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Death Game: Stargate Atlantis: SGA-15:  Graham, Jo.

Colonel John Sheppard wakes up to find that he and his team are scattered across a tropical archipelago, unable to communicate with each other or return to Stargate, and soon Sheppard and Teyla are taken as prisoners to the planet's Wraith overlord while McKay, Ronon and Zelenka mount a rescue.

ORDER # S610-1   $14-50   ISBN 9781905586479 


The Eternal Prison:  Somers, Jeff.

Incarcerated in Chengara Penitentiary after surviving the worst bio-engineered disaster in history, Avery Cates, the System's most famous gunner, must fight for his survival while dealing with his own personal demons.

ORDER # S610-2   $14-50   ISBN 9780316075602 


Flinx Transcendent (Pip and Flinx):  Foster, Alan Dean.

In the final installment in the Pip and Finx series, Flinx must travel to the land of his mortal enemies, the AAnn, to find an ancient weapons platform in order to prevent the annihilation of the Milky Way galaxy, all the while dodging relentless assassins, the bloodthirsty AAnn and the all-too-real danger that communicating with the weapons platform could fry his brain.

ORDER # S610-3   $14-50   ISBN 9780345496089 


Fires of Freedom:  Pournelle, Jerry.

Two colony worlds - Mars in the not-so-distant future, and a distant world circling another star in the far future - are both threatened by powerful forces and faceless bureaucrats as they struggle for independence.

ORDER # S610-4   $14-50   ISBN 9781439133743 


Path of the Warrior (Warhammer 40,000):  Thorpe, Gav.

Korlandril, a member of the mysterious eldar race, chooses the Path of the Warrior and becomes a Striking Scorpion, a deadly fighter skilled in the art of close-quarter combat, but soon he finds himself losing his identity and wonders if he will ever get it back.

ORDER # S610-5   $16-50   ISBN 9781844168750 


Pathfinder (Major Ariane Kedros: 03):  Reeve, Laura E.

In search of redemption, Major Ariane Kedros agrees to become the human pilot for a mysterious alien race called the Minoans and allows them to implant their technology in her body, but, unbeknownst to Ariane, there is a traitor in her midst who is determined to make this mission her last.

ORDER # S610-6   $14-50   ISBN 9780451463449 


Without Warning:  Birmingham, John.

When an inexplicable miles-high energy wave wipes out 99 percent of the U.S. population, the survivors struggle to meet the unimaginable challenges - including James Kipper, chief engineer of Seattle; agent Caitlin Monroe, on the trail of a deadly Muslim fanatic; and General Tusk Musso and Admiral James Ritchie, racing against time to preserve world peace.

ORDER # S610-9   $14-50   ISBN 9780345502902 


Terminator Salvation: Trial by Fire:  Zahn, Timothy.

While searching the ruins of the destroyed VLA lab for the remains of John Connor's brother, Barnes and pilot Blair Williams discover a data transmission line that leads them up into the mountains where they discover an entire village that appears to have remained unscathed by Judgment Day.

ORDER # S610-10   $14-50   ISBN 9781848560888 


Blood Law:  Holmes, Jeannie.

Alexandra Sabian, an enforcer for the Federal Bureau of Preternatural Investigations, must maintain the tentative alliance between her kind and humans, but when dead vampires begin turning up, murdered in the same gruesome fashion as her father was years ago, the job suddenly turns personal.

ORDER # S610-11   $14-50   ISBN 9780553592672 


Black Dust Mambo:  Phoenix, Adrian.

While attending the Hecatean Alliance's annual carnival in New Orleans, Kallie Riviere, a sassy Cajun hoodoo apprentice, must use all of her knowledge and bayou-bred mojo to clear her name when her one-night stand is found murdered in her bed.

ORDER # S610-12   $14-50   ISBN 9781439167878 


Fatal Circle (Circle: 03):  Robertson, Linda.

When the fairies demand that she destroy the ancient vampire Menessos, to whom she is secretly magically bonded, Persephonee Alcmedi, the high priestess of a coven, places everything on the line, including her relationship with her werewolf lover, to stand against the faeries.

ORDER # S610-13   $14-50   ISBN 9781439156803 


A Devil in the Details:  Stewart, K. A.

Putting his soul on the line to save his brother, Jesse James Dawson, a black belt in karate, becomes part of an organization of champions who help those who get in over their heads with demons until someone - or something - changes the game.

ORDER # S610-14   $14-50   ISBN 9780451463432 


The Magickers Chronicles:  Drake, Emily.

Contains the first two novels of the Magickers series - The Magickers, in which 11-year-old Jason Adrian is offered the chance to attend Camp Ravenwyng, an unusual facility designed to teach potential Magicker recruits the secret of their magical powers, before the forces of evil overrun the world, and The Curse of Arkady.

ORDER # S610-15   $16-50   ISBN 9780756406363 


The Ghost King (Forgotten Realms: Transitions: 03):  Salvatore, R. A.

A final installment of the Transitions trilogy sees Drizzt and his companions seeking the help of the priest Cadderly, leading Drizzt to face his most powerful and elusive foe, the twisted Crenshinibon, the demonic Crystal Shard that Drizzt believed had been destroyed years ago.

ORDER # S610-16   $14-50   ISBN 9780786954995 


Pray for Dawn (Dark Days: 04):  Drake, Jocelynn.

When the murder of a senator's daughter in Savannah threatens to expose her kind to the light of day, nightwalker Mira, a vampire slayer, and Danaus, her enemy, must join forces to prevent the destruction of their separate races and save humankind from the naturi.

ORDER # S610-17   $14-50   ISBN 9780061851803


Prospero Lost:  Lamplighter, L. Jagi.

Surviving with her family members for 400 years after the events of The Tempest, sorcerer's daughter Miranda enlists her siblings in a search for their missing father after receiving a warning about ancient demons who would harness their powers.

ORDER # S610-18   $14-50   ISBN 9780765358837


Red Hot Fury:  MacKenzie, Kasey.

When the body of a sister Fury washes up in Boston Harbor, Marissa Holloway discovers that someone is trying to start a war between mortals and arcanes and turns to shape-shifting Warhound Scott Murphy for help in solving this dangerous mystery.

ORDER # S610-19   $14-50   ISBN 9780441018925


Red Hood's Revenge (Princess: 03):  Hines, Jim C.

Known throughout the world as the Lady of the Red Hood, assassin Roudette is hired to kill princess Sleeping Beauty who is caught in the middle of a conflict between humans and fairies.

ORDER # S610-20   $14-50   ISBN 9780756406080


Unholy Magic (Chess Putnam: 02):  Kane, Stacia.

When someone - or something - targets the prostitutes of Downside, Chess Putnam, an agent of the Church of Real Truth, is drawn into a world of murder, sex and the supernatural where she must place herself in the path of evil to find the truth.

ORDER # S610-21   $14-50   ISBN 9780345515582


Tracking the Tempest (Jane True: 02):  Peeler, Nicole.

When her vampire boyfriend goes all out for Valentine's Day, throwing her life off course, Jane True becomes involved in a grisly murder investigation where the prime suspect is another Halfling.

ORDER # S610-22   $14-50   ISBN 9780316056571


Wireless:  Charles Stross

The Hugo Award-winning author of such groundbreaking and innovative novels as "Accelerando, Halting State," and "Saturn's Children" delivers a rich selection of speculative fiction- including a novella original to this volume- brought together for the first time in one collection, showcasing the limitless imagination of one of the twenty-first century's most daring visionaries.

ORDER # S610-23   $14-50   ISBN 9780441018932


A Drop of Red (Vampire Babylon: 04):  Chris Marie Green

When a new Vampire Underground is found in England, Hollywood stuntwoman-turned-vampire hunter Dawn Madison and her crack team are dispatched to carry the fight from the flash and dash of Los Angeles to the seemingly staid and stolid streets of London.

ORDER # S610-24   $14-50   ISBN 9780441018949


Abyss (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: 03):  Denning, Troy.

Han and Leia endeavor to keep an increasingly unstable Jedi Order out of the control of government security; while Luke and his son, Ben, search a mysterious region of space for clues about Jacen's fall to the dark side.

ORDER # S610-25   $14-50   ISBN 9780345509192 


Large Size Paperbacks
All That Lives Must Die:  Nylund, Eric.

Eliot and Fiona Post, the children of immortal goddess Atropos, begin attending a high school where gods, goddesses, warriors and sorcerers learn to harness their powers, all the while a specter of death hangs over their heads, since those who don't graduate often end up dead.

ORDER # S610-26   $25-90   ISBN 9780765323040 


And Another Thing ...(The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: 06):  Colfer, Eoin.

Working with the blessing of Douglas Adams's widow, the author of the Artemis Fowl series offers a sixth instalment of the popular series that has gained legions of fans through its blend of science fiction, fantasy, humour and absurdity.

ORDER # S610-27   $25-90   ISBN 9781401310301 


The Crowded Shadows (Moorehawke Trilogy: 02):  Kiernan, Celine.

After a host of enemies, including the Loups-Garous Wolves, force Wynter Moorehawke and Razi to turn to the Merron people for sanctuary, they realize that the Merron have sided with their mortal enemy, Marguerite Shirken, and wonder what is behind these strange alliances and what Prince Alberon has to do with it.

ORDER # S610-28   $25-90   ISBN 9780316077088 


Dracula's Guest: And Other Victorian Vampire Stories:  Sims, Michael, ed.

A multicultural treasury of Victorian-era vampire stories includes Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Oval Portrait', Sheridan Le Fanu's 'Carmilla' and Guy de Maupassant's 'The Horla', in an anthology complemented by Transylvanian superstitions and an omitted chapter from Stoker's classic.

ORDER # S610-29   $27-90   ISBN 9780802719713 


The Golden City (Fourth Realm: 03):  Twelve Hawks, John.

A conclusion to the trilogy that includes The Traveller and The Dark River finds Gabriel coming close to finding his father only to encounter an unimaginable new threat, while his brother Michael, firmly allied with the enemy, endeavours to wrest power from the leaders of the Brethren.

ORDER # S610-30   $25-90   ISBN 9781400079315 


Dracula My Love: The Secret Journals of Mina Harker:  James, Syrie.

The best-selling author of The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Brontė and The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen retells the story of Dracula from the point of view of his married lover, Mina Harker.

ORDER # S610-31   $25-90   ISBN 9780061923036 


The Map of All Things (Terra Incognita: 02):  Anderson, Kevin

After Uraban leader Soldan-Shah Omra captures the ruined city of Ishalem from the Tierrans, his people discover an ancient map of the Key to Creation, prompting Omra to send his adoptive son across an uncharted sea to find the relic, just as Tierran Captain Criston Vora sails to find the lost land of Terravitae.

ORDER # S610-32   $25-90   ISBN 9780316004213 


Mozart's Blood:  Marley, Louise.

A vampiric soprano whose blood has mingled with Mozart's has picked up his musical talents and lives out several musical careers, travelling around the world with her mysterious assistant, Ugo, and performing concerts at the top opera houses, until a relentless vampire hunter aims to silence her - forever.

ORDER # S610-33   $25-90   ISBN 9780758242129 


The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Seventh Annual Collection:  Dozois, Gardner, ed.

An anthology of top-selected writings from 2009, edited by a Hugo Award-winning author, includes the works of such figures as Ian McDonald, Alastair Reynolds, Nancy Kress, Mary Rosenblum and Robert Charles Wilson and is complemented by an extensive recommended reading guide.

ORDER # S610-34   $34-90   ISBN 9780312608989 


Swords & Dark Magic:  Strahan, Jonathan

A volume edited by two Hugo-nominated writers features high-adventure pieces representing the work of some of the fantasy genre's most popular authors, including Joe Abercrombie and Gene Wolfe.

ORDER # S610-35   $26-90   ISBN 9780061723810 


Blonde Bombshell: A Comedy of Intergalactic Proportions:  Holt, Tom.

In the year 2017, Lucy Pavlov is CEO of a company that has a monopoly on computer operating systems, has unfathomable intelligence and has been voted 'Most Beautiful Woman' for three years running, all the while unaware that she is a walking bomb, with a mission to blow up planet Earth.

ORDER # S610-36   $24-90   ISBN 9780316086998 


Wolf's Cross (Wolfbreed: 02):  Swann, S. A.

A follow-up to Wolfbreed finds young Maria questioning her loyalties after falling in love with a wounded Teutonic Knight and discovering her wolfbreed nature.

ORDER # S610-37   $25-90   ISBN 9780553807394 


The End of the World: Stories of the Apocalypse:  Greenberg, Martin Harry

Collects a riveting array of doomsday stories by some of the top authors in the genre, including Neil Gaiman, George R. R. Martin, Arthur C. Clarke, Poul Anderson and many more.

ORDER # S610-38   $23-90   ISBN 9781602399679 


Clone Wars Gambit: Siege (Star Wars):  Miller, Karen.

Trapped on the planet Lanteeb while working to outmaneuver General Lok Durd's droid army, Obi-Wan Kenobi and a grown Anakin Skywalker seek shelter in a remote village where they are attacked by Separatist forces.

ORDER # S610-39   $26-90   ISBN 9780345509000 


Final Crisis:  Cox, Greg.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the remnants of the Justice League of America are humanity's only hope against Darkseid, who possesses the secret of the Anti-Life Equation and has unleashed the forces of the Apokolips on Earth.

ORDER # S610-40   $25-90   ISBN 9780441018574 


Enforcer (Shira Calpurnia):  Farrer, Matthew.

Collects all three Shira Calpurnia novels into a single edition, in which Shira discovers the corruption behind assassination attempts, greed over an ancient charter and heartless murderers.

ORDER # S610-41   $25-90   ISBN 9781844168798 


Jump Gate Twist (Jon & Lobo):  Van Name, Mark L.

A new omnibus edition collects the first two novels in the Jon & Lobo series, One Jump Ahead and Slanted Jack; the short story that inspired the series; a new introduction; and more, in a book that follows the adventures of Jon Moore, a nanotech-enhanced warrior, and Lobo, an assault vehicle with a personality of its own.

ORDER # S610-42   $23-90   ISBN 9781439133705 


More Stories From the Twilight Zone:  Serling, Carol, ed.

A second volume edited by the wife of The Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling includes new stories in the style of the original television series, all written by leading genre authors.

ORDER # S610-43   $28-90   ISBN 9780765325822 


Virga: Cities of the Air:  Schroeder, Karl.

An omnibus edition collects the first two novels in the Virga series - Sun of Suns and Queen of Candesce - in which people inhabit a strange world of air, water and floating chunks of rock, all enclosed in a giant continent-sized balloon.

ORDER # S610-44   $28-90   ISBN 9780765326706 


The Unit:  DeHart, Terry.

After the United States is devastated by a nuclear attack, one ordinary suburban family must take up arms in a brutal and unforgiving world.

ORDER # S610-45   $24-90   ISBN 9780316077408 


With Great Power:  Anders, Lou, ed.

No Picture Available

An anthology of original super-hero tales is designed for both die-hard and casual fans and includes contributions by leading comic-book and science-fiction writers, including Stephen Baxter, Bill Willingham and Peter David. Edited by the Hugo Award-nominated author of The Making of Star Trek: First Contact.

ORDER # S610-46   $25-90   ISBN 9781439168820 


The Year of the Flood:  Atwood, Margaret.

No Picture Available

When a natural disaster predicted by God's Gardeners leader Adam One obliterates most human life, two survivors trapped inside respective establishments that metaphorically represent paradise and hell wonder if any of their loved ones have survived, while the outside world is overcome by gene-spliced life forms.

ORDER # S610-47   $25-90   ISBN 9780307455475 


Hardcover Titles
The Bird of the River:  Baker, Kage.

A latest work set in the universe of The Anvil of the World and The House of the Stag finds sharp-eyed orphan Eliss and her half- brother making a new home on a river barge and clashing with a teen assassin amid an escalating series of pirate attacks on riverside cities.

ORDER # S610-48   $38-90   ISBN 9780765322968 


Blood Rites (Dresden Files: 06):  Butcher, Jim.

In a hardcover reissue of the sixth book in a popular fantasy series, Harry Dresden investigates a supposed curse on an adult-film set that is causing women to turn up dead, in a case that grabs the interest of vampire acquaintance Thomas.

ORDER # S610-49   $38-90   ISBN 9780451463357 


Dragongirl: Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern:  McCaffrey, Todd.

Returning from a three-year visit to a past world where she worked to heal sick and injured dragons, Fiona, rider of the gold queen dragon Talenth, struggles to balance responsibility and ambition when the dragons of her own time begin falling ill.

ORDER # S610-50   $38-90   ISBN 9780345491169 


Discord's Apple:  Vaughn, Carrie.

Discovering a magical storeroom in a house she is destined to inherit, Evie finds a cache of mythological and legendary artifacts that she is charged to keep out of the hands of villains who threaten the world with apocalyptic violence.

ORDER # S610-51   $36-90   ISBN 9780765325549 


The Reluctant Mage (Fisherman's Children: 02):  Miller, Karen.

After having disturbing dreams that indicate that her 9-years-lost brother may be alive, Deenie journeys with her friend, Charis, into the lawless land beyond Lur, where they learn that a fearsome mage who may be Deenie's brother is quickly becoming a threat to the world, unless he can be stopped.

ORDER # S610-52   $38-90   ISBN 9780316029216 


Imager's Intrigue (Imager Portfolio: 03):  Modesitt, L.

A follow-up to Imager and Imager's Challenge finds an adult Rhenn testing the limits of his powers when enemies he made during his journey from apprentice to master threaten his life and family.

ORDER # S610-53   $39-90   ISBN 9780765325624 


The Sleeping Beauty (Tale of Five Hundred Kingdoms: 05):  Lackey, Mercedes.

The fifth book in the magical Tale of the Five Hundred Kingdoms series finds princess Rosamund, after being chased by a murderous huntsman and captured by dwarves, agreeing to be the guinea pig in one of her step-mother's risky incantations to save her kingdom from invasion.

ORDER # S610-54   $37-90   ISBN 9780373803156 


Song of the Dragon (The Annals of Drakis: 01):  Hickman, Tracy

Human slave warrior, Drakis, and a determined elf join forces to free the enslaved races of the Rhonas Empire, to remind them of a time when they possessed magic in this fantasy saga from the co-creator of Dragonlance.

ORDER # S610-55   $38-90   ISBN 9780756406073 


The War That Came Early: West and East:  Turtledove, Harry.

The second installment in the author's latest World War II alternate- history series continues to explore what would have happened in the lives of leaders, soldiers and civilians had Great Britain's Neville Chamberlain not appeased Hitler.

ORDER # S610-56   $38-90   ISBN 9780345491848 


Tongues of Serpents:  Novik, Naomi.

A latest work by the award-winning author of Victory of Eagles continues the adventurous partnership between a British naval captain and a fighting dragon who work to protect their island home from the forces of Napoleon. 

ORDER # S610-57   $38-90   ISBN 9780345496898 


The Dervish House:  McDonald, Ian.

In 2027 Turkey, sectarian violence threatens, the nation wrestles with whether or not it should leave the European Union and citizens must carry cards that ration their carbon allowance.

ORDER # S610-58   $38-90   ISBN 9781616142049 


The Fuller Memorandum:  Stross, Charles.

While recovering a missing top secret dossier that his boss is accused of stealing, British super spy Bob Howard must safely navigate Russian agents, ancient demons and an undead entity called the Eater of Souls.

ORDER # S610-59   $38-90   ISBN 9780441018673 


Gateways:  Hull, Elizabeth Anne, ed.

An anthology of original works by leading genre authors who credit Frederick Pohl with influencing their careers includes pieces on his writing style and subjects, in a volume that features contributions by such names as Gregory Benford, Larry Niven and Gene Wolfe.

ORDER # S610-60   $38-90   ISBN 9780765326621 


Lucy:  Gonzales, Laurence.

The result of experimental breeding between a human and ape, 14-year-old Lucy is rescued from the Congo jungle where she has lived exclusively among apes and experiences stunning revelations about herself when she is relocated to a Chicago suburb.

ORDER # S610-61   $38-90   ISBN 9780307272607 


Old Republic (Star Wars):  Williams, Sean.

A prequel to the upcoming multi-player online game follows a smuggler's discovery of a rich treasure that sparks a competition involving the Republic, the Empire, the Hutts and the Jedi High Council, all of whom are manipulated by an enigmatic spy.

ORDER # S610-62   $38-90   ISBN 9780345511324 


Mission of Honor (Honor Harrington: 12):  Weber, David.

As the Republic of Haven, the Solarian League and other hidden enemies bear down on the Star Kingdom of Manticore, Honor Harrington must do all she can to prevent billions of people from being killed in an all-out galactic war.

ORDER # S610-63   $38-90   ISBN 9781439133613 


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