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Creep:  Jennifer Hillier

Dr. Sheila Tao is a professor of psychology, an expert in human behavior with her own hidden past. But she's not the only one keeping secrets. When Sheila began an affair with her sexy graduate assistant Ethan Wolfe, she knew she was playing with fire. Consumed by lust when they were together, she was riddled with guilt when they were apart. Now she's finally engaged to a good man, and it's time to end the dangerous liaison. But Ethan has something different in mind. He intends to make her pay for rejecting him.

ORDER # U812-1   $12-90   9781451669350


The Cypress House:  Michael Koryta

Arlen Wagner has seen it in men before - a trace of smoke in their eyes that promises imminent death. He is never wrong. So when he awakens on a train one hot Florida night and sees death's telltale sign in the eyes of his fellow passengers, he abandons the train with nineteen-year-old Paul Brickhill. Soon the two men are stranded at the Cypress House - directly in the path of a hurricane. But there are much deadlier threats than the storm in this place, and Arlen's eerie gift warns that they'll never leave.

ORDER # U812-2   $12-90   ISBN 9780316053693


Half-Past Dawn:  Richard Doetsch

Jack Keeler wakes up one bright June morning to the shock of his life: a half-healed gash over his right eye, a hastily stitched together bullet wound in his shoulder, an intricate tattoo in a foreign script covering the length of his forearm, and a front-page headline that reads NEW YORK CITY DISTRICT ATTORNEY JACK KEELER DEAD. He has until dawn to piece together what happened and to find his missing wife Mia, an FBI agent. The ensuing race is a twisting, turning, adrenaline-charged hyperspeed adventure that uncovers an ancient people lost to legend, an assassin who will stop at nothing to avenge his death sentence.

ORDER # U812-3   $12-90   ISBN 9781439183984


Death Benefit:  Robin Cook 

Natalie Savondnik and Ronald Goodall - two exceptional yet aloof medical residents - are working closely with their medical center's premier scientist on cutting-edge diabetes research. When their mentor dies suddenly, they launch a quiet investigation. As they dig deeper, it becomes clear that the scientist's death was not from natural causes.

ORDER # U812-4   $14-90   ISBN 9780425250365


Zero Day:  David Baldacci 

John Puller is a combat veteran and the best military investigator in the U.S. Army's Criminal Investigation Division. His father was an Army fighting legend, and his brother is serving a life sentence for treason in a federal military prison. Puller has an indomitable spirit and an unstoppable drive to find the truth. Now, Puller is called out on a case in a remote, rural area in West Virginia coal country far from any military outpost. Someone has stumbled onto a brutal crime scene, a family slaughtered. The local homicide detective, a headstrong woman with personal demons of her own, joins forces with Puller in the investigation. As Puller digs through deception after deception, he realizes that absolutely nothing he's seen in this small town, and no one in it, are what they seem.

ORDER # U812-5   $14-90   ISBN 9780446573023


The Devil's Elixir:  Raymond Khoury 

Capable of inducing an experience so momentous it might shake the very foundations of Western civilization? What if powerful forces on both sides of the law got wind of that herb, and launched a violent, uncompromising pursuit to be the first to exploit it? And what if FBI agent Sean Reilly and his girlfriend, Tess Chaykin, were, unknowingly, the only two people who could keep the lid on this existential Pandora's box, one that's capable of destabilizing the world?

ORDER # U812-6   $14-90   ISBN 9780451237569


Phantom: Alex Hawke:  Ted Bell 

A breathtaking hunt for a madman about to unleash a terrifying new Artificial Intelligence-powered super weapon on the world. Another superb espionage thriller by a true, New York Times best-selling master of the fictional spy game, Bell's Phantom explores a dark side of science while delivering non-stop action, as Hawke races across the globe in order to prevent a coming apocalypse - and the millions of fans of Bell's Warlord, Tsar, and Spy will be breathless every perilous step along the way.

ORDER # U812-7   $14-90   ISBN 9780061859328


The Towers:  David Poyer

After surviving the attacks on September 11, 2001, Dan Lenson finds himself quickly drawn into a covert SEAL team in search of the terrorists responsible. Their mission: kill Osama Bin Laden.

ORDER # U812-8   $12-90   ISBN 9781250011831


Return to Atlantis:  Andy McDermott 

Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase have stunned the world with their discoveries, from the legendary sword Excalibur to the golden city of El Dorado. Now, by bringing together three ancient statues from three different continents, Nina is about to tap into a colossal energy source - one not felt since the days of Atlantis. But when the statues are stolen and Eddie is falsely accused of murder, forcing him to go on the run to hunt the man responsible, a violent struggle erupts among a secret, vastly powerful group that wants to control Nina and the earth energy.

ORDER # U812-9   $14-90   ISBN 9780553593662


Rescue:  Anita Shreve

Peter Webster is a rookie paramedic when he pulls a young woman out of a car wreck that should have killed her. Sheila Arsenault haunts his thoughts, and despite his misgivings Peter is soon embroiled in an intense love affair - and in Sheila's troubled world. Eighteen years later, Sheila is long gone and Peter is raising their daughter, Rowan, alone. But Rowan is veering dangerously off course, and for the first time in their quiet life together Peter fears for her future.

ORDER # U812-10   $12-90   ISBN 9780316201162


Robert Ludlum's: The Ares Decision:  Kyle Mills

With U.S. intelligence agencies wracked by internal power struggles and paralyzed by bureaucracy, the President was forced to establish his own clandestine group - Covert-One. It is only activated as a last resort, when the threat is on a global scale and time is running out. In northern Uganda, an American special forces team is decimated by a group of normally peaceful farmers. Video of the attack shows even women and children possessing almost supernatural speed and strength, consumed with a rage that makes them immune to pain, fear, and all but the most devastating injuries.

ORDER # U812-11   $12-90   ISBN 9780446618786


Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark:  Sidney Sheldon

LAPD Detective Danny McGuire could never forget the face of Angela Jakes and the nightmare she endured - raped, beaten, and tied to the murdered body of her elderly husband, multimillionaire art dealer Andrew. His obsession nearly cost McGuire his sanity, even after the stunning young widow disappeared without a trace. Ten years later, living in France and working for Interpol, he's put the past behind him - until Matt Daley, Andrew Jakes's estranged son, walks into his life.

ORDER # U812-12   $12-90   ISBN 9780062073457


End of Days:  Robert Gleason 

Lydia Lozen Magruder has seen visions of the End since childhood. After carving out a worldwide media empire, she constructed a massive ranch-fortress in the American Southwest, stocked with everything necessary to rebuild civilization. Now her visions are coming true. A report from famous gonzo journalist John Stone has her trembling with fear. Stone revealed a grand plan to blast humanity back to the Stone Age - and then vanished. Lydia's only hope of tracking him down lies with her stubborn, globe-trotting daughter, Kate, who last saw Stone, her former lover, in Mecca during Hajj.

ORDER # U812-13   $14-90   ISBN 9780765367891


Alex Cross:  James Patterson 

Alex Cross was a rising star in the Washington, DC, Police Department when an unknown shooter gunned down his wife, Maria, in front of him. Alex's need for vengeance was placed on hold as he faced another huge challenge - raising his children without their mother. Years later Alex is making a bold move in his life. He has left the FBI and set up practice as a psychologist once again. His life with Nana Mama, Damon, Jannie, and little Alex finally feels like it's in order. He even has a chance at a new love.

ORDER # U812-14   $14-90   ISBN 9781455523528


Nightwatcher:  Wendy Corsi Staub

Nightwatcher returns to the site of America's worst national nightmare - New York City on September 11, 2001 - as a serial killer, plying his bloody trade in the chaos following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, operates unnoticed by everyone - except for one frightened woman who has seen his face

ORDER # U812-15   $12-90   ISBN 9780062070289


Killing Range (SuperBolan: 152):  Pendleton, Don.

To stop a global crisis, Mack Bolan must take down an Australian self-made millionaire and the soldiers of his white supremacist group who, hijacking Apache gunships, are determined to reach their ultimate goal - World War III.

ORDER # U812-16   $12-90   ISBN 9780373615551


The Matador's Crown (Rogue Angel: 38):  Archer, Alex.

While in Andalucia, Spain, archaeologist Annja Creed unearths a bronze bull statue, but when this discovery leads to murder, Annja must follow the clues through the coloruful world of flamenco and bullfighting to a renowned matador and an illegal - and deadly - collection of Visigoth votive crowns.

ORDER # U812-17   $12-90   ISBN 9780373621583


Survival Mission (Executioner: 406):  Pendleton, Don

When a former navy SEAL and his young daughter are kidnapped by a crime ring in Prague, Mack Bolan faces his most difficult rescue mission yet as he goes up against a police force on the take and the ring's ruthless leader, who has declared war on the Executioner.

ORDER # U812-18   $9-90   ISBN 9780373644063 


Termination Orders:  Maloney, Leo J.

When his former Black Ops partner needs his help, Dan Morgan, once a trained killer for the CIA, finds this seemingly routine mission turning into an ambush and must race against time to expose a traitor in the highest levels of the government to save himself and his family.

ORDER # U812-19   $14-90   ISBN 9780786029891 


Opening Moves (The Bowers Files):  James, Steven.

In 1997, homicide detective Patrick Bowers is drawn into a case like nothing he has ever seen when he goes up against a serial killer who is emulating the most notorious and macabre killers throughout history in an attempt to get his deadly message out to the world.

ORDER # U812-20   $14-90   ISBN 9780451237767 


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