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Eifelheim:  Flynn, Michael.

Historian Tom and his girlfriend Sharon, a theoretical physicist, search for the truth about the 1349 disappearance of the German town of Eifelheim as the Black Death strengthened its grip on Europe, unaware that Father Deitrich, the village priest in 1348, was the first contact between humankind and mysterious aliens.

ORDER # S709-1   $15-50   ISBN 9780765340351


Bitter Angels:  Anderson, C. L.

A tale set in a new-future, space-faring world pits a complex and strong-headed woman against a series of fast-paced militaristic challenges that threaten her survival and the well-being of the human race.

ORDER # S709-2   $15-50   ISBN 9780553592177


Evolution Expects (Pax Britannia: 05):  Green, Jonathan.

With a dangerous masked vigilante stalking the streets of London, a monster from Jewish myth on the loose in the East End, and rival gangs fighting for control of the city's underworld, there may be nothing Ulysses Quicksilver can do to prevent a catastrophic metamorphosis.

ORDER # S709-3   $15-50   ISBN 9781906735050


Emperor's Mercy (Warhammer 40,000):  Zou, Henry.

A latest installment in the series that features the Inquisitors from the Warhammer universe takes readers to the battlefields of a distant future world.

ORDER # S709-4   $15-50   ISBN 9781844167357


Killswitch: Cassandra Kresnov:  Shepherd, Joel.

As an enemy fleet prepares for attack, the Callayan Defense Force looks to its leaders Major Vanessa Rice and android Commander Cassandra (Sandy) Kresnov, but soon Sandy's lover, Special Agent Ari Ruben, discovers a plot to kill the android, forcing her to go underground to stay alive.

ORDER # S709-5   $17-50   ISBN 9781591027430


Internal Darkness (Stargate Atlantis: 13):  Hosey, Kevin.

A rogue virus is turning people into Wraiths and the team must race to find a cure before the effects become irreversible.

ORDER # S709-6   $15-50   ISBN 9781905586219


Paul of Dune:  Herbert, Brian & Anderson, Kevin J.

A tale set between the events of Dune and Dune Messiah traces Paul Muad'Dib's conquest of the galaxy and the formation of his empire, during a period marked by dangerous adversaries and Paul's ascent to the status of a prophet. A Library Journal pick for Best Science Fiction of 2008.

ORDER # S709-7   $17-50   ISBN 9780765351500 


Marsbound:  Haldeman, Joe.

Joining her family as a colonist on Mars, rebellious young Carmen Dula ventures alone into the harsh Martian landscape, where an accident nearly kills her and she is rescued by a mysterious alien that wants her to warn the human colonists on Mars that others had arrived first.

ORDER # S709-8   $15-50   ISBN 9780441017393


The Soul Key (Deep Space Nine):  Woods, Olivia.

Surgically altered to resemble Captain Kira, Cardassian Iliana Ghemor dreams of fulfilling a prophecy that will mark her as the Emissary of the mirror universe and enable her to lead a war with far-reaching implications in countless parallel universes.

ORDER # S709-9   $15-50   ISBN 9781439107928


Welcome to Promise City (The 4400: 03):  Cox, Greg.

A follow-up to The Vesuvius Prophecy and Wet Work continues the story of the popular television series and finds an uneasy truce between 4400 leader Jordan Collier and the government compromised by Collier's role in the deaths of countless people throughout the world.

ORDER # S709-10   $15-50   ISBN 9781416543220


The Age of Ra:  Lovegrove, James.

When the earth is divided into warring factions by dominating ancient Egyptian gods, British Lieutenant David Westwynter makes his way into Free Egypt, the only place free of the gods' influence, where he joins the leader of a humanist group determined to free the world from its divine oppressors.

ORDER # S709-11   $15-50   ISBN 9781844167470


Another One Bites the Dust (Jaz Parks):  Rardin, Jennifer.

Dispatched with Vayl on a mission to kill an ancient Chinese vampire who has stolen a vital piece of biotechnology, CIA agent Jaz is forced to go undercover as a street performer and perform belly dances, an assignment that sorely tests her loyalty.

ORDER # S709-12   $15-50   ISBN 9780316043557


Cape Storm (Weather Wardens: 08):  Caine, Rachel.

When she is targeted by a malevolent hurricane during what was supposed to be her honeymoon with the Djinn David, weather warden Joanne Baldwin teams up with her fellow wardens on board a hijacked luxury liner to lure the storm away but fears their combined powers will be insufficient.

ORDER # S709-13   $15-50   ISBN 9780451462848


Bloody Right:  Evans, Georgia.

A conclusion to a trilogy that began with Bloody Good finds a wounded but triumphant Gryffyth Pendragon returning to Brytewood after battling the Nazis only to learn that vampire spies are plotting to deliver the village to the Third Reich, a situation for which he is aided by unlikely allies.

ORDER # S709-14   $15-50   ISBN 9780758234834


Cold Moon Rising (Tales of the Sazi):  Adams, C. T. & Clamp, Cathy.

Juggling new responsibilities, a difficult pack leader, and his burgeoning psychic powers, werewolf Tony Giodone teams up with Sazi reptile councilman Ahmad in an effort to infiltrate a fanatic terrorist organization, a plan that subjects Tony to psychic torture when Ahmad is captured.

ORDER # S709-15   $15-50   ISBN 9780765359643


Conqueror (Time's Tapestry: 02):  Baxter, Stephen.

When a future William the Conqueror rises to power three centuries after the fall of Rome, the fate of the land rests on actions inspired by a prophecy found in an ancient scroll.

ORDER # S709-16   $15-50   ISBN 9780441017423


Destined for an Early Grave (Night Huntress):  Frost, Jeaniene.

Hoping for a break from her undead-fighting duties, half-vampire Cat Crawfield experiences disturbing visions about a powerful vampire with ties to her past who would claim Cat for his own, a situation that triggers a deadly battle between the vampire and Cat's undead boyfriend, Bones.

ORDER # S709-17   $15-50   ISBN 9780061583216


Demon Inside:  Kane, Stacia.

Months after discovering that the world is filled with demons and that everyone except she has an influential little demon on the shoulder, psychic psychologist Megan Chase finds her role as a demon leader compromised when her new charges begin spontaneously exploding.

ORDER # S709-18   $15-50   ISBN 9781439155073


Dragons & Dwarves (Cleveland Portal):  Swann, Andrew.

An omnibus volume featuring political reporter Kline Maxwell includes the titles, Dragons of the Cuyahoga and The Dwarves of Whiskey Island and finds Maxwell struggling to stay alive long enough to cover the activities of otherworldly beings who have entered Cleveland through a mysterious portal.

ORDER # S709-19   $15-50   ISBN 9780756405663


The Edge of Chaos (Forgotten Realms):  Koke, Jak.

An introductory tale to the Forgotten Realms® universe pits a cult leader and an alchemist against one another for control of an elixir that would enable pilgrims to survive the Plaguewrought lands, a rivalry that is being judged by a young man with strange powers and a priestess of the god of death.

ORDER # S709-20   $15-50   ISBN 9780786951895


Eve: The Empyrean Age:  Gonzales, Tony.

A tale based on the popular MMO game finds a clone with no past or identity awakening in the city of New Eden only to find himself both close to the pinnacle of power and hunted for unknown crimes, a situation that is shaped by a disgraced ambassador, a mysterious woman, and a revolution plot.

ORDER # S709-21   $15-50   ISBN 9780765363909


Faefever:  Moning, Karen Marie.

In the sequel to Darkfever and Bloodfever, sidhe-seer MacKayla Lane finds that time is running out as All Hallows' Eve approaches and she struggles to keep the Sinsar Dubh, an ancient book of dark magic, out of the hands of Fae and human alike.

ORDER # S709-22   $15-50   ISBN 9780440244394


Good Ghouls Do (Good Ghouls: 02):  Kenner, Julie.

Failing to regain her humanity after destroying the vampire responsible for her transformation, Beth becomes increasingly dismayed by her classmates' defection to the dark side and struggles to perfect a magic formula that will enable the undead to walk in the sunlight.

ORDER # S709-23   $15-50   ISBN 9780441017447


Grey Seer (Warhammer, Thanquol & Boneripper): Werner, C

The only person brave enough to attempt a recovery of a stolen artifact that possesses a dangerous power, Grey Seer Thanquol sets out to stop a band of determined smugglers only to have his efforts further complicated by the machinations of a mysterious wizard.

ORDER # S709-24   $15-50   ISBN 9781844167395


The Gypsy Morph (Genesis of Shannara):  Brooks, Terry.

With the fall of the last cities, demons and other minions roam the ravaged landscape of the former United States, while a few survivors - the Elves of Cintra, a group of human children, and their protectors, including two Knights of the Word - journey toward a safe haven, led by a boy named Hawk, the legendary gypsy morph, in a best-selling finale to the Genesis of Shannara series.

ORDER # S709-25   $15-50   ISBN 9780345484154


Havemercy:  Jones, Jaida & Bennett, Danielle.

When their enemies, the Ke-Han, come up with a scheme to conquer Volstov, a country protected by magicians, metal dragons, and an unlikely quartet of heroes who ride them - exiled magician Margrave Royston, country boy Hal, unpredictable airman Rook, and Thom, a grad student - band together to save the kingdom.

ORDER # S709-26   $15-50   ISBN 9780553591378


Hunting Ground (Alpha and Omega: 02):  Briggs, Patricia

Mated to werewolf Charles Cornick, an enforcer son of a pack leader, Anna Latham is forced to apply all of her abilities to proving her husband and father-in-law innocent when they are sentenced to be executed for striking down a long-standing rival.

ORDER # S709-27   $15-50   ISBN 9780441017386


Thorn Queen (Dark Swan):  Mead, Richelle.

Rendered queen of the Thorn Land after her latest battle in the Otherworld, shaman Eugenie Markham worries about a prophecy that her first-born child will destroy the human race, a concern that grows while Eugenie investigates a formidable enemy who is abducting young girls.

ORDER # S709-28   $15-50   ISBN 9781420100976


Saving Midnight (Fitz Clare Chronicles: 03): Holly, Emma

When an adopted son becomes a vampire to protect his family from mortal enemies, the wisdom of his choice comes into question in light of their enemies' growing powers and the family's own increasingly uncontrollable supernatural abilities. By the author of Breaking Midnight.

ORDER # S709-29   $15-50   ISBN 9780425229040


Redemption Alley (Jill Kismet: 03):  Saintcrow, Lilith.

Assigned to investigate a suicide case, exorcist Jill Kismet finds herself tangled in a web of corruption, drugs, and murder and targeted by murderous former allies, a situation that forces her to tap the resources of her hellbreed enemies.

ORDER # S709-30   $15-50   ISBN 9780316035460


Summer Palace (Annals of the Chosen: 03):  Watt-Evans, Lawrence.

A final installment in a trilogy featuring the Chosen intercessors finds the magically infused mortal team endeavoring to remove the errant Wizard Lord from power, a situation that is complicated by the Wizard's elimination of magic from his domain, in a book by a Hugo Award-winning author.

ORDER # S709-31   $15-50   ISBN 9780765349033


Spider: City of Doom:  Page, Norvell.

Working against criminals who have been freed on technicalities, war veteran Richard Wentworth tackles a formidable adversary in the form of a disfigured mastermind who poses as a police commissioner and destroys numerous buildings and bridges as part of a plot to steal the Federal Reserve's gold.

ORDER # S709-32   $15-50   ISBN 9781439132869


Lord of Silence:  Chadbourn, Mark.

No Picture Available

Elevated to chief defender against mysterious forest adversaries after his predecessor's murder, Vidard is challenged to solve an ancient religious mystery in order to protect his city, recover his memory, and prevent a vampiric jewel from draining his people's life energy.

ORDER # S709-33   $15-50   ISBN 9781844167531


Underground: Greywalker: 03:  Richardson, Kat.

No Picture Available

A Greywalker able to negotiate the realm between the living world and the paranormal, detective Harper Blaine probes the murders of Pioneer Square's homeless and the appearance of zombies roaming the underground beneath Seattle, only to face a monstrous creature of ancient legend.

ORDER # S709-34   $15-50   ISBN 9780451462831


Large Size Paperbacks
The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle:  Butcher, Jim. Illus by Ardian Syaf.

In the wake of a Lincoln Park Zoo security guard's grisly murder, professional wizard and private investigator Harry Dresden rejects initial rulings that the man's death occurred as a result of an escaped gorilla attack, a case that is further complicated by a media frenzy and police pressure for quick answers. Illustrations.

ORDER # S709-35   $30-90   ISBN 9780345515759 


Beowulf's Children:  Niven, Larry; Pournelle, Jerry; & Barnes, Steven.

Revisiting the island paradise first encountered in Legacy of Harorot, the new generation, ignorant of their own history, sets out for the mainland prepared to fight grendels but instead finds monsters that dwarf the ones their parents fought.

ORDER # S709-36   $24-90   ISBN 9780765320889 


Chasing the Dragon (Quantum Gravity: 04): Robson, Justina

An Arthur C. Clarke Award nominee continues the adventures of Special Agent Lila Black, as the heroine contends with her new assignment as head of an android division; the need to resurrect her lover, Zal; her demon husband's involvement in a fatal plot in Demonia, and more.

ORDER # S709-37   $25-90   ISBN 9781591027461 


City at the End of Time:  Bear, Greg.

Unable to recall their pasts, three young people living in Seattle share a disturbing vision of a far-future, decaying cityscape and are each drawn into a desperate mission to preserve their own universe and pass on key knowledge to a new universe that is being born.

ORDER # S709-38   $25-90   ISBN 9780345448408 


Killswitch: Cassandra Kresnov:  Shepherd, Joel.

As an enemy fleet prepares for attack, the Callayan Defense Force looks to its leaders Major Vanessa Rice and android Commander Cassandra (Sandy) Kresnov, but soon Sandy's lover, Special Agent Ari Ruben, discovers a plot to kill the android, forcing the her to go underground to stay alive.

ORDER # S709-39   $25-90   ISBN 9781591025986 


The Last Theorem:  Clarke, Arthur C. & Pohl, Frederik.

When Ranjit Subramianian, a Sri Lankan with a gift for mathematics, solves Fermat's Last Theorem, he gains not only fame and fortune but also the attentions of the NSA and the secretive Pax per Fidem, while, unbeknownst to earthlings, alien invaders are a mission to exterminate all humankind.

ORDER # S709-40   $24-90   ISBN 9780345470232 


Always Forever (Age of Misrule: 03):  Chadbourn, Mark.

In a modern world transformed into one of mythological beasts and shapeshifting monsters, the Brothers and Sisters of Dragons must bounce back from a terrible defeat to travel on an otherworldly ship to the court of the old Gods in a last-ditch effort to save the world from eternal night.

ORDER # S709-41   $25-90   ISBN 9781591027416 


The Time Traveler's Wife:  Niffenegger, Audrey.

Caught in an impossible-to-resolve situation that spans the boundaries of temporal reality, this tale of a plucky librarian who is accidentally cast back in time focuses on the romantic complications of time travel.

ORDER # S709-42   $24-90   ISBN 9780156029438 


Lily's Song (Wolfbreed):  Swann, S. A.

Raised by Christian oppressors who would use her powers to convert the pagan citizens of thirteenth-century Prussia, werewolf Lilly escapes her captors and is taken in by a peasant family that teachers her about love, loyalty, and what it means to be human.

ORDER # S709-43   $24-90   ISBN 9780553807387 


Cast in Silence (Chronicles of Elantra: 05):  Sagara, M.

Making difficult sacrifices to earn the respect of the supernatural protectors with whom she protects the city of Elantra, Hawk force member Kaylin struggles to leave her painful past on the streets behind her before she is placed under suspicion by a mysterious visitor.

ORDER # S709-44   $24-90   ISBN 9780373803002 


Eclipse:  Meyer, Stephenie.

In this third installment of the vampire love saga and sequel to New Moon, Bella faces a new predicament when she must choose between her love for Edward and her friendship for Jacob that could result in a life-and-death battle between two archenemies.

ORDER # S709-45   $23-90   ISBN 9780316027656 


Five Hundred Years After:  Brust, Steven.

Four companions are pitted against the schemes of Dragonlord Adron in a conspiracy against the Empire that starts on the mean streets of Underside in this sequel to the best-selling The Phoenix Guards.

ORDER # S709-46   $25-90   ISBN 9780765319661 


Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse): Harris, Charlaine

When a vampire enlists the aid of cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse to use her telepathic talents to find a missing vampire in Dallas, she agrees to the deal if the vampires promise to behave and to let the humans go unharmed.

ORDER # S709-47   $24-90   ISBN 9780441018260 


High Bloods:  Farris, John.

Lycan Control agent Rawson monitors and controls the Hollywood area werewolf population, but must discover what - or who - is causing them to change when the moon is not full, before full-scale disaster strikes.

ORDER # S709-48   $24-90   ISBN 9780312866969 


The Lost Sister:  Hall, Megan Kelley.

Believing herself free from danger in her prestigious boarding school, Maddie receives an ominous tarot card in an unmarked envelope and realizes that she must return to her home town, a community still haunted by the Salem witch trials.

ORDER # S709-49   $17-90   ISBN 9780758226808 


The Magic Kingdom of Landover: Vol. 1:  Brooks, Terry.

An omnibus tie-in to the release of A Princess of Landover includes the titles, Magic Kingdom for Sale - SOLD!, The Black Unicorn, and Wizard at Large as well as a teaser chapter from the best-selling author's latest work.

ORDER # S709-50   $25-90   ISBN 9780345513526 


ParaSpheres 2: Extending Beyond the Spheres of Literary and Genre Fiction:  Keegan, Ken & Morrison, Rusty; eds.

Explores the boundary between mainstream literary fiction and the genres of fantasy, horror, and science fiction, in an anthology that considers the work of such authors as John Domini, Theodora Goss, and Laird Hunt.

ORDER # S709-51   $24-90   ISBN 9781890650391 


The Magic Kingdom of Landover: Vol. 2:  Brooks, Terry.

A two-in-one omnibus, published to tie in to A Princess of Landover, contains a teaser chapter from the author's latest work as well as the complete texts of The Tangle Box and Witches' Brew.

ORDER # S709-52   $25-90   ISBN 9780345513533 


The Path of Razors (Vampire Babylon: 05):  Green, Chris Marie.

Relocating to London to ferret out the city's vampire underground, former Los Angeles stuntwoman Dawn Madison tracks down her quarry at a private girls' school but finds her team's efforts challenged by an internal threat and Dawn's own restless psychic powers.

ORDER # S709-53   $24-90   ISBN 9780441017201 


Bleak History:  Shirley, John.

No Picture Available

Possessing a dubious ability to communicate with the dead, bounty hunter Gabriel Bleak of a near-future New York City and his companions in the supernatural underground Shadow Community group are relentlessly hunted by a clandestine government organization that would inadvertently trigger a return to the dark ages.

ORDER # S709-54   $24-90   ISBN 9781416584124 


Hardcover Titles
Chapterhouse Dune (Dune Chronicles: 06):  Herbert, Frank. Intro by Brian Herbert.

A lavishly bound re-release of a final entry in the classic series finds the Bene Gesserit colonizing the once-green planet of Chapterhouse under the leadership of Mother Superior Darwi Odrade as part of an effort to seize control of a powerful commodity.

ORDER # S709-55   $44-90   ISBN 9780441017218 


Abyss (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: 03):  Denning, Troy.

Han and Leia endeavor to keep an increasingly unstable Jedi Order out of the control of government security; while Luke and his son, Ben, search a mysterious region of space for clues about Jacen's fall to the dark side.

ORDER # S709-56   $45-90   ISBN 9780345509185 


Daniel X: Watch the Skies: Patterson, James & Rust, Ned.

When the small community of Holliswood is thrown into chaos by the arrival of a terrifying outlaw who deliberately instigates problems for the purpose of filming his crimes for television, modern superhero Daniel X assembles an all-star team of his own creation in the hopes of protecting fellow citizens.

ORDER # S709-57   $36-90   ISBN 9780316036184 


Enigma:  Bentley, C. F.

Their planet isolated from the rest of the universe for many generations, High Priestess Sissy and Confederated Star System Agent Jake travel to a space station in the hopes of establishing diplomatic relations, an effort that is compromised by an alien spaceship crash.

ORDER # S709-58   $44-90   ISBN 9780756405649 


Hitler's War:  Turtledove, Harry.

A first entry in a new series by the Hugo Award-winning author of The Man with the Iron Heart portrays an alternate universe in which the outcome of World War II is profoundly changed by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's refusal to allow Hitler's annexation of the Sudetenland.

ORDER # S709-59   $45-90   ISBN 9780345491824 


Land of the Dead:  Harlan, Thomas.

When a weapon of the Old Ones, from the time of the First Sun, is discovered in a region of space, archeologist Gretchen Anderssen must investigate, and then tame or destroy it, to keep it from the hands of opposing powers.

ORDER # S709-60   $45-90   ISBN 9780765312044 


The Sheriff of Yrnameer:  Rubens, Michael.

In the aftermath of such challenges as his girlfriend's affair with his sidekick, an officious traffic robot, and a cache of freeze-dried orphans found in his stolen spaceship, Cole recruits a team of humans and aliens to deliver the orphans safely to a mysterious planet where Cole's arch-enemy prepares to ambush them.

ORDER # S709-61   $43-90   ISBN 9780307378477 


The Return: Book IV of Voyagers:  Bova, Ben.

Astronaut Keith Stoner returns to Earth after a century exploring space and discovers disastrous greenhouse flooding, ultraconservative religious-based governments, and the world on the brink of nuclear war, and decides to save the planet, but must save himself first.

ORDER # S709-62   $45-90   ISBN 9780765309259 


The Sunless Countries:  Schroeder, Karl.

Leal Hieronyma Maspeth must save her beloved city of Pacquaea by heeding a message from the worldwasp, but is thwarted when the great sun lighter and hero, Hayden Griffin, refuses to assist her.

ORDER # S709-63   $45-90   ISBN 9780765320766 


Breaking Dawn Special Edition:  Meyer, Stephenie.

In the latest addition to the author's vampire love saga which includes a full-color poster and other exclusives, questions are answered about the fate of Bella and Edward, in a special slipcased edition.

ORDER # S709-64   $44-90   ISBN 9780316044615 


Dragon War: Dragon Prophecies: 03:  Wyatt, James.

As the Five Nations of Khorvaire stand on the brink of war, Gaven - exile, outlaw, and prophesied Storm Dragon - may be the only one able to stop it; but, wounded and tormented, he can't remember who he is, and his friends - and even a few enemies - have to save him before it's too late.

ORDER # S709-65   $45-90   ISBN 9780786951222 


The Dame:  Salvatore, R. A.

Highwayman Bransen Garibond discovers the meaning of honor and true friendship as he uses his extraordinary battle skills in the fight between two lairds over the vast road network of Honce.

ORDER # S709-66   $45-90   ISBN 9780765317902 


Dragons of the Hourglass Mage: Lost Chronicles: 03:  Weis, Margaret & Hickman, Tracy.

Raistlin Majere, a Black Robe wizard, must battle his sister, Kitiara, and her terrifying ally, the death knight Lord Soth, in order to thwart Takhisis, the Dark Queen, who plans to stop time and banish the three moons on the Night of the Eye, in a fantasy adventure from a best-selling pair of authors.

ORDER # S709-67   $45-90   ISBN 9780786949168 


Dreamfever:  Moning, Karen Marie.

A latest work by the RITA-winning author of Faefever finds Atlanta suburb resident MacKayla Lane discovering her ability to see into the realm of the Fae after the devastating murder of her sister and attracting the unwanted attention of Seelie, a vampire, and human assassins.

ORDER # S709-68   $45-90   ISBN 9780385341653 


The Magicians:  Gross, Lev.

After graduating from a secret, exclusive college of magic in upstate New York, Quentin Coldwater finds that a fictional land from a series of childhood fantasy novels is real, but is more darker and dangerous than he could have imagined.

ORDER # S709-69   $45-90   ISBN 9780670020553 


Elfland: A Novel:  Warrington, Freda.

When the passage to the Other World fails to open on the designated Night of the Summer Stars due to great danger in the realm, Aetherials Auberon and Rose form a forbidden alliance to breach the gates.

ORDER # S709-70   $45-90   ISBN 9780765318695 


Of Bees and Mist:  Setiawan, Erick.

In a community out of time where supernatural beings are an everyday reality, sixteen-year-old Meridia attempts to escape her alienating childhood by eloping with a young man whose family harbors its own secrets, a pair of sisters are groomed to hate each other from birth, and a formidable matriarch forges grievances that swarm in the air.

ORDER # S709-71   $44-90   ISBN 9781416596240 


Nine Gates:  Lindskold, Jane.

Brenda Morris discovers that she is a member of the Chinese Zodiak, possessing some powers of the Rat, and must work with the Thirteen Orphans to rescue the Four Guardians of the Land Between, who are under magical attack.

ORDER # S709-72   $44-90   ISBN 9780765317018 


A Princess of Landover:  Brooks, Terry.

A first entry in the popular series in more than a decade finds headstrong fifteen-year-old Mistaya kicked out of her prestigious boarding school and assigned by Ben to reopen the kingdom's abandoned library, a task she avoids before discovering a magical plot against Landover.

ORDER # S709-73   $45-90   ISBN 9780345458520 


Prodigal Mage (Fisherman's Children):  Miller, Karen.

A sequel to the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series picks up seventeen years after the defeat of the sorcerer Morg and finds Asher and Dathne raising their children in Dorana City and wondering if they should follow the members of a mountain expedition that never returned.

ORDER # S709-74   $44-90   ISBN 9780316029209 


Treason's Shore (Inda: 04):  Smith, Sherwood.

Elevated to the king's side after numerous battlefield triumphs against the Venn, former pirate Inda inspires squabbling kingdoms to unite against their common enemy before he is forced to make a potentially treasonous choice to disobey the king's unwise order.

ORDER # S709-75   $45-90   ISBN 9780756405731 


Traitor's Gate:  Elliott, Kate.

In the third book to take place in the world of the Hundred, the immortal Guardians seek a means to oust of one of their own, a hired outlander army fights a murderous horde, and the eagle reeves struggle to reorganize.

ORDER # S709-76   $45-90   ISBN 9780765310576 


Vanished:  A Greywalker Novel:  Richardson, Kat.

Private Investigator Harper Blaine discovers she can bridge the world between the living and the paranormal after a near-death experience, and becomes Greywalker, taking on a case for vampires and delving into the mysteries of her own dark past.

ORDER # S709-77   $43-90   ISBN 9780451462770 


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