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Beyond the Gap:  Turtledove, Harry.

When news arrives of a narrow gap in the seemingly impregnable and endless wall of ice in the great Glacier near the city of Nidaros, Count Hamnet Thyssen and his companions venture deep into a dangerous and unexplored world on a perilous search for an ancient legend about a Golden Shrine and other lands beyond the ice.

ORDER # S308-1   $14-50   ISBN 0765356384


The Aftermath (Asteroid Wars: 04):  Bova, Ben.

Running a galactic ore carrier with his family in the wake of the Asteroid Wars, Victor Zacharius flies their ship into the middle of a military attack and bravely saves his family, only to find himself in the clutches of the seductive Cheena Madagascar.

ORDER # S308-2   $14-50   ISBN 0765343169


Dangerous Dames:  Zakour, John & Ganem, Lawrence.

In The Plutonium Blonde, Zachary Nixon Johnson is hired by B. B. Starr, an ex-exotic dancer and the CEO of the largest corporation on the planet, to locate and destroy her replica, and in The Doomsday Brunette, Johnson must help the beautiful Thompson Quads discover the truth surrounding the death of their supposedly indestructible sister.

ORDER # S308-3   $14-50   ISBN 0756404967


Day of the Vipers (Star Trek: Terok Nor): Swallow, James.

A visit to the bountiful world of Bajor from the resource-poor Cardassian Union ignites a conflict as personal, political, and religious tensions spiral out of control, changing the destinies of participants on both sides, in the first volume of a new Terok Nor trilogy.

ORDER # S308-4   $14-50   ISBN 1416550933


Edenborn:  Sagan, Nick.

The six survivors of a microbial apocalypse that has wiped out the human race find themselves divided by two different views of how a new society should be established, in a tale told from the viewpoints of a child from each side of the conflict.

ORDER # S308-5   $14-50   ISBN 0451462130


Judge:  Traviss, Karen.

Carrying a parasite in her blood that makes her virtually immortal, former police officer Shan Franland, along with her two lifemates, joins the Eqbas as they arrive on Earth to punish the human gethes who caused the near destruction of their race.

ORDER # S308-6   $14-50   ISBN 0060882409


1635: The Cannon Law:  Flint, Eric & Dennis, Andrew.

In Rome in 1635, Grantville's diplomatic team, headed by Sharon Nichols, has come to a standstill in their negotiations with Pope Urban VIII, while an ambitious Cardinal Borja launches his sinister schemes, mysterious agitators are stirring up trouble, Spain's armies prepare for an attack on the Kingdom of Naples, and Frank Stone finds himself in the middle of the trouble.

ORDER # S308-7   $14-50   ISBN 1416555366


The Last Hawk: A Novel of the Skolian Empire:  Asaro, Catherine.

When Kelric, heir to the Skolian empire, crashlands his space craft on a proscribed world, he is taken prisoner and detained by the two women who rule the planet in an effort to prevent their planet's incorporation into the empire, but the years it takes Kelric to escape cause severe consequences.

ORDER # S308-8   $14-50   ISBN 0812551109


Orphan's Journey:  Buettner, Robert.

In the third volume in a five-part military science-fiction series, Jason continues to resist the army's attempts to get him to leave, assisting his godson, Jude, in testing an alien spacecraft for flight, but the mission is more successful than they had ever dreamed possible when they and the remnants of his team crash onto an alien world.

ORDER # S308-9   $14-50   ISBN 0316001732


Power Play:  McCaffrey, Anne

Petaybee, a sentient planet in its earlier stages of development, begins to attain an awareness of the people who inhabit it, and when fortune-seekers kidnap Petaybee's rulers, the planet begins to speak out for itself.

ORDER # S308-10   $14-50   ISBN 0345387813


Reflex:  Gould, Steven.

In a sequel to Jumper, Davy, who uses his teleportation abilities in government cases, is taken captive by a mysterious group of people who set about brainwashing him to harness his powers for their own purposes, a situation that forces Davy's teleportation-capable wife, Millie, to secure his rescue.

ORDER # S308-11   $14-50   ISBN 0812578546


Space Viking:  Piper, H. Beam.

After his wife is murdered on their wedding day, Lucas Trask, driven by vengeance, becomes a Space Viking, raiding distant worlds while hunting for his wife's killer.

ORDER # S308-12   $14-50   ISBN 084396071X


Spindrift:  Steele, Allen.

More than fifty years after a European starship goes missing while investigating an unidentified space object, the expedition's three surviving members return to Earth without having aged and possessing claims about an extraterrestrial race.

ORDER # S308-13   $14-50   ISBN 0441015824


Embrace the Night:  Chance, Karen.

When she discovers a way to break the spell that binds her to master vampire Mircea, clairvoyant Cassandra Palmer journeys back to the past to find the Codex Merlini, which contains the incantation she needs, but also contains a vast array of dangerous spells that could endanger the world.

ORDER # S308-14   $14-50   ISBN 0451461991

Starstrike: Operation Orion:  Dockery, Kevin 

When Lieutenant Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson and his sixteen-man team of specially trained Navy SEALS respond to a distress call from an allied fleet, they discover that the Pangaea and its diplomatic passengers have vanished, forcing them to follow the trail to an ice moon on the edge of the galaxy and into a perilous confrontation with an unknown enemy.

ORDER # S308-15   $14-50   ISBN 0345490428


Misspelled:  Czerneda, Julie E., ed.

Featuring contributions from Kristine Smith, Marc Mackay, John Zakour, and Shannan Palma, among others, this enthralling collection of original fantasy stories reveals what happens when spell-driven situations get out of hand and wreak magical havoc in the lives of a colorful cast of unsuspecting characters.

ORDER # S308-16   $14-50   ISBN 0756404754


Harald:  Friedman, David D.

Once again, Harald, the most powerful general of his people, is called upon to leave his peaceful family life to defend his land from the encroachment of the Empire, which has sent its finest legions against Kaerlia's land, and only a return to an alliance of the Kingdom, Vales, and Ladies of the Order can stop the marauders.

ORDER # S308-19   $14-50   ISBN 1416555374


Empress:  Miller, Karen.

An unwanted young girl sold into slavery, Hekat is taken to Mijak's largest city, ruled by the warlord Raklion, where she grows into a beautiful and determined woman, driven by ambition, ingenuity, and fierce dreams of success to become powerful enough to take over as ruler of Mijak.

ORDER # S308-20   $14-50   ISBN 0316008354


The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day One):  Rothfuss, Patrick.

A hero named Kvothe, now living under an assumed name as the humble proprietor of an inn, recounts his transformation from a magically gifted young man into the most notorious wizard, musician, thief, and assassin in his world.

ORDER # S308-21   $14-50   ISBN 0756404746


Magic Burns:  Andrews, Ilona.

When mercenary Kate Daniels, who cleans up after magic gone wrong, is hired to retrieve a set of stolen maps for the Pack, Atlanta's paramilitary clan of shapeshifters, she is plunged into the middle of an epic battle between two gods hoping for rebirth.

ORDER # S308-22   $14-50   ISBN 0441015832


Obsidian Ridge:  Lebow, Jess.

Controlled by a cunning and ruthless wizard, Obsidian Ridge reappears without warning over the kingdom of Erlkazar, blotting out the sun and threatening the kingdom with destruction unless the wizard gets the princess of Erlkazar as a bride.

ORDER # S308-23   $14-50   ISBN 0786947853


Odalisque:  McIntosh, Fiona.

A first instalment of a new epic trilogy finds former captive slave Lazar rising to a coveted position as his adopted city's protector and confidant of the Zar, a situation that is threatened when his liege dies and is replaced by the young heir's cruelly ambitious mother.

ORDER # S308-24   $14-50   ISBN 0060899115


Poison Sleep:  Pratt, T. A.

The chief sorcerer of Felport, Marla Mason has become the target of a renegade assassin who specializes in killing his victims over a long period of time, a situation that worsens as she and her partner Rondeau deal with a knife-wielding killer and a troubled psychic, capable of reweaving the very fabric of reality, who has escaped from the Blackwing Institute for criminally insane sorcerers.

ORDER # S308-25   $14-50   ISBN 0553589997


River of the World:  Brenchley, Chaz.

His homeland oppressed for more than twenty years after the events of Bridge of Dreams, Issel of the Sudain uses his magical ability to manipulate water as part of a plan to free his people, an endeavor in which he is aided by a Marasai general's daughter who possesses her own vendetta against the regime.

ORDER # S308-26   $14-50   ISBN 0441015840


Rogue:  Vincent, Rachel.

Rejoining the Pride to become the group's only female enforcer, a young werecat is struggling to prove herself to her father, while enjoying her romance with her partner, Marc, but trouble continues to stalk her as murdered toms begin turning up in the Pride's territory, killings that could be linked to a series of disappearances of human women.

ORDER # S308-27   $14-50   ISBN 0778325555


The Sellsword (Bridges of Time: 02):  Banks, Cam.

A mercenary haunted by a troubled past, Vanderjack is hired to rescue a nobleman's daughter from behind enemy lines and suddenly becomes a pivotal player in freeing Nordmaar from the ravages of the Red Dragonarmy.

ORDER # S308-28   $14-50   ISBN 0786947225


The Silver Sword:  Zindell, David.

When the evil Lord Morjin successfully continues his campaign to enslave the island continent of Ea, the land's remaining free rulers set out to find a powerful object with the capacity to destroy Morjin, a quest during which young prince Val begins to doubt his perceptions of reality.

ORDER # S308-29   $14-50   ISBN 0765355922


Steal the Dragon:  Briggs, Patricia.

Escaping from a life of slavery in Darran to the mercenary nation of Sianim, young Rialla plots revenge on her former masters and is chosen by a spymaster to protect a Darran lord who hopes to outlaw slavery.

ORDER # S308-30   $14-50   ISBN 0441002730


Succubus in the City:  Harper, Nina.

Despite the fabulous fashions, being able to eat as much as she craves, and hanging out with her three demon girlfriends, working for the Devil is really becoming tiresome for Lily, a succubus who has been sending bad boys to the fiery pits of Hell, as she yearns for a man who will stick around, and gets her chance when she meets P.I. Nathan Coleman.

ORDER # S308-31   $14-50   ISBN 0345495063


Sword of the Deceiver:  Zettel, Sarah.

Ordered to bring a neighboring kingdom's princess into the Hastinapura court as a political trophy, Samudra, a younger brother to a corrupt emperor, is distressed by the changes taking place in his homeland and a plot to go to war with the princess's nation.

ORDER # S308-32   $14-50   ISBN 0765343207


An Unexpected Apprentice:  Nye, Jody Lynn.

Her family and farm destroyed by a Thraik attack, halfling Tildi Summerbee rebels against the plans of local leaders to have her enter an arranged marriage and passes herself off as a man in order to pursue an apprenticeship of danger and adventure under a great wizard.

ORDER # S308-33   $14-50   ISBN 0765352885


With a Single Spell:  Watt-Evans, Lawrence.

With his master dead, apprentice wizard Tobas, knowing only an elementary spell for starting a fire, sets out to seek his fortune in the faraway, magical realm of Old Ethshar.

ORDER # S308-34   $14-50   ISBN 0843960728


The Spider: Robot Titans of Gotham:  Page, Norvell W.

No Picture Available

Two complete novels chronicle the exploits and adventures of a mysterious crime fighter known as "The Spider," as he battles an army of giant robots menacing New York and a criminal mastermind threatening the Northeast with thousands of poisonous vampire bats, in a volume that also features a novel about the diabolical villain and would-be world dictator called the Octopus.

ORDER # S308-34A   $14-50   ISBN 1416555749



Large Size Paperbacks
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion:  Malik, Ernie.

A photographic companion to the second movie inspired by C. S. Lewis's Narnia series features script excerpts, production shots, and cast and crew anecdotes, in a film that follows the four Pevensie children, who are transported once again to Narnia to battle the evil King Miraz. Illustrations.

ORDER # S308-35   $28-90   ISBN 0061435600 


Iron Man: Beneath the Armor:  Mangels, Andy.

No Picture Available

Goes behind the scenes to describe the making of the hot new film Iron Man, in a volume that includes background and history of the Iron Man comic book character, concept art and production stills, the filmmaking process, and more.

ORDER # S308-36   $20-90   ISBN 0345506154 


Daughters of the North:  Hall, Sarah.

A dark fable set in an unrecognisable, near future Britain in which much of the country is now underwater and all assets and weapons have been seized by the sinister "Authority" chronicles the story of the narrator, Sister, and her efforts to escape the repression and the decree that all women be fitted with contraception to join a commune of women at Carhullan, a remote farm.

ORDER # S308-37   $20-90   ISBN 0061430366 


The Dragon the Sea:  Herbert, Frank.

As a conflict erupts between East and West in which oil becomes the ultimate prize, crews aboard nuclear-powered subtugs brave enemy waters to tap into the hidden oil reserves beneath the East's continental shelf, but with the disappearance of the last twenty missions, psychologist John Ramsay is sent in undercover to find the truth, in a new edition of a long out-of-print novel.

ORDER # S308-38   $21-90   ISBN 0765317745 


The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy: 16 Original Works by Speculative Fiction's Finest Voices:  Datlow, Ellen, ed.

Exemplifying the best in contemporary science fiction and fantasy, an anthology of original short fiction features such works as "Sonny Liston Takes the Fall" by John W. Campbell Award winner Elizabeth Bear, "Daltharee" by World Fantasy Award winner Jeffrey Ford, and "The Goosle," a new take on Hansel and Gretel by new author Margo Lanagan.

ORDER # S308-39   $22-90   ISBN 0345496329 


Nebula Awards Showcase 2008:  Bova, Ben, ed.

An anthology of Nebula Award-winning fiction selected by the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America includes works by this year's winners - Jack McDevitt, James Patrick Kelly, Elizabeth Hand, Peter S. Beagle, and other notables - accompanied by essays by celebrated authors Orson Scott Card and Mike Resnick on the state of the genre and future trends.

ORDER # S308-40   $22-90   ISBN 0451461886 


The SFWA European Hall of Fame: Sixteen Contemporary Masterpieces of Science Fiction from the Continent:  Morrow, James & Morrow, Kathryn, eds.

An English-language anthology of science-fiction tales by top European writers includes pieces by such authors as Joanna Sinisalo, Andreas Eschbach, and Jean-Claude Dunyach, in a volume complemented by an introductory essay and informative story notes.

ORDER # S308-41   $23-90   ISBN 0765315378 


Blood Ties:  Freeman, Pamela.

One thousand years after the original inhabitants of the Eleven Domains are forced into a refugee existence by Warlord invaders, the iron control of the government is challenged by a wild village girl, an apprentice under a murderous master, and a determined enchanter.

ORDER # S308-42   $19-90   ISBN 0316033464 


Don't Hex with Texas:  Swendson, Shanna.

Leaving her job in New York at Magic, Spells and Illusions, Inc. for the safety of Cobb, Texas, Katie Chandler hopes that she is finally off the magical grid, but she soon discovers a group of amateur wizards experimenting with the dark arts and her one-time love, wizard Owen Palmer, arrives to investigate.

ORDER # S308-43   $20-90   ISBN 0345492935 


Dragons Wild:  Asprin, Robert.

Con artist, poker player, and recent college graduate Griffen "Grifter" McCandles is stunned to discover that he and his sister Valerie are actually dragons and heads for New Orleans with Valerie to make a living in the dangerous criminal underworld of New Orleans.

ORDER # S308-44   $20-90   ISBN 0441014704 


Fallen:  Lebbon, Tim.

In the land of Noreela, four millennia prior to the time of the novels Dusk and Dawn, ambitious explorer Ramus Rheel teams up with Voyager Nomi Hyden to follow clues hidden in an ancient manuscript that could hold the secret of scaling the Great Divide and finding the Sleeping God he believes is hidden by the impassable barrier.

ORDER # S308-45   $18-90   ISBN 0553384678 


Lonely Werewolf Girl:  Millar, Martin.

Hounded through the streets of London while her sister designs clothes for the Fire Queen and her family feuds in the aftermath of the clan leader's death, teen werewolf Kalix MacRinnalch finds herself in an unwanted position of political power.

ORDER # S308-46   $22-90   ISBN 0979663660 


The Queen's Bastard:  Murphy, C. E.

Hard-pressed by enemies all around her, Lorraine defends her right to sit on the Aulunian throne by enlisting her most valuable weapon, Belinda, the daughter she has never acknowledged and who has been trained since childhood as an assassin, but as Belinda infiltrates the inner circles of her mother's enemies, she discovers her own secret magical powers.

ORDER # S308-47   $20-90   ISBN 0345494644 


The Society of S:  Hubbard, Susan.

Thirteen-year-old, half-vampire Ariella Montero struggles with the daily realities of her condition while harboring an unflinching desire to unravel the darkest secrets of vampire nature, a longing that leads her to learn about the gentle, wise, and even vegetarian lifestyles of vampires.

ORDER # S308-48   $20-90   ISBN 141653458X 


Hardcover Titles
Elom:  Drinkard, William H.

Eons after young Geerna is summoned by mysterious creatures, the time has come for the People to meet these mysterious alien beings, but they soon discover how much the pact made by Geerna so many years ago has cost them, and they must confront choices that may lead to true freedom - or to something much worse.

ORDER # S308-49   $36-90   ISBN 0765317850 


Caliphate:  Kratman, Tom.

In a twenty-second-century Europe ruled by Islam, a world in which Christians are second class citizens, Petra, a young German girl sold into prostitution as a slave to pay her family's taxes, dreams of escape and, inspired by her grandmother's diary, makes plans to flee to the refuge of America.

ORDER # S308-50   $34-90   ISBN 1416555455 


Galaxy Blues:  Steele, Allen.

Accused of grand theft and expelled from the Union Astronautica space fleet, Jules Truffant takes on a job as shuttle pilot for the freighter Pride of Cucamonga in exchange for amnesty, only to find himself taking part in a perilous voyage across the galaxy to plant a probe in the path of a black hole that is making its way through an inhabited star system.

ORDER # S308-51   $35-90   ISBN 0441015646 


The Houses of Time:  Nasir, Jamil.

Possessing the unique ability to alter the course of his dreams, David Grant learns to control his dreams under the tutelage of Dr. Thotmoses in the Trans-Humanist Institute, but his talent begins to take over as he visits dream-places while awake, the waking world and dream world collide, and he becomes the target of those who want to use his talents.

ORDER # S308-52   $35-90   ISBN 0765306107 


Moon Flower:  Hogan, James P.

When the planet Cyrene, which is in the early stages of being developed by the mammoth Interworld Restructuring Corporation, is rocked by the mysterious disappearance of Terrans from the local base, ruthless Facilitator Myles Callen leads a mission to investigate the situation, but it is idealistic quantum physicist Marc Shearer hold could the answer.

ORDER # S308-53   $33-90   ISBN 141655534X 


Maximum Deniability (Death's Head):  Gunn, David.

The sequel to Death's Head continues the perilous adventures and exploits of Sven Tveskoeg, an antisocial antihero with a nasty attitude and an intelligent handgun.

ORDER # S308-54   $35-90   ISBN 0345500016 


And Less Than Kind:  Lackey, Mercedes

On the verge of womanhood, Princess Elizabeth faces all new challenges with her brother Edward VI dying, the rise to Mary as queen, the schemes of the evil elf-lord Viada Dhu coming to fruition with the Dark Court's ability to feed on the misery generated by Mary's inquisitorial reign, and Mary's plot to marry off Elizabeth to ensure a Catholic heir.

ORDER # S308-55   $35-90   ISBN 1416555331 


Keeper of Dreams:  Card, Orson Scott.

A definitive compilation of short fiction by the best-selling science fiction master and author of Ender's Game features twenty-two stories, including two from the Alvin Maker Universe and others that have never before been published in book form, all with new introductions and commentaries from the author on his life and work.

ORDER # S308-56   $38-90   ISBN 076530497X 


The Hidden World:  Park, Paul.

In the conclusion of the fantasy series that began with A Princess of Roumania, Miranda, the lost princess of Roumania and fabled White Tyger, continues to be menaced by the ghosts of her enemies, including the insane spirit of the Baroness, and the demons released by her mother, with her best friend Andromeda at her side and her beloved Peter called to military duty.

ORDER # S308-57   $36-90   ISBN 0765316684 


Iron Angel (Deepgate Codex Trilogy):  Campbell, Alan.

In the sequel to Scar Night, the death of the god Ulcis has left open the gates of Hell, leaving the city of Deepgate teetering on the edge of the abyss, while Rachel Hael struggles to restore the soul of her friend, the young angel warrior Dill, whose body has been possessed by an evil spirit.

ORDER # S308-58   $35-90   ISBN 0553384171 


Lord of Lies:  Zindell, David.

As his brothers and his father, King Shamesh, march out to do battle with the vast armies of the terrible Dark Angel Morjin, Val is left behind alone to protect the sacred Lightstone, won by his courage and purity of vision, from the treasonous plots and betrayal surrounding him, in the sequel to The Lightstone and The Silver Sword.

ORDER # S308-59   $38-90   ISBN 0765311305 


Shadow Gate:  Elliott, Kate.

In the sequel to Spirit Gate, in the wake of the defeat of a horde of invaders led by a rogue Guardian, new turmoil threatens the world of the Hundred, when three new Guardians emerge, launching an internecine struggle among the immortals, with the fate of the entire world and its gods at stake.

ORDER # S308-60   $36-90   ISBN 0765310562 


Small Favor: Dresden Files:  Butcher, Jim.

The uneasy calm in Chicago wizard Harry Dresden's life is interrupted when Mab, monarch of the Winter Court of the Sidhe, the Queen of Air and Darkness, decides to call in the favor that Harry owes her, sending him on a quest that leaves him trapped between a deadly foe and untrustworthy ally and that will test his skills and loyalties to the limit.

ORDER # S308-61   $34-90   ISBN 0451461894 


Wrath of a Mad God (Darkwar Saga: 03): Feist, Raymond

A new instalment in the series that began with Flight of the Nighthawks and Into a Dark Realm finds the sorcerer Pug and his Conclave of Shadows companions travelling undercover among the bloodthirsty Desati, where they encounter a young stranger with disturbing secrets.

ORDER # S308-62   $36-90   ISBN 0060792981 


The Wise Man's Fear, Day Two (Kingkiller Chronicle):  Rothfuss, Patrick.

Forced to leave the university and seek his fortune abroad, Kvothe travels to Vintas, only to become entangled in the politics and intrigues of courtly society as he uncovers an assassination plot, reveals the truth about Amyr, the Chandrian, and the deaths of his parents, and is tutored in the ways of true magic by Felurian, an irresistible faerie woman

ORDER # S308-63   $35-90   ISBN 0756404738 


Steward of Song:  Stemple, Adam.

In the sequel to Singer of Souls, Douglas, a usurper sitting on the throne of Faery, uses his powerful magic and his loyal lieutenant, Martes, to hold the Queen and the land hostage, while in Massachusetts, a mysterious infant is abandoned on the doorstep of an ex-Marine who may possess second sight.

ORDER # S308-64   $34-90   ISBN 0765316307 


The Snow Queen: Five Hundred Kingdoms:  Lackey, Mercedes.

No Picture Available

Falsely accused of unleashing evil on nearby villages, Aleksia, the Ice fairy and Queen of the Northern Lights, realizing that a heartless imposter is ruining her reputation, sets out to face down a formidable foe, who is also responsible for the disappearance of a young warrior and the kidnapping of her own son.

ORDER # S308-65   $35-90   ISBN 037380265X 


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