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Babylon A.D:  Dantec, Maurice G.

In a near-future world plagued by war and disaster, Toroop, a mercenary, is given the perilous task of escorting a mysterious young woman from Russia to Canada, only to discover that his charge is no ordinary woman but instead is carrying a mutant embryo that could change the world. Originally published as Babylon Babies.

ORDER # S708-1   $14-50   ISBN 0345505972


Mass Effect: Ascension:  Karpyshyn, Drew.

In the sequel to Mass Effect: Revelation, humankind once again battles a ruthless race of machines intent on harvesting all organic life, in an official novel based on the blockbuster videogame from Bioware.

ORDER # S708-2   $14-50   ISBN 0345498526


The Accidental Time Machine:  Haldeman, Joe.

Working as a lowly research assistant at MIT, grad-school dropout Matt Fuller is working on a project to measure quantum forces related to time changes in gravity and electromagnetic force when his calibrator is transformed into a time machine, which Matt decides to use to escape his dead-end job and a romantic break-up.

ORDER # S708-3   $14-50   ISBN 0441016162


Battle for the Abyss (The Horus Heresy):  Counter, Ben.

With news of Horus's treachery revealed, loyalist Astartes discovers that the Wordbearers are sending a fleet to Ultramar, home of the Ultramarines, and risks everything to defend them against the doomsday ship plotting their destruction.

ORDER # S708-4   $14-50   ISBN 1844165493


Angels of Darkness (Warhammer 40,000):  Thorpe, Gav.

No Picture Availabel

Despite their devotion to the Imperium, the Dark Angels Space Marines fall under suspicion because of the secretive nature of their chapter, but when an Interrogator-Chaplain investigates, horrific secrets that stretch back in time more than ten thousand years to the Horus Heresy could be unleashed on an unsuspecting present.

ORDER # S708-5   $14-50   ISBN 1844165701


The X-Files: I Want to Believe:  Collins, Max Allan.

No Picture Availabel

FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully return in an action-packed investigation that brings them face to face with the mysteries of the paranormal. Original. (A Twentieth Century Fox film, written by Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz, directed by Chris Carter)

ORDER # S708-6   $14-50   ISBN 0061687715


Greater Than the Sum (STNG):  Bennett, Christopher L.

Hoping to eliminate the Borg threat for all time, Starfleet Command sends Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise across the galaxy to stop the Einstein, a Starfleet science vessel that has been assimilated by the Borg, before the ship can rejoin the rest of the collective and prevent the Borg from gaining access to quantum slipstream technology.

ORDER # S708-7   $14-50   ISBN 1416571329


Exceptions to Reality:  Foster, Alan Dean.

A new collection of short science fiction tales from the author of Trouble Magnet and Running from the Deity features "Basted," "The Panhandler," "The Killing of Bad Bull," "At Sea," and "Growth," a never-before-published adventure featuring Flinx and his mindrag Pip.

ORDER # S708-8   $14-50   ISBN 0345496043


Invasive Procedures:  Card, Orson Scott

In a near future world in which genetic therapy holds both great promise and deadly dangers, Frank Hartman, a brilliant virologist working for the government's top-secret biohazard agency, is the only man capable of stopping George Galen, a pioneering geneticist who has come up with a way to "improve" humans by making them stronger, healthier, and compliant to his will.

ORDER # S708-9   $14-50   ISBN 0765352826


The Last Colony:  Scalzi, John.

Serving his human colony on distant Huckleberry as a village ombudsman, retired fighter John Perry looks forward to settling into farm life with his wife and adopted daughter before he is reluctantly drawn back into the dangerous interstellar politics of his past, in the sequel to Old Man's War and The Ghost Brigades.

ORDER # S708-10   $14-50   ISBN 076535618X


Now and Forever: Somewhere a Band Is Playing & Leviathan '99:  Bradbury, Ray.

A two-in-one volume by the Academy Award-nominated writer includes the novellas Somewhere a Band Is Playing, in which a young writer discovers that all is not as it seems in a nostalgic community, and Leviathan '99, in which Ishmael Hunnicut Jones prepares for a first interstellar hunt.

ORDER # S708-11   $14-50   ISBN 0061131571


Omega Games: A Stardoc Novel:  Viehl, S. L.

Following the trail of a mysterious black crystal, which is spreading like cancer throughout the galaxy, Dr. Cherijo Torin, along with her husband, is marooned on the planet Trellus, a world under quarantine where its colonists display excessive paranoia and violence.

ORDER # S708-12   $14-50   ISBN 0451462246


Other Times Than Peace:  Drake, David.

A collection of military science fiction tales journeys to the past, present, and future as it chronicles the exploits of a squadron of space fighter pilots who are lost in an interstellar void when their mother ship is destroyed, a Roman soldier who must destroy a usurper who is a figurehead for alien invaders, and two Vietnam vets who battle an insectoid horror, among others.

ORDER # S708-13   $14-50   ISBN 1416555668


Plague War:  Carlson, Jeff.

As the remnants of humanity cling to life on isolate mountain peaks around the world after a nanotech virus ravages the Earth, nanotech researcher Ruth Goldman develops a vaccine to inoculate the survivors against the plague, but the government will stop at nothing to keep it for itself.

ORDER # S708-14   $14-50   ISBN 0441016170


The Third Lynx:  Zahn, Timothy.

After saving the galaxy in Night Train to Rigel, former government agent Frank Compton races against time to stop the Modhri, an ancient, telepathically linked intelligence that has possessed unwitting hosts, and its secret war against galactic civilizations linked by the Quadrail, but his quest is threatened by a secret agent who suspects him of murder.

ORDER # S708-15   $14-50   ISBN 0765356694


Third Watch (Acorna's Children):  McCaffrey, Anne & Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann. 

A conclusion to the series that began with First Warning and Second Wave finds the rebellious Khorii risking everything in order to protect the universe from a mysterious plague-spreading enemy, an effort that is compromised by threats closer to home.

ORDER # S708-16   $14-50   ISBN 0060525436


We the Underpeople:  Smith, Cordwainer.

C'Mell, the catwoman leader of the Underpeople - humanlike beings created from animals to perform the work in the utopia ruled by the mysterious Lords of the Instrumentality - joins forces with Rod McBain, a young man from Norstrilia who owns the planet Earth, to take on the Instrumentality in an epic struggle to gain freedom, in a volume that contains the classic novel Norstrilia, among other tales.

ORDER # S708-17   $14-50   ISBN 1416555676


Cast in Courtlight (Chronicles of Elantra): Sagara, Michelle

After she successfully completes a perilous task, Teela must now enter a realm of deceit and treachery known as the Barrani High Court where she must save the life of the High Lord's heir, which, she soon learns, is only the beginning of her mission.

ORDER # S708-18   $14-50   ISBN 037380282X


A Companion to Wolves:  Monette, Sarah 

A young nobleman chosen to become a wolfcarl, a warrior bonded to a fighting wolf, Isolfr is bound to Viradechtis, a queen wolf, as they confront a powerful force of trolls, wyverns, and other supernatural creatures that threatens the complaisant human holdings.

ORDER # S708-19   $14-50   ISBN 076535778X


Cast in Secret:  Sagara, Michelle.

Still avoiding her magic lessons, a woman is delighted to be investigating a normal theft, until she discovers that the mysterious ancient box may have ties to the world of magic and to a lost young girl whose image she sees in a reflective pool.

ORDER # S708-20   $14-50   ISBN 0373802838


Darkness of the Light (Hidden Earth Chronicles):  David, Peter.

On the Damned World - a planet once known as "Earth" - twelve different races of beings, including Vampires, Mermen, Cyclopes, and a nearly extinct humankind, have battled for control and survival for eons, until those sick of war, fear, and death band together to seek a legendary Orb of Light that they hope can bring peace to their world.

ORDER # S708-21   $14-50   ISBN 0765350335


Cry Wolf: An Alpha and Omega Novel:  Briggs, Patricia.

Anna, after three years at the bottom of the pack, has learned never to trust dominant males, until Charles Cornick, the enforcer and leader of the North American werewolves, declares her as his mate, revealing her true destiny as a rare and valued Omega wolf.

ORDER # S708-22   $14-50   ISBN 0441016154


Deepwood (Karavans: 02):  Roberson, Jennifer.

Fleeing their war-ravaged homeland, Audrun, Davyn, and their four children join a karavan headed toward a haven of peace where diviners have said their fifth child must be born, but before they can safely reach their destination, they are overtaken and separated by the deepwood, a magical and unstable realm filled with lost souls.

ORDER # S708-23   $14-50   ISBN 0756404827


Death March (The Stonetellers):  Rabe, Jean.

Escaping from the slave pens of a Dark Knight mining camp, Direfang the hobgoblin is transformed into the reluctant leader of growing goblin army and - aided by Mudwort the shaman and the Dark Knight wizard Grallik - sets out on a suicidal quest to the Qualinesti Forest, with his former Dark Knight captors in hot pursuit.

ORDER # S708-24   $14-50   ISBN 0786949171


The Devil You Know:  Black, Jenna.

With a full-scale demon war igniting around her, exorcist Morgan Kingsley finds herself tormented by a shocking family secret that could change everything she has ever believed, as she becomes the target of The Hunter, a rogue sociopathic demon that has targeted her as his prey.

ORDER # S708-25   $14-50   ISBN 0553590456


The Doom of Kings:  Bassingthwaite, Don.

With its ruling warlord, Lhesh Haruuc, growing old, Darguun, a nation of goblins, is erupting into battles for control, as Lhesh Haruuc, aided by Geth, a lordless shifter, seeks out an ancient relic with the power to unite his people.

ORDER # S708-26   $14-50   ISBN 078694918X


Elves of Cintra (Genesis of Shannara):  Brooks, Terry

In a devastated world in which only a few imbued with magical gifts stand against the forces of evil, one hero flees Seattle with a group of orphaned street kids, another leads a group to the Oregon wilderness to meet the long-hidden Elves of Cintra, and the mystical King of the Silver River promises safety for humans and elves if they can reach his protection.

ORDER # S708-27   $14-50   ISBN 0345484134


Enchantment Place:  Little, Denise, ed.

Featuring contributions from Mary Jo Putney, Jody Lynn Nye, Laura Resnick, and Peter Morwood, among others, this magical collection of brand new stories centers around the opening of a new mall, called Enchantment Place, that is filled with one-of-a-kind specialty stores that cater to a unique clientele.

ORDER # S708-28   $14-50   ISBN 0756405106


Forged by Fire (Dragon Temple Sage: 03):  Cross, Janine.

Securing a dragon estate for herself despite the laws that forbid women to own property, Zarq Darquel is forced to abandon her home to journey deep into the jungle, accompanied by some of the female dragons from her estate, in search of an ancient dragon secret that will give her the power to overthrow Kratt and the corrupt Dragon Temple.

ORDER # S708-29   $14-50   ISBN 0451461428


Gale Force: A Weather Warden Novel:  Caine, Rachel.

Newly engaged to her Djinn lover, Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin finds her premarital bliss shattered when a freakish earthquake, caused by an unimaginable force, hits Florida.

ORDER # S708-30   $14-50   ISBN 0451462238


Passage to Dawn (Legend of Drizzt: 10):  Salvatore, R. A.

Forced to end his carefree life aboard the Sea Sprite by a cryptic poem and a miscast spell, Drizzt and his companions journey from the Sword Coast to the Shining Mountains, where the renegade dark elf and friends forge new alliances, renew old friendships, and battle an evil that seeks to destroy them and their loved ones.

ORDER # S708-31   $14-50   ISBN 0786949112


The Mirador:  Monette, Sarah.

In a continuation of the series that began with Mélusine and The Virtu, wizard Felix Harrowgate returns to the Mirador, the citadel of power and wizardry, unaware that enemies from the Bastion, a rival school of wizards, plan to use him to destroy the Mirador, unless Felix's half-brother, Mildmay the Fox, can stop them.

ORDER # S708-32   $14-50   ISBN 0441016189


Queen of Wolves (The Vampyricon):  Clegg, Douglas

After rescuing Pythia, the creature who had transformed him into a vampire, Aleric follows her back to the land of the Saracens, where he must raise an army and undertake his destined role as the Messiah of the Damned to lead the undead in an epic confrontation with the Mother of Darkness and her minions, including his lost love, Enora.

ORDER # S708-33   $14-50   ISBN 0441016200


Path of Revenge:  Kirkpatrick, Russell.

Seventy years after the end of the Faltha War, Husk, the remnant of a once powerful magician defeated by the Undying Man, Lord of Bhrudwo, plots his revenge as he manipulates three unwitting individuals to bring him the three things he needs to achieve his goal - the stone, the blood, and a hand of hate.

ORDER # S708-34   $14-50   ISBN 0316007153


Red Seas Under Red Skies:  Lynch, Scott.

In the sequel to The Lies of Locke Lamora, wily con artist Locke Lamora has come up with an ingenious scheme targeting Sinspire, a nine-story palace of gambling and all forms of debauchery in the exotic city of Tal Verrar, but somehow the con does not go as planned.

ORDER # S708-35   $14-50   ISBN 0553588958


The Sleeping God:  Malan, Violette.

After mercenaries Dhulyn Wolfshead and Parno Lionsmane, masters of weapons and martial arts, save one of the Marked, who is gifted with special powers, they take on a seemingly simple assignment that leads them into a deadly trap.

ORDER # S708-36   $14-50   ISBN 0756404843


Soul of Fire:  Hoyt, Sarah A.

A British aristocrat and were-dragon, Peter Farewell journeys to India with the goal of recovering the Soul of Fire, a magical ruby of untold power, only to become caught up in the country's simmering rebellion, until he rescues Sofie Warington, a young woman fleeing an unwanted arranged marriage, whose dowry, unbeknownst to them, contains the missing gem.

ORDER # S708-37   $14-50   ISBN 0553589679


Storm Born:  Mead, Richelle.

When Eugenie Markham, a powerful shaman and mercenary, is hired to find a teenager who has been taken to the Otherworld, she, while dealing with demon assassins, a seductive fairy king, and a gorgeous shape-shifter, uncovers dark secrets about her past that could destroy the world.

ORDER # S708-38   $14-50   ISBN 1420100963


Witch:  Brennan, Marie.

In the sequel to Warrior, Mirei's discovery that by merging with - rather than killing - her doppelganger she can enhance her powers has the witches of Starfall in an uproar, and they launch a campaign against Mirei, capturing her fellow hunter and friend, Eclipse, and forcing him to kill her, or pay with his life. Originally published as Warrior and Witch.

ORDER # S708-39   $14-50   ISBN 0316027065


Warrior:  Brennan, Marie.

In order to master her full powers, Miry is forced to seek out and destroy someone in the world who looks just like her, a doppelganger called Mirage, a bounty hunter who possesses lethal fighting skills, which could prove to be no match against the forces of magic. Originally published as Doppelganger.

ORDER # S708-40   $14-50   ISBN 0316027057


Worldbinder (The Runelords: 06):  Farland, David.

In the sequel to Sons of the Oak, Fallion and Jaz, the sons of the Earth King Gaborn, are secretly living as fugitives in their own kingdom, hiding from the evil supernatural invaders that control their land and waiting for a time that they can regain their rightful position, until Fallion's actions have unexpected repercussions for all.

ORDER # S708-41   $14-50   ISBN 0765355841


Large Size Paperbacks
The Darker Mast: Heroes from the Shadow:  Chambers, Christopher, eds.

A collection of original short works by some of today's most cutting-edge urban fantasy and crime writers includes contributions by such authors as Walter Mosley, L. A. Banks, Lorenzo Carcaterra, Tananarive Due, Alexandra Sokoloff, Victor LaValle.

ORDER # S708-42   $18-90   ISBN 0765318512 


Fatal Revenant: Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant:  Donaldson, Stephen R.

A sequel to The Runes of the Earth finds Linden Avery returning to the Land in search of her kidnapped mentally ill son, whom she discovers fully healed and at the side of her believed-dead beloved Thomas Covenant leading an attack on Revelstone.

ORDER # S708-43   $21-90   ISBN 0441016057 


Star Wars: The Clone Wars:  Traviss, Karen.

No Picture Availabel

The Jedi Knights lead the battle against a powerful droid army of separatists, while Anakin Skywalker mentors his first Padawan, a girl named Ahsoka, while learning the skills of a warrior and becoming a hero of the Clone Wars, in a novelization of a new television animated feature film and series.

ORDER # S708-44   $28-90   ISBN 034550898X 


Hell and Earth: A Novel of the Promethean Age:  Bear, Elizabeth.

No Picture Availabel

Employed by the Promethean Club, Kit Marley must draw on all the magic in his control when some of the Prometheans, including England's most powerful mages and aristocrats, conspire to usurp the throne from Quen Elizabeth, in the sequel to Ink and Steel.

ORDER # S708-45   $18-90   ISBN 0451462181 


Jimmy the Hand (Legends of the Riftwar: 03):  Feist, Raymond E.

Making an enemy in the corrupt Duke Guy, Jimmy the Hand, the boy thief of Krondor, is forced to flee Krondor in order to survive but hides in the rural enclave of Land's End, where he plans Guy's downfall and the rescue of his fellow Mockers.

ORDER # S708-46   $18-90   ISBN 0060792949 


Marion Zimmer Bradley's Ravens of Avalon:  Paxson, Diana

A prequel to Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Forest House follows the story of the Roman conquest of Britain, a tale in which a Celtic princess becomes her people's defender against brutal conquerors while her priestess mentor becomes a guardian of Druid traditions.

ORDER # S708-47   $21-90   ISBN 0451462114 


Pandemonium:  Gregory, Daryl.

In a strange world in which entities - including pop-cultural avatars such as Truth, The Captain, and Little Angel - possess ordinary men, women, and children, Del Pierce is desperate to escape the entity known as the Hellion that is trapped inside his head and struggling to escape, only to discover that he may hold the key to eliminating the plague of possession forever.

ORDER # S708-48   $17-90   ISBN 0345501160 


The Age of the Conglomerates:  Nevins, Thomas.

Four individuals - an elderly couple deemed a burden to society and shipped to a government-run community in the Southwest; their granddaughter, head of genetic engineering at a New York medical center; and her sister, forced to live in the city underground - struggle to survive in a near-future America run by The Conglomerate in the wake of economic and social collapse.

ORDER # S708-49   $18-90   ISBN 0375503919 


Ketos:  Palmer, Philip.

Trapped on a planet with an uninhabitable sea after rebelling against their oppressors, a species of sea-dwelling humans is thrown into chaos by a failed assassination attempt that prompts a violent crackdown against terrorist forces that would prevent sea colonization.

ORDER # S708-50   $17-90   ISBN 0316018937 


Between Planets:  Heinlein, Robert A.

A revolution on Venus, sparked by governmental disregard for the rights of the individual, forces Don Harvey, a young citizen of the Interplanetary Federation, to come to terms with his own sense of allegiance.

ORDER # S708-51   $17-90   ISBN 1416555641 


Star Wars: The Dark Lord Trilogy:  Luceno, James & Stover, Matthew.

In Labyrinth of Evil, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker search for the evil Darth Sidious and are trapped in a web of lies, betrayal, and intrigue; Anakin Skywalker struggles his duty as a Jedi Knight and role as the secret husband of Senator Padmé Amidala in Revenge of the Sith; and Anakin deals with his new role as Darth Vader in Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader.

ORDER # S708-52   $28-90   ISBN 0345485386 


Worlds Apart: An Anthology of Russian Fantasy and Science Fiction:  Levitzky, Alexander, ed, trans

Featuring examples from a wide range of folk sources and periods, a collection of Russian science fiction and fantasy tales includes pieces by such top names as Pushkin, Turgenev, and Dostoevsky and offers insight into how the genre evolved throughout times of political, social, and technological upheaval.

ORDER # S708-53   $34-90   ISBN 1585678201 


Hardcover Titles
Exile and Glory:  Pournelle, Jerry.

Far above a stagnating and corrupt Earth, a group of courageous men and women - dedicated anti-corruption activist Aneas MacKenzie; Laurie Jo Hansen, owner of a multinational corporation; Kevin Senecal, caught between the law and a juvie gang; and Ellen Macmillan, a young woman on a secret mission - seeks their future in the ultimate freedom of space.

ORDER # S708-54   $33-90   ISBN 1416555633 


City at the End of Time:  Bear, Greg.

Unable to recall anything about their own pasts, three young people living in modern-day Seattle share a disturbing vision of a far-future, decaying cityscape and are each drawn into a desperate mission to preserve their own universe and to pass important knowledge onto a new universe that is in the process of being born.

ORDER # S708-55   $39-90   ISBN 0345448391 


Harmony:  Bentley, C.F.

Isolated from the rest of the universe, the world of Harmony and its close-knit colony planets are drawn into the conflict between the human-based Confederate Star System and the alien Marillon Empire, with their unique natural resources at stake, while Harmony is confronted by its own internal dissention in which one young woman may hold the key to salvation - or destruction.

ORDER # S708-56   $36-90   ISBN 0756404851 


Juggler of Worlds:  Niven, Larry & Lerner, Edward M.

In a tale set two centuries before the discovery of the Ringworld, covert agent Sigmund Ausfaller protects humanity by exposing dangerous plots with his paranoid skills but meets his match in Puppeteers representative Nessus, who schemes with the help of the planet's adversaries and traitors.

ORDER # S708-57   $36-90   ISBN 0765318261 


The Last Centurion:  Ringo, John.

In the wake of dual catastrophes that strike Earth in the second decade of the twenty-first century - a mini ice age and a devastating plague - an American Army officer who becomes known as "Bandit Six" becomes caught up in the desperate struggle to rebuild the world and prevent the ultimate fall of his homeland.

ORDER # S708-58   $36-90   ISBN 1416555536 


Mars Life:  Bova, Ben.

Discovering the remains of a civilization that prove that intelligent life had existed on Mars millions of years earlier, scientists Jamie Waterman and Carter Carleton struggle to protect Mars funding in the face of ultra-conservatives that fear the Mars findings will compromise their religious beliefs.

ORDER # S708-59   $36-90   ISBN 0765317877 


Marsbound:  Haldeman, Joe.

Joining her family as a colonist on Mars, rebellious young Carmen Dula ventures alone out into the harsh Martian landscape, where an accident nearly claims her life and she is rescued by a mysterious alien being that wants her to warn the new human inhabitants of the planet that others had arrived first. By the Nebula Award-winning author of Camouflage.

ORDER # S708-60   $35-90   ISBN 0441015956 


Pirate Sun (Virga: 03):  Schroeder, Karl.

Unexpectedly rescued after being captured by his enemies, warship admiral Chaison Fanning returns to his home city to confront the ruler who betrayed him and reclaim his subversive wife, an endeavor throughout which he retains the key to his world's artificial sun.

ORDER # S708-61   $37-90   ISBN 0765315459 


Sly Mongoose:  Buckell, Tobias S.

Working as a scavenger on a hostile planet with corrosive rain and deadly heat, fourteen-year-old Timas finds his life thrown into turmoil by the crash-landing of a mysterious stranger who bears a warning that an alien intelligence is coming to invade the planet.

ORDER # S708-62   $37-90   ISBN 0765319209 


Zoe's Tale: An Old Man's War Novel:  Scalzi, John.

A seventeen-year-old colonist stranded on a deadly pioneer world recounts the tale of how she became a pawn in a dangerous interstellar confrontation during which she was forced to use her wits and make terrible sacrifices in order to save the human race.

ORDER # S708-63   $36-90   ISBN 0765316986 


Dark Vengeance:  Greenwood, Ed.

Forced to slave as a forge worker for a dark elf family after being captured in childhood, Orivon Firefist rises up against his underworld captors when he reaches adulthood and successfully returns to the surface world, where he plans vengeance against humanity's oppressors.

ORDER # S708-64   $36-90   ISBN 0765317664 


Divine Talisman (Legend of Asahiel: 03):  Thompson, E.

Losing the Crimson Sword in their attempt to continue the late Torin's efforts to unite their kingdom against a dire enemy, his best friend and former bride are unaware that Torin has been resuscitated by their enemy and possessed by an evil force.

ORDER # S708-65   $37-90   ISBN 0060741546 


The Gypsy Morph (Genesis of Shannara):  Brooks, Terry.

With the fall of the last cities, demons and other minions of the dark roam the ravaged landscape of the former United States, while a small band of survivors - the Elves of Cintra, a ragtag group of human children, and their protectors, including two Knights of the Word - journeys northward toward a safe haven, led by a boy named Hawk, the legendary gypsy morph.

ORDER # S708-66   $39-90   ISBN 0345484142 


The Gargoyle:  Davidson, Andrew.

Awakening in a burn ward after being horribly burned over much of his body after a terrible car accident, the cynical narrator is visited by a beautiful and enigmatic sculptress of gargoyles who tells him that they had once been lovers in medieval Germany and spins a tale of deathless love.

ORDER # S708-67   $38-90   ISBN 0385524943 


A Reader's Guide to R.A. Salvatore's The Legend of Drizzt:  Salvatore, R.A. Illus by Todd Lockwood. 

Honoring the twentieth anniversary of fantasy fiction's most popular character, a definitive overview of R.A. Salvatore's Dark Elf saga follows Drizzt Do'Urden as he battles his way from the monster-infested evil of the Underdark to forge a new life on the surface world, struggling with his own inner demons and the prejudices of others to become a hero. Illustrations.

ORDER # S708-68   $36-90   ISBN 0786949155 


Ill Met in the Arena:  Duncan, Dave.

In a supernatural world where men of incredible strength compete in gladiatorial contests to marry psychic women of high rank, a powerful teen sets out to identify the origins of the mysterious fighter Quirt, a quest that results in unexpected consequences.

ORDER # S708-69   $36-90   ISBN 0765316870 


Underground: A Greywalker Novel:  Richardson, Kat.

A Greywalker with the ability to negotiate the shadowy realm between the living world and the paranormal, private detective Harper Blaine investigates the mutilation murders of Pioneer Square's homeless population and the appearance of zombies roaming the underground beneath Seattle, only to come face to face with a monstrous creature of ancient legend.

ORDER # S708-70   $34-90   ISBN 0451462122 


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