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The Android's Dream:  Scalzi, John.

To avoid an interstellar incident, ex-cop and hacker Harry Creek, aided by Brian Javna, a childhood friend turned AI, searches for a rare type of sheep to be used in an alien race's coronation ceremony, following a trail that leads to pet store owner Robin Baker, whose genes contain traces of the sheep DNA.

ORDER # S1007-1   $14-50   ISBN 0765348284 


Before Dishonor (Star Trek: Next Gen):  David, Peter.

With the Borg on the verge of extinction after the Collective 's defeat by the Federation, the surviving Borg come up with a new scheme to restore themselves - by drawing on the darkest emotions and vicious tendencies hidden deep within to incite lethal violence against their enemies.

ORDER # S1007-2   $14-50   ISBN 1416527427 


Dark Apostle (Warhammer 40,000):  Reynolds, Anthony.

Driven by dark visions, Dark Apostle Jarulek and his forces from the Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines ravage the Imperial planet of Tanakreg, brutally enslaving its inhabitants and racing against time to build a monstrous tower before the Imperial army arrives to reclaim the planet.

ORDER # S1007-3   $14-50   ISBN 1844165078 


The Clone Alliance:  Kent, Steven L.

Desperate to get back to civilization and unable to resist the thrill of battle, Wayson Harris, an ultimate soldier and outlawed model, agrees to help a rebel faction deliver an offer of allegiance to the Unified Authority.

ORDER # S1007-4   $14-50   ISBN 0441015425 


Endgame:  Smith, Kristine.

As tensions continue to escalate between humankind and the alien idomeni, former Captain Jani Kilian, a genetically altered human-idomeni hybrid, finds herself in the thankless position as serving as a diplomat between the two, unaware that the Commonwealth now threatens to destroy her hybrid enclave, Thalassa.

ORDER # S1007-5   $14-50   ISBN 0060503599 


Decent of Angels (The Horus Heresy):  Scanlon, Michael.

When word of Horus's treachery reaches Caliban, the loyalties of the Dark Angels Space Marine Legion and their Primarch Lion El'Johnson are tested to the ultimate, in the sixth novel in the Horus Heresy series.

ORDER # S1007-6   $14-50   ISBN 1844165086 


Grantville Gazette II:  Flint, Eric, ed.

A continuation of the saga that began in 1632 describes life for the inhabitants of Grantville, an American town from West Virginia that finds itself hurtled back in time and into the middle of the Thirty Years War, as they struggle to bring their advanced technology to seventeenth-century Germany, in an anthology featuring works by Mike Spehar and Danita Ewing, among others.

ORDER # S1007-7   $14-50   ISBN 1416555102 


Farewell Summer:  Bradbury, Ray.

Celebrating the final days of summer, thirteen-year-old Douglas Spaulding and his friends declare war on the stuffy older set of their community who would put an end to their wild ways, an effort in which the boys plot to stop the courthouse building clock as a means of staying young forever, in the long-awaited sequel to Dandelion Wine.

ORDER # S1007-8   $14-50   ISBN 0061131555 


Horizons:  Rosenblum, Mary.

While searching for her brother's killer, Ahni Huang, a powerful empath with advanced biogenetic enhancements, becomes caught in the middle of a power struggle between Earth's governing World Council and the people of the orbiting Platforms, who are seeking independence from Earth, when she encounters upsider leader Dane Nilson, a man with a dangerous secret.

ORDER # S1007-9   $14-50   ISBN 0765355159 


Kris Longknife: Audacious:  Shepherd, Mike.

While vacationing on the world of New Eden, naval officer Kris Longknife finds business mixing with pleasure when she, due to her military status, must attend a social function, where she once again finds herself the target of unknown enemies who have a personal vendetta against her.

ORDER # S1007-10   $14-50   ISBN 0441015417 


Odyssey:  McDevitt, Jack.

To overcome humankind's waning interest in interstellar travel, a special deep space mission is sent to uncover the truth about "moonriders," strange lights witnessed in nearby systems, but the team soon discovers that their mission has become far more dangerous when they stumble upon the perilous truth about the moonriders.

ORDER # S1007-11   $14-50   ISBN 0441015409 


Lunar Descent:  Steele, Allen.

Angry over their treatment at the hands of their powerful employers at Skycorps, the moondogs at Descartes Station, the men and women who supply the hard labor to produce material for the company's projects, set out to teach the powers that be a much needed lesson.

ORDER # S1007-12   $14-50   ISBN 044150485X 


Of Fire and Night (Saga of Seven Suns: 05):  Anderson, Kevin

A new instalment of the well-received series that began with Hidden Empire follows the covert sabotage of the Earth Defense Forces by the alien Klikiss robots, an act that results in the deaths of millions, forces Ildiran Mage-Imperator Jorah into a devil's bargain to protect his people, and prompts a rebellion among the gypsy Roamer clans and worldforest green priests

ORDER # S1007-13   $14-50   ISBN 0316021733 


Prodigal:  Giller, Marc D.

In the sequel to Hammerjack, when Cray Alden ascends into the Axis, he leaves behind Lea Prism, a legendary hacker and former revolutionary, and his greatest enemy, Avalon, a Inru operative, who engage in a violent game of cat-and-mouse, until an even more dangerous threat, one that could change all human life, emerges.

ORDER # S1007-14   $14-50   ISBN 0553587870 


Sixty Days and Counting:  Robinson, Kim Stanley.

In the conclusion of a trilogy that began with Forty Signs of Rain and Fifty Degrees Below, humankind races against time to prevent or control the repercussions of a series of international disasters, including global warming and environmental instability, before it is too late.

ORDER # S1007-15   $14-50   ISBN 0553585827 


Star Born:  Norton, Andre.

When his spaceship lands on the far planet Astra, where he is made welcome by the natives, Raf Kurbi discovers a world threatened by inhuman fiends who, determined to use his scientific knowledge, have a deadly plan in store for all humans, whether Earth born or Star born.

ORDER # S1007-16   $14-50   ISBN 0843959142 


True Colors (Star Wars: Republic Commando):  Traviss, Karen.

With the horrors of the Clone Wars continuing to rage on unchecked, the Republic begins to realize that the Separatists are not their only enemy, the elite warriors of the Republic stumble upon a growing menace that threatens their victory, the Omega Squad's loyalty is tested by a shocking discovery, and the lines begin to blur between friend and foe.

ORDER # S1007-17   $14-50   ISBN 0345498003 


Trouble Magnet: A Pip & Flinx Adventure:  Foster, Alan

In exchange for having his friends look after his injured love Clarity Held, Flinx and his mini-drag Pip journeys to a remote region of the galaxy to seek out a dangerous, sentient weapons system capable of destroying the entire Commonwealth, with a stopover at the depraved planet of Visaria, where Flinx runs afoul of the planet's ruthless crime king.

ORDER # S1007-18   $14-50   ISBN 034548505X 


Violent Tendencies (Wolverine):  Cerasini, Marc.

A former member of Canada's special forces, Logan has been transformed into a lethal weapon with retractable claws and an ability to heal from any wound, only to escape from the secret research facility where he had been held captive, but now the director of the Weapon X program decides to test his experimental project to its ultimate limit.

ORDER # S1007-19   $14-50   ISBN 1416510745 


Wizards, Inc:  Greenberg, Martin H

Featuring contributions from Orson Scott Card, Steve Perry, Mike Resnick, and Michael A. Stackpole, this spellbinding collection of fifteen original stories explores the various career paths chosen by practitioners of magic, from manipulating the stock market to conjuring up priceless love potions.

ORDER # S1007-20   $14-50   ISBN 0756404398 


Blade of Fortriu (Bridei Chronicles: 02):  Marillier, Juliet.

In the sequel to The Dark Mirror, as the king prepares for a war to expel the Gaelic invaders for all time, he sends the princess Ana, a hostage of Fortriu since childhood, to make a strategic marriage to a chieftain she has never met, accompanied on her journey by Faolan, Bridei's enigmatic assassin and spy.

ORDER # S1007-21   $14-50   ISBN 0765348764 


The Cipher: A Novel of Crosspointe:  Francis, Diana 

Keeping her power to detect majick and those who wield it a secret from her family and her dashing suitor, Lucy Trenton, a member of the royal Rampling family, becomes immersed in a world of danger and intrigue when she recklessly uses her gift to locate a magickal cipher.

ORDER # S1007-22   $14-50   ISBN 0451461797 


The Cracked Throne:  Palmatier, Joshua.

When the mysterious White Fire sweeps through Amenkor for the second time in a millennium, Eryn, Mistress of the Skewed Throne, is submerged in a world of madness, and Varis, an assassin, is forced to take over the throne and save the people of Amenkor.

ORDER # S1007-23   $14-50   ISBN 0756404479 


Dog Days:  Levitt, John.

A former enforcer, Morgan, who keeps a low profile along with his magical canine companion, discovers that someone wants him dead when he is attacked by a supernatural assailant, which forces him to come out of retirement.

ORDER # S1007-24   $14-50   ISBN 0441015530 


Dragon's Teeth:  Hetley, James A.

Two unusual families living in Stonefort, Maine - the shapeshifting Morgans and the Haskell witches - find their uneasy, generations-long alliance threatened by the vengeful spirit of a dark sorcerer, desperate to live once again, as they are forced to unite against a common enemy, or turn against one another.

ORDER # S1007-25   $14-50   ISBN 0441015433 


Dzur:  Brust, Steven.

On the run for years after a devastating betrayal, short-statured former Jhereg captain Vlad Taltos secretly returns to his imperial city home to find that the rackets he once commanded are under the control of a mysterious cabal of women, and that a goddess may be playing tricks with his memory.

ORDER # S1007-26   $14-50   ISBN 0765341549 


Hinterland (Godslayer Chronicles: 02):  Clemens, James.

When a skull, deformed and corrupted by dark Graces, is discovered, former Shadowknight Tylar must discover the mystery behind it, a quest the leads him into the heart of the Hinterland, a desolate region from which no Shadowknight has ever returned.

ORDER # S1007-27   $14-50   ISBN 0451461304 


Lord of Ruin: (Warhammer):  Abnett, Dan

Braving untold perils and impossible odds to retrieve the five objects of power, Malus Darkblade must now return them to the ancient daemon Tz'arkan, but he is beginning to wonder if the evil creature can be trusted to honor its commitment to return his soul.

ORDER # S1007-28   $14-50   ISBN 1844161951 


Manslayer: Gotrek & Felix Novel:  Long, Nathan.

Heading north to aid the forces of the Empire in their battle against the invading Chaos hordes, Gotrek and Felix make a brief stop off in Nuln, where they encounter the dwarf engineer Malakai Makaisson, whose efforts to assist the Imperial war effort by transporting armaments to the battlefield in his airship are threatened by saboteurs.

ORDER # S1007-29   $14-50   ISBN 1844165094 


Mistral's Kiss:  Hamilton, Laurell K.

Meredith Gentry struggles to fulfill her obligation to the world of Faerie by conceiving an heir to the throne of the Unseelie Court in order to restore magic and life to the fey kingdom, but her quest is threatened by the intrigues of her scheming uncle, the King of Light and Illusion, as well as by her own wild and unpredictable powers.

ORDER # S1007-30   $14-50   ISBN 0345443616 


The Quarters Novels, Volume Two:  Huff, Tanya.

Includes No Quarter, in which Bannon and Vree, a brother-and-sister assassin team, must share Vree's body when Bannon's is stolen from him, and The Quartered Sea, in which an expedition to find the homeland of the legendary Dark Sailor ends in disaster, stranding a young bard in a strange world.

ORDER # S1007-31   $14-50   ISBN 0756404525 


Protecting Palanthas (Dragonlance):  Clark, Douglas W.

When an unknown enemy absconds with an ancient heirloom, a priceless jewel chest belonging to one of the wealthiest families in Palanthas and containing a secret that holds the power of life and death, Galdar and Gerard risk everything to recover it before darkness destroys everything.

ORDER # S1007-32   $14-50   ISBN 0786948086 


Rise of the Seventh Moon (Heirs of Ash: 03):  Wulf, Rich.

In the epic conclusion of the Heirs of Ash trilogy, Ashrem's Legacy has fallen into the hands of a madman, a desperate band of heroes risks everything to prevent a worldwide catastrophe, and the Mad Prophet Zamiel launches his final plot, as long-hidden secrets begin to come to light.

ORDER # S1007-33   $14-50   ISBN 0786943424 


Saint City Sinners: Dante Valentine:  Saintcrow, Lilith.

At the request of an old friend, Dante Valentine returns to her old stomping ground of Saint City to investigate a brutal murder that is just too close for comfort, only to find herself betrayed by the one person she thought she could trust.

ORDER # S1007-34   $14-50   ISBN-10 0316021431 


Shadowsinger:  Modesitt, L.E., Jr.

In the epic conclusion of The Spellsong Cycle, the sorceress Secca must help her new husband, Alcaren, and apprentice, Richina, achieve their true magical powers as they confront the most powerful wizard in the world, the leader of a great army fuelled by the magical talents of an untold number of wizards.

ORDER # S1007-35   $14-50   ISBN 0765342588 


Sands of the Soul (Sembia: Gateway to the Realms: 06):  Whitney-Robinson, Voronica.

With her own soul - and those of her friends - up for grabs - Thazienne "Tazi" Uskevren confronts an old enemy's nefarious schemes as she journeys from the dark alleys of Selgaunt to the heart of Calim Desert in pursuit of the ultimate prize.

ORDER # S1007-36   $14-50   ISBN 0786943378 


Soarer's Choice (Corean Chronicles: 06):  Modesitt, L.E.

As the Alector civilization plans to abandon Corus for a rich new world, the planet Corus will be cut off from the civilizing government of the Alectors and used for a dumping ground for malcontents, despite the efforts of honest Alectors such as Dainyl, but the mysterious Ancients, the Soarers, may have a powerful weapon at their disposal.

ORDER # S1007-37   $14-50   ISBN 0765355590 


Stardeep (The Dungeons)(Forgotten Realms): Cordell, Bruce

Deep within the heart of Stardeep, valiant warriors protect the innocents around them from the horrors and madness confined within the fortress, but evil may escape when the only key to the dungeons beneath falls into unwitting hands.

ORDER # S1007-38   $14-50   ISBN 0786943386 


Wolf Who Rules:  Spencer, Wen.

In the sequel to Tinker, Tinker, living in a near-future Pittsburgh near an interdimensional border with the land of the elves, and her elven noble lover, Wolf Who Rules, are confronted by an oni invasion as well as efforts to keep the peace between the humans and the supernatural beings, while Tinker deals with inexplicable nightmares that hold the key to Pittsburgh's future.

ORDER # S1007-39   $14-50   ISBN 141657381X 


Large Size Paperbacks
Earthquake Weather:  Powers, Tim.

A young woman possessed by a ghost kills Scott Craine, the Fisher King of the West, and, temporarily freed from the malevolent spirit, desperately seeks to restore the King to life, but his body has been taken to the protected home of Kootie, a thirteen-year-old boy destined to become the next Fisher King.

ORDER # S1007-40   $24-00   ISBN 0765318229 


StarCraft Archive: An Anthology:  Grubb, Jeff, et al.

A single-volume compilation of the first three StarCraft novels includes the tales Liberty's Crusade, Shadow of the Zel'Naga, and Speed of Darkness, in an anthology that is complemented by the previously unprinted eBook, Uprising.

ORDER # S1007-41   $24-00   ISBN 1416549293 


Star Wars Jedi vs Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force:  Windham, Ryder.

A richly illustrated study of the conflict between the Jedi and Sith and their relationship with the Force discusses Jedi and Sith history, major battles between the two, Force-sensitive abilities and powers, Jedi and Sith teachings, weaponry, and other topics. Illustrated by Chris Trevas & Tommy Lee Edwards.

ORDER # S1007-42   $39-00   ISBN 0345493346 


Eifelheim:  Flynn, Michael.

Tom, a modern-day historian, and his girlfriend Sharon, a theoretical physicist, search for the truth about the 1349 disappearance of the small German town of Eifelheim as the Black Death strengthens its grip on medieval Europe, unaware that Father Deitrich, the village priest in 1348, became the first contact between humankind and a mysterious alien race.

ORDER # S1007-43   $22-00   ISBN 0765319101 


Host:  Hunter, Faith.

In a near future world marked by a post apocalyptic ice age, powerful neomage Thorn St. Croix has been accepted - albeit warily - by her human friends and neighbors, until a mage arrives from the Council of Seraphs to reveal that her long-lost sister, Rose, is still alive, forcing Thorn to make a perilous choice to risk her own life.

ORDER # S1007-44   $21-00   ISBN 0451461738 


War Machine: A Combat-K Novel:  Remic, Andy.

Working as a private detective on a planet at the fringes of the Tri-Gal in the wake of his family's tragic death, Keegan, a debt-ridden, alcoholic ex-soldier, heads for a violent colony world with members of his old military unit at the behest of a prince from the Jervai Province, who offers him clues to his family's killer in exchange for the assignment.

ORDER # S1007-45   $22-00   ISBN 1844165221 


Chronicles of the Black Company:  Cook, Glen.

The tough, battle-hardened mercenaries of the Black Company risk their lives and their souls as they set out to find the White Rose, a mystical figure who embodies the very essence of good and who is the only one who can defeat the forces of evil, in an omnibus volume containing The Black Company, Shadows Lier, and The White Rose.

ORDER # S1007-46   $23-00   ISBN 0765319233 


Blackhearts: The Omnibus:  Long, Nathan.

Condemned to death for their crimes, Reiner and companions are given a reprieve if they will carry out the Empire's most desperate and suicidal missions against dark elves, rogue army commanders, chaos cultists, ratmen, and other enemies of the Empire, in an omnibus volume containing the first three Blackhearts novels.

ORDER # S1007-47   $17-00   ISBN 1844165108 


Devices and Desires:  Parker, K.J.

Sentenced to death for a minor infraction of guild laws, engineer Ziani Vaatzes flees Mezentia to seek refuge in enemy Eremia, where to preserve his safety, he offers to teach engineering techniques to the Eremians, all the while plotting a terrible revenge on his accusers.

ORDER # S1007-48   $19-00   ISBN 0316003387 


Heart of Stone:  Murphy, C.E.

While jogging through Central Park after midnight, lawyer Margrit Knight stumbles upon a dark new world filled with magical beings, including a gargoyle named Alban who, suspected of murder, needs her help in proving his innocence.

ORDER # S1007-49   $22-00   ISBN 0373802927 


Hardcover Titles
Moon Age Daydream:  Dragen, Shaun Von.

Sexy sci-fi thriller from the point of view of Marlowe, a young male recluse - a neurotic, a hacker, and dabbler in things ancient and arcane. Set so far into the future it resembles our psychedelic past, the world of Moon Age Daydream is entrancing and visceral. A dark and romantic Sci-fi Noir, the novel disguises hidden layers of alchemical interpretation.

ORDER # S1007-51   $39-00   ISBN 0976706016 


Better to Beg Forgiveness:  Williamson, Michael Z.

When word comes that President Bishwanath, the local honest leader of Celadon, is dead, every corrupt politician and ruthless megacorp in the universe set out to seize control of the planet, unaware that Bishwanath is not dead, his mercenary bodyguards are loyal to a fault, and every rule in the book is about to be broken.

ORDER # S1007-52   $38-00   ISBN 1416555080 

Califex:  Kratman, Tom.

In the sequel to A Desert Called Peace, Patricio Carrera continues his quest to bring to justice his family's killers, tracking the culprits halfway around the world to Pashtia and breaking every international law to destroy the Salafi Ikhwan who have made him what he is, but his quest may ultimately cost him his humanity.

ORDER # S1007-53   $37-00   ISBN 1416573836 


Cauldron:  McDevitt, Jack.

When a young physicist comes up with an efficient star drive capable of reaching the core of the galaxy, retired star pilot Priscilla "Hutch" Hutchins once again embarks on a perilous mission into the far reaches of outer space to uncover the origins of the deadly Omega clouds, in the follow-up to Odyssey.

ORDER # S1007-54   $39-00   ISBN 0441015255 


Genesis:  Chafe, Paul.

With the human race rapidly running out of space and time on an overcrowded Earth, the experimental Colony ship Ark, a self-contained world launched on a ten-thousand-year voyage into the unknown to carry the seeds of human civilization to the far reaches of space, becomes humankind's last desperate gamble to preserve their lives in the face of a doomed planet.

ORDER # S1007-55   $38-00   ISBN 1416555099 


The Sagittarius Command:  Meluch, R.M.

As former enemies Earth and Palatine join forces to battle the Hive, an alien life-form that is wreaking deadly havoc through the galaxy, Captain John Farragut searches for the one man who can stop the destruction and is the only hope for humankind's survival.

ORDER # S1007-56   $38-00   ISBN 0756404576 


A War of Gifts: An Ender Story:  Card, Orson Scott.

In a short novel set during Ender Wiggins's first years at Battle School, where it is forbidden to celebrate religious holidays, chaos erupts when older student Dink Meeker places a gift in another student's shoe on Sinterklaaus Day, a small act of rebellion that ignites a struggle between the students and staff and forces everyone to make a choice during the War over Santa Claus.

ORDER # S1007-57   $19-00   ISBN 0765312824 


The Third Lynx:  Zahn, Timothy.

After saving the galaxy in Night Train to Rigel, former government agent Frank Compton races against time to stop the Modhri, an ancient, telepathically linked intelligence that has possessed unwitting hosts, and its secret war against galactic civilizations linked by the Quadrail, but his quest is threatened by a secret agent who suspects him of murder.

ORDER # S1007-58   $39-00   ISBN 076531732X 


Confessor:  Goodkind, Terry.

In the epic conclusion of the best-selling Sword of Truth series, the world is on the brink of descending into total chaos, confusion, and darkness, with evil threatening to overwhelm everything and the people on the verge of savagery, while Richard confronts his own guilt over the situation and struggles to deal with the loss of the one person he loves.

ORDER # S1007-59   $43-00   ISBN 0765315238 


The High King's Tomb (Green Rider: 03):  Britain, Kristen.

In this sequel to Green Rider and First Rider's Call, Karigan G'ladheon returns to the Green Riders, the magical messengers of the king, who desperately need her help in defeating an ancient evil, long dormant, that has just reawakened, determined to destroy the world.

ORDER # S1007-60   $39-00   ISBN 0756402662 


Pirate Freedom:  Wolfe, Gene.

A young parish priest fresh out of seminary, Father Christopher finds himself inexplicably swept back in time to the Golden Age of Piracy, where he finds himself caught up in the life of a buccaneer, wooing a beautiful and enigmatic woman, at the helm of his own - possibly cursed - ship, and trolling the waters of the Caribbean in search of Spanish gold.

ORDER # S1007-61   $38-00   ISBN 0765318784 


Queen Ferris (Stoneways Trilogy: 02):  Butler, S.C.

After being rescued from the three wizards by his friends, Reiffen makes the decision to return to the wizards in order to gain their knowledge, find their weaknesses, defeat them with their own weapons, and regain his rightful throne, but the evil of the scheming wizard brothers could destroy his own power for good, in the sequel to Reiffen's Choice.

ORDER # S1007-62   $39-00   ISBN 0765314789 


Reader and Raelynx:  Shinn, Sharon.

A magic wielder and mystic, Cammon must put aside his growing feelings for Princess Amalie to offer readings of the souls of her prospective suitors for any potential threats and begins to suspect that Amalie herself may possess magical powers, a revelation that could endanger her life and plunge the entire kingdom into chaos.

ORDER # S1007-63   $38-00   ISBN 0441014690 


The Spine of the World (The Legend of Drizzt: 12):  Salvatore, R.A.

No Picture Available

In the sequel to The Silent Blade, Wulfgar the barbarian embarks on a perilous path to redemption as he journeys from the dark streets of Luskan to the windswept peaks of the Spine of the World, struggling to find himself after enduring the unimaginable tortures of the Abyss, in a new deluxe edition of the best-selling fantasy.

ORDER # S1007-64   $39-00   ISBN 0786943416 

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