to find a mysterious DVD purported to contain an actual recording of the afterlife by The Unnatural Inquirer, a notorious gossip rag for the Nightside, a secret area in London that marked by neverending night and populated by monsters and mythical beings.

ORDER # S1207-59   $34-90   ISBN 0441015581 


The Vacant Throne:  Palmatier, Joshua.

Paying a dreadful price in the loss of both lives and property to survive a devastating invasion, the city of Amenkor is desperate to recover the power of the throne of Amenkor, which has been totally drained of its magic, life force, knowledge, and memories, and turns for help to its sometime ally, the city of Venitte, home to a throne that is twin in power.

ORDER # S1207-60   $36-90   ISBN 0756404622 


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