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Cauldron:  McDevitt, Jack.

When a young physicist comes up with an efficient star drive capable of reaching the core of the galaxy, retired star pilot Priscilla "Hutch" Hutchins once again embarks on a perilous mission into the far reaches of outer space to uncover the origins of the deadly Omega clouds, in the follow-up to Odyssey.

ORDER # S1008-1   $15-90    ISBN 9780441016501


Wet Work (The 4400):  Ward, Dayton & Dilmore, Kevin.

NTAC agents Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris are assigned by former NTAC director Dennis Ryland to track down an international assassin known as "the Wraith," a powerful 4400 returnee whose real name is Lona Callahan.

ORDER # S1008-2   $15-90    ISBN 9781416543213


Collision Course (Star Trek: Academy):  Shatner, William, with Judith Reeves-Stevens

Thrown in jail beside a Vulcan boy who has been charged with plotting to sell Vulcan artifacts, a troublesome young James T. Kirk forges an uneasy alliance with his cellmate, Spock, with whom he is given a choice to stay imprisoned or to join Starfleet.

ORDER # S1008-3   $15-90    ISBN 9781416503972


The Clone Elite:  Kent, Steven L.

Wayson Harris, an outlawed clone model with a mind of his own and an unquenchable thirst for battle, has been recalled for duty under the Elite Conscription Act to help stop an alien force that is advancing on Earth, wiping out the Unified Authority's colonies along the way.

ORDER # S1008-4   $15-90    ISBN 9780441016082


Inside Straight: Wild Cards:  Martin, George R. R., ed.

In a follow-up to the original Wild Cards series, a new generation of aces comes of age as twenty-one of them compete against one another in a series of tasks and stunts on the blockbuster TV reality show American Hero, and John Fortune, son of the show's creator, discovers his destiny, in a collaborative saga.

ORDER # S1008-5   $15-90    ISBN 9780765357120


Firstborn (A Time Odyssey):  Clarke, Arthur C. 

In the conclusion of the Time Odyssey series, which began with Time's Eye and Sunstorm, the Firstborn, the alien race that built the iconic black monolith, wait for a sign as they plan to stop the advance of humankind through the use of a mysterious technology that is indistinguishable from magic.

ORDER # S1008-6   $15-90    ISBN 9780345491589


Mere Mortals (Star Trek: Destiny: 02):  Mack, David.

With the Borg using a secret passage to attack the Federation, Captain Picard must find the gate to lead a counterstrike to stop the invasion, while Captain Riker and the crew of the Titan are held hostage by the alien Caeliar, and their only hope lies in a fellow prisoner whom they are not sure they can trust.

ORDER # S1008-7   $15-90    ISBN 9781416551720


Kris Longknife: Intrepid:  Shepherd, Mike.

Commanding the Wasp, a space warship, Kris Longknife, hunting for pirates beyond the Rim, stumbles upon a plan to kill one of the members of the aristocratic Peterwald family and discovers that the would-be killers are setting her up as the assassin.

ORDER # S1008-8   $15-90    ISBN 9780441016518


Miles, Mutants, & Microbes:  Bujold, Lois McMaster.

When engineer Leo Graff discovers helpless children called quaddies exploited for corporate gain on Cay Habitat, he must teach them the meaning of freedom, in the Nebula-winning novel Falling Free, and in Diplomatic Immunity, Imperial Auditor Lord Miles Vorkosigan and his wife are called in to untangle a series of diplomatic snafus, treachery, and conflicting loyalties before it is too late.

ORDER # S1008-9   $15-90    ISBN 9781416556008


1634: The Baltic War:  Weber, David & Flint, Eric.

With the Baltic War raging around them, the time-travelling Americans from the West Virginia town of Grantville find themselves caught in the middle, with Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, and the Emperor of the United States of Europe launching a counterattack on the combined forces of France, Spain, England, and Denmark.

ORDER # S1008-10   $15-90    ISBN 9781416555889


Orphan's Alliance:  Buettner, Robert.

Fifteen years after the defeat of the Slugs on Bren, Jason Wander is assigned to command an invasion force to expel the Slugs from a small moon, but his mission is complicated by interplanetary conflicts, political intrigues, and the totalitarian Tressel, who will do anything to defeat the Slugs, regardless of the human cost.

ORDER # S1008-11   $15-90    ISBN 9780316001748


Radio Freefall:  Jarpe, Matthew.

When a power-hungry billionaire computer magnate plots to take over the world, a motley band of rock stars and misfits becomes Earth's only defense, in a tale featuring a mysterious blues musician whose superhuman technical skills may have rendered him a pawn for artificial intelligences.

ORDER # S1008-12   $15-90    ISBN 9780765357199


Rule of Two: Old Republic (Star Wars: Darth Bane):  Karpyshyn, Drew.

With the end of the Sith Wars, the Jedi are convinced that the Sith have been destroyed, unaware that Darth Bane, the creator of the "Rule of Two," survives and is preparing in secret to build a new Sith Order, with which he plans to rule with his new apprentice at his side, in the sequel to Path of Destruction.

ORDER # S1008-13   $15-90    ISBN 9780345477491


Requiem (Spider-Man):  Mariotte, Jeff.

Spider-Man takes on one of his most dangerous foes as he matches wits with the Cabal of Scrier, an organization out to achieve ultimate power by any means necessary, which is out to gain control of the Darkhold, an ancient grimoire recently unearthed by archaeologists, a dangerous quest that unleashes an evil from beyond the grave.

ORDER # S1008-14   $15-90    ISBN 9781416510789


The Trouble with Aliens:  Anvil, Christopher. 

A collection of short novels and stories recounts the saga of the human war with the Outs, alien creatures possessing unique mental powers that they use to make humans see illusions and force them to obey them, after the humans discover and learn how to exploit their weakness.

ORDER # S1008-15   $15-90    ISBN 9781416556015


Sagittarius Command: U.S.S. Merrimack:  Meluch, R. 

As former enemies Earth and Palatine join forces to battle the Hive, an alien life-form that is wreaking deadly havoc, Captain John Farragut searches for the one man who may be able to stop the Hive and ensure humanity's survival.

ORDER # S1008-16   $15-90    ISBN 9780756404901


Better Off Undead:  Greenberg, Martin H. & Hoyt, Daniel 

Featuring contributions from Sarah A. Hoyt, Laura Resnick, Alan Dean Foster, and S. M. Stirling, this spinetingling and revealing collection of eighteen original tales about immortality ponders the age-old question - can being undead really be better than being alive?

ORDER # S1008-17   $15-90    ISBN 9780756405120


The Black Ship: Crosspointe:  Francis, Diana Pharoah.

Gifted with the magical ability to navigate Crosspointe's deadly seas, Thorn is banned from sailing when the Pilots' Guild betrays him and is forced to served on a cursed vessel where he must battle against a mad captain, a mutinous crew, and a saboteur in order to stay alive.

ORDER # S1008-18   $15-90    ISBN 9780451462428


Bloodring:  Hunter, Faith.

In a near future world marked by apocalyptic religious strife, Thorn St. Croix, a powerful neomage living secretly among humankind, channels her gift of stone-magery into jewelry making, until a handsome police officer, Thaddeus Bartholomew, comes into her life, changing everything.

ORDER # S1008-19   $15-90    ISBN 9780451462411


Dead Reign:  Pratt, T. A.

In the third instalment of a series that began with Blood Engines and Poison Sleep, Marla Mason, the enchanting, slightly wicked Witch of the East Coast must use all her wiles to cheat the Grim Reaper.

ORDER # S1008-20   $15-90    ISBN 9780553591354


Destiny Kills:  Arthur, Keri.

Awakening on an Oregon beach with an enigmatic serpent tattoo on her back and next to a dead man, Destiny McCree, left with few memories of her past, finds herself on the run from dark forces that are out to destroy her, joining forces with master thief Trae Wilson, a man with his own secret agenda, to explore the mystery of their extraordinary new powers and stop their enemies.

ORDER # S1008-21   $15-90    ISBN 9780553589603


Deryni Rising:  Kurtz, Katherine.

Charissa, a full-blooded Deryni trained in the disciplines of sorcery and necromancy, threatens the rulership of Kelson and the life of his chief advisor Morgan, in a special revised edition of the classic fantasy novel, which includes a special introduction by the author.

ORDER # S1008-22   $15-90    ISBN 9780441016600


Fractured Sky (Empyrean Odyssey: 02):  Reid, Thomas

In the sequel to The Gossamer Plain, the succubus Aliisza and Kaanyr Vhok, the half-demon former commander of the Scoured Legion, find themselves trapped in Celestia, bound by divine oath to the whims of a determined angel.

ORDER # S1008-23   $15-90    ISBN 9780786948079


Heart and Soul:  Hoyt, Sarah A.

Caught up in a mystical battle for the power and fate of the world, two people discover the power of true magic and of love, in the third and final volume in a romantic fantasy adventure, with began with Heart of Light and Soul of Fire.

ORDER # S1008-24   $15-90    ISBN 9780553589689


A Lick of Frost:  Hamilton, Laurell K.

Commanded by her aunt, the dark Queen Andais, to conceive a child as heir to the throne, Meredith Gentry, a half-mortal, half-faerie princess, returns to Los Angeles, accompanied by her bodyguards, to continue her efforts to conceive an heir, only to find herself and her lovers trapped between the dark and light faerie courts and human law.

ORDER # S1008-25   $15-90    ISBN 9780345495914


The Last Battle (Dragonmaster: 03):  Bunch, Chris.

Hal Kailas has grown into a battle-hardened Dragonmaster, but his old enemies have returned, and even with all his skill and the help of the dragons, he may not be able to triumph in the ultimate battle for the fate of the world.

ORDER # S1008-26   $15-90    ISBN 9780451462435


Mirror of Worlds (Crown of the Isles: 02): Drake, David

A conclusion to the trilogy that began with The Fortress of Glass finds the kingdom of the Isles in the throes of a magical upheaval that causes the ocean to recede, a situation that reveals the Isles to be a high ground on a broader continent with past and future ties.

ORDER # S1008-27   $15-90    ISBN 9780765351173


Magic to the Bone:  Monk, Devon.

When Allison Beckstrom, a Hound who makes people pay for casting spells, discovers a little boy dying from a magic Offload that has her father's signature all over it, she is plunged into a high-stakes world of corporate espionage and black magic.

ORDER # S1008-28   $15-90    ISBN 9780451462404


The Queen of Stone:  Baker, Keith.

As the ambassadors from the Five Nations gather at the fortress of the Great Crag to discuss the official recognition of Droaam, the fledgling kingdom of monsters ruled by the dangerous Daughters of Sora Kell, Thorn of Breland's Dark Lanterns is assigned to protect the Frelish ambassador and to rescue a hostage hero of the crown.

ORDER # S1008-29   $15-90    ISBN 9780786950096


Seaspray (Quest for the Trilogy: 02):  Odom, Mel.

Warned by the old wizard Craugh about an ancient threat know as Kharrion's Wrath that endangers the entire world, Juhg, a young halfer and new Grandmagister, must search through the secrets contained in the journals of his absent mentor Wick, "The Rover," as well as in a trilogy of missing books, that could hold the key to salvation.

ORDER # S1008-30   $15-90    ISBN 9780765354266


Shadows' Edge (Night Angel: 02):  Weeks, Brent.

In the wake of the Godking's successful coup and the deaths of his master, Durzo, and best friend, Logan, Kylar, a young assassin, abandons the way of shadows to build a new life in a new country, until he discovers that Logan may still be alive and in hiding, and is forced to make a difficult choice between his past and his future.

ORDER # S1008-31   $15-90    ISBN 9780316033657


The Unwilling Warlord:  Watt-Evans, Lawrence.

With an army of incompetent generals, untrained, inebriated soldiers, and hardly any weapons, Semma's warlord Sterren is up against great odds in the kingdom's war.

ORDER # S1008-32   $15-90    ISBN 9780843959437


The Well of Shades:  Marillier, Juliet.

A continuation of the epic series that began with The Dark Mirror finds master assassin and spymaster Faolan dispatched by King Bridei to identify who among the king's subjects are loyal and treasonous, a mission Faolan hopes will unlock secrets from his past.

ORDER # S1008-33   $15-90    ISBN 9780765348777


The Warrior's Tale:  Cole, Allan & Bunch, Chris.

A sequel to the popular fantasy novel, The Far Kingdoms, follows Captain Rali Emilie Antero, descendent of magicians, soldiers, and adventurers, on an odyssey over the sea in search of an evil wizard.

ORDER # S1008-34   $15-90    ISBN 9780843959444


A Woman Worth Ten Coppers:  Howell, Morgan.

A young slave and a gifted seer with a powerful destiny, Yim is purchased by Honus, a Sarf warrior dedicated to the service of the goddess Karm, for the sum of ten coppers, bringing these two unlikely individuals together in the battle to defeat a malevolent entity, in the first volume of a new fantasy series.

ORDER # S1008-35   $15-90    ISBN 9780345503961


Stargate Atlantis: Nightfall (SGA-10):  Swallow, James.

No Picture Available

A tale inspired by the popular television series pits the Atlantis team against such adversaries as the Replicators and the Genii in a race to save humanity from the forces of the Nightfall.

ORDER # S1008-36   $15-90    ISBN 9781905586141 


Large Size Paperbacks
Agent to the Stars:  Scalzi, John.

Advocating on behalf of the peace-seeking but bad-smelling Yherajk race, hot Hollywood agent Thomas Stein finds his considerable negotiating talents challenged by his efforts to win humanity's trust in the space-faring aliens.

ORDER # S1008-37   $24-90    ISBN 9780765317711 


Deep Water (Castings Trilogy: 02):  Freeman, Pamela.

A second installment of a trilogy that began with Blood Ties finds Bramble gaining unexpected insight into her land's history when she uses wild magic, Ash discovering the reason his father did not teach him the Traveler songs, and Saker seeing the walking dead in record numbers.

ORDER # S1008-38   $22-90    ISBN 9780316035637 


BioHell: A Combat-K Novel:  Remic, Andy.

On a corrupt planet used by a global technology corporation to manufacture the Biomod Human Upgrade, hackers break into the company system, stealing its secrets and unleashing them on an unsuspecting populace, forcing the Combat-K squad into a perilous quest into a wasteland of murder and mutations as they investigate the dark heart of the corporation that created the upgrade.

ORDER # S1008-39   $24-90    ISBN 9781844165902 


Fractions: The First Half of the Fall: Revolution:  MacLeod, Ken.

A re-release of the first half of a series set in a world of intelligent weapons, theologically correct software, and the colonization of other planets finds the human race struggling to recover from past betrayals that are threatening civilization, an effort that is challenged by new understanding about death.

ORDER # S1008-40   $24-90    ISBN 9780765320681 


Reality Dysfunction (Night's Dawn):  Hamilton, Peter F.

In A.D. 2600, the human race is finally beginning to realize its full potential, with hundreds of colonized planets scattered across the galaxy hosting a multitude of prosperous and wildly diverse cultures, as genetic engineering has pushed evolution far beyond nature's boundaries, defeating disease and producing extraordinary spaceborn creatures.

ORDER # S1008-41   $27-90    ISBN 9780316021807 


V: The Original Miniseries: Johnson, Kenneth & Crispin, A

A revised edition of the tale based on the popular mini-series follows the efforts of an oppressive alien force to take over the earth and a band of resistance fighters to overcome both alien tyranny and the apathetic responses of humanity, in a novelization featuring a new ending.

ORDER # S1008-42   $24-90    ISBN 9780765321589 


Star Wars: The Clone Wars Book Two:  Miller, Karen.

No Picture Available

The Jedi Knights lead the battle against a powerful droid army of separatists, while Anakin Skywalker mentors his first Padawan, a girl named Ahsoka, learning the skills of a warrior and becoming a hero of the Clone Wars, in a second novelization based on the new television animated series.

ORDER # S1008-43   $24-90    ISBN 9780345509017 


The Crimson Legion (Prism Pentad: 02):  Denning, Troy.

No Picture Available

With a militia of nobles, templars, and slaves, Rikus, the man-dwarf gladiator who sparked the rebellion that plunged the Free City into chaos, must save the city of Tyr from the armies of Urik, the sorcerer-king, in the sequel to The Verdant Passage.

ORDER # S1008-44   $22-90    ISBN 9780786950584 


Elric: The Sleeping Sorceress (Chronicles of the Last Emperor of Melniboné: 03):  Moorcock, Michael. 

The third of six illustrated compilations of classic adventures featuring Elric, Last Emperor of Melniboné, includes the classic novels The Sleeping Sorceress and Elric of Melniboné, along with essays, material never before published in book form, and a selection of artwork related to Elric novels and short stories.

ORDER # S1008-45   $24-90    ISBN 9780345498649 


The Engine's Child:  Phillips, Holly.

On a remote island populated by refugees from a world ruined by magical and technological excess, a mysterious brotherhood seeks a way back to their devastated homeland and, amidst conspiracy and betrayal, three people hold the key to destroying or saving their fragile world - scheming Lord Ghar, powerful ruler Lady Vashmarna, and Moth, a poor novice.

ORDER # S1008-46   $25-90    ISBN 9780345499653 


The Flame and the Shadow:  Rossetti, Denise.

Driven by a chance to restore his soul, regardless of the cost, mercenary and sorcerer Grayson of Concordia, the Duke of Ombra, takes on the task of kidnapping a fire witch, Cenda, a woman grieving over the loss of her baby daughter, who finds herself falling for Gray despite his betrayal.

ORDER # S1008-47   $25-90    ISBN 9780441016341 


Green Rider:  Britain, Kristen.

After an unexpected confrontation with a dying knight who claims to be a Green Rider, young Karigan G'ladheon becomes the unlikely bearer of a vital message to the king, on a mission during which she faces assassins and other deadly dangers.

ORDER # S1008-48   $25-90    ISBN 9780756405489 


The High King's Tomb (Green Rider: 03):  Britain, Kristen.

In this sequel to Green Rider and First Rider's Call, Karigan G'ladheon returns to the Green Riders, the magical messengers of the king, who desperately need her help in defeating an ancient evil, long dormant, that has just reawakened, determined to destroy the world.

ORDER # S1008-49   $25-90    ISBN 9780756404895 


Night of the Dragon (World of Warcraft): Knaak, Richard

A follow-up to Day of the Dragon finds the wizard and dragon Krasus struggling to protect the younger races of Azeroth from the Undead Scourge, demons, and his fellow dragons, despite the threat of imminent war.

ORDER # S1008-50   $26-90    ISBN 9780743471374 


The Orc King:  Salvatore, R. A.

The uneasy peace between the dwarves of Mithral Hall and the orcs of the Kingdom of Many Arrows begins to falter as the tribes of orcs under the command of Obould begin to battle one another, and Bruenor becomes determined to finish the war that had nearly destroyed him, in a new volume in the saga of dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden and his companions.

ORDER # S1008-51   $25-90    ISBN 9780786949120 


The Tamuli:  Eddings, David.

Sparkhawk, the royal champion, is the only hope of preserving the throne as he copes with the treachery and corruption of the Tamul court, races against time and the fearsome Shining Ones to find the hidden Stone of Power, and must rescue his wife from the foul Cyrgon, in an omnibus edition containing Domes of Fire, The Shining Ones, and The Hidden City.

ORDER # S1008-52   $33-90    ISBN 9780345500946 


The Reawakened:  Smith-Ready, Jeri.

Bound to the Spirit of the Crow and gifted with the Sight, Rhia must trust an ancient prophecy and deliver the Reawakened from oppression before a mighty army of Descendants destroys what's left of her people's magic.

ORDER # S1008-53   $24-90    ISBN 9780373802715 


Hardcover Titles
Claws That Catch:  Ringo, John & Taylor, Travis S.

Sent to investigate rumors of an ancient and powerful alien civilization that may have created the "Black Box" that drives the space ship, the crew of the Vorpal Blade must first deal with an unpopular new commander, an infestation of scorpion-like arachnoids, and the strange noises the ship makes every time it makes a hard maneuver.

ORDER # S1008-54   $42-90    ISBN 9781416555872 


All the Windwracked Stars:  Bear, Elizabeth.

A last surviving member of the ancient Valkyries race returns to the last surviving city on her dying world to reclaim a sword of power owned by her lost brothers and sisters, an effort that is challenged by a hunting Mingan the Wolf.

ORDER # S1008-55   $42-90    ISBN 9780765318824 


The Devil's Eye:  McDevitt, Jack.

Hired by writer Vicki Greene, interstellar antiquities dealer Alex Benedict discovers that his would-be client now has no memory of her past, or of her request for his help, and his search for answers takes him to a remote human world that holds the key to a decades-old political conflict that someone will do anything to keep hidden.

ORDER # S1008-56   $42-90    ISBN 9780441016358 


Dragonheart (Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern):  McCaffrey, Todd.

When young Fiona is asked to take on the role of Weyrwoman, the co-leader of an entire dragon Weyr, she soon discovers the difficult challenges of her privileged new position, from unexpected perils to the possibility of losing her own dragon to the sickness that has claimed so many others.

ORDER # S1008-57   $45-90    ISBN 9780345491145 


Fools' Experiments:  Lerner, Edward M.

Demonic attacks on the computer industry's top minds coincide with the escape of a malicious artificial life form that has been evolved in a laboratory by misguided researchers, a situation that prompts computer scientist Doug Carey to institute unconventional measures to save humanity.

ORDER # S1008-58   $43-90    ISBN 9780765319012 


Ender in Exile:  Card, Orson Scott.

Having made the difficult choice to leave his home world to travel to the colonies, twelve-year-old military genius Andrew Wiggin shares a series of daring adventures with his sister Valentine and the artificial intelligence Jane.

ORDER # S1008-59   $43-90    ISBN 9780765304964 


Search for the Star Stones:  Norton, Andre.

Seeking the truth about a mysterious ring stone with phenomenal powers, young gem trader Murdoc Jern and Eet, a mutant alien feline, are hunted through space by an unscrupulous religious order, in The Zero Stone, and in Uncharted Stars, Murdoc and Eet continue their search for the source of the mysterious stones of power, only to find themselves up against untold enemies.

ORDER # S1008-60   $42-90    ISBN 9781416555995 


The Lost Island (Primeval):  Kearney, Paul.

Humankind confronts its own extinction as bizarre anomalies rip through the fabric of time to allow prehistoric creatures from the dawn of Earth's history to roam the modern world, while zoologist Nick Cutter and his team confront a new challenge on a mysterious island in the Irish seas.

ORDER # S1008-61   $21-90    ISBN 9781845766948 


St. Anthony's Fire:  White, Steve.

In a strange alternate universe, Ponce de León's quest for the fountain of youth has unexpected results, the Spanish Armada destroys the English fleet with high-tech weapons using beams of fiery light, and the queen flees to the New World, accompanied by her sorcerer advisor Dr. Dee and William Shakespeare, where they find a gateway to an alien world.

ORDER # S1008-62   $42-90    ISBN 9781416555988 


Strength and Honor:  Meluch, R. M.

As the Empire of Rome declares war against the United States and attacks Earth, Captain John Farragut and the crew of the Merrimack launch a retaliatory strike on the empire's homeworld, unaware that the alien Hive is preparing to make its move against Earth, in the sequel to The Sagittarius Command.

ORDER # S1008-63   $42-90    ISBN 9780756405274 


Thirteen Orphans:  Lindskold, Jane.

In an alternate world inspired by ancient Chinese lore and magic, Brenda learns about her magical ancestry after an attack on her father and finds herself among a band of orphans who each represent an animal from the Chinese zodiac.

ORDER # S1008-64   $42-90    ISBN 9780765317001 


Sunborn:  Carver, Jeffrey A.

Thrown together by an enigmatic force to prevent cataclysmic interstellar disasters, John Bandicut and his team of aliens and artificial intelligences set out to discover what is causing stars in the Orion Nebula to go supernova prematurely.

ORDER # S1008-65   $45-90    ISBN 9780312864538 


Watermind:  Buckner, M. M.

When flood waters cause a convergence of illegally dumped technology pieces, pharmaceuticals, and genetically modified seed, a self-organized, malicious neural net emerges from the Louisiana delta and threatens the world, prompting a daring response by self-destructive MIT dropout CJ Reilly and her lover, Max.

ORDER # S1008-66   $42-90    ISBN 9780765320247 


Fortune and Fate:  Shinn, Sharon.

Behind the walls of a vast family estate called Fortune, Wen, a Warrior Rider hired to protect a young heiress, must face a terrifying challenge that will lead her into a confrontation with her ultimate destiny, in a new novel set in the world of the Twelve Houses series.

ORDER # S1008-67   $42-90    ISBN 9780441016365 


The Gods Return (Crown of the Isles: 03):  Drake, David.

A final installment in the series that began with The Fortress of Glass and The Mirror of Worlds finds the tenaciously united Isles threatened by the release of new Gods from alternate planes of existence and an ancient monster that threatens to devour all life.

ORDER # S1008-68   $43-90    ISBN 9780765312617 


Golden Tower (Warriors of Estavia: 02): Patton, Fiona.

Having discovered their destinies and grown into their individual powers, Brax, Spar, and Graize face off in an epic confrontation that will ignite a war and promote the rise to power of a new player among the Gods, in the sequel to The Silver Lake.

ORDER # S1008-69   $42-90    ISBN 9780756405175 


Heir to Sevenwaters:  Marillier, Juliet.

When her new baby brother is stolen from his nursery and replaced by something unnatural, Clodagh, daughter of Lady Aisling of Sevenwaters, ventures into the shadowy Otherworld to confront its powerful ruler and to reclaim her newborn brother, in a new fantasy novel set in the world of the acclaimed Sevenwaters Trilogy.

ORDER # S1008-70   $42-90    ISBN 9780451462336 


Swallowing Darkness:  Hamilton, Laurell K.

In the sequel to A Lick of Frost, Meredith Gentry, whose rightful place on the throne of Faerie is dependent on being able to produce an heir, is overjoyed when she finds herself pregnant after many failed attempts, but her triumph is overshadowed when she discovers that she carries two babies with different fathers and the lost of her beloved Frost.

ORDER # S1008-71   $43-90    ISBN 9780345495938 


The Lord-Protector's Daughter: (Corean Chronicles):  Modesitt, L. E., Jr.

Discovering that large sums of money have been diverted from her father's treasury, the eldest daughter of Lanachrona's overseer is directed to discover her Talent in order to save her world, a mission that is complicated by an attempt to marry her off to a lord in a neighboring land.

ORDER # S1008-72   $41-90    ISBN 9780765321633 


A Lion Among Men (Wicked Years: 03): Maguire, Gregory

An entertaining third volume in The Wicked Years series, following Wicked and Son of a Witch, focuses on the adventures and exploits of the Cowardly Lion. Illustrations.

ORDER # S1008-73   $45-90    ISBN 9780060548926 


Orcs:  Forbeck, Matt. Illus by Miguel Coimbra.

A richly illustrated journey into the fearsome world of orcs explores the dark and mysterious culture of this bloodthirsty species, from their armaments to xenobiology, tribal magic, religion, and warlike psychology, in a volume that features detailed illustrations, transparent overlays, lift-up flaps, and other special design effects.

ORDER # S1008-74   $41-90    ISBN 9780345507471 


A Song in Stone (Discoveries):  Hunt, Walter H.

Investigating the secrets of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, Ian Graham, an unemployed television personality, stumbles upon a mysterious clue in the intricate stonework of the chapel, one that transports him back to the Middle Ages, where he must learn Rosslyn's secrets in order to return to his own time.

ORDER # S1008-75   $45-90    ISBN 9780786950676 


Grave Peril: Dresden Files:  Butcher, Jim.

No Picture Available

Chicago wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden confronts his latest and most dangerous challenge in the person of the ghost of an evil wizard who possesses the power to invade people's nightmares and uses other ghosts to wreak havoc on the living.

ORDER # S1008-76   $42-90    ISBN 9780451462343 



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