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Birthright (Diablo: The Sin War):  Knaak, Richard A.

In the first volume of a new series based on the popular video game, Uldyssian, son of Diomedes, is forced to flee his homeland and his quiet, idyllic life when he is accused of the grisly murders of two itinerant missionaries and finds himself possessed by strange powers unlike any other mortal.

ORDER # SCO-1   $16-90   ISBN 0743471229 


Batman: Inferno:  Irvine, Alex.

As a mad arsonist known as an Enfer terrorizes the inhabitants of Gotham a fire at Arkham Asylum is engineered to provide an escape opportunity for its most infamous inmate, the Joker, who comes up with a scheme to launch the ultimate crime wave, disguised as the Caped Crusader himself.

ORDER # SCO-2   $16-90   ISBN 0345479459 


The Fire and the Rose (Star Trek Crucible: Spock):  George, David R.

After watching his friend preserve the timeline at the cost of his own happiness, Spock returns to the present, where he is forced to confront a similar crisis and chooses instead to wilfully alter the past, only to find himself struggling to deal with his unwanted emotions.

ORDER # SCO-3   $16-90   ISBN 0743491696 


A Fistful of Data (Shadowrun):  Dedman, Stephan.

In the Crypt, a place where society's outcasts can find shelter and medical/magical healing, an illegal tap into the Matrix, which hosts some of the most successful shadowrunners, garners the interest of a disgraced corporate mover who intends to destroy its residents for his own personal gain.

ORDER # SCO-4   $16-90   ISBN 0451461169 


Helltown (DC Universe):  O'Neil, Dennis.

A recent arrival in the crime-ridden Hub City, Vic Sage has plans to uncover the truth about his mysterious past while working as a reporter for a local radio station, but when he is rescued from a near-fatal encounter with an assassin, he is trained in the martial arts and takes on a new identity as The Question, in which guise he vows to seek out a vast conspiracy involving the city's most powerful men.

ORDER # SCO-5   $16-90   ISBN 0446616583 


Learning the World:  MacLeod, Ken.

In a distant-future tale in which humanity has spread to every system within five hundred light-years, the inhabitants of an ancient starship enter orbit around a promising Earth-like planet after a four-hundred-year journey, but detect curious electromagnetic emissions that reveal the existence of intelligent life.

ORDER # SCO-6   $16-90   ISBN 0765351773 


Matriarch:  Traviss, Karen.

Rendered immortal by a parasite in her blood, former police officer Shan Frankland undertakes a desperate mission of revenge that could have profound implications for the future, while the crew of the Eqbas is forced to deal with a devastating civil war on the ecologically ravaged planet of the isenj, an insect-like species.

ORDER # SCO-7   $16-90   ISBN 006088231X 


Lost in Translation:  Willett, Edward.

Sworn enemies and Translators, Kathryn, who was once a human empath and Jarrikk, a crippled S'sinn, must join forces to stop a war between the humans and their own species that could disrupt the delicate balance of the multiracial Commonwealth.

ORDER # SCO-8   $16-90   ISBN 0756403405 


Night Train to Rigel:  Zahn, Timothy.

When the Quadrail transportation system that connects the galaxy's worlds is threatened by a dangerous military force and a race of addictive coral producers, unemployed investigator Compton is enlisted to prevent the system's takeover, an assignment with links to a far-reaching conspiracy.

ORDER # SCO-9   $16-90   ISBN 0765346443 


1812: The Rivers of War:  Flint, Eric.

In a tale of alternate history set on America's western frontier, the Cherokee are united in the face of mutual enemies, finding allies among the politicians of the day and escaped slaves, forming an Indian Nation that will play an important role in such conflicts as the Battle of Horseshoe Bend and the Battle of New Orleans.

ORDER # SCO-10   $16-90   ISBN 0345465687 


Paloma: A Retrieval Artist Novel: Rusch, Kristine Kathryn

When Paloma, the woman he owes his very life to, is murdered, Retrieval Artist Miles Flint, after the police refuse his assistance, launches his own investigation and stumbles upon a link between her death and the Moon's largest law firm, who have a secret they will do anything to protect.

ORDER # SCO-11   $16-90   ISBN 0451461150 


Rogue Clone:  Kent, Steven L.

A clone bred to be an ultimate fighter, Lt. Wayson Harris, outlawed due to an addiction to violence and independent thoughts, heeds the call of battle and helps the Unified Authority, which controls Earth's colonies, defeat the separatist rebels who are waging war on the galaxy.

ORDER # SCO-12   $16-90   ISBN 044101450X 


Furry Fantastic:  Rabe, Jean.

This imaginative collection of eighteen stories, celebrating the courage and honor of animals, from both our world and the realms beyond, features contributions from Jody Lynn Nye, Michael A. Stackpole, Keith DeCandido, and Judi Rohrig.

ORDER # SCO-13   $16-90   ISBN 0756403812 


Runner:  Dietz, William.

Jak Rebo, an interstellar courier, is assigned the task of delivering a future religious leader to his people, a mission complicated by would-be assassins and by a young woman possessing the secret to instantaneous travel between star systems.

ORDER # SCO-14   $16-90   ISBN 0441014097 


Alliances (Elven Exiles: 02):  Thompson, Paul B.

While the exiled elves struggle for survival in the remote kingdom of Khur, those who remain in Qualinesti confront continual persecution, enslavement, and death, until a mysterious, anonymous rebel leader possessing strange powers comes to cleanse the land of invaders.

ORDER # SCO-15   $16-90   ISBN 078694076X 


Beyond the Hanging Wall:  Douglass, Sara.

Accompanying his physician father on his annual journey to the Escator prison mines, fourteen-year-old apprentice Garth Baxtor works to develop his ability to diagnose others by touching them and discovers a horrifying secret when working with a prisoner.

ORDER # SCO-16   $16-90   ISBN 0765343770 


Amber and Iron (The Dark Disciple: 02): Weis, Margaret.

In the sequel to Amber and Ashes, Rhys, a former monk of Majere now sworn to the goddess Zeboim, searches for a way to destroy the Beloved, a movement of the undead caught in the power of the Lord of Death, while Mina risks everything to escape her captivity in the Blood Sea Tower, but the dark secrets of the past could threaten everything.

ORDER # SCO-17   $16-90   ISBN 0786940867 


Burning Tower:  Niven, Larry & Pournelle, Jerry.

Burning Tower, the daughter of Wandhall Feathersnake, and her young lover, Younglord Sandry, embark on a perilous quest to uncover the source of the giant, ferocious birds terrorizing Tep's Town, following the trail to a mysterious land ruled by magic and inhabited by the Huitizalatecs, a people who are controlling the birds for their own dark purpose.

ORDER # SCO-18   $16-90   ISBN 0743416929 


Circle of the Moon:  Hambly, Barbara.

In a sequel to Sisters of the Raven, Raeshaldis, the only woman formally trained in the old systems of male magic, allies herself with the beautiful concubine Summerchild to found a motley group of magic-wielding women who would protect their land from deadly water monsters and an attempt to dethrone the king.

ORDER # SCO-19   $16-90   ISBN 0446618179 


Dance of the Gods (Circle Trilogy: 02):  Roberts, Nora.

This second instalment in the Circle Trilogy follows the Circle of Six as they protect our world - and their hearts - from a vampire who is determined to rule the earth.

ORDER # SCO-20   $16-90   ISBN 0515141666 


The Gates of Night (Dreaming Dark: 03):  Baker, Keith.

To save their own lives and to protect the land from a long-banished race of monsters who are plotting to unleash a terrifying army of horrors on an unsuspecting world, a group of war-weary soldiers must somehow journey to the heart of Dal Quor to repair a tear in the fabric of time and reality.

ORDER # SCO-21   $16-90   ISBN 0786940131 


The Great Tree of Avalon:  Barron, T.A.

As the peaceful world of Avalon is threatened with a series of mysterious droughts and the very stars begin to lose their light, Tamwyn, a wandering wilderness guide;
Elli, an apprentice priestess; and Scree, a young eagleman, hold the fate of Avalon in their hands.

ORDER # SCO-22   $16-90   ISBN 044101447X 


Marion Zimmer Bradley's Ancestors of Avalon: Paxson, Diana

A story based on the saga by Marion Zimmer Bradley follows the Avalon characters' predecessors, the exiled high priestess Tiriki and royal acolyte Damisa, who escape from Atlantis to the mist-shrouded isle of Britain, where their duties conflict with their hearts.

ORDER # SCO-23   $16-90   ISBN 0451461142 


Paladins:  Rosenberg, Joel.

In a seventeenth-century alternate universe in which Mordred had defeated King Arthur, establishing a Pendragon dynasty that rules much of the world, three Knights of the Order discover that a red sword - a weapon inhabited by the soul of a powerful but evil individual - has been discovered and set out to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

ORDER # SCO-24   $16-90   ISBN 1416520945 


Pet Peeve (Xanth):  Anthony, Piers.

Unlikely Goblin hero Goody is instructed by the Good Magician Humfrey to find a suitable home for a foul-tempered bird, a quest that inadvertently triggers an invasion by an army of seemingly indestructible killer robots and forces Goody to enlist the aid of a host of supernatural denizens.

ORDER # SCO-25   $16-90   ISBN 0765343118 


The Queen of Death (Lost Mark: 03):  Forbeck, Matt.

As the deadly power of Espré's dragonmark continues to grow, she and her companions face conflict and dissention within their own ranks, until they are forced to deal with Espré's father, despite the fact that they do not know whose side he is on.

ORDER # SCO-26   $16-90   ISBN 0786940123 


Roc and a Hard Place (Xanth):  Anthony, Piers).

The Demoness Metria asks Magician Humfrey for help in solving a perplexing personal problem, but before he can help her, she must search Xanth for a suitable jury for the trial of Roxanne Roc, a noble and virtuous bird charged with a most improbable offense.

ORDER # SCO-27   $16-90   ISBN 0812534867 


The Runelords:  Farland, David.

Armed with his gifts of strength and perception, Prince Gabon Val Orden and his warrior bodyguard stop in a local tavern on their way to ask for the hand of Princess Iome, only to discover that more than the royal family is at risk.

ORDER # SCO-28   $14-90   ISBN 0765356457 


Singer of Souls:  Stemple, Adam.

Leaving behind a life of petty crime and drug abuse, young guitarist Douglas finds himself under the watchful eye of his stern but fair-minded Scottish grandmother, but when he is tempted to return to his past behaviors, he discovers an ability to see the fey folk.

ORDER # SCO-29   $16-90   ISBN 0765350270 


Valley of the Soul:  Jones, Tamara Siler.

The dour Detective Dubric Byerly returns in the third and final installment of a trilogy of fantasy mysteries, which began with Ghosts in the Snow and Threads of Malice, to search for a killer who is mixing black magic and murder.

ORDER # SCO-30   $16-90   ISBN 0553587110 


Witchling:  Galenorn, Yasmine.

The D'Artigo sisters - a clan of half-human, half-faerie operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency - must stop Shadow Wing and his demons from crawling into our world through the Wayfarer Inn, a portal to another realm and a hangout for both humans and immortals alike.

ORDER # SCO-31   $16-90   ISBN 0425212548 


The Wizard of London (Elemental Masters: 04):  Lackey, Mercedes.

Twelve-year-old Sarah Jane Lyon-White is sent The Harton School for Boys and Girls, a facility for training children with a powerful potential for magic, but Sarah's unique talents have made her the target of an Elemental Master who wants her dead.

ORDER # SCO-32   $16-90   ISBN 0756403634 


Large Size Paperbacks
Aftermath (Star Trek: Corps of Engineers):  Bennett, Christopher

An omnibus of eight best-selling eBooks featuring the adventures of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers follows their experiences after the tragic loss of Kieran Duffy, during which they take on acerbic new second officer Tev and tackle the Venus Terraforming Project.

ORDER # SCO-33   $26-00   ISBN 1416525769 


The Proof:  Boyd, Austin.

While on a mission to Mars, Captain John Wells, along with his NASA colleagues, discovers that God works in mysterious ways when a strange prophesy, combined with an unexpected alien starship escort, sets in motion a chain of events that plunges him into a world of international intrigue.

ORDER # SCO-34   $28-00   ISBN 1576839451 


Halo: The Ghosts of Coral:  Nylund, Eric.

An action-packed novel based on the award-winning video games Halo and Halo2 chronicles humankind's continuing battle with the Covenant, ruthless alien factions bent on the total destruction of all human life.

ORDER # SCO-35   $24-00   ISBN 0765315688 


The Book of the Ler: The Gameplayers of Zan, The Warriors of Dawn, & The Day of the Klesh:  Foster, M.A.

No Picture Available

Originally published in 1985, this gripping trio of novels that explore what it means to be human - The Gameplayers of Zan, The Warriors of Dawn, and The Day of the Klesh - centers around an alternate bioengineered "superhuman" race on Earth called the Ler and their intricate civilizations throughout the galaxy.

ORDER # SCO-36   $28-00   ISBN 0756403529 


Harrowing the Dragon:  McKillip, Patricia A.

Spanning a quarter of a century, an anthology of previously uncollected short fiction by the World Fantasy Award-winning author explores a world of magic in such works as "The Harrowing of the Dragon of Hoarsbreath," "A Matter of Music," "The Fellowship of the Dragon," "The Lion and the Lark," "Toad," "Ash, Wood, Fire," "The Stranger," and more.

ORDER # SCO-37   $26-00   ISBN 0441014437 


Spears of God:  Hendrix, Howard V.

As competing factions launch a campaign to find and seize control of priceless extraterrestrial meteorites, killing anyone in the way to steal the rocks for their rumored power, none of the thieves are aware of the deadly potential of the rocks' true powers.

ORDER # SCO-38   $28-00   ISBN 0345455983 


Bloodring:  Hunter, Faith.

In a near future world marked by apocalyptic religious strife, Thorn St. Croix, a powerful neomage living secretly among humankind, channels her gift of stone-magery into jewellery making, until a handsome police officer, Thaddeus Bartholomew, warns her that her ex-husband has been kidnapped, and Thorn must risk revealing her identity to help find him.

ORDER # SCO-39   $26-00   ISBN 0451461088 


Dragon's Teeth:  Hetley, James A.

No Picture Available

Two unusual families living in Stonefort, Maine - the shapeshifting Morgans and the Haskell witches - find their uneasy, generations-long alliance threatened by the vengeful spirit of a dark sorcerer, desperate to live once again, as they are forced to unite once again against a common enemy, or turn against one another.

ORDER # SCO-40   $26-00   ISBN 0441014313 


Greywalker:  Richardson, Kat.

Awakening in the hospital following a savage, near-fatal attack, private detective Harper Blaine discovers that she has become a Graywalker with the ability to move between the ordinary world and a mysterious, cross-over zone populated by monsters and other creatures of the night.

ORDER # SCO-41   $26-00   ISBN 045146107X 


Saffron and Brimstone: Strange Stories: Hand, Elizabeth

An expansion of the World Fantasy Award-winning, limited-release Bibliomancy includes such tales as "The Least Trumps," in which a lonely woman reaches out to the world through symbols, and "Pavane for a Prince of the Air," in which a recently departed soul experiences unrest after being subjected to neo-pagan rituals.

ORDER # SCO-42   $28-00   ISBN 1595820965 


Jinx High: A Diana Tregarde Investigation: Lackey, Mercedes.

While enjoying a visit with an old friend in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Diana Tregarde discovers that a malevolent combination of sex and blood magic is behind relatively normal teenage jealousies and infatuations at the local high school, one ruled by Fay Harper, a powerful sorceress hundreds of years old who takes over the bodies of her own daughters to remain eternally young.

ORDER # SCO-43   $24-00   ISBN 0765313197 


Shattered Dance:  Brennan, Caitlin.

Pregnant with Kerrec's child, Valeria, the first woman ever Called, must once again save the Aurelian Empire from its enemies and resist the call of the Unmaking in her soul, while Kerrec, torn between his love for Valeria and his duty to his family, is ordered to make a dynastic marriage to another.

ORDER # SCO-44   $28-00   ISBN 037380248X 


This Forsaken Earth (Sea Beggars: 02): Kearney, Paul.

Torn between hate and unexpected love, Rol Corishane reluctantly leaves his Black Ship to come to the aid of a woman from his past, embarking on a terrifying odyssey into the middle of a horrific war that leads to unexpected discoveries about his own nature that will have a profound impact on all humankind.

ORDER # SCO-45   $22-00   ISBN 0553383639 


Son of a Witch:  Maguire, Gregory.

A sequel to the Broadway musical-inspiring Wicked returns readers to the land of Oz, where adolescent Liir is discovered ten years after the melting of the witch Elphaba, attended by the mysterious foundling Candle, and called upon to locate his half-sister, Nor.

ORDER # SCO-46   $29-00   ISBN 0060747226 


The WarCraft Archive:  Knaak, Richard A

A player's omnibus of four original tales traces the game's backstory, from the arrival of the Burning Legion demonic army on the diverse world of Azeroth to the ongoing battle for supremacy between warring kingdoms, in a compendium that includes the titles, Day of the Dragon, Lord of the Clans, The Last Guardian, and Blood and Honor.

ORDER # SCO-47   $28-00   ISBN 1416525823 


Spectrum 13: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art:  Fenner, Cathy

An annual collection of fantasy and sci-fi art created for an array of international comics, galleries, and advertisements showcases some of today's top artists, in a volume that offers a particular tribute to Jeffrey Jones for career excellence. Illustrations.

ORDER # SCO-48   $55-00   ISBN 1599290014 


Hardcover Titles
The Yanti: An Alosha Novel:  Pike, Christopher.

Eager for vengeance in the wake of the death of her friend Steve, teenager Ali Warner must now master the powers of the Yanti, a mysterious artifact somehow keyed to her mind, while trying to defeat the Shaktra, in the sequel to Alosha and The Shaktra.

ORDER # SCO-49   $35-00   ISBN 0765311003 


The Android's Dream:  Scalzi, John.

To avoid an interstellar incident, ex-cop and hacker Harry Creek, aided by Brian Javna, a childhood friend turned AI, searches for a rare type of sheep to be used in an alien race's coronation ceremony, following a trail that leads to pet store owner Robin Baker, whose genes contain traces of the sheep DNA.

ORDER # SCO-50   $45-00   ISBN 0765309416 


Empire:  Card, Orson Scott.

In a near future world, the American Empire is shattering into a civil war between the Right and the Left, between high-technology weapons on the one side and militia foot-soldiers on the other, devastating the country, while the peaceful majority uses all of its wits, technological ingenuity, and strategy to hold the people and government together.

ORDER # SCO-51   $45-00   SBN 0765316110 


Hell's Gate:  Weber, David

The vast Union of Arcana has expanded its wealth and power by laying claim to one uninhabited planet after another through the portals linking parallel universes, until they discover a new portal that leads to another human society, Sharona, which has also been exploring the Multiverse and is dedicated to science rather than to magic.

ORDER # SCO-52   $47-00   ISBN 1416509399 


Horizons:  Rosenblum, Mary.

While searching for her brother's killer, Ahni Huang, a powerful empath with advanced biogenetic enhancements, becomes caught in the middle of a power struggle between Earth's governing World Council and the people of the orbiting Platforms, who are seeking independence from Earth, when she encounters upsider leader Dane Nilson, a man with a dangerous secret.

ORDER # SCO-53   $45-00   ISBN 0765316048 


Odyssey:  McDevitt, Jack.

To overcome humankind's waning interest in interstellar travel, a special deep space mission is sent to uncover the truth about "moonriders," strange lights witnessed in nearby systems, but the team soon discovers that their mission has become far more dangerous when they stumble upon the perilous truth about the moonriders.

ORDER # SCO-54   $45-00   ISBN 044101433X 


1824: The Arkansas War:  Flint, Eric.

In the hotly contested election of 1824,the machinations of a ruthless Henry Clay to become the new president of the United States leave the nation on the brink of national disaster as Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams form a political alliance against Clay, and Clay launches a war against the Confederacy of the Arkansas, in the sequel to 1812: The Rivers of War.

ORDER # SCO-55   $47-00   ISBN 0345465695 


Please, Mr. Einstein:  Carrière, Jean-Claude.

Sixty years after the death of Albert Einstein, a physics student interested in his theories about the non-existence of time finds the eminent scientist in a central European office building and undertakes a private lesson during which they discuss such topics as light, relativity, and world peace.

ORDER # SCO-56   $40-00   ISBN 0151014221 


The Sky People:  Stirling, S.M.

In 1988, with the Cold War raging, Marc Vitrac is assigned to Jamestown, the U.S. Commonwealth base on Venus and discovers a perilous world marked by a vast wilderness swarming with prehistoric dinosaurs, sabertooths, and lost races of people, where he confronts a long-lost secret that could threaten the entire human race.

ORDER # SCO-57   $45-00   ISBN 0765314886 


Soarer's Choice (Corean Chronicles: 06):  Modesitt, L.E

As the Alector civilization plans to abandon Corus for a rich new world, the planet Corus will be cut off from the civilizing government of the Alectors and used for a dumping ground for malcontents, despite the efforts of honest Alectors such as Dainyl, but the mysterious Ancients, the Soarers, may have a powerful weapon at their disposal.

ORDER # SCO-58   $49-00   ISBN 0765316471 


Trouble Magnet: A Pip & Flinx Adventure: Foster, Alan Dean.

In exchange for having his friends look after his injured love Clarity Held, Flinx and his mini-drag Pip journeys to a remote region of the galaxy to seek out a dangerous, sentient weapons system capable of destroying the entire Commonwealth, with a stopover at the depraved planet of Visaria, where Flinx runs afoul of the planet's ruthless crime king.

ORDER # SCO-59   $44-00   ISBN 0345485041 


The Adventuress:  Niffenegger, Audrey.

Kidnapped by a lecherous baron, an alchemist's daughter transforms herself into a moth and escapes to the garden of butterfly collector Napoleon Bonaparte, but their love affair ultimately ends in tragedy, in a gothic fantasy romance by the author of The Time Traveler's Wife.

ORDER # SCO-60   $49-00   ISBN 081097052X 


Aerie (Dragon Jousters: 04):  Lackey, Mercedes.

After escaping imprisonment in the Jouster's Compound, Kiron and his army of dragon riders seek refuge in an abandoned city called Sanctuary, and, calling upon the help of other dragon riders, they attempt to create a new society, devoid of war and magical domination, called Aerie.

ORDER # SCO-61   $47-00   ISBN 075640391X 


The Book of Lost Things:  Connolly, John.

Taking refuge in fairy tales after the loss of his mother, twelve-year-old David finds himself violently propelled into an imaginary land in which the boundaries of fantasy and reality are disturbingly melded.

ORDER # SCO-62   $42-00   ISBN 0743298853 


One in the Dark:  Hoyt, Sarah A.

No Picture Available

A shape-shifter capable of transforming into a savage black panther, sometimes without her control, Kyrie wanders from town to town, searching for a way to become truly human again, until she encounters a shape-shifting co-worker who changes into a ferocious dragon, a meeting that draws her into the dangerous world of the shifters and a quest for the Pearl of Heaven.

ORDER # SCO-63   $45-00   ISBN 1416520929 


Dragonlance Chronicles Special Collector's Edition:  Weis, Margaret

No Picture Available

The books that began the best-selling Dragonlance Chronicles saga are collected in their entirety in this special leather-bound, gift edition containing Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night, and Dragons of Spring Dawning.

ORDER # SCO-64   $130-00   ISBN 0786942983 


Fortress of Ice:  Cherryh, C.J.

A new instalment of the popular series that began with Fortress in the Eye of Time follows the newly crowned Cefwyn, whose efforts to rebuild his kingdom are challenged by a sinister force that threatens the land 's precarious peace through Cefwyn's own son.

ORDER # SCO-65   $45-00   ISBN 0380979047 


Fugitives of Chaos:  Wright, John C.

Raised in a strict British boarding school, five orphans - Amelia, Vanity, Colin, Quentin, and Victor - discover that they are not truly human, but rather have been kidnapped from their real parents, robbed of their powers, and raised in ignorance by a variety of super-beings, and now they must learn to control their individual unusual abilities in order to escape.

ORDER # SCO-66   $47-00   ISBN 0765314967 


Hinterland (Godslayer Chronicles: 02):  Clemens, James.

When a skull, deformed and corrupted by dark Graces, is discovered, former Shadowknight Tylar races against time to save Myrillia from the Cabal, daemonic naethryn intent on the utter destruction of the Nine Lands, a quest the leads him into the heart of the Hinterland, a desolate region from which no Shadowknight has ever returned.

ORDER # SCO-67   $45-00   ISBN 0451461134 


Magic Study:  Snyder, Maria V.

After gaining her freedom, poison taster Yelena returns home to Sitia where she, after receiving a not-so-warm welcome, starts her magic training, which unexpectedly hurls her into the middle of a plot to reclaim Ixia's throne and exposes a plan, orchestrated by her brother, to take her life.

ORDER # SCO-68   $41-00   ISBN 0373802498 


Siege of Darkness (Legend of Drizzt: 09): Salvatore, R.A

Preparing to launch an assault on Drizzt Do'Urden and Mithril Hall, Matron Baenre, the head of a powerful ruling house, offsets the balance of the land's magical laws and releases Lloth, the Spider Queen, throwing the dark elf metropolis into chaos.

ORDER # SCO-69   $47-00   ISBN 0786940212 


Sons of the Oak:  Farland, David.

Eight years after the events of The Lair of the Bones, the death of Gaborn, the supernatural Earth King, ignites a revolution sparked by powerful immortal beings who are targeting Gaborn's son Fallion, whose potential power could transform the world.

ORDER # SCO-70   $49-00   ISBN 0765301776 


Spellbinder: Interruptions:  Rawn, Melanie.

The secret world of witches and wizards who make New York City their home, including successful writer Holly McClure, must use their magic to protect the city when a black coven run by a murderous psychopath threatens to unleash its terror, and nothing can stop the rampage, except for magic.

ORDER # SCO-71   $45-00   ISBN 0765315327 


A Taste of Magic:  Norton, Andre

Young Wisteria draws on all of her magical abilities, which link her to the mysterious powers of nature, as she, along with a young fellow survivor, ventures into the wilderness seeking revenge on the nobleman who had destroyed their village and killed Lady Ewaren.

ORDER # SCO-72   $45-00   ISBN 0765315270 


Voyage of the Jerle Shannara Trilogy:  Brooks, Terry.

An omnibus volume containing the three novels in the acclaimed Voyage of the Jerle Shannara fantasy series chronicles the adventures of the heroes of the Four Lands as they match wits with the mysterious and deadly Ilse Witch and her minions in an epic confrontation between the forces of good and evil, in Ilse Witch, Antrax, and Morgawr.

ORDER # SCO-73   $64-00   ISBN 0345492862 


Weatherwitch (Crowthistle Chronicles: 03):  Dart-Thornton, Cecilia.

Grieving over the loss of her mother to an evil enchantment and her father, who embarked on a desperate quest to save his wife, Astarial confronts a difficult choice in her life - to stay within the safe and secure world in which she grew up, or to embark on her own quest to understand and take control of the power within her.

ORDER # SCO-74   $49-00   ISBN 0765312077 


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