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Star Trek: Errand of Fury: 02:  Ryan, Kevin.

With tensions erupting between the Federation and the Klingon Empire escalating, leaving the powers on the brink of all-out war, Captain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise return to System 7348 and to a new confrontation with the Klingon vessel I.K.S.D'k Tahg, while on both vessels, trouble is brewing among their crews.

ORDER # SJR-1   $16-40   ISBN 0743480546 


Dragon Rising (MechWarrior: Dark Age: 24): Bick, Ilsa J.

When several planets are left to fend for themselves, becoming pawns in a deadly game of territorial sovereignty, Katana Tormak, a warlord of Dieron, must join forces with the Combine's coordinator to gain control of these worlds and re-establish the historic Dieron Military district.

ORDER # SJR-2   $16-40   ISBN 045146141X 


Engaging the Enemy:  Moon, Elizabeth.

In the wake of a series of assassinations that have left her parents dead and their shipping empire in ruins, Kylara Vata, the unorthodox renegade heir to Vatta Transport, Ltd., one of the galaxy's wealthiest merchant houses, sets out to avenge their deaths, find the individuals responsible, and rebuild the company, no matter what she has to do.

ORDER # SJR-3   $16-40   ISBN 0345447573 


Fearless (The Lost Fleet):  Campbell, Jack.

To ward off an attack by the Syndics, Geary orders the fleet to the Sancere system where they engage in combat, which takes its toll on the officers and crew of the Alliance, prompting a mutiny that divides them - and makes them an easy target.

ORDER # SJR-4   $16-40   ISBN 0441014763 


In High Places: Crosstime Traffic Novel: Turtledove, Harry

Teenager Annette Klein, known in the twenty-first-century Kingdom of Versailles as Khadija, and her family are secret agents of Crosstime Traffic, but during a trek to their home base in Marseilles, where the hidden portal will take them home, she is kidnapped by slave traders and taken to an unofficial crosstime portal that could separate her from her family forever.

ORDER # SJR-5   $16-40   ISBN 0765346273 


Fifty Degrees Below:  Robinson, Kim Stanley.

In the sequel to Forty Signs of Rain, after years of denial and non-action, a near-future Earth faces a crossroad when it is threatened with the dire implications and perils of global warming, an environmental crisis that ironically could unleash a devastating Ice Age on the planet.

ORDER # SJR-6   $16-40   ISBN 0553585819 


Moonstruck:  Lerner, Edward M.

Assigned to be the liaison between Earth and the aliens in a gigantic starship who claim to represent a federation of intelligent races, Kyle Gustafson begins to become suspicious about the aliens' peaceful intentions and joins forces with an alien ally, regarded as a freak among her own kind, to stop a potential conspiracy.

ORDER # SJR-7   $16-40   ISBN 1416521119 


Judgment Day:  David, James F.

Given a divine interstellar engine capable of transporting people to other worlds, Ira Breitling flees the Earth along with his remaining fellow followers of God in order to establish an uncorrupted planet far from the reaches of the powerful dark lord, Manuel Crow.

ORDER # SJR-8   $16-40   ISBN 0765348136 


Old Soldiers:  Weber, David.

The sole survivors of the Dinochrome Brigade's 39th Battalion - Captain Maneka Trevor and a Bolo known as Lazarus - are all that stand between a desperate, secret colony of humanity and destruction of the human race, but the odds against them are heavy and surrender is not an option.

ORDER # SJR-9   $16-40   ISBN 1416521046 


Pretender:  Cherryh, C.J.

After making planetfall on the world of Mosphiera, Bren and Ilisidi meet Lord Tatiseigi, an old ally and, while protecting Tibini's son and heir, find themselves in the middle of a civil war led by Lord Murini.

ORDER # SJR-10   $16-40   ISBN 0756404088 


Outbound Flight (Star Wars):  Zahn, Timothy.

Before the onset of the Clone Wars, a group of explorers consisting of six Jedi Masters, twelve Jedi Knights, and a fifty-thousand-member crew sets out aboard a state-of-the-art starship on a mission to search for intelligent life outside the known galaxy, in an account of the Outbound Flight Project and of the first encounter with the alien warlord Thrawn.

ORDER # SJR-11   $16-40   ISBN 034545684X 


Star Marines (The Legacy Trilogy: 03):  Douglas, Ian.

In the conclusion of The Legacy Trilogy, the Marine Interstellar Expeditionary Unit under the leadership of Brigadier General Garroway confronts their ultimate challenge in the defense of their homeworld against the depredations of the Xul, with the help of a powerful new attack technology and the intervention of a mysterious ally race that once inhabited Earth.

ORDER # SJR-12   $16-40   ISBN 0380818264 


The Well of Stars:  Reed, Robert.

Recovering from the events of Marrow, the captains of the planet-sized Ship discover that they are heading into an unknown territory within a giant opaque nebula known only as the Ink Well, where they encounter a mystical entity whose recycling powers threaten the Ship's entire population.

ORDER # SJR-13   $16-40   ISBN 0765347644 


Airs Beneath the Moon:  Bishop, Toby.

When Larkyn Hamley, a young farm girl, rescues a newborn foal, one of the prized winged horses of the Duchy of Oc, from certain death, the young horse bonds with her, and she is sent to the Academy of the Air to be trained with the horse, only to confront the taunts and cruelty of the high-born girls already there.

ORDER # SJR-14   $16-40   ISBN 0441014623 


Bedlam's Edge:  Lackey, Mercedes & Edghill, Rosemary

A magical compilation of urban fantasy tales by some of the genre's leading practitioners features works by Roberta Gellis, Dave Freer and Eric Flint, Diana Paxson, Mercedes Lackey, and Rosemary Edghill, among others.

ORDER # SJR-15   $16-40   ISBN 1416521100 


Blood Bound:  Briggs, Patricia.

Mechanic Mercy Thompson repays a favor by using her shapeshifting abilities to protect her vampire friend Stefan when he must deliver a message to another of his kind who is possessed by a vengeful demon.

ORDER # SJR-16   $16-40   ISBN 0441014739 


Children of Chaos:  Duncan, Dave.

Fifteen years after they are forcibly taken from their city ruler father in order to save their people from the tyrannical Bloodlord, the four separated Florengian siblings learn that one of them is to be set up as their home city's puppet ruler while the other three will be condemned to death.

ORDER # SJR-17   $16-40   ISBN 0765353814 


Crusader (Wayfarer Redemption: 06):  Douglass, Sara.

A conclusion to the series that includes Enchanter and Pilgrim finds the three races of battle-torn Tencendor huddling in a magical place created to shield them from the wrath of the TimeKeeper Demons, whose efforts to defeat DragonStar are being aided by a cruel betrayal.

ORDER # SJR-18   $16-40   ISBN 0765342804 


The Golden Hills of Westria:  Paxson, Diana L.

Her responsibilities as a student of the College of the Wise preventing her from being more than a friend to the restless Prince Phoenix, Sombra finds herself the only person who can rescue him when he is abducted and sold to slavers, a quest that is compromised by a conquering band of fanatics under the charismatic leadership of Mother Mahalial.

ORDER # SJR-19   $16-40   ISBN 0765347849 


Flight of the Dying Sun (Heirs of Ash: 02):  Wulf, Rich.

In the sequel to The Voyage of the Mourning Dawn, Ashrem's heirs have stumbled upon clues to the missing Legacy, which vanished on the Day of Mourning, and, despite their various motivations for finding the artifact, launch a perilous quest to find it.

ORDER # SJR-20   $16-40   ISBN 0786943165 


Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace:  Davidson, MaryJanice

Fourteen-year-old Jennifer Scales, a descendent of a secret bloodline of weredragons, learns the secrets of her family's past and her own terrifying present, realizing that everyone around her has something to hide.

ORDER # SJR-21   $16-40   ISBN 0441014747 


King's Blood:  Tarr, Judith.

When the eldest son of William the Conqueror decides to abandon the ways of magic, the land is left to wither and die, and it is up to Edith, princess of Scotland, and Henry, the youngest son of William the Conqueror, to cleanse the land of the evil that infects it, in the sequel to Rite of Conquest.

ORDER # SJR-22   $16-40   ISBN 0451461363 


Mystic Empire (The Bronze Canticles: 03):  Hickman, Tracy & Hickman, Laura.

A final instalment of the series that began with Mystic Warrior and Mystic Quest finds Theona, a powerless member of an otherwise magical family; Arryk, a rebellious son from a faery kingdom; and Lunid, a hobgoblin academic, endeavoring to breach the barriers between their kingdoms.

ORDER # SJR-23   $16-40   ISBN 0446612243 


The Myth Hunters:  Golden, Christopher.

A mysterious land in which the myths and legends of Earth actually come to life and the people who have vanished from our world continue to exist is slowly vanishing as our cities expand and the wilderness is consumed, and sends the legendary Jack Frost through the veil that separates the two worlds to enlist the help of Oliver Bascombe to heal both realities.

ORDER # SJR-24   $16-40   ISBN 0553587781 


One for Sorrow, Two for Joy:  Woodall, Clive.

Led by the malevolent Slyekin and his sadistic assassin Traska, flocks of magpies, aided by their cousins, the crows, have laid waste to the peaceful world of Birddom, and it is up to Kirrick, a lone robin, to rally together unlikely allies to oppose the dark menace and return peace to the world.

ORDER # SJR-25   $16-40   ISBN 0441014631 


Proven Guilty:  Butcher, Jim.

The only wizard in the Chicago phone book, Harry is given the task of investigating rumors of black magic in the Windy City, while, at the same time, searching for some malevolent entities that feed on fear who have been set loose on Chicago.

ORDER # SJR-26   $16-40   ISBN 0451461037 


Sacrifice of the Widow (Forgotten Realms):  Smedman, Lisa

A convert to the cause of the goddess Eilistrace, Halisstra Melarn ventures into the farthest depths of the Outer Planes to destroy the demon goddess she had once served, only to be transformed into a hideous creature forced to do the evil will of her vengeful former mistress.

ORDER # SJR-27   $16-40   ISBN 0786942509 


Shadows in the Starlight:  Cunningham, Elaine.

Losing her position with the Providence vice squad after a bust goes bad, GiGi Gelman starts her own private investigation business, is tempted by the devilish Ian Forest to investigate the mystery of her lineage, and is called upon to help an adversary locate his missing wife and son.

ORDER # SJR-28   $16-40   ISBN 0765348527 


Shapers of Darkness (Winds of the Forelands: 04):  Coe, David B.

A fourth installment of the series that began with Rules of Ascension finds the Forelands torn by war, a situation that forces Eandi masters to look beyond past differences to make key alliances and Eandi prince Tavis to journey with Qirsi shaper Grinsa on a shared quest to save their beloved land.

ORDER # SJR-29   $16-40   ISBN 081259021X 


The Silver Lake:  Patton, Fiona.

When the three-night chaos of Havo's Dance sweeps through Anavatan, the city of the Silver Lake where only those pledged to a diety survive, street orphans Spar and Brax discover their true destinies.

ORDER # SJR-30   $16-40   ISBN 0756403669 


The Summoner:  Martin, Gail.

Forced to flee for his life with only a few loyal colleagues when his older brother murders their father and seizes the throne, Prince Martris Drayke is desperate to learn how to control and use his newfound magical powers in order to draw on the ranks of the dead to seek retribution.

ORDER # SJR-31   $16-40   ISBN 1844164683 


To Serve and Submit:  Wright, Susan.

Granted her freedom by a procurer for the pleasure house of VIdaris, Marja - accompanying a fallen noblewoman on a dangerous odyssey to save her world - must use every bit of skill, cunning, and strength at her command to survive in a brutal war threatening to engulf the land she loves, in an erotic fantasy.

ORDER # SJR-32   $17-50   ISBN 045146138X 


Under Cover of Darkness:  Czerneda, Julie E.

Featuring contributions from Doranna Durgin, Larry Niven, Tanya Huff, and Douglas Smith, this collection of fourteen original stories ponders the existence of secret groups - with mystical affiliations - that guard historical artifacts and secrets, protecting and shaping the world's future.

ORDER # SJR-33   $16-40   ISBN 0756404045 


Unshapely Things:  Del Franco, Mark.

When a serial killer targets fairy prostitutes in a Boston neighborhood known as the Weird, Connor Grey, a crippled druid and former Guild detective, discovers that the killings are part of an ancient magical ritual that could bring about the apocalypse.

ORDER # SJR-34   $16-40   ISBN 0441014771 


Voice of the Gods (Age of the Five: 03):  Canavan, Trudi.

Auraya, now the protector of the Siyee, is reluctantly drawn into the heart of a terrifying conflict between the immortal Wilds and their dangerous and mysterious adversaries, in the epic conclusion of the fantasy trilogy.

ORDER # SJR-35   $16-40   ISBN 0060815922 


Large Size Paperbacks
The Best of the Best, Volume II: 20 Years of the Best Short Science Fiction Novels:  Dozois, Gardner, ed.

A landmark anthology featuring the finest short science fiction novels from the past two decades of the annual The Year's Best Science Fiction presents an outstanding array of science fiction masterworks by Ursula K. Le Guin, Michael Swanwick, Frederick Pohl, Joe Haldeman, Robert Silverberg, Greg Egan, Alastair Reynolds, and other acclaimed authors.

ORDER # SJR-36   $36-00   ISBN 0312363427 


Breakfast with the Ones You Love:  Fintushel, Eliot.

A sixteen-year-old runaway with a talent for killing people without touching them, Lea Tillem finds her life complicated by job offers from the Russian Mafia, a strangely behaving landlady, and her boyfriend, "the Yid," a loner constructing a shrine on the roof of an abandoned building in order to summon a spaceship to carry the Chosen to the Promised Land.

ORDER # SJR-37   $22-00   ISBN 0553384058 


Glass Empires (Star Trek: Mirror Universe):  Sussman, Michael et al.

A single-volume compendium of three Star Trek novels is set in an alternate universe populated by the dark alter egos of characters from the original series, Enterprise, and The Next Generation, in a collection that includes the tales, Restoration, The Sorrows of the Empire, and The Worst of All Worlds.

ORDER # SJR-38   $27-00   ISBN 1416524592 


Ink: The Book of All Hours:  Duncan, Hal.

In the sequel to Vellum, the angels of the Covenant race against time to bring order to the chaos of the Vellum worlds, caught in the eternal battle with the demons of the Sovereign, but neither side is prepared for Mad Jack Carter and his crew, who are willing to take on all comers to achieve their goals.

ORDER # SJR-39   $29-00   ISBN 0345487338 


The Long Twilight and Other Stories:  Laumer, Keith. Ed by Eric Flint.

Two full-length classic novels - The Long Twilight, in which long-time enemies Grayle and Falconer meet in a final confrontation that threatens the very existence of Earth, and Night of Delusion, in which a detective's investigation alters the very fabric of reality - come together in a volume that includes three other short novels.

ORDER # SJR-40   $25-00   ISBN 1416521097 


Lurulu:  Vance, Jack.

Continues the adventures of Myron Tany, a rebellious member of a wealthy family, who tours the Galaxy on an interstellar freighter alongside a crew of actors, musicians, thieves, and other questionable characters.

ORDER # SJR-41   $25-00   ISBN 0312872798 


The Plot to Save Socrates:  Levinson, Paul.

Reading a new Socratic dialogue that reflects a time traveler's argument with the great philosopher that he can escape death by traveling to the future, graduate student Sierra is astonished when the elderly scholar who showed her the document disappears, an event that prompts her search for answers through time with the help of her boyfriend, Max.

ORDER # SJR-42   $27-00   ISBN 0765311976 


Protector of the Flight:  Owens, Robin D.

When a tragic accident transports her to another world called Lladrana, a magical earth threatened by evil, Calli Torcher, using her extraordinary bond with horses, fulfils her destiny as a hero and finally finds a place to call home.

ORDER # SJR-43   $27-00   ISBN 0373802641 


Every Inch a King:  Turtledove, Harry.

Discovering that he has a doppelgänger, Prince Halim Eddin, an ambitious Otto of Schlepsig, tired of his career with a third-rate circus, sets out for Shqiperi, where Prince Halim has been invited to become the next king, in order to assume the throne for himself, braving the perils of the ocean, monsters, pirates, and the suspicions of his new subjects along the way.

ORDER # SJR-44   $25-00   ISBN 0345487362 


The Fair Folk: Six Tales of the Fey:  Kaye, Marvin, ed.

A collection of six tales features fairy characters ranging from fair folk to sinister fey and includes the stories "The Kelpie" by Patricia A. McKillip, "Except the Queen" by Jane Yolen and Midori Snyder, and "UOUS" by Tanith Lee.

ORDER # SJR-45   $27-00   ISBN 044101481X 


Memory & Dream:  de Lint, Charles.

From her mentor, Vincent Rushkin, Isabell Copley had learned to paint vivid images of creatures that literally come to life, a talent that had led to unexpected tragedy, but years after these creatures have ruined her life, Isabelle returns to painting, haunted by memories, dreams, and the threat of her mentor's return.

ORDER # SJR-46   $29-00   ISBN 0765316781 


A Pound of Flesh:  Wright, Susan.

A former pleasure slave, Marja joins forces with her former master, Lexander, to free all slaves by destroying pleasure houses around the world, but when Marja disguises herself as a slave to infiltrate a series of training houses to sow the seeds of revolution, her mission could cost her the man she loves.

ORDER # SJR-47   $25-00   ISBN 0451461274 


Time's Child:  Ore, Rebecca.

No Picture Available

In a pandemic-ravaged Earth three hundred years in the future, the Philadelphia National Reserve uses a time machine to salvage history's most intellectual and skilled leaders, including a fifteenth-century peasant war maiden whose efforts to collect her fellow icons have unforeseen consequences.

ORDER # SJR-48   $27-00   ISBN 0380792524 


Hardcover Titles
Ysabel:  Kay, Guy Gavriel.

While his famed photographer father works to record Saint-Saveur Cathedral of Aix-en-Provence, Ned Marriner wanders the halls and rooms of the ancient structure, uncovering some of the many secrets of the monument and discovering that it is not as empty as it appears.

ORDER # SJR-49   $45-00   ISBN 0451461290 


Beyond the Gap:  Turtledove, Harry.

When news arrives of a narrow gap in the seemingly impregnable and endless wall of ice in the great Glacier near the city of Nidaros, Count Hamnet Thyssen and his companions venture deep into a dangerous and unexplored world on a perilous search for an ancient legend about a Golden Shrine and other lands beyond the ice.

ORDER # SJR-50   $45-00   ISBN 0765317109 


Command Decision (Vatta's War: 04):  Moon, Elizabeth.

With most of her family dead, slaughtered in a series of brutal attacks aimed at destroying the Vatta interstellar shipping empire, Kylara Vatta struggles to rebuild her family business and recruit allies to her cause, working to bring together a ragtag group of traders to strike back against an entire fleet of pirates.

ORDER # SJR-51   $45-00   ISBN 0345491599 


Deliverer:  Cherryh, C.J.

While the world of the atevi fragments into two antagonistic political camps, eight-year-old Cajeiri, the heir of Tabini-aiji - and the first atevi to have an understanding of the humans - becomes a target for those who oppose his father's rule.

ORDER # SJR-52   $46-00   ISBN 0756404142 


Echoes of an Alien Sky:  Hogan, James P.

Eighteen years after the first manned mission from Venus lands on an Earth that had become extinct eons before, Kyal Reen, a member of the Venusian scientific and archaeological team, struggles to reconstruct the ancient history of the mysterious long-lost Terrans, working with a biologist named Lorili, who hopes to prove a relationship between the inhabitants of the two planets.

ORDER # SJR-53   $43-00   ISBN 1416521089 


The Elysium Commission:  Modesitt, L.E., Jr.

A talented problem-solver-for-hire, Blaine Donne is called in to investigate a series of seemingly unrelated mysteries linked to an enigmatic woman of unlimited resources, with no ties to the past or present, and discovers a link to a utopian world in an alternate universe, two mysterious heiresses, and a threatened interstellar war.

ORDER # SJR-54   $45-00   ISBN 0765317206 


The Sam Gunn Omnibus:  Bova, Ben.

An omnibus anthology brings together the complete adventures of Sam Gunn, a visionary astronaut, scoundrel, and venture capitalist, as he comes to the aid of twin sisters trapped in the "virtual sex" trade, prepares to sue the Pope, and goes on trial for his life on charges of interplanetary genocide, in a volume that includes three tales never-before-collected in book form.

ORDER # SJR-55   $52-00   ISBN 076531617X 


Sixty Days and Counting:  Robinson, Kim Stanley.

In the conclusion of a trilogy that began with Forty Signs of Rain and Fifty Degrees Below, humankind races against time to prevent or control the repercussions of a series of international disasters, including global warming and environmental instability, before it is too late.

ORDER # SJR-56   $45-00   ISBN 0553803131 


Lord of the Silent Kingdom (The Instrumentalities of the Night: 02):  Cook, Glen.

A survivor of a battle with the Instrumentalities, the former Else Tage, now known as Piper Hecht, is now a captain-general of the armies of Patriarch Sublime V and sets out to enlist the assistance of legendary sorcerer Cloven Februaren in the battle against the dynastic politics of the Empire and the machinations of the old gods, in the sequel to The Tyranny of the Night.

ORDER # SJR-57   $48-00   ISBN 0765306859 


By Slanderous Tongues:  Lackey, Mercedes & Gellis, Roberta.

In the epic sequel to Ill Met by Moonlight, in the wake of Henry VIII's death, a young Princess Elizabeth is confronted by enemies - both human and supernatural - who will do anything to keep her from the throne of England.

ORDER # SJR-58   $45-00   ISBN 1416521070 


Un Lun Dun:  Miéville, China.

Stumbling into an alternate funhouse version of her home city, twelve-year-old Londoner Deeba finds herself trapped in a world of killer giraffes, animated umbrellas, ghost children, and flying double-decker buses and menaced by a choking black smog, and is forced to take on the role of unlikely savior to prevent utter destruction.

ORDER # SJR-59   $33-00   ISBN 0345495160 


Weavers of War (Winds of the Forelands: 05):  Coe, David

In the epic conclusion of the Winds of the Forelands series, Dusaan, a Weaver of the Qirsi people, uses his ability to bind the magic of many Qirsi together into a single potent weapon to seize control of the Empire and to unite his allies from other realms into a powerful and unbeatable force.

ORDER # SJR-60   $47-00   ISBN 0765312468 


Mistress of Winter:  Carwyn, Giles & Fahnestock, Todd.

No Picture Available

Heartbroken when her beloved Brophy awakens from a curse only to abandon her in favor of Arefaine Morgeon's plot to restore the notorious City of Sorcerers, concubine-sorceress Shara is seduced into a deadly confrontation with a pain-hungry mage.

ORDER # SJR-61   $47-00   ISBN 006082977X 


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