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Dream Called Time (Stardoc):  Viehl, S. L

With no memory of the last four years of her life, Dr. Cherijo Torin, struggling to repair the strained relationships with her husband and daughter, becomes trapped in a time rift when she is dispatched to investigate an unidentified ship and must find a way to open the rift to save herself and her crew.

ORDER # S710-1   $14-50   ISBN 9780451463463


Enigma:  Bentley, C. F

Their planet isolated from the rest of the universe for many generations, High Priestess Sissy and Confederated Star System Agent Jake travel to a space station in the hopes of establishing diplomatic relations, an effort that is compromised by an alien spaceship crash.

ORDER # S710-2   $14-50   ISBN 9780756406257


Nemesis (Horus Heresy):  Swallow, James

When Horus declares outright war against the Imperium, a secret group of powerful figures plot his execution to end the war for the galaxy of mankind before it's even begun, but, unbeknownst to them, an assassin is already in their midst tasked with killing the Emperor.

ORDER # S710-3   $14-50   ISBN 9781844168699


In the Stormy Red Sky:  Drake, David

Space captain Daniel Leary and accomplished spy Lady Adele Mundy must contend with a furious senator with deadly intentions, a body ruler of a star cluster who thinks he's a god and a powerful enemy base.

ORDER # S710-4   $14-50   ISBN 9781439133644


Shades of Gray (Sholan Alliance: 08):  Norman, Lisanne

After the seat of power of the Valtegan Empire is stolen by a usurper, Kusac, his fellow Sholans and their allies must reclaim the Palace and the City of Light and restore Prince Zsurtul to the throne - a dangerous task that makes them all pawns in a power struggle between the gods and the agents of the Camarilla.

ORDER # S710-5   $14-50   ISBN 9780756401993


The Return (Voyagers: 04):  Bova, Ben

Astronaut Keith Stoner returns to Earth after a century exploring space and discovers disastrous greenhouse flooding, ultraconservative religious-based governments, and the world on the brink of nuclear war and decides to save the planet, but must save himself first.

ORDER # S710-6   $14-50   ISBN 9780765348159


The Winds of Dune:  Herbert, Brian & Anderson, Kevin J

In the wake of Paul's disappearance, Jessica battles against her daughter, Alia, who would hold the Imperial government together with Duncan, a situation that is further complicated by Bronso of Ix's opposition against the House of Atreides.

ORDER # S710-7   $14-50   ISBN 9780765362629


The Terminal State (Avery Cate: 04):  Somers, Jeff

When a corrupt colonel sells the remote that controls him to the highest bidder, Avery Cates, an army soldier augmented with high-tech features, is forced to do one last job for Canny Orel, the man who now owns him.

ORDER # S710-8   $14-50   ISBN 9780316069823


The Atlantis Code:  Brokaw, Charles

When the ancient ruins of Atlantis are discovered along the Spanish coast, linguist and archaeologist Thomas Lourds joins a violent competition to be the first of its explorers, an effort marked by a series of puzzles that must be solved in order to gain entry into the lost civilization.

ORDER # S710-9   $14-50   ISBN 9780765354358


As Lie the Dead (Three Days to Dead: 02):  Meding, Kelly

While protecting a pregnant shapeshifter who is one of the only survivors of a brutal attack meant for her, rogue bounty hunter Evangeline Stone stumbles upon a horrifying conspiracy that only she can stop - if she manages to stay alive.

ORDER # S710-10   $14-50   ISBN 9780553592870


The Chamber of Ten:  Golden, Christopher & Lebbon, Tim

When American archaeologist Geena Hodge and her lover, Nico, discover the lost library of Petrarch under the Piazza San Marco, they also discover the fabled Chamber of Ten, a place where the secret rulers of Venice met to plot murders and betrayals, plunging them into an ancient feud and a dark magic that threatens to destroy the city.

ORDER # S710-11   $14-50   ISBN 9780553386561


Bring on the Night (WVMP: 03):  Smith-Ready, Jeri

Due to her Faustian bargain with the Control, recovering con artist Ciara Griffin, assigned to a special-ops division known as the Immanence Corps, gets a crash course in zombie-killing when a mysterious, fatal virus spreads through Sherwood.

ORDER # S710-12   $14-50   ISBN 9781439163481


City of Ghosts (Chess Putnam):  Kane, Stacia

Forced to team up with the Black Squad agency after mangled human corpses show up on the streets of Downside, Chess Putnam, under a binding spell that forbids her to talk about the investigation, must go up against killer wraiths, First Elders, and dark magic to find the truth.

ORDER # S710-13   $14-50   ISBN 9780345515599


Death Most Definite:  Jamieson, Trent

When a dead girl saves his life, Steven de Selby, who works for Death himself by guiding the restless dead to the underworld, finds himself on the brink of a regional apocalypse when the dead rise and start hunting the living.

ORDER # S710-14   $14-50   ISBN 9780316078009


The Demon Hunt (Dark Storm: 02):  Greene, Kris

A warrior knight in the battle against darkness, Gabriel must stop demons from invading our world after a dimensional rift opens between their world and ours, while proving his innocence in the brutal murder of two of his college buddies.

ORDER # S710-15   $14-50   ISBN 9780312944230


Divine Misdemeanors (Meredith Gentry: 08):  Hamilton, Laurell K

Refusing the throne of faerie in order to protect her unborn twins, Merry withdraws with her bodyguards to Los Angeles before encountering unexpected dangers from the factions of the faerie courts and her own worshipers.

ORDER # S710-16   $14-50   ISBN 9780345495976


Face Off (Laura Blackstone: 02):  Del Franco, Mark

When she winds up on both sides of a deadly political war, Laura Blackstone - who, using her druid abilities, can change her appearance to become whomever she wants - must infiltrate a terrorist organization called the Legacy to stop the violence.

ORDER # S710-17   $14-50   ISBN 9780441019038


Grimblades (Warhammer: Empire Army):  Kyme, Nick

Left to defend the Reikland alone from orcs and goblins, Prince Wilhelm and the Grimblades engage in a desperate war across the empire while Emperor Dieter IV does nothing.

ORDER # S710-18   $16-50   ISBN 9781844168651 


Hawkwood and the Kings:  Kearney, Paul

In an age where gunpowder and cannons coexist with werewolves and sorcerers, the savage Merduks and the Prophet Ahrimuz have captured the city of Aekir, just the latest salvo in a holy war that rages on while common folk merely struggle to survive.

ORDER # S710-19   $14-50   ISBN 9781906735715


Guild Wars: Ghosts of Ascalon:  Forbeck, Matt 

A mismatched band of adventurers must travel to a haunted, war-torn land, overcome an undead king and retrieve a prized artifact if there is going to be any hope for peace between humans and the charr, a race of bestial humanoids.

ORDER # S710-20   $14-50   ISBN 9781416589471


Lincoln's Sword:  Doyle, Debra & Macdonald, James

As war rages on the battlefields of Pea Ridge and Shiloh, a deeply troubled first lady has a grim vision of the future, but hope arrives in the form of a mysterious stranger named Thomas who has the power to control space and time, which forces the first lady, her best friend, a Confederate captain and President Lincoln himself to make the ultimate sacrifice.

ORDER # S710-21   $14-50   ISBN 9780060819279


Mark of Nerath (Dungeons & Dragons):  Slavicsek, Bill

Longing to be free of his eternal prison in the Shadowfell, Magroth the Mad, a tyrant from the time of Nerath, finds an ally in Orcus, the Demon Prince of Undeath, who demands that he carry out a series of tasks in order to be free, but a novice priest of Erathis and one of the last remaining protectors of Nerath stand in his way.

ORDER # S710-22   $14-50   ISBN 9780786956227


A Princess of Landover:  Brooks, Terry

A first entry in the popular series in more than a decade finds headstrong 15-year-old Mistaya kicked out of her prestigious boarding school and assigned by Ben to reopen the kingdom's abandoned library, a task she avoids before discovering a magical plot against Landover.

ORDER # S710-23   $14-50   ISBN 9780345458537


Shadow Chase (Shadowchaser: 02):  Glass, Seressia

Shadowchaser Kira Solomon, while working for the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Order, must put her soul on the line to find a missing Shadowchaser and a unique artifact that holds unimaginable magic before a wave of destruction is unleashed.

ORDER # S710-24   $14-50   ISBN 9781439158777


Stormlord Rising:  Larke, Glenda

When he is bound, drugged and left at the feet of his greatest enemy, Shale must decide whether to work with those who have plotted against him or let thousands of the waterless die, while Terelle, after escaping the Scarpen, races against time to deliver a desperate message to Shale and save their people.

ORDER # S710-25   $14-50   ISBN 9780316069144


Shadow Fall:  Kellison, Erin

Custo Santovari sacrificed himself for his best friend and earned himself a place in Heaven, but he risks it all to rescue a woman from a soul-sucking wraith, in a sequel to Shadow Bound.

ORDER # S710-26   $14-50   ISBN 9780505528308


Taint of the Black Brigade (Dungeons & Dragons Eberron: Chronicles of Alexis Wren):  Crilley, Paul

When his ex-wife is framed for the murder of a man she was hired to protect, Abraxis Wren, Sharn's most notorious inquisitive, discovers that this case is linked to an elite squad of killers from the Last War called the Black Brigade who are on a bloody rampage.

ORDER # S710-27   $14-50   ISBN 9780786955077


Stuff of Legends:  Gibson, Ian

Retired soldier of fortune Jordan the Red is unexpectedly called back into action when an infuriatingly eager young man, along with his Elvish babysitter and a bard for hire, comes crashing into his life via magic.

ORDER # S710-28   $14-50   ISBN 9780441019304


The Uncrowned King (Chronicles of King Rolen's Kin: 02):  Corey Daniels, Rowena

As King Rolen questions the loyalties of his son, Brycen, the Merofynia army marches on the castle, and Brycen, determined to prove himself, races across the path of the advancing hordes to ask the Abbot to send the warrior monks to aid the defense.

ORDER # S710-29   $14-50   ISBN 9781907519055


Total Eclipse (Weather Warden):  Caine, Rachel

Stripped of their powers, Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin and Djinn David must stop a poisonous substance that has seeped into the Earth from destabilizing the entire balance of power and destroying the magic that keeps the world alive.

ORDER # S710-30   $14-50   ISBN 9780451463456


Unsympathetic Magic (Esther Diamond: 03):  Resnick, Laura

When her guest role as a prostitute on a controversial TV drama is jeopardized by zombies, angry spirits and a voodoo curse, struggling actress Esther Diamond helps her friend Dr. Maximillian Zadok, a 350-year-old sorcerer, combat the supernatural forces at work in New York City.

ORDER # S710-31   $14-50   ISBN 9780756406356


Vanished (Greywalker: 04):  Richardson, Kat

Private Investigator Harper Blaine discovers she can bridge the world between the living and the paranormal after a near-death experience, and becomes Greywalker, taking on a case for vampires and delving into the mysteries of her own dark past.

ORDER # S710-32   $14-50   ISBN 9780451462992


A Wild Light (Hunter Kiss: 03):  Liu, Marjorie M

After the bizarre death of her beloved grandfather, demon hunter Maxine Kiss fears that the darkness inside her has finally consumed her, and, with her sanity in question, must face the truth about who she really is before she loses everything - and everyone she cares about.

ORDER # S710-33   $14-50   ISBN 9780441019014


The Ghost King (Transitions: 03):  R. A. Salvatore

When the Spellplague ravages Faerun, Drizzt and his companions are caught in the chaos. Seeking out the help of the priest Cadderly, Drizzt finds himself facing his most powerful and elusive foe.

ORDER # S710-34   $14-50   ISBN 9780786954995


Without Warning:  John Birmingham

The author of the acclaimed novel "Weapons of Choice" returns with his most chilling story yet. "Without Warning" imagines what would happen if an unexplained phenomenon virtually erases the U.S. overnight - leaving the rest of the world to survive without it.

ORDER # S710-35   $14-50   ISBN 9780345502902


Stargate SG-1 #15: Power Behind the Throne:  Steven Savile

SG-1 is asked by the Tok'ra to rescue a creature known as the Mujina. The creature is an archetype - a hero for all, a villain for all, depending upon whose influence it falls under. And the Goa'uld Aphophis has his heart set on possessing the creature.

ORDER # S710-36   $14-50   ISBN 9781905586455


Stargate Atlantis: Death Game: SGA-15:  Jo Graham

Colonel John Sheppard wakes up on an alien world in the wreckage of a Puddle Jumper - and can't remember how he got there. Putting the pieces together, he discovers his team is scattered across a tropical archipelago, unable to communicate with each other or return to the Stargate.

ORDER # S710-37   $14-50   ISBN 9781905586479


Of Saints and Shadows:  Christopher Golden

Book One in "The Shadow Saga" is a brilliant epic that takes readers into the secret world of vampires - and a secret society sworn to destroy them. Sweeping, sensuous, and shocking, it is a powerful vision of immortality that will leave readers spellbound.

ORDER # S710-38   $14-50   ISBN 9780441019052


Rift in the Sky (Stratification: 03):  Czerneda, Julie E.

Despite good intentions, the Om-ray of Cersi can't resist moving through space using the M-hir dimension. To prevent the disruption of the Agreement and the destruction that it would unleash, the M-hiray, as they now call themselves, agree to leave Cersi forever.

ORDER # S710-39   $14-50   ISBN 9780756406097


Large Size Paperbacks
Cast in Chaos (Chronicles of Elantra: 06):  Sagara, Michelle

When the charlatans on Elani Street suddenly grow powerful, causing the skies to rain blood, Kaylin Neya, part of the elite force tasked with keeping the City of Elantra safe, is at the mercy of the powerful citizens of Elantra who believe that the mysterious markings on Kaylin's skin hold the answer.

ORDER # S710-43   $24-90   ISBN 9780373803194 


Black Swan Rising:  Carroll, Lee

Stumbling into a strange antiques shop where an enigmatic clerk asks her to open a vintage silver box, New York City jewelry designer Garet unleashes a centuries old prophecy tied to her true identity as the latest in a family of women who have been killed by an evil force.

ORDER # S710-44   $24-90   ISBN 9780765325976 


Dark and Stormy Knights:  Elrod, P. N., ed.

Stories by Jim Butcher et al. . Nine short works by New York Times bestselling authors feature loner, supernatural and ruggedly attractive modern heroes who perform dark and dangerous deeds for the greater good, in an anthology that includes contributions by Ilona Andrews, Vicki Pettersson and Carrie Vaughn.

ORDER # S710-45   $24-90   ISBN 9780312598341 


The Reapers Are the Angels:  Bell, Alden

In a fallen America infested with zombies, a young girl named Temple is on the run, haunted by her past and pursued by a killer, and she must decide where she can find the salvation she seeks - in the insulated remnants of society or on the bleak, brutal frontier.

ORDER # S710-46   $24-90   ISBN 9780805092431 


Truthseeker:  Murphy, C. E

Producing high-quality clothing while believing herself to be an unremarkable person, Boston tailor Lara Jansen is approached by a gorgeous Faerie prince who begs her to use her undiscovered supernatural abilities to help him solve his brother's murder.

ORDER # S710-47   $24-90   ISBN 9780345516060 


Spiritwalk (Newford):  De Lint, Charles

A follow-up to the best-selling Moonheart finds the supernatural residents of Tamson House, an eccentric dwelling built on former Celtic and Native American sacred land, threatened by a dangerous force emerging from a nearby primal wood.

ORDER # S710-48   $24-90   ISBN 9780765325273 


Bolos: Their Finest Hour:  Laumer, Keith, creator

Collects the best stories about the Bolos, artificially intelligent tanks that are nearly indestructible, in an edition that includes tales by David Weber, Mercedes Lackey, David Drake, S. M. Sterling and more.

ORDER # S710-49   $21-90   ISBN 9781439133750 


Gears of War No. 3:  Traviss, Karen

A ravaged world's surviving humans wage a desperate war against the brutal Locust Horde, whose possible return challenges Marcus Fenix and his commando squad to push the limits of their battle skills.

ORDER # S710-50   $25-90   ISBN 9780345499455 


Out of the Cocoon (Star Trek: Corps of Engineers: 12):  Leisner, William, et al

A collection of Star Trek novellas about a topflight group of human and alien specialists who can build just about anything includes Out of the Cocoon by William Leisner, Honor by Kevin Killiany, Blackout by Phaedra M. Weldon and The Cleanup by Robert T. Jeschonek.

ORDER # S710-51   $25-90   ISBN 9781439148426 


What's Past (Star Trek: Corps of Engineers: 13):  Osborne, Terri, et al

A 13th array of Star Trek novellas about a topflight group of human and alien specialists with unparalleled engineering skills includes Progress by Terri Osborne, The Future Begins by Steve Mollman and Michael Schuster, Echoes of Coventry by Richard C. White and more

ORDER # S710-52   $27-90   ISBN 9781439194867 


Hardcover Titles
The Bear (Saga of First King):  Salvatore, R. A

When Yeslnik the Fool unexpectedly tips the war of Honce in his favor to become the realm's most bloody and merciless ruler, Dame Gwydre and Father Artolivan desperately attempt to join forces with Laird Ethelbert while Bransen struggles to extricate himself from his allies.

ORDER # S710-53   $41-90   ISBN 9780765317919 


Bearers of the Black Staff (Legends of Shannara):  Brooks, Terry

Co-existing peacefully for 500 years after creating their magically protected valley, the surviving members of four non-demon races from the Genesis of Shannara trilogy band together against frightening creatures that are penetrating the shield around their home.

ORDER # S710-54   $40-90   ISBN 9780345484178 


The Black Prism (Black Prism: 01):  Weeks, Brent

In a world where color is the basis of all magic, Kip has yet to realize his powers, but he soon begins to learn the truth behind the great rift between his father - Gavin Guile, the current Prism - and his uncle, Javen, and discovers that time is running out for the world.

ORDER # S710-55   $38-90   ISBN 9780316075558 


Death's Excellent Vacation:  Harris, Charlaine. Editor

The editors of Many Bloody Returns, including New York Times best-selling authors Charlaine Harris, Katie MacAlister and Jeaniene Frost, present 12 original tales featuring supernatural beings going on vacation, including an all-new Sookie Stackhouse story.

ORDER # S710-56   $37-90   ISBN 9780441018680 


Labyrinth: A Greywalker Novel:  Richardson, Kat

After dying for two minutes, private investigator Harper Blaine becomes a Greywalker, straddling the line between the living world and the paranormal realm, and must search for the ghost of the man who killed her. 

ORDER # S710-57   $37-90   ISBN 9780451463364 


Elminster Must Die!  Greenwood, Ed

Powerful, yet aged, wizard Elminster must feed magic items to the Simbul, his lover, in order to keep her sane, but his actions draw his many enemies ever closer to him.

ORDER # S710-58   $38-90   ISBN 9780786951932 


The Last Page:  Huso, Anthony

Reluctantly assuming the throne of Stonehold, young High King Caliph Howl inherits ugly court secrets and a brewing civil war, a situation that is complicated by the return of former love Sena, who spies on the king while trying to unlock a destructive ancient text.

ORDER # S710-59   $38-90   ISBN 9780765325167 


Prospero in Hell (Prospero's Daughter): Lamplighter, Jagi

Searching for her father throughout the centuries while protecting an unknowing world from disasters, Miranda, the head of Prospero, Inc., discovers that her father has been imprisoned in Hell by demons who name a terrible price in exchange for his freedom. 

ORDER # S710-60   $38-90   ISBN 9780765319302 


The Questing Road:  McConchie, Lyn

After a group of farmers searching for a stolen foal inadvertently cross through a gateway into a different world, the cat-seeking lord and lady of a nearby keep also find themselves in the same alternate realm, where both groups discover their common link to a dangerous scheme.

ORDER # S710-61   $38-90   ISBN 9780765322111 


Shades of Milk and Honey:  Kowal, Mary Robinette

A first novel by a Campbell Award-winning and Hugo Award-nominated short story writer is set in a Jane Austen inspired alternative universe where two sisters, one beautiful and the other skilled in the glamour arts, test the limits of their gifts on an unscrupulous suitor.

ORDER # S710-62   $37-90   ISBN 9780765325563 


The Way of Kings (Stormlight Archive: 01):  Sanderson, Brandon

A new epic series by the best-selling writer of Robert Jordan's final Wheel of Time® novels introduces the world of Roshar through the experiences of a war-weary royal compelled by visions, a highborn youth condemned to military slavery and a woman who would save her impoverished house.

ORDER # S710-63   $41-90   ISBN 9780765326355 


Waking the Witch (Women of the Otherworld: 11):  Armstrong, Kelley

Using the powers she inherited from her dark witch mother and notorious wizard father to solve crimes, beautiful spell-casting investigator Savannah Levine is recruited to track down a supernatural killer.

ORDER # S710-64   $38-90   ISBN 9780525951780 


After America:  Birmingham, John

A follow-up to Without Warning traces the harrowing reconstruction of the United States after most of its population is killed by a natural disaster, an effort lead by President James Kipper and challenged by pirates, freebooters and a rogue governor of Texas.

ORDER # S710-65   $38-90   ISBN 9780345502919 


Will Power:  Hartley, A. J

Transported to a mysterious land, Will Hawthorne and his band of thieves find themselves in the middle of a battle between goblins and stately humans whose sense of social propriety renders them appalled by Will's rough manners.

ORDER # S710-66   $38-90   ISBN 9780765321251 


Children No More (Jon & Lobo: 04):  Van Name, Mark L

After they hear of a group of children pressed into service by rebels on another planet, Jon Moore and his hyper-intelligent assault vehicle, Lobo, spring into action, confronting not only the horrors the children are facing, but also a dark chapter from Jon's past.

ORDER # S710-67   $34-90   ISBN 9781439133651 


Do Unto Others:  Williamson, Michael Z

After an army traps wealthy miner-turned-entrepreneur Caron Prescot inside the domes and mines of Govannon with only six bodyguards to protect her, she must turn to her loyal miners and Elke, a psychotic demolition expert, for help.

ORDER # S710-68   $34-90   ISBN 9781439133835 


Omnitopia Dawn (Omnitopia):  Duane, Diane

Dev Logan, the genius programmer responsible for a popular, massive multiplayer online game, Omnitopia, guards a secret about his invention - it's not just a piece of code, it's alive - in this tale from the New York Times best-selling author.

ORDER # S710-69   $37-90   ISBN 9780756406233 


The Evolutionary Void:  Hamilton, Peter F

A conclusion to the epic space adventure that began with The Dreaming Void and The Temporal Void returns readers to the Commonwealth universe of the far-future.

ORDER # S710-70   $42-90   ISBN 9780345496577 


The Osiris Ritual:  Mann, George

Hoping his life will settle down after the successful resolution of the Affinity Bridge affair, Sir Maurice Newbury, Gentleman Investigator for the Crown, faces an unexpected double conundrum involving his immortality-seeking predecessor and an enigmatic secret agent.

ORDER # S710-71   $37-90   ISBN 9780765323217 


The Stainless Steel Rat Returns:  Harrison, Harry

Enjoying his wealthy retirement on Moolaplenty when a long-lost cousin depletes his resources, Slippery Jim takes his wife on a wild tour of the galaxy in search of a way to eliminate a cargo of pigs.

ORDER # S710-72   $37-90   ISBN 9780765324412 


Stars and Gods:  Niven, Larry

A sequel to Scatterbrain is an anthology of excerpts from the Hugo Award and Nebula Award-winning author's recent works, including Ringworld's Child and an assortment of top-selected short stories, nonfiction pieces, interviews, editorials and correspondences.

ORDER # S710-73   $38-90   ISBN 9780765308641 


The White Island:  Reeves-Stevens, Judith

In the aftermath of a young geneticist's shocking DNA discovery, power-hungry Homer Stennis Ironwood endeavors to penetrate the MacClary family, who guard ancient secrets about humanity's past associations with gods.

ORDER # S710-74   $38-90   ISBN 9780312377441 


Star Wars Year by Year:  A Visual Chronicle

Featuring color illustrations and movie stills, a guide to the Star Wars universe chronologically details the history and development of the franchise's movies; the events, press and logistics surrounding the making of each film; exclusive interviews with people who worked behind the scenes; promotional items and memorabilia; and much more. Illustrations.

ORDER # S710-75   $75-90   ISBN 9780756657642 


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