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Firstborn (StarCraft: Dark Templar: 01):  Golden, Christie.

Hired to investigate a recently discovered Xel-Naga temple, archaeologist Jack Ramsey gets more than he had bargained for when he uncovers the remains of a long-dead protoss mystic and is trapped in a web of ancient, alien memories that threaten to take over his own identity.

ORDER # S507-1   $16-40   ISBN 0743471253 


Transformers:  Foster, Alan Dean.

Disguising themselves as ordinary electronic equipment while here on Earth, the peace-loving Autobots from the planet Cybertron become locked in a battle for a powerful energy source hidden on Earth with the Decepticons who will do anything to seize control of the universe.

ORDER # S507-2   $16-40   ISBN 0345497996 


Chanur's Endgame:  Cherryh, C.J.

In Chanur's Homecoming, Pyanfar Chanur and her crew must take a final desperate gamble that threatens the very fabric of the galaxy as the races of the Compact alliance mobilize for interplanetary war, and in Chanur's Legacy, Hilfy, niece of Pyanfar Chanur, is offered a million credits to transport a small religious object to Urtur Station.

ORDER # S507-3   $16-40   ISBN 0756404444 


Beast Master's Quest:  Norton, Andre & McConchie, Lyn.

An orphan refugee possessing the power to communicate telepathically with animals inherits a spaceship that she hopes will enable her to find the home planet of a cat-like creature with whom she has bonded, a quest that risks the lives of her friends and family.

ORDER # S507-4   $16-40   ISBN 0765353342 


Swords of Eveningstar (Knights of Myth Drannor: 01)(Forgotten Realms):  Greenwood, Ed.

The first volume in the new Knights of Myth Drannor trilogy follows the youthful adventures and exploits of Florin, Islif, and Jhessail as they earn a reputation for themselves and defend their world against an insidious and devious evil.

ORDER # S507-5   $16-40   ISBN 078694272X 


Crystal Rain:  Buckell, Tobias S.

Twenty-seven years after washing up on the shores with no memory of his past, John deBrun discovers that he retains an understanding about a mythical artifact and becomes the world of Nanagada's only chance for survival against an attack by the fearsome Azteca.

ORDER # S507-6   $16-40   ISBN 0765350904 


Death Sentence (BSI: Starside):  Allen, Roger MacBride.

When a young agent dies mysteriously of old age during a seemingly routine courier job, BSI agents Jamie Mendez and Hannah Wolfson embark on a race against time to find the key needed to unlock an encrypted datafile filled with sensitive information that may hold the key to a dangerous secret that could lead to an interstellar war.

ORDER # S507-7   $16-40   ISBN 0553587277 


The Grays:  Strieber, Whitley.

A fictional account of the conspiracy behind alien presence on Earth traces the decades-long manipulation of human bloodlines in a small Kentucky town by a group of aliens, an effort that terrifies nine-year-old Conner when he struggles to understand what he was bred to be, while government officer Michael Wilkes launches a sinister plan to ensure the survival of humanity.

ORDER # S507-8   $16-40   ISBN 0765352591 


Perfect Dark:  Second Front: Rucka, Greg.

With the offices of the Carrington Institute being systematically annihilated by unknown forces, secret agent Joanna Dark is assigned to hunt down and destroy the source of the deadly attacks, a quest that plunges her into a bloody confrontation with hypercorp dataDyne and into a global conspiracy that has been shaping the entire world for decades.

ORDER # S507-9   $16-40   ISBN 0765354748 


Helix:  Brown, Eric.

When the colony ship Aurora crash lands on a desolate, ice-bound planet in the Helix, part of a spiral of worlds orbiting around a central sun, leaving most of the colonists in cold sleep, the surviving crew members search the spiral for a more habitable place for the colony and come face to face with dangerous alien cultures.

ORDER # S507-10   $16-40   ISBN 1844164721 


Pushing Ice:  Reynolds, Alastair.

In 2057, Bella Lind and the crew of the Rockhopper mine comets for their ice, but when Janus, one of Saturn's ice moons inexplicably leaves its orbit and heads out of the solar system at high speed, Bella is assigned to follow it, unaware that the moon has some most unusual surprises in store.

ORDER # S507-11   $16-40   ISBN 0441015026 


Phytosphere:  Mackay, Scott.

When negotiations between the alien Tarsalans and Earth's rulers go horribly wrong, a strange green sphere begins enveloping the planet, causing major devastation, and two brilliant scientists must find a way to destroy this alien phytosphere before it is too late.

ORDER # S507-12   $16-40   ISBN 0451461584 


Reap the Whirlwind (Star Trek: Vanguard):  Mack, David

When the alien Shedai awaken from their millennia-long dormancy, plotting revenge on all those seeking the power of the Jinoteur system in the Taurus Reach, the crews of Starbase Vanguard and the U.S.S. Sagittarius must risk everything to protect the universe and to keep Jinoteur from falling into enemy hands.

ORDER # S507-13   $16-40   ISBN 1416534148 


A Rending of Falcons (MechWarrior: Dark Age: 26):  Milan, Victor.

When she emerges victorious after a war with Clan Hell's Horses, Jade Falcon Galaxy Commander Malvina Hazen, determined to be immortalised in the Clan Jade Falcon's halls of power, unwittingly ignites a civil war that could destroy the entire Clan way of life.

ORDER # S507-14   $16-40   ISBN 0451461592 


Resonance:  Dolley, Chris.

Office messenger Graham Smith, an obsessive-compulsive mute with a unique talent for seeing things that others cannot in the world around him, meets Analise Mercado, a young woman who hears voices warning her about the men out to kill Graham, in the story of two people whose lives are fragmented across alternate realities and who hold the key to the future of a billion planets.

ORDER # S507-15   $16-40   ISBN 1416521348 


Retief's Peace:  Keith, William H.

Drummed out of the Corps Diplomatique Terretrienne for his insubordinate attitude, Retief nevertheless must come to the rescue when the imperialistic Krll come up with a scheme to use the Peace Movement as a means to force the Terrans to abandon the planet, leaving it ripe for conquest, in a novel based on the series by the late Keith Laumer.

ORDER # S507-16   $16-40   ISBN 1416521356 


Starstrike: Task Force Mars:  Dockery, Kevin 

With an Earth research outpost on Mars ominously silent after sending out a disturbing distress call, the U.S. military sends an elite team of Navy SEALs, led by Lieutenant Thomas Stonewall Jackson, to investigate, but the team finds itself kidnapped by hostile aliens and forced to steal an alien aircraft, battle impossible odds, and take out a high-tech planetary defense system to escape.

ORDER # S507-17   $16-40   ISBN 034549041X 


Places to Be, People to Kill:  Greenberg, Martin

Featuring contributions from Tanya Huff, Jim C. Hines, Jean Rabe, and Ed Gorman, this thrilling collection enters the mysterious and deadly realm of the assassin, exploring how one chooses this line of work and how one becomes a cold-blood killer.

ORDER # S507-18   $16-40   ISBN 0756404177 


Year's Best SF 12:  Hartwell, David G.

This latest selection of outstanding science fiction stories, originally published in magazines during 2006,showcases the talents of such authors as Gregory Benford, Stephen Baxter, Joe Haldeman, Rudy Rucker, Nancy Kress, Alastair Reynolds, and Michael Swanwick.

ORDER # S507-19   $16-40   ISBN 0061252085 


Science Fiction: Best of Year 2007 Edition:  Horton, Rich

Collects the best science fiction stories written in 2006 by some of the genre's greatest authors, including Joe Haldeman, Alastair Reynolds, and Michael Swanwick.

ORDER # S507-20   $16-40   ISBN 0843959045 


Fall of Knight:  David, Peter.

When Gwen DeVere Queen miraculously survives an assassination attempt, Arthur Penn is forced to reveal his true identity as King Arthur and the existence of the Holy Grail, but when he is flooded by desperate requests for healing, he bottles the water from the Grail, unknowingly tainting the purpose of this holy cup's existence.

ORDER # S507-21   $16-40   ISBN 0441015069 


Cadmian's Choice (Corean Chronicles):  Modesitt, L.E.

The world of Corus is threatened by its global leaders' plans to redesign the planet in anticipation of a superior race's arrival, an effort that would reduce the psychic Pteridons to the status of a lesser race and render humans as little more than cattle.

ORDER # S507-22   $16-40   ISBN 0765354675 


The Forest House:  Bradley, Marion Zimmer.

In the prequel to The Mists of Avalon, Eilan, the daughter of a Druidic warleader, is gifted with visionary powers that cause her to be named a High Priestess at the Forest House, but she is unable to resist her forbidden love for the soldier Gaius.

ORDER # S507-23   $16-40   ISBN 0451461533 


Honored Enemy (Legends of Riftwar: 01): Feist, Raymond

In the dark and frozen Northlands of Midkemia, old enemies must enter into an uneasy alliance to battle not only the harsh climate but also a terrifying common enemy, but distrust and painful scars from the past could undermine their coalition.

ORDER # S507-24   $16-40   ISBN 0060792841 


Key to Conflict:  Gryphon, Talia.

While in Romania to counsel a master vampire, Gillian Key, a paramortal psychologist and a secret operative, uses this opportunity to infiltrate local vampire factions, becoming caught in a war between those who favour a peaceful co-existence with humans and those who see them as food.

ORDER # S507-25   $16-40   ISBN 0441015034 


Laws of the Blood: Partners:  Sizemore, Susan.

Vampire Enforcer Char McCairn and vampire hunter Jebel Haven are forced into an uneasy alliance as together they prowl the streets of Seattle in search of a young renegade vampire and stumble upon a bizarre, evil cult that could threaten the power of vampires and humans alike.

ORDER # S507-26   $16-40   ISBN 044100783X 


Legacy of Wolves (The Inquisitives: 03): (Eberron):  Rockwell, Marsheila.

With the city of Aruldusk terrorized by a series of grisly murders, the rival factions of the Church and the Crown send in their own agents to investigate, but as the murders continue to escalate, both sides must unite and work together to track down the killer, who may have ties to the highest levels of power.

ORDER # S507-27   $16-40   ISBN 0786942932 


Magic Lost, Trouble Found:  Shearin, Lisa.

When Raine, a sorceress of average abilities, takes possession of an amulet stolen from the home of a master necromancer, she becomes the vessel for unimaginable power, which comes with a high price - her soul.

ORDER # S507-28   $16-40   ISBN 0441015050 


No One Noticed the Cat:  McCaffrey, Anne.

A best-selling fantasist presents the tale of Jamas Tighe, an embattled young king with a foolish heart, and his right-hand cat, Niffy, an extraordinary feline who tries to save Jamas from his circle of enemies.

ORDER # S507-29   $16-40   ISBN 0843959037 


Phantom:  Goodkind, Terry.

In the epic sequel to Chainfire, Richard desperately searches for his long-lost, amnesiac beloved, Kahlan Amnell, racing against time to find her before she can uncover the secrets of her lost identity, thereby making her vulnerable to evil and unleashing annihilation on the world around her.

ORDER # S507-30   $16-40   ISBN 0765344327 


Scream of Stone (Watercourse: 03)(Forgotten Realms):  Athans, Philip.

In the epic finale of the trilogy that began with Whisper of Waves and Lies of Light, one determined man, consumed by a thirst for vengeance and his vision of what might be, holds the key to stopping the evil plots of the Red Wizard and his minions for all time.

ORDER # S507-31   $16-40   ISBN 0786942711 


Rifkind's Challenge:  Abbey, Lynn.

Raised to hone a sword rather than perform the traditional duties of women in her male-dominated desert world, chieftain's daughter Rifkind finds a new home where she practices healing arts and raises a child, only to find herself called upon to fulfil her destiny as a sorceress.

ORDER # S507-32   $16-40   ISBN 0765352036 


The Sea Change:  Bray, Patricia.

With his soul magically transplanted into the body of Prince Lucius, the condemned leader of a failed rebellion against the rightful rulers of Ikaria, Josan finds himself the prime suspect in the vicious slaughter of the Ikarian royal family - and the sole remaining legitimate heir to the throne - in the sequel to The First Betrayal.

ORDER # S507-33   $16-40   ISBN 055358877X 


Shadow of the Flame (Taladas: 03)(Dragonlance):  Pierson, Chris.

Deep in the ruins of Akh-tazi, Maladar, the Faceless Emperor, is reborn and holds Barreth Forlo as his prisoner, trapped in his own body, and Forlo's companions set out to find Azar, Forlo's supernatural son, to save Forlo and to stop Maladar before he becomes omnipotent.

ORDER # S507-34   $16-40   ISBN 0786942541 


Smoke and Ashes:  Huff, Tanya.

TV producer and fledging wizard Tony finds it difficult to concentrate on his job when the Demonic Convergence allows lowly demons to enter the mortal world, which threatens the life of Leah, a sexy stuntwoman and an immortal Demongate whose death would unleash mass destruction.

ORDER # S507-35   $16-40   ISBN 0756404150 



Large Size Paperbacks
Outrageous Fortune:  Scott, Tim.

In a bizarre future world in which appliances talk back and cities are divided into zones based on musical tastes, dream designer and surfer Jonny X awakens to discover that his house has been stolen, he has become the target of a determined encyclopedia saleswoman, and he is being pursued by four crazed bikers called War, Famine, Pestilence, and Jeff.

ORDER # S507-37   $21-00   ISBN 0553384406 


Settling Accounts: The Grapple:  Turtledove, Harry.

In the sequel to Settling Accounts: Drive to the East, the tide of battle turns against the Confederates, Northern forces overrun the Southern capitol, and their mad president, desperate for victory, threatens to unleash the ultimate weapon, the atomic bomb, in a re-imagining of World War II.

ORDER # S507-38   $28-00   ISBN 0345464079 


Shelter:  Palwick, Susan.

In a late twenty-first century earth on which compassion has become a crime, Meredith Preston relies on the kindness of strangers at their own peril and forges a connection with a genius technological developer who has programmed a house capable of protecting the homeless during dangerous climate-induced weather systems.

ORDER # S507-39   $28-00   ISBN 031286602X 


The Spider: Robot Titans of Gotham:  Page, Norvell W.

Two complete novels chronicle the exploits and adventures of a mysterious crime fighter known as "The Spider," as he battles an army of giant robots menacing New York and a criminal mastermind threatening the Northeast with thousands of poisonous vampire bats, in a volume that also features a novel about the diabolical villain and would-be world dictator called the Octopus.

ORDER # S507-40   $26-00   ISBN 1416521275 


Griffin's Daughter:  Moore, Leslie Ann.

Combining themes of traditional fantasy, romance,and mystery, Moore's novel tells of a young, orphaned woman who is scorned by society for her mixed human and elven blood. She discovers that she possesses a mysterious magical power, and when she travels to Elven lands in search of answers, she discovers a shocking truth about her identity that will have epic consequences for an entire nation.

ORDER # S507-41   $34-00   ISBN 1933770015 


Burning Bridges:  Gilman, Laura Anne.

With hate crimes escalating against magic users - human and non-human alike - and the Mage Council undermined by internal power struggles, Wren Valere is called in to act as spokesperson for the Fatae and Lonejack communities, all the while dealing with her growing relationship with her partner and lover, Sergei.

ORDER # S507-42   $26-00   ISBN 0373802749 


The Greener Shore: A Novel of the Druids of Hibernia:  Llywelyn, Morgan.

Fleeing the destruction of the Sacred Grove by the invading Roman army, Ainvar the druid and the remnants of his clan flee Gaul to settle in Hibernia, where they find other Celts and other druids, and, along with his wife, Briga, a powerful druid in her own right, sets out to rebuild their lives in a new homeland, in the sequel to Druids.

ORDER # S507-43   $26-00   ISBN 0345477677 


Daughter of the Blood (Black Jewels Trilogy: 01):  Bishop, Anne.

Three men, sworn enemies, vie for sway over the girl witch - a blue-eyed innocent - who is to rule over the Dark Kingdom, commencing a ruthless game of politics, magic, and betrayal, in which the weapons are love and hate.

ORDER # S507-44   $26-00   ISBN 0451461487 


Hardcover Titles
The Making of Star Wars: The Definitive Story Behind the Original Film:  Rinzler, J. W.

Coinciding with the thirtieth anniversary of the first Star Wars film and including long-lost interviews and photos, a title penned by a Lucasfilm staff member uncovers the challenges and dramas behind the creation of a movie that changed filmmaking forever. Illustrations.

ORDER # S507-45   $69-00   ISBN 0345477618 


The Execution Channel:  MacLeod, Ken.

In a future world ravaged by war and pandemic disease, British patriot and French spy James Travis and his daughter investigate the implausible nuclear bombing of Scotland by terrorists, an effort that forces them to discern fact from fiction in the face of information glutted blog sites.

ORDER # S507-46   $44-00   ISBN 0765313324 


The Gladiator (Crosstime Traffic: 05):  Turtledove, Harry.

Growing up in an alternate-world Milan in which the Soviet Union won the Cold War and spread communism throughout the planet, teens Gianfranco and Annarita struggle with high pressure and boredom that worsens when their favourite gaming store is abruptly shut down, a situation that reveals to the teens that the store was operated by a time traveller from a democratic world.

ORDER # S507-47   $41-00   ISBN 076531486X 


Galactic North: Stories from the Revelation Space Universe:  Reynolds, Alastair.

Presents a collection of eight short stories and novellas based on the universe of Revelation Space, including three tales original to this collection, that capture a dark and dangerous future world of squabbling human space colonies, mysterious alien civilizations, and vast lighthugger starships.

ORDER # S507-48   $44-00   ISBN 0441015131 


Mainspring:  Lake, Jay.

A first instalment of a series in which the planets are run by a sophisticated clockwork solar system that connects everyday people to the Creator, a young clockmaker's apprentice is appointed by the Archangel Gabriel to rewind the Earth's Mainspring to prevent a disaster.

ORDER # S507-49   $44-00   ISBN 0765317087 


The Heart of Valor: A Confederation Novel:  Huff, Tanya.

Jumping at the chance to go to Crucible, the Marine Corps training planet, to work with Major Svensson, Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr finds herself caught in a desperate fight for survival when someone begins attacking the training scenarios.

ORDER # S507-50   $44-00   ISBN 0756404355 


One Jump Ahead:  Van Name, Mark L.

A nanotech-enhanced warrior searching for a way back to his home world, Jon Moore, assisted by Lobo, an AI-enhanced Predator-Class Assault Vehicle equipped for any environment, sets out to right a wrong that he had unwittingly committed when he becomes the pawn of two megacorporations battling for control of Macken.

ORDER # S507-51   $42-00   ISBN 1416520856 


The Margarets:  Tepper, Sheri S.

On a future Earth from which human slaves are traded for desperately needed water supplies, a lonely Mars settler manifests multiple personalities that develop individual lives and talents that collaborate to protect the world from hostile alien races.

ORDER # S507-52   $48-00   ISBN 0061170658 


Philip K. Dick: Four Novels of the 1960s: Lethem, Jonathan

Published to coincide with the twenty-fifth anniversary re-release of the film Blade Runner, a collection of four signature works by the visionary science fiction writer includes the titles The Man in the High Castle, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Ubik.

ORDER # S507-53   $69-00   ISBN 1598530097 


The SFWA European Hall of Fame 16: Contempoary Science Fiction Classics from the Continent:  Morrow, James & Morrow, Kathryn, eds. 

Intro & Notes by James Morrow.
An English-language anthology of science-fiction tales by top European writers includes pieces by such authors as Joanna Sinisalo, Andreas Eschbach, and Jean-Claude Dunyach, in a volume complemented by an introductory essay and informative story notes.

ORDER # S507-54   $48-00   ISBN 076531536X 


Ragamuffin:  Buckell, Tobias S.

Their universe run by alien tyrants who systematically block all technological advances and eliminate any races who might scratch out more than a meager existence, a band of Caribbean refugees from distant Earth forms a rebellion in the hopes of overthrowing the evil Benevolent Satrapy.

ORDER # S507-55   $44-00   ISBN 0765315076 


Soon I Will Be Invincible:  Grossman, Austin.

When Doctor Impossible, an evil genius, mad scientist, time-traveller, and ambitious wannabe world dominator, escapes from prison and launches a new plot to seize control of the world, Fatale, a woman built by the NSA to be the next generation of weaponry, joins a group of misfit superheroes in their quest to destroy Doctor Impossible.

ORDER # S507-56   $42-00   ISBN 0375424865 


Starfist: Firestorm:  Sherman, David & Cragg, Dan.

With many of its troops tied up in protecting distant planets from the threatened incursion of the Skinks, aliens bent on destroying all humankind, the Confederacy of Human Worlds sends the Marines of the 34th Fist to deal with a local insurrection by defending a base against overwhelming rebel odds.

ORDER # S507-57   $41-00   ISBN 0345460561 


Thirteen:  Morgan, Richard K.

The subject of a failed government experiment to produce a more deadly military warrior, Carl Marsalis is a hit man who has lost his taste for killing, but when he is arrested in Miami, government officials come up with a plan to use his talents to achieve their own ends.

ORDER # S507-58   $44-00   ISBN 0345485254 


Acacia (War with the Mein: 01):  Durham, David Anthony

Leondan Arkan, the powerful ruler of an idyllic empire, hides the dark realities of their prosperity from his four children, until an assassin from the Mein, a race exiled to an ice-locked stronghold in the north, strikes him down and frees his children to pursue their own destinies, avenge his death, and rebuild Acacia on a foundation of universal freedom.

ORDER # S507-59   $45-00   ISBN 0385506066 


The Alton Gift (Children of Kings: 01):  Bradley, Marion Z.

In this highly anticipated sequel to Traitor's Sun, Lew Alton's daughter Marguerida, a psychic, must decipher visions of impending doom, while her son searches for his place in a world of shifting loyalties, and the rulers of Darkover face a new threat, an ancient enemy that has risen again.

ORDER # S507-60   $44-00   ISBN 0756400198 


Darkness of the Light:  David, Peter.

On the Damned World - a planet once known as "Earth" - twelve different races of beings, including Vampires, Mermen, Cyclopes, and a nearly extinct humankind, have battled for control and survival for eons, until those sick of war, fear, and death band together to seek a legendary Orb of Light that they hope can bring peace to their world.

ORDER # S507-61   $44-00   ISBN 0765311739 


Dead Easy:  Simmons, Wm. Mark.

Reluctant hero Christopher Cséjthe returns to take on a mystical force-five hurricane, a gang of Rasputin's pirates, an undead Captain Nemo, an army of drowned vampire zombies, and other underwater menaces in the city of New Orleans, in the sequel to One Foot in the Grave.

ORDER # S507-62   $42-00   ISBN 1416521321 


Kushiel's Justice:  Carey, Jacqueline.

A second volume in a fantasy trilogy that began with Kushiel's Avatar follows the forbidden love affair between Prince Imriel of Terre d'Ange and his cousin, Sidonie, whom he is forced to leave behind in order to join the princess he must marry, an arrangement that places his throne in jeopardy.

ORDER # S507-63   $48-00   ISBN 0446500038 


Dragon and Judge: (Dragonback: 05):  Zahn, Timothy.

His life thrown into chaos after rescuing the dragon symbiont Draycos, Jack Morgan continues his investigation into the destruction of Draycos's people only to be abducted by aliens who want him to continue the work of his parents.

ORDER # S507-64   $32-00   ISBN 0765314185 


The Silent Blade (Legend of Drizzt: 05) (Forgotten Realms):  Salvatore, R.A.

In the further adventures of Drizzt Do 'Urden, the dark elf must confront the power of the evil-spewing crystal artifact called Crenshinibon while Wulfgar escapes from the demon Errtu, and Drizzt's worst nemesis, master assassin Artemis Entreri returns to the streets of Calimport.

ORDER # S507-65   $44-00   ISBN 078694336X 


The Man with the Golden Torc:  Green, Simon R.

With his own family convinced that he has become a menace and that humanity needs to be protected from him, Eddie Drood is on the run, forced to use every magical trick in the book to avoid capture and hoping he lives long enough to prove his innocence.

ORDER # S507-66   $43-00   ISBN 0451461452 


An Unexpected Apprentice:  Nye, Jody Lynn.

Her family and farm destroyed by a Thraik attack, halfling Tildi Summerbee rebels against the plans of local leaders to have her enter an arranged marriage and passes herself off as a man in order to pursue an apprenticeship of danger and adventure under a great wizard.

ORDER # S507-67   $44-00   ISBN 0765314339 


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