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Worlds on Fire (Doom 3):  Costello, Matthew.

One of the few survivors of a huge interdimensional demonic invasion, a space marine assigned to the Union Aerospace Corporation research center on Mars begins to realize that the horror is only the first step and that there is more going on at the research center than he had ever imagined.

ORDER # S208-1   $14-50   ISBN 1416549803


Goetia (Hellgate: London):  Odom, Mel.

Four years after the arrival of demons through the Hellgates, humankind is in a desperate struggle to survive, while Simon Cross, an expatriate of the secret Templar group, struggles to rescue survivors from a devastated London and to raise an army to battle the encroaching darkness.

ORDER # S208-2   $14-50   ISBN 1416525807


Antagonist: Dorsai:  Dickson, Gordon R

Using his unique insight into the future of the human race, Donal Graeme, a mutant mercenary soldier, finds himself drawn into a potential confrontation with the powerful Bleys Ahrens, a mutant whose own quest for power and his complex machinations to spread his message have left him with an ever increasingly deficient sense of human values.

ORDER # S208-3   $14-50   ISBN 0812521684


Alliance Space:  Cherryh, C.J.

Contains two classic novels set in the Union-Alliance universe - Merchanter's Luck, and Forty Thousand in Gehenna, in which the colonists on Gehenna, abandoned for political reasons, join forces with the planet's native reptilian calibans to survive.

ORDER # S208-4   $14-50   ISBN 0756404940


Death's Head:  Gunn, David.

After being drafted into the Death's Head, a group of elite enforcers of Imperial control, Sven Tveskoeg is sent to a harsh, remote planet that is the latest battleground between the powers that rule the universe and where he finds himself caught in the middle of an epic struggle between the ruling powers and a mysterious group known as the United Free.

ORDER # S208-5   $14-50   ISBN 0345503767


Blue War: A Punktown Novel:  Thomas, Jeffrey.

Private detective Jeremy Stake, a man possessing mysterious chameleon like abilities, is assigned to investigate an empty city filled with the remains of cloned humans and a bizarre organic facsimile of Punktown growing out of the jungle, he stumbles into a plot to re-ignite the war between humans and Ha-Jiin.

ORDER # S208-6   $14-50   ISBN 1844165329


Echoes of an Alien Sky:  Hogan, James P.

Eighteen years after the first manned mission from Venus lands on an Earth that had become extinct eons before, Kyal Reen, a member of the Venusian scientific and archaeological team, struggles to reconstruct the ancient history of the mysterious long-lost Terrans, working with a biologist named Lorili, who hopes to prove a relationship between the inhabitants of the two planets.

ORDER # S208-7   $14-50   ISBN 1416555323


Deathstalker Rebellion:  Green, Simon R.

In the sequel to Deathstalker, outlaw Owen Deathstalker and his band of washed-up warriors, pirates, and aliens battle the tyrannical Queen Lionstone XIV to preserve the galaxy's freedom.

ORDER # S208-8   $14-50   ISBN 0451455525


The Elysium Commission:  Modesitt, L.E.,Jr.

A talented problem-solver-for-hire, Blaine Donne is called in to investigate a series of seemingly unrelated mysteries linked to an enigmatic woman of unlimited resources, with no ties to the past or present, and discovers a link to a utopian world in an alternate universe, two mysterious heiresses, and a threatened interstellar war.

ORDER # S208-9   $14-50   ISBN 0765356546


Emissaries from the Dead:  Castro, Adam-Troy.

When two murders rock a distant artificial ecosystem, created by the universe's powerful AIs to house several engineered species, Counselor Andrea Cort is sent to find a homicide suspect among the region's indentured human community, but she is determined to follow the trail to the truth regardless of where it might lead.

ORDER # S208-10   $14-50   ISBN 0061443727


Final Inquiries (BSI: Starside):  Allen, Roger MacBride.

In the climactic conclusion of the interplanetary science fiction trilogy that began with The Cause of Death and Death Sentence, the daring operatives of the Burean of Special Investigation confront their most dangerous mission ever, one that could have a profound impact on the world that they know.

ORDER # S208-11   $14-50   ISBN 0553587285


Epiphany (Star Trek: Vulcan's Soul: 03): Sherman, Josepha

A final instalment in a best-selling trilogy that began with Exodus and Exiles finds Spock and his allies attempting to bridge a gap separating the estranged branches of the Vulcan race, an effort that comes with a terrible personal price.

ORDER # S208-12   $14-50   ISBN 0743463633


Grimspace:  Aguirre, Ann.

Due to a rare gene, Jax is able to jump ships through grimspace, making her a highly prized navigator for the Corp until she is accused of murder, forcing her to enter into a devil's bargain with the mysterious March who will break her out of prison if she will help him establish a new breed of jumper.

ORDER # S208-13   $14-50   ISBN 0441015999


Maelstrom (The Twins of Petaybee: 02): McCaffrey, Anne

In the sequel to Changelings, Sean Shongili and his children, Ronan and Murel, must draw on their changeling ability to transform into seals when a mysterious race of aliens is discovered to be living in the depths of the ocean on the planet Petaybee.

ORDER # S208-14   $14-50   ISBN-10 0345470052


The Octagonal Raven:  Modesitt, L.E.,Jr.

Gifted with great genes and the best cybernetic enhancement money can buy, an independent Daryn Alwyn nevertheless flees the influence of his wealthy family and then finds himself targeted by a murderer.

ORDER # S208-15   $14-50   ISBN 0812570081


Planet of the Damned:  Harrison, Harry.

As two planets that share a single star prepare to go to war, Brion Brandd tries to avert the destruction of Dis, a harsh, inhospitable, and dangerous world, by redeeming the hellish Planet of the Damned.

ORDER # S208-16   $14-50   ISBN-10 0843960698


Revelation (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force): Traviss, Karen

With all efforts to end Sith Lord Jacen Solo's tyranny of the Galactic Alliance doomed to failure, his sister Jaina risks everything to track him down, while Ben Skywalker, haunted by the dark suspicion that Jacen had killed his mother, searches for the truth, and Luke contemplates once unthinkable tactics to bring his nephew down.

ORDER # S208-17   $14-50   ISBN 034547757X


Titans of Chaos:  Wright, John C.

In the conclusion of a trilogy about five non-human orphans raised in a strict British boarding school, which began with Orphans of Chaos and Fugitives of Chaos, the five young people have discovered their true natures, harnessed their strange abilities, and escaped into the world, where their true battle for survival begins.

ORDER # S208-18   $14-50   ISBN 0765355604


The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Volume Two:  Mann, George, ed.

An eclectic collection of outstanding short fiction and novellas showcases the work of some of the world's leading science fiction writers, including Peter Watts, Kay Kenyon, Chris Roberson, Eric Brown, Paul Cornell, and Robert Reed, whose tales range from futuristic murder mysteries to stories of first contact, love, and war.

ORDER # S208-19   $14-50   ISBN 1844165426


Von Neumann's War:  Ringo, John & Taylor, Travis S.

With the planet Mars rapidly changing from red to gray, scientists send a probe to investigate the situation, but when the probe is destroyed, they realize that the planet is being used as a staging ground for an invasion of Earth by a robotic race intent on destroying all human civilization.

ORDER # S208-20   $14-50   ISBN 1416555307


The Alchemist's Apprentice:  Duncan, Dave.

Working non-stop to make astrology calculations and master arcane magic, young swordsman Alfeo Zeno, an apprentice to legendary clairvoyant Nostradamus, seeks to clear his master's name when the seer is falsely accused of murdering a high-ranking noble in order to fulfil one of his prophecies.

ORDER # S208-21   $14-50   ISBN 0441015751


Something Magic This Way Comes: Greenberg, Martin H.

Twenty of today's top fantasy writers, including Irene Radford, Harry Turtledove, Laura Resnick, and Paul Crilley, come together in this collection of twenty original stories that prove there is still a place for magic and the supernatural in our world.

ORDER # S208-22   $14-50   ISBN 075640472X


By Slanderous Tongues:  Lackey, Mercedes & Gellis, Roberta.

In the epic sequel to Ill Met by Moonlight, in the wake of Henry VIII's death, a young Princess Elizabeth is confronted by enemies - both human and supernatural - who will do anything to keep her from the throne of England.

ORDER # S208-23   $14-50   ISBN 1416555315


Belladonna:  Bishop, Anne.

As the Eater of the World continues to spread its dark influence across the land of Ephemera, Glorianna Belladonna stands alone against the evil entity, until enigmatic visions lead her to Michael, a man who possesses his own mysterious powers.

ORDER # S208-24   $14-50   ISBN 0451461541


Goblin War:  Hines, Jim C.

After surviving an adventurers' quest against a dragon, a necromancer, and a pixie invasion, goblin Jig Dragonslayer, tired of being in mortal danger, is thrust back into the thick of things when the goblins' lair is invaded by human warriors in search of the Rod of Creation.

ORDER # S208-25   $14-50   ISBN 0756404932


Dead to Me:  Strout, Anton.

Gifted with the ability to touch an object and divine information about its history, Simon Canderous, a reformed criminal working for New York City's secret Dept. of Extraordinary Affairs, agrees to help a woman, who does not know she is dead, track down her killers.

ORDER # S208-26   $14-50   ISBN 0441015786


Heart of Light:  Hoyt, Sarah A.

Travelling to Cairo for their honeymoon aboard a luxury magic carpetship, Nigel Oldhall and his India-born bride, Emily, are plunged into a perilous quest to find a magnificent jewel that will ensure Queen Victoria's reign over Africa, but they soon discover that they are not the only ones looking for the ruby.

ORDER # S208-27   $14-50   ISBN 0553589660


Harp, Pipe, & Symphony:  Di Filippo, Paul.

Searching for true happiness, Thomas Rhymer, after a great tragedy, stumbles into the realm of the Faerie where his quest becomes even more complicated when he is visited by the Faerie Queen Mab and her bestial assistant, Lug.

ORDER # S208-28   $14-50   ISBN 0843960701


Into a Dark Realm (Darkwar Saga: 02):  Feist, Raymond.

Having successfully prevented a civil war within the Empire of Great Kesh, Pug and his allies in the Conclave of Shadows search for the mad sorcerer Leso Varen in the hopes of destroying the Guild of Assassins, an effort that is challenged by the sorcerer's powerful protectors and a planned invasion by the Dasati.

ORDER # S208-29   $14-50   ISBN 0060792825


Heroes Adrift:  Moore, Moira J.

When Shield Lee Mallorough and her Source Shintaro Karish are ordered by the Empress to locate the descendants of her illegitimate, exiled sister, the Pair, ill-suited to such a task, journey to the Southern Islands where they are met with hostility and danger.

ORDER # S208-30   $14-50   ISBN 0441015980


Madhouse:  Thurman, Rob.

When an ancient evil arrives in New York City, dead set on making history with an orgy of blood and murder, half-human Cal Leandros and his brother, Niko, owners of a struggling preternatural detective agency, find business picking up.

ORDER # S208-31   $14-50   ISBN 0451461967


The Magic Cup:  Greeley, Andrew M.

A distinctly Irish version of the legendary quest for the Holy Grail features Cormac MacDermot, the young king destined to lead Ireland from paganism to Christianity, his aged father, and Brigid, a lovely slave girl.

ORDER # S208-32   $14-50   ISBN 0765358158


No Humans Involved (Women of the Otherworld):  Armstrong, Kelley.

Planning to retire from the celebrity spotlight, Jaime Vegas signs up to appear in a final reality TV special called "Raising Marilyn Monroe," but her arrival on the set is marked by the ghostly haunting of children trapped between two worlds, and she joins forces with a powerful werewolf to track down the evil cadre of would-be magicians responsible.

ORDER # S208-33   $14-50   ISBN 0553588370


Mother of Lies:  Duncan, Dave.

Fifteen years after the city of Celebre is conquered by the evil Bloodlord Stralg and his fanatical sister, Saltaja, the Mutineer Marno Cavotti amasses a powerful liberation force in the hopes of rescuing the city's four exiled heirs, in the sequel to Children of Chaos.

ORDER # S208-34   $14-50   ISBN 0765353822


The Right Hand of God:  Kirkpatrick, Russell.

As they struggle to prepare Faltha for war, a small group of courageous adventurers hopes that their possession of the Jugom Ark will allow them to defeat the armies of the Destroyer before they are annihilated in the coming invasion, but Leith finds it difficult to accept his destined role as custodian of the sacred artifact, in the conclusion of the Fire of Heaven trilogy.

ORDER # S208-35   $14-50   ISBN 0316003433


The Shape-Changer's Wife:  Shinn, Sharon.

Caught up in his ambitions of becoming a master wizard, young Aubrey journeys to a faraway land in search of the great shape-changer Glyrenden, from whom Aubrey hopes to discover the secret of long-lost spells and arcane magic.

ORDER # S208-36   $14-50   ISBN 0441002617


Large Sized Paperbacks
Blindsight:  Watts, Peter.

An odd assortment of diplomats - including a linguist with a multiple personality disorder, a biologist spliced to machinery, a pacifist warrior, and a vampire - journeys to the far edges of the solar system to seek out a mysterious alien presence that may or may not want to meet with them and that may or may not be friendly toward Earth.

ORDER # S208-37   $21-90   ISBN 0765319640 


Consider Phlebas: A Culture Novel:  Banks, Iain M.

A science fiction novel by the author of the Wasp Factory features a symbiotic human and machine society that is engaged in a galaxy-wide battle to the death between the Idrians, who fight for their faith, and the Culture, which defends its right to exist.

ORDER # S208-38   $19-90   ISBN 031600538X 


The Dragon's Nine Sons:  Roberson, Chris.

With Imperial China and Mexica competing for control of space, a disgraced Chinese naval captain and a commando who knows too much are assigned to a suicide mission, to pilot a salvaged Mexica craft laden with explosive to Xolotl, the asteroid stronghold of their enemies, but when they discover dozens of Chinese prisoners destined as human sacrifices, their mission becomes a rescue one instead.

ORDER # S208-39   $21-90   ISBN 1844165248 


The Player of Games: A Culture Novel:  Banks, Iain M.

Bored with his routine successes, game player Jernau Morat Gurgeh of the Culture travels to the Empire of Azad in search of more challenging prospects and finds himself thrust into a high-stakes competition that threatens his survival.

ORDER # S208-40   $19-90   ISBN 0316005401 


The Skull Cage Key:  Marriott, Michel.

In a near-future Harlem, businessman Armstrong is wrongfully accused of murdering his boss and lover on Chinese New Year, a situation that forces him to team up with a disgraced ex-cop to investigate the claims of a sultry sex worker and the growing popularity of a designer drug.

ORDER # S208-42   $21-90   ISBN 193284130X 


The Lost Ones (The Veil: 03):  Golden, Christopher.

With war raging in the lands beyond the Veil, one powerful faction wants nothing more than to seal forever the lands beyond the Veil from the human world, and only Oliver Bascombe and his sister, siblings born of a union between a legendary woman and a mortal man, stand in the way.

ORDER # S208-43   $17-90   ISBN 0553383280 


Tales Before Narnia: The Roots of Modern Fantasy and Science Fiction:  Anderson, Douglas A., ed.

A collection of more than twenty classic fantasy and science fiction tales that had a profound influence on Oxford scholar and author C.S. Lewis and his creation of the Narnia novels includes such works as "The Wood That Time Forgot" by Roger Lancelyn Green, E. Nesbit's "The Aunt and Amabel," and other works by such authors as Charles Williams, H.G. Wells, and J.R.R. Tolkien.

ORDER # S208-43   $21-90   ISBN 0345498909 


Star Wars: The Essential Atlas:  Wallace, Daniel & Fry, Jason.

Mapping the entire Star Wars universe, an illustrated reference encompasses material from the films, comics, books, video games, and other sources to describe a host of planets, star systems, trade routes, political divisions, settlements, and galactic trouble spots, accompanied by essays and illustrations describing the characters and their travels.

ORDER # S208-44   $38-90   ISBN 0345477642 


The Alchemist's Code:  Duncan, Dave.

Hired by Venice's ruling Council of Ten to uncover a foreign spy, legendary seer Maestro Nostradamus, aided by his apprentice, Alfeo Zeno, soon discovers that the clever spy can only be caught by occult means and must turn to Alfeo, a young swordsman in possession of some unique talents, to solve the dangerous mystery, in the sequel to The Alchemist's Apprentice.

ORDER # S208-45   $20-90   ISBN 044101562X 


Black Ships:  Graham, Jo.

Counseling the rulers of a world beset by dangerous enemies and natural disasters, oracle Gull is forced to choose between her calling and an effort to protect the last surviving members of her mother's people in a desperate flight from the doomed City of Pirates.

ORDER # S208-46   $21-90   ISBN 0316068004 


The Golden Rose:  Bryan, Kathleen.

When she discovers that the traitor King of Lys is preparing a fleet to attack the Ladies of the Isle, despite his promise to honor her agreement to produce a child, Averil flees to the side of her beloved Gerient, the Knight of the Rose, to join him in a battle to protect their world, in the sequel to The Serpent and the Rose.

ORDER # S208-47   $21-90   ISBN 0765313294 


Fire Study:  Snyder, Maria V.

As the Sitian Council, deeming her dangerous due to her Soulfinder abilities, decides her fate, Yolena, who can capture and release souls, embarks on a dangerous journey to her homeland to save her people from a murderous sorcerer.

ORDER # S208-48   $20-90   ISBN 0778325342 


Shards and Shadows (Star Trek Mirror Universe):  Palmieri, Marco

No Picture Available

A third anthology of alternate-universe Star Trek tales features pieces about characters from the Voyager, New Frontier, and Deep Space Nine series and includes contributions by such popular writers as Peter David and Keith R.A. DeCandido.

ORDER # S208-49   $22-90   ISBN 1416558500 


House of Cards:  Murphy, C.E.

No Picture Available

When she is summoned to negotiate a peace treaty among rival factions, Margrit Knight, New York City's only legal counsel to the fabled Old Races, finds her own mortal world in danger of falling apart when a new set of friends and enemies enters her life.

ORDER # S208-50   $21-90   ISBN 0373802633 


Mad Kestrel:  Massey, Misty.

Hiding her magical talent for controlling the wind from the powerful Danisoba who have a monopoly on her world's magic and who had been responsible for the deaths of her parents, Kestrel has grown up to become the quartermaster of a pirate ship, but when her captain is captured, she must use her secret gifts to rescue him.

ORDER # S208-51   $21-90   ISBN 0765318024 


Shadowplay (Shadowmarch: 02):  Williams, Tad.

Behind the Shadowline, Prince Barrick must solve the mystery of his past to fulfil his destiny and help his twin sister reclaim their family's throne, while old magics resurface, revealing a plot orchestrated by the gods, fairies, and mortals to spread devastation across the entire world.

ORDER # S208-52   $22-90   ISBN 0756404711 


Hardcover Titles
Crosstime:  Norton, Andre.

Blake Walker, an orphan possessing strange flashes of intuition, uses his ability to stop a murder and becomes caught up in a perilous quest that takes him across time and space to an infinite number of parallel Earths, each with a slightly different history from the others, as he races against time to stop a ruthless madman, in an omnibus volume that contains the novels The Crossroads of Time and Quest Crosstime.

ORDER # S208-53   $33-90   ISBN 1416555293 


Deluge (The Twins of Petaybee: 03):  McCaffrey, Anne.

Leaving Petaybee to help rescue a family friend, selkie twins Ronan and Murel are imprisoned by the Company, which wants them as workers, and an unscrupulous scientist, who hopes to study their unusual shape-changing talent, while their parents, Yana and Sean, risk everything to free their sentient world from those that want to exploit it for its resources.

ORDER # S208-54   $34-90   ISBN 0345470060 


The Dreaming Void:  Hamilton, Peter F.

In a high-tech, far future world, a great mystery remains, what lies inside the Void, a massive black hole lying at the center of the Intersolar Commonwealth universe and an area of space from which mysterious dreams are being projected that are transforming the lives of those who experience them, in the first volume in a new trilogy by the author of Pandora's Star.

ORDER # S208-55   $38-90   ISBN 0345496531 


In the Courts of the Crimson Kings:  Stirling, S.M.

American archaeologist Jeremy Wainman journeys to Mars to explore the long-dead cities of the Deep Beyond, joined by Martian mercenary Teyud Zha-Zhalt, linked to a deadly secret of a mysterious city where the last aging descendant of the Tollamune emperors holds the key to the Ancients that had created Martian civilization millions of years earlier.

ORDER # S208-56   $36-90   ISBN 0765314894 


Rolling Thunder:  Varley, John.

A third generation Martian, Lieutenant Patricia Kelly Elizabeth Strickland - also known as Podkayne - joins the Music, Arts, and Drama Division of the Martian Navy and is sent to Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, as an entertainer, but she soon discovers that hidden dangers lurk everywhere, in the conclusion of a trilogy that began with Red Lightning and Red Thunder.

ORDER # S208-57   $36-90   ISBN 0441015638 


Space Vulture:  Wolf, Gary K.

In the farthest reaches of the galaxy, a space pirate known as the Space Vulture terrorizes the local colonists, and the only hope of stopping his predations is lawman Marshal Victor Corsaire, in an action-packed science fiction adventure.

ORDER # S208-58   $36-90   ISBN 0765318520 


Spider Star:  Brotherton, Mike.

When a team of archaeologists investigating the ruins on the planet Argo accidentally activates a terrible alien weapon, the entire human colony and its star are threatened with annihilation, unless they can deactivate the weapon, and their only hope is to send a ship and crew into the unknown to find the long-gone alien traders who had built the weapon.

ORDER # S208-59   $37-90   ISBN 0765311259 


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed:  Williams, Sean.

Set between Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope, an action-packed official novel based on the release of the new Star Wars video game follows Darth Vader as he embarks on a quest to rid the galaxy of the Jedi and confronts life-altering decisions that could change everything.

ORDER # S208-60   $37-90   ISBN 0345499026 


When the Tide Rises:  Drake, David.

Unable to field enough battleships to deal with all the crises in its wars with the Alliance, the Republic of Cinnabar sends Commander Daniel Leary and his friend, spy Adele Mundy, to the Bagarian cluster to assist in its rebellion against the Alliance, but the pair soon discovers that the worst threat to the rebellion is the treacherous politicians leading it.

ORDER # S208-61   $36-90   ISBN 1416555277 


The Stars Down Under:  McDonald, Sandra.

Assigned to the planet Fortune, newlyweds Chief Terry Myell and Lieutenant Commander Jodenny Scott are caught up in a scheme to use ancient alien artifacts known as the Wondjina Spheres that can link places and times to travel from world to world, when they are "volunteered" by Team Space to assist, in the sequel to The Outback Stars.

ORDER # S208-62   $36-90   ISBN 0765316447 


The Dragon Done It:  Flint, Eric

A new anthology of fiction that blends magic and mystery follows the exploits of investigators who find their cases threatened by black magic, itinerant sorcerers, supernatural entities, and other magical complications, in a collection of fantasy tales by Harry Turtledove, Neil Gaiman, Gene Wolfe, David Drake, Esther M. Friesner, and other notable writers.

ORDER # S208-63   $36-90   ISBN 1416555285 


Viewpoints Critical: Selected Stories:  Modesitt, L.E.,Jr.

Spanning the full career of the acclaimed fantasy and science fiction author, a collection of short fiction, written from the 1970s to the present day, includes early tales from Analog and other period journals, as well as three never-before-published works - "Black Ordermage" from the Recluse universe, "Beyond the Obvious Wind," and "Always Outside the Lines."

ORDER # S208-64   $37-90   ISBN 0765318571 


The Ancient (Saga of the First King):  Salvatore, R.A.

Journeying across the Gulf of Corona to the wild lands of Vanguard in search of his long-lost father, Bransen Garibond becomes caught up in a desperate and dangerous battle against the brutal Samhaist, Ancient Badden, as several societies, caught up in their own conflicts, remain unaware of Ancient Badden's plots to destroy them all, in the first volume in a tetralogy.

ORDER # S208-65   $37-90   ISBN 0765317893 


The Born Queen:  Keyes, Greg.

With the Briar King dead, dark forces wrangle for control of the land, and Anne Dare is forced to use all her skill and determination as she faces opposition, both material and magical, on all sides and she moves toward a final confrontation with her enemies, with the fate of all humankind at stake, in the conclusion of the Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone series.

ORDER # S208-66   $37-90   ISBN 0345440692 


The Hidden City (The House Wars: 01):  West, Michelle.

A young orphan left to fend for herself in the slums of Averalaan, Jewel "Jay" Markess is rescued by Rath, a mysterious man who comes to the aid of other street children, but when the demons that had once nearly destroyed the Essalieyan Empire begin to stir once again, Rath and Jay find themselves the target of these all-powerful beings.

ORDER # S208-67   $36-90   ISBN 0756404703 


Legend of Drizzt Collector's Edition: 02:  Salvatore, R.A.

Born to a race of evil dark elves, Drizzt Do'Urden has escaped the monstrous world of the Underdark and battles his own inner demons and the prejudices of others as he struggles to carve out a new life for himself on the surface world, in a deluxe omnibus volume containing The Crystal Shard, Streams of Silver, and The Halfling's Gem.

ORDER # S208-68   $38-90   ISBN 0786948388 


Personal Demon (Women of the Otherworld):  Armstrong, Kelley.

Hope Adams, a gorgeous half-demon determined to use her powerful gifts only for good, undertakes a dangerous mission on behalf of the Cortez Cabal to infiltrate a Miami gang of bored, wealthy, and troublemaking supernaturals, but when she becomes entangled in their plots, she is forced to turn to her crooked werewolf ex-boyfriend and the heir to the Cortez Cabal for assistance.

ORDER # S208-69   $31-90   ISBN 0553806610 


Tangled Webs: A Black Jewels Novel:  Bishop, Anne.

Accepting an invitation signed "Jaenelle Angelline" to a specially prepared entertainment, Surreal SaDiablo, a former courtesan and assassin, becomes trapped in the nightmarish web of Black Widow witches, unable to use Craft to defend herself, while the real Jaenelle and her family must risk everything to rescue her without becoming trapped themselves.

ORDER # S208-70   $35-90   ISBN 0451461606 


Sea of Swords (Legend of Drizzt: 13):  Salvatore, R.A.

After finding the mark of Aegis-fang branded on the back of an outlaw, Dark Elf hero Drizzt Do'Urden fears that his long-missing friend Wulfgar is in danger and sets out with Cattie-brie and Bruenor to find Wulfgar and ensure his safety, in a new deluxe edition of the conclusion of The Legend of Drizzt cycle.

ORDER # S208-71   $37-90   ISBN 078694787X 


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