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Atlantis God (Jack Howard: 06):  Gibbins, David.

When Jack Howard and his team return to the lost island of Atlantis in the Black Sea, they discover a surprising link between the world's mightiest empire and the 1930s expeditions of Himmler's Ahnenerbe, the Nazis' Department of Cultural Heritage, a discovery that plunges them all into grave danger.

ORDER # U412-1   $14-90   ISBN 9780440245841 


Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel):  Archer, Alex.

While on assignment in London, archaeologist Annja Creed is drawn into the mystery of a strange, old-fashioned projector that was once used by an 18th-century illusionist and goes up against a faceless enemy who will risk everything to get his hands on this cursed artifact.

ORDER # U412-2   $12-90   ISBN 9780373621569


The Eleventh Hour:  Cameron, Marc.

After covert agents in a vast network of terror launch an attack from coast to coast, Special Agent Jericho Queen, a classified instrument of the CIA reporting directly to the President, is stunned when the search for the terrorists escalates into an all-out witch hunt - and his name is on the list.

ORDER # U412-3   $12-90   ISBN 9780786024957


Rebel Trade (The Executioner: 402):  Pendleton, Don.

After pirates murder the innocent crew of a U.S. merchant vessel off the coast of Namibia, Mack Bolan is sent in to restore balance and burn the African rebel group behind the attack to the ground.

ORDER # U412-4   $9-00   ISBN 9780373644025 


Betrayal of Trust: A J. P. Beaumont Novel:  Jance, J. A.

When the governor of the state of Washington asks him to investigate a snuff film found on her grandson's phone, J. P. Beaumont, no stranger to human depravity, is shocked by this horrific crime and discovers that this murder has much wider implications.

ORDER # U412-5   $14-90   ISBN 9780061731327 


Buried Prey (Lucas Davenport: 21):  Sandford, John.

Investigating the discovery of two bodies in a house demolition, Lucas Davenport identifies the victims as two girls who disappeared in 1985, a cold case that overshadowed the early years of his career.

ORDER # U412-6   $14-90   ISBN 9780425247891 


Dreams of the Dead (Nina Reilly):  O'Shaughnessy, Perri

Taking the case of a woman whose son went missing years earlier under circumstances Nina suspects may be linked to her former lover Paul, investigator Nina Reilly sets about charming a professional exhumer who requires her help in retrieving a valuable manuscript.

ORDER # U412-7   $12-90   ISBN 9781416549741


The Fifth Witness (Mickey Haller):  Connelly, Michael.

Mickey Haller must defend a client who is accused of killing the banker involved with her foreclosure, a case that reveals strong suspicions; black-market dealings and a threat to Mickey's own life.

ORDER # U412-8   $14-90   ISBN 9780446556675 


Mystery (Alex Delaware):  Kellerman, Jonathan.

Investigating the brutal murder of a woman seen at a restaurant closing two nights earlier, LAPD homicide detective Milo Sturgis and psychologist Alex Delaware identify links between the victim and high-level secrets before the case is shattered by a stunning revelation.

ORDER # U412-9   $14-90   ISBN 9780345505705 


Saving Rachel (Donovan Creed):  Locke, John.

Killers force Sam Case to choose between his wife and his mistress - and the one he rejects must die.

ORDER # U412-10   $14-90   ISBN 9781937656010 


Silenced (Lucy Kincaid):  Brennan, Allison.

A trainee at the FBI Academy, Lucy Kincaid, devoted to the fight against cyber sex crimes, must take down a prostitution ring through a joint task force in the White House and, with the help of her P.I. boyfriend Sean Rogan, will do anything to make sure that justice is served.

ORDER # U412-11   $12-90   ISBN 9781250005953


Coup d'Etat (Dewey Andreas: 02):  Ben Coes

When a fragile peace breaks down between Pakistan and India, the United States is forced to intervene. When a rapidly escalating war threatens to engulf the entire region, the president must find a way to shut it down immediately - or else face total destruction for the world at large.

ORDER # U412-12   $14-90   ISBN 9780312580773 


The Delta Solution:  Patrick Robinson

For years, heavily armed Somali pirates have been capturing and holding for ransom massive cargo ships, violently demanding millions of dollars for their return. Each time an owner pays big for the return of their ship, the pirates immediately capture again, enraging the Pentagon. That is, until the "Somali Marines" make a big mistake, seizing at gun point two United States ships and demanding a $15 million ransom.

ORDER # U412-13   $14-90   ISBN 9781593157111 


Don't Look Twice:  Andrew Gross

A drive-by shooting rocks an affluent suburb, leaving an innocent man dead. A witness to the madness - along with his terrified teenaged daughter - Detective Ty Hauck launches an investigation into what looks like a vicious case of family retribution. But Annie Fletcher, the owner of a hip cafE who's attempting to rebuild her life, saw something that does not fit the bloody scenario.

ORDER # U412-14   $14-90   ISBN 9780062199911 


Dry Ice:  Bill Evans

At the frozen bottom of the world, a madman sits. Supposedly a weather monitoring installation, TESLA can actually control the weather...and Greg Simpson, TESLA's designer, isn't about to give up that control to anyone. Not the international agribusiness corporation that bankrolled TESLA; not the US military, who have made a secret pact with Simpson to turn weather into a weapon; and certainly not Tess Beauchamp, an upstart weather scientist who had the nerve to disobey Simpson ten years earlier.

ORDER # U412-15   $14-90   ISBN 9780765364142 


KBL: Kill Bin Laden: Based on True Events:  John Weisma

John Weisman, whose expertise in the field of covert military operations is unsurpassed, delivers a stunning fictional account of the most extraordinary mission of the century: the hunting down and assassination of Osama Bin Laden, the most reviled killer of the twenty-first century, by US Navy SEALs.

ORDER # U412-16   $12-90   ISBN 9780062127877


Murder One (David Sloane: 04):  Robert Dugoni

A year after the devastating murder of his wife, attorney David Sloane reconnects with beautiful Barclay Reid, opposing counsel in his most prominent case, at a black-tie dinner. Barclay is suffering from her own personal tragedy - the drug overdose death of her teenage daughter. In the aftermath, she has begun an intense crusade against the Russian traffickers she holds responsible. As she and Sloane grow closer, they discover an undeniable attraction between them.

ORDER # U412-17   $12-90   ISBN 9781451606706


Outrage (Butch Karp: 23):  Robert K. Tanenbaum

Months after a brutal double homicide shocks the city, sensational newspaper headlines herald the arrest of Felix Acevedo, a shy Bronx teenager who confessed to the horrific crimes. But in the district attorney's office, Butch Karp is seething. An ambitious young assistant DA cut corners to indict the kid. Now, damned by a coerced confession, Acevedo sits in jail while a vicious killer stalks the city.

ORDER # U412-18   $14-90   ISBN 9781439149270 


The Blue Zone:  Andrew Gross

Kate Raab's life seems almost perfect: her boyfriend, her job, her family - until her father runs into trouble with the law. His only recourse is to testify against his former accomplices in exchange for his family's placement in the Witness Protection Program. But one of them gets cold feet. In a flash, everything Kate can count on is gone. Now, a year later, her worst fears have happened: Her father has disappeared - into what the WITSEC agency calls "the blue zone".

ORDER # U412-19   $14-90   ISBN 9780062199874


The Dark Tide:  Andrew Gross

On the morning Karen Friedman learns that her husband, a hedge fund manager, has been tragically killed, Detective Ty Hauck begins his investigation of another man's death in a suspicious hit-and-run in Karen's hometown. The two seemingly unrelated tragedies are about to plunge a beautiful widow and a determined investigator into a maelstrom of murder, vast sums of missing money, and international conspiracy.

ORDER # U412-20   $14-90   ISBN 9780062199898 


The Knowledge of Good & Evil:  Glenn Kleier

Ian Baringer has never fully recovered from losing his parents in a horrific accident. Despite the help of Angela Weber, the brilliant psychologist who loves him, he's in the grip of an obsession. He must know for certain if the soul survives death. And incredibly, he's found a way. But trespassing the afterlife unleashes a disastrous chain of events, leaving Ian and Angela but one choice: Defy the gates of heaven and hell to steal a Knowledge hidden from the world since the dawn of creation.

ORDER # U412-21   $12-90   ISBN 9780765363527


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