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Blood of the Heroes:  White, Steve.

Getting tired of his job nursemaiding scholarly parties through Earth's history, Jason Thanou of the Temporal Regulatory Authority gets more than he had bargained for when he is assigned to accompany gorgeous Doctor Deirdre Sadaka-Ramirez on a trip to Bronze Age Greece and discovers that there is more to the ancient myths than he had ever expected.

ORDER # S707-1   $15-90   ISBN 1416521437 


Resident Evil: Extinction:  DeCandido, Keith R.A.

Escaping through the wastelands of the United States in a desperate attempt to reach Alaska, Alice and her fellow survivor, Carlos Olivera, join forces with a group of humans led by Claire Redfield, as they are hunted by the deadly minions of the scheming Dr. Isaacs and by the lab rats of the Umbrella Corporation.

ORDER # S707-2   $15-90   ISBN 1416544984 


Dragon and Thief:  Zahn, Timothy.

Framed for a crime he did not commit, Jack Morgan seeks refuge on a distant planet, accompanied by the virtual presence of his late Uncle Virge, a con man, until a battle forces Jack into a symbiotic relationship with the sole survivor, the dragon-like K'da, and the two must track down those responsible for Jack's frame-up and the threatened destruction of the K'da.

ORDER # S707-3   $15-90   ISBN 0765358360 


Candle of Distant Earth (Taken Trilogy: 03):  Foster, Alan

The epic conclusion of the Taken Trilogy, which began with Lost and Found and The Light-Years Beneath My Feet, continues the space adventures of successful commodities broker-turned-alien abductee Marcus Walker and his talking canine companion, George.

ORDER # S707-4   $15-90   ISBN 0345461339 


When the Gods Slept (Timuras Trilogy: 01):  Cole, Allan.

A best-selling author takes readers into a fantastical and deadly realm where they will meet an unforgettable cast of characters.

ORDER # S707-5   $15-90   ISBN 0843959096 


Catch the Lightning:  Asaro,Catherine.

A young girl from present-day Earth is carried into the future to the interstellar Skolian Empire, where she becomes embroiled in a murderous plot to bring down the Empire.

ORDER # S707-6   $15-90   ISBN 0812551028 


Fearful Symmetry (Star Trek: DS9):  Morrow, Leanna.

A sinister plot spanning two alternate realities ensnares the crew of Deep Space Nine, as a Cardassian sleeper agent, Iliana Ghemor, surgically altered to resemble Bajoran resistance fighter Kira Nerys, resurfaces, and the crew must stop her before she can kill Kira and destroy the course of history that both universes require.

ORDER # S707-7   $15-90   ISBN 1416527133 


The Gangster Conspiracy:  Bunch, Chris

When the Star Risk, Ltd. security team is hired by Reverend Josiah Williams, who represents a group of oppressed union workers from the Artegal System, to put a stranglehold on all shipping in the area, they wonder if they will be able to stay alive long enough to cash the check.

ORDER # S707-8   $15-90   ISBN 0451461622 


In Fury Born:  Weber, David.

When her world is destroyed by seemingly unstoppable planet pirates and her family is slaughtered, former commando leader Alicia De Vries turns pirate herself, steals a cutting-edge ship from the Empire, and launches a campaign to seek revenge on those responsible, only to find that her fellow veterans are equally determined to stop her, in an expanded new version of the classic novel Path of the Fury.

ORDER # S707-9   $15-90   ISBN 1416521313 


Little Fuzzy:  Piper, H. Beam.

When the Zarathustra Company takes over a supposedly uninhabited planet, reaping it for all that it is worth, Jack Holloway, a sunstone prospector, and his family of Fuzzies are determined to save this world from utter destruction, in a new edition of the 1963 Hugo-nominated classic.

ORDER # S707-10   $15-90   ISBN 0843959118 


Pandora's Gambit (MechWarrior: Dark Age: 27):  Bills, Randall N.

The world of Marik becomes a battleground as three warriors - Anson Marik, Lester Cameron-Jones, and Jessica Marik - vie to restore order to the planet, proving that they will do anything to further their causes.

ORDER # S707-11   $15-90   ISBN 0451461657 


Plague Year:  Carlson, Jeff.

When the nanotechnology designed to fight cancer evolves into a machine plague, killing nearly five billion people, a group of survivors, struggling to stay alive, places their faith in a top nanotech researcher who has discovered the plague's one weakness.

ORDER # S707-12   $15-90   ISBN 044101514X 


Sun of Suns:  Schroeder, Karl.

A bitter and friendless young man who has been living with pirates, Hayden Griffin journeys to the city of Rush in the nation of Slipstream to seek revenge for the deaths of his parents when his home nation of Aerie was conquered by Admiral Chaison Fanning, leader of the fleet of Slipstream, in the first volume in a futuristic adventure series.

ORDER # S707-13   $15-90   ISBN 0765354535 


A Thousand Words for Stranger:  Czerneda, Julie E.

Alone on the planet of Auord with no memory of who she is, Sira is forced to accept the protection of the enigmatic Captain Morgan long enough to regain her telepathic powers and rescue her own beleaguered race, in a tenth anniversary edition of the popular science fiction novel.

ORDER # S707-14   $15-90   ISBN 0756404584 


True Colors (Star Wars: Republic Commando):  Traviss, Karen.

In the sequel to Hard Contact and Triple Zero, the Republic's warriors struggle to crush the Separatists, but a terrifying growing menace threatens their victory, and the members of Omega Squad make a devastating discovery that shakes their loyalty, threatening to blur the lines between friend and enemy.

ORDER # S707-15   $15-90   ISBN 0345498003 


Till Human Voices Wake Us:  Budz, Mark.

In the sequel to Idolon, three desperate people, separated by time - a brain-damaged soul in near-future California, a Depression-era San Francisco architect with an inoperable brain tumor, and a post-human space traveller trapped by a cosmic accident - hold the key to preserving the future.

ORDER # S707-16   $15-90   ISBN 0553588516 


Undertow:  Bear, Elizabeth.

On a remoted, frontier planet, hired assassin André Deschęnes wants nothing more than to escape his murderous past and to find someone who can teach him the art of conjuring - the ability to manipulate odds and control probability - only to discover that his latest target is the lover of the one person who can help him escape his past.

ORDER # S707-17   $15-90   ISBN 0553589059 


Pandora's Closet:  Rabe, Jean & Greenberg, Martin H

Featuring contributions from some of fantasy's finest storytellers, this brand-new collection dares to open Pandora's closet, revealing a vast array of magical items, from a Ring that brings its wearer infinite wealth at a terrible price, to a red hoodie that transforms one young woman's entire world.

ORDER # S707-18   $15-90   ISBN 0756404371 


Armageddon's Children (Genesis of Shannara):  Brooks, Terry.

In the first volume in a new fantasy series, in a futuristic world in which civilization hovers on the brink of total collapse, evil forces control the ruins of the former United States, killing and enslaving the survivors, until Logan Tom embarks on a mission to find a group of Seattle street children, one of whom bears a powerful magic that could save the world.

ORDER # S707-19   $15-90   ISBN 034548410X 


A Separate War & Other Stories:  Haldeman, Joe.

Spanning more than thirty-five years in the writing career of the Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author, a collection of short fiction includes fifteen never-before-collected stories that feature such works as his first sold tale, "Out of Phase," and "For White Hill," based on a Shakespeare sonnet.

ORDER # S707-20   $15-90   ISBN 0441015174 


Deceptions (Laws of the Blood):  Sizemore, Susan.

The long-time Enforcer of Washington, D.C., the vampire Olympias is suddenly faced with challenges to her authority as her devoted human servant becomes restless, a secret government project threatens to expose the existence of vampires, and a vengeful old enemy plots to overthrow her.

ORDER # S707-21   $15-90   ISBN 0441009840 


Black Wolf (Sembia: Gateway to the Realms: 04):  Gross, Dave.

Struggling to deal with the lycanthrophy with which he has recently become infected, Talbot is careful to shut himself away during the full moon, until an evil wizard from a rival house, vowing revenge on both Talbot and the entire Uskevren clan, sets out to destroy them all.

ORDER # S707-22   $15-90   ISBN 0786942835 


Fortress of Ice:  Cherryh, C.J.

A new instalment of the popular series that began with Fortress in the Eye of Time follows the newly crowned Cefwyn, whose efforts to rebuild his kingdom are challenged by a sinister force that threatens the land's precarious peace through Cefwyn's own son.

ORDER # S707-23   $15-90   ISBN 0380820250 


The Eunuch's Heir:  Isaak, Elaine.

Carousing and womanising in his ongoing efforts to forget the legacy of his sainted father, pampered prince Wolfram du Rhys finds his carefree days ended by a shattering assassination attempt that forces him to flee to a distant and magical land.

ORDER # S707-24   $15-90   ISBN 0060782595 


King's Property (Queen of the Orcs):  Howell, Morgan.

Bound into slavery to a fearsome regiment of orcs after being betrayed by her family, Dar spends her time learning the culture and language of her orc captors, survives the betrayal of allies and enemies alike, and struggles to understand and master her mystical talent of prophetic visions in order to gain her chance at freedom, in the first volume in a new fantasy trilogy.

ORDER # S707-25   $15-90   ISBN 0345496507 


Inda:  Smith, Sherwood.

Inda, the second son of the Prince and Princess of Choraed Elgaer, is sent to the King's Academy where, while training to become his brother's military champion, he is subjected to cruelty at the hands of the other students and decides to fight back, but this is only the beginning of the trials and betrayals he must face.

ORDER # S707-26   $15-90   ISBN 0756404223 


Low Red Moon:  Kiernan, Caitlin R.

In the sequel to Threshold, Chance and Deacon, now married, work to rebuild their lives, looking forward to a bright future and trying to put the past to rest, until a woman with a need for violence enters their lives, a woman followed by something even more terrifying.

ORDER # S707-27   $15-90   ISBN 0451461649 


The Mirror Prince:  Malan, Violette.

When Max Ravenhill, a history professor, meets Cassandra, he enters the realm of Faerie, where he discovers his true identity as the Prince Guardian and must choose between his old life and becoming someone else to fulfil his destiny as the saviour of the Natural Cycles of the Lands.

ORDER # S707-28   $15-90   ISBN 0756404231 


The Rebellion (The Stonetellers: 01)(Dragonlance):  Rabe, Jean.

When the Dark Knights' mining camp of Steel Town is devastated, destroying both the goblin slaves and their masters, the surviving goblins, led by a determined hobgoblin and a clever shaman, flee the Dark Knights to seek their freedom and a new homeland, unaware that they are being tracked by a dangerous human sorcerer.

ORDER # S707-29   $15-90   ISBN 0786942800 


Mistborn (The Final Empire):  Sanderson, Brandon.

Experiencing an epiphany within the most daunting prison of the monstrous Lord Ruler who has enslaved his people for a thousand years, half-Skaa Kelsier finds himself taking on the powers of a Mistborn and teams up with ragged orphan Vin in a desperate plot to save their world.

ORDER # S707-30   $15-90   ISBN 0765350386 


The Sea Change:  Bray, Patricia.

With his soul magically transplanted into the body of Prince Lucius, the condemned leader of a failed rebellion against the rightful rulers of Ikaria, Josan finds himself the prime suspect in the vicious slaughter of the Ikarian royal family - and the sole remaining legitimate heir to the throne - in the sequel to The First Betrayal.

ORDER # S707-31   $15-90   ISBN 055358877X 


A Shadow in Summer:  Abraham, Daniel.

A business manager, her apprentice, and a pair of outskirters become the only protectors of a financially powerful, technologically advanced city that is being threatened by the conquering armies of Galt, which are plotting against the city's top citizen, the poet-sorcerer Heshai.

ORDER # S707-32   $15-90   ISBN 0765351870 


Sorceror's Moon:  May, Julian.

With his kingdom confronting ruin, King Conrig's only chance for peace lies in the past as he hopes to use his former spy, Deveron Austrey, and his secret magical powers to fend off an invasion, unaware that his long-forgotten first wife will do anything to preserve her son Orion's rights as true heir to the throne of Blenholme.

ORDER # S707-33   $15-90   ISBN 0441015158 


Thin Air (Weather Warden: 06):  Caine, Rachel.

After preventing Mother Earth from destroying the planet, weather warden Joanne Baldwin loses her memories at the hands of a vengeful djinn and, finding her tenuous grip on life slipping fast, must recover her identity before she disappears into thin air.

ORDER # S707-34   $15-90   ISBN 0451461630 


The Virtu:  Monette, Sarah.

A powerful wizard until his former mentor seizes his magic and uses it to shatter the Virtu, an orb that serves as the magical source and protection for the city's wizards, Felix Harrowgate's only chance of reclaiming his power is to restore the Virtu, joining forces with Mildmay the Fox, a cursed assassin and cat-burglar whose fate is linked with that of Felix.

ORDER # S707-35   $15-90   ISBN 0441015166 


Thraxas and the Dance of Death:  Scott, Martin.

In the corrupt, magical city of Turai, portly private detective Thraxas embarks on a search to recover a missing magical jewel, only to come face to face with an insidious and mysterious death that is plaguing the city.

ORDER # S707-36   $15-90   ISBN 1416521445 


Warrior (Wolfblade Trilogy: 02):  Fallon, Jennifer.

In the sequel to Wolfblade, Marla Wolfblade has become the power behind Hythria's throne, determined to control her own life and to protect her young son, Damin, unaware that the High Arrion of the Sorcerers' Collective is plotting to destroy her and the entire Wolfblade dynasty, with the unwitting assistance of her only ally and confidant, Elezaar the Fool.

ORDER # S707-37   $15-90   ISBN 0765348705 



Large Size Paperbacks
Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch:  Gaiman, Neil & Pratchett, Terry.

The world is going to end next Saturday, just before dinner, but it turns out there are a few problems - the Antichrist has been misplaced, the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse ride motorcycles, and the representatives from heaven and hell decide that they like the human race, in a new edition of the classic novel, featuring a new afterword from the authors.

ORDER # S707-39   $31-00   ISBN 0060853972 


The Trouble with Humans:  Anvil, Christopher.

Alien invaders are baffled when it comes to trying to take over humankind and their planet, as they find themselves dealing with pollution, below-zero temperatures, flash floods, tornados, earthquakes, volcanoes, and other natural disasters - not to mention human belligerence and ingenuity.

ORDER # S707-40   $32-00   ISBN 1416521429 


The Apocalypse Reader:  Taylor, Justin, ed.

An anthology of classic and original doomsday tales features pieces that reflect a wide variety of approaches, from nuclear war to theological prophecies, in a volume that includes works by such top names as Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, and Edgar Allan Poe.

ORDER # S707-41   $33-00   ISBN 1560259590 


Spaceman Blues: A Love Song:  Slattery, Brian Francis.

Investigating the disappearance of Manuel Rodrigo de Guzmán Gonzáles, Wendell Apogee finds himself in an upside-down underground city where he must counter an array of bizarre parties, urban eccentrics, and religious cults.

ORDER # S707-42   $20-00   ISBN 0765316145 


Cast in Secret:  Sagara, Michelle.

Still avoiding her magic lessons, Corporal Kaylin Neya is delighted to be investigating a normal theft, until she discovers that the mysterious ancient box may have ties to the world of magic and to a lost young girl whose image Kaylin sees in a reflective pool, in the sequel to Cast in Shadow and Cast in Courtlight.

ORDER # S707-43   $32-00   ISBN 0373802803 


The Book of Joby:  Ferrari, Mark J.

A wager between God and Lucifer in which all of creation hangs in the balance culminates in the suffering and temptation inflicted on a once-idealistic youth who eventually finds himself in a seaside village of convention-defying eccentrics.

ORDER # S707-44   $33-00   ISBN 0765317532 


Guardian of the Veil:  Spencer, Gregory.

A sequel to The Welkening finds four misfit teens returning to the alternate world of Welken in order to rescue entrapped friends and help resist an attack by a formidable army, an effort during which they work to develop their burgeoning magical abilities.

ORDER # S707-45   $20-00   ISBN 1416543414 


Curious Case of Benjamin Button:  Fitzgerald, F. Scott.

A stand-alone edition of the thought-provoking Fitzgerald short story follows the adventures of Benjamin Button, who is born as an old man and who ages backward so that, at the end of his life, he is a baby.

ORDER # S707-46   $17-70   ISBN 1416556052 


Heir to the Shadows (Black Jewels: 02):  Bishop, Anne.

In the sequel to Daughter of the Blood, Jaenelle struggles to heal from the amnesia that shields her from terrifying memories of her childhood, until her memories return, her magical powers mature, and she can fulfil her destiny as heir to the magical Darkness.

ORDER # S707-47   $31-00   ISBN 0451461517 


Murder in LaMut (Legends of Riftwar: 02): Feist, Raymond

A continuation of the story that began with Honored Enemy finds mercenaries Kurine, Kethol, and Pirojil on much-welcomed escort duty after twenty years of fighting the Tsurani, an assignment that proves more complicated than expected.

ORDER # S707-48   $32-00   ISBN 006079285X 


Poltergeist: A Greywalker Novel:  Richardson, Kat.

A Greywalker capable of negotiating the shadowy realm between the living world and the paranormal, private detective Harper Blaine is hired by a university research group attempting to create an artificial poltergeist, a project that succeeds all too well when one of the group is killed in a brutal and inexplicable manner.

ORDER # S707-49   $31-00   ISBN 0451461509 


The Sleeping God:  Malan, Violette.

After mercenaries Dhulyn Wolfshead and Parno Lionsmane, masters of weapons and martial arts, save one of the Marked, who is gifted with special powers, they take on a seemingly simple assignment that leads them into a deadly trap.

ORDER # S707-50   $32-00   ISBN 0756404460 


Hardcover Titles
The Accidental Time Machine:  Haldeman, Joe.

Working as a lowly research assistant at MIT, grad-school dropout Matt Fuller is working on a project to measure quantum forces related to time changes in gravity and electromagnetic force, when his calibrator is transformed into a time machine, which Matt decides to use to escape his dead-end job and a romantic break-up.

ORDER # S707-51   $41-00   ISBN 0441014992 


The Aftermath (Asteroid Wars: 04):  Bova, Ben.

Running a galactic ore carrier with his family in the wake of the Asteroid Wars, Victor Zacharius flies their ship into the middle of a military attack and bravely saves his family, only to find himself in the clutches of the seductive Cheena Madagascar.

ORDER # S707-52   $42-00   ISBN 0765304147 


Axis:  Wilson, Robert Charles.

A sequel to Spin brings readers to an engineered planet connected by the mysterious Hypotheticals to the planet Earth, where Lise and her companions witness the planet's seeding by remnant Hypothetical machines that would render the planet hostile to human life.

ORDER # S707-53   $43-00   ISBN 0765309394 


Jumper: Griffin's Story:  Gould, Steven.

Hiding a secret ability to teleport to any place he has previously visited, Griffin vengefully remembers the dangerous men who murdered his parents when he was a child and plots to avenge himself against the people who would kill him for his powers.

ORDER # S707-54   $42-00   ISBN 076531827X 


Miles, Mutants, and Microbes:  Bujold, Lois McMaster.

When engineer Leo Graff discovers hundreds of helpless children called quaddies being exploited for corporate gain on Cay Habitat, he must teach them the meaning of freedom, in the Nebula-winning novel Falling Free, and in Diplomatic Immunity, Imperial Auditor Lord Miles Vorkosigan and his wife are called in to untangle a series of diplomatic snafus, treachery, conflicting loyalties, and dark secrets before it is too late.

ORDER # S707-55   $29-00   ISBN 1416521410 


Pyramid Power:  Flint, Eric & Freer, Dave.

In the sequel to Pyramid Scheme, the alien pyramidal device sent by the invading Krin to dominate Earth has been sitting inactive in the middle of Chicago, until a power-hungry Washington bureaucrat sends the survivors of the first expedition back into the pyramid, which hurtles them into the world of the Norse gods.

ORDER # S707-56   $41-00   ISBN 1416521305 


The Queen of Candesce (Virga: 02):  Schroeder, Karl.

A tale following the events of Sun of Suns finds Venera entering the artificial worlds of Virga far from her home and husband, where she is forced to decide who among her new allies is trustworthy while she protects the powerful Key of Candesce.

ORDER # S707-57   $43-00   ISBN 0765315440 

Radio Freefall:  Jarpe, Matthew.

When a power-hungry billionaire computer magnate plots to take over the world, a motley band of rock stars and misfits becomes Earth's only defense, in a tale featuring a mysterious blues musician whose superhuman technical skills may have rendered him a pawn for artificial intelligences.

ORDER # S707-58   $42-00   ISBN 0765317842 


Sandworms of Dune:  Herbert, Brian & Anderson, Kevin.

A tale following the events of Chapterhouse: Dune finds a ship of escaped refugees using genetic technology to revive talented figures from the world's past in order to safeguard their survival, including Paul Maud 'Dib and Lady Jessica.

ORDER # S707-59   $43-00   ISBN 076531293X 


Spaceman Blues: A Love Song:  Slattery, Brian Francis.

Investigating the disappearance of Manuel Rodrigo de Guzmán Gonzáles, Wendell Apogee finds himself in an upside-down underground city where he must counter an array of bizarre parties, urban eccentrics, and religious cults.

ORDER # S707-60   $38-00   ISBN 0765316102 


Third Watch (Acorna's Children):  McCaffrey, Anne & Scarborough, Elizabeth

A conclusion to the series that began with First Warning and Second Wave finds the rebellious Khorii risking everything in order to protect the universe from a mysterious plague-spreading enemy, an effort that is compromised by threats closer to home.

ORDER # S707-61   $42-00   ISBN 006052541X 


A Betrayal in Winter:  Abraham, Daniel.

A sequel to A Shadow in Summer finds Otah Machi recalled from exile to the house of his ruling family when he is rendered its only surviving heir, a situation during which he is falsely accused with conspiring with a formidable enemy.

ORDER # S707-62   $42-00   ISBN 0765313413 


Elves of Cintra (Genesis of Shannara):  Brooks, Terry

In a devastated world in which only a few imbued with magical gifts stand against the forces of evil, one hero flees Seattle with a group of orphaned street kids, another leads a group to the Oregon wilderness to meet the long-hidden Elves of Cintra, and the mystical King of the Silver River promises safety for humans and elves if they can reach his protection.

ORDER # S707-63   $43-00   ISBN 0345484118 


The Well of Ascension (Mistborn: 02):  Sanderson, Brandon.

Charged with the task of rebuilding the world after the defeat of the brutal Lord Ruler and the death of his mentor, former street urchin Vin finds herself worshipped for her Mistborn powers and worries about the strange behaviour of the mists since the death of the Lord Ruler.

ORDER # S707-64   $44-00   ISBN 0765316889 


The Fox (Inda: 02):  Smith, Sherwood.

While attending the King's Military Academy, Inda unwittingly becomes a pawn in a vicious political struggle among the nobility after he tries to save the life of a classmate, which compromises his honor and sparks a civil war, forcing him to start a new life as a ship's boy on a merchant vessel where he must hide his true identity as he grows into manhood.

ORDER # S707-65   $43-00   ISBN 0756404215 


Marion Zimmer Bradley's Ravens of Avalon: Paxson, Diana

A prequel to Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Forest House follows the story of the Roman conquest of Britain, a tale in which a Celtic princess becomes her people's defender against brutal conquerors while her priestess mentor becomes a guardian of Druid traditions.

ORDER # S707-66   $43-00   ISBN 0670038709 


The Mirador:  Monette, Sarah.

In a continuation of the series that began with Mélusine and The Virtu, wizard Felix Harrowgate returns to the Mirador, the citadel of power and wizardry, unaware that enemies from the Bastion, a rival school of wizards, plan to use him to destroy the Mirador, unless Felix's half-brother, Mildmay the Fox, can stop them.

ORDER # S707-67   $42-00   ISBN 044101500X 


Warlord (Wolfblade Trilogy: 03):  Fallon, Jennifer.

Grieving the devastating loss of her closest confidante, Marla Wolfblade encounters a formidable adversary, while her son Damin finds his ability to fight invaders hampered by political factors, and mad Mahkas Damaran plots continued tyranny over the city of Krakandar.

ORDER # S707-68   $43-00   ISBN 0765309912 


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