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America's Last Days:  MacKinnon, Douglas.

Believing that the U.S. government has lost sight of its ideals and beliefs, a militia group, lead by a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a former director of the FBI, plans to overthrow the government and forever change the course of history.

ORDER # SDR-1   $16-40   ISBN 0843958022 


Anarchy's Reign (Sky Hunters):  Shane, Jack.

About to be disbanded following its outstanding service in Venezuela and Korea, the elite X-Battalion of pilots and commandos goes back into action to protect America from a cadre of anarchists operating within its borders.

ORDER # SDR-2   $16-40   ISBN 0060732431 


The Angels Weep:  Smith, Wilbur.

An adventurer and his missionary sister establish a legacy that will dominate part of a continent for decades to come, and a soldier meets his destiny in a battle that will forever scar two opposing races, in this novel set in southern Africa.

ORDER # SDR-3   $16-40   ISBN 0312940734 


Behind Closed Doors:  Collins, Natalie R.

Leaving behind her Mormon upbringing and her fiancé, Jannie Fox is forced to come to terms with the dark secrets of her past and with a twenty-year-old trauma that had changed her life forever when her childhood friend Melissa suddenly vanishes.

ORDER # SDR-4   $16-40   ISBN 0312934866 


Black Star Rising:  Gandt, Robert.

With the only thing standing between China and growing need for oil being the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, China becomes the prime suspect in the destruction of a Vietnamese oil rig, and the U.S., as part of a new defense pact with Vietnam, led by Commander Brick Maxwell and his advanced Black Star stealth aircraft, is called upon to take on the might of the Chinese.

ORDER # SDR-5   $16-40   ISBN 0451220145 


The Berlin Conspiracy:  Gabbay, Tom.

Former spy Jack Teller finds himself back in the world of espionage, when, just days before President John F. Kennedy is scheduled to visit the city, a mysterious contact claims to have important information, and he wants to share it with Jack.

ORDER # SDR-6   $16-40   ISBN 0060787880 


Blindfold Game:  Stabenow, Dana.

As a hijacked Russian freighter, loaded with stolen, black-market plutonium, sails undetected toward the western coast of North America, a CIA analyst uncovers the hidden threads of a terrorist plot, a conspiracy that places his estranged wife, second in command of the Coast Guard cutter Sojourner Truth, in the middle of an international crisis.

ORDER # SDR-7   $16-40   ISBN 0312937555 


Blind Fear: A Cold Case Thriller:  Abercrombie, Lynn.

Atlanta Police Department Cold Case Unit Detective Mechelle Deakes wakes up to discover that she is blind and being held prisoner by a mysterious captor, while her partner, Lt. Hank Gooch, using clues from an old murder case, races against time to find her.

ORDER # SDR-8   $16-40   ISBN 0786017287 


Blood Diamonds (The Mercenaries):  Storm, P.W.

Tired of politics, hidden agendas, and bureaucracy of the regular military, Michael "Mad Dog" Hertzog embarks on a new career as a mercenary, assembling his own "private security" force from disenchanted members of the U.S. military and British SIS to head for Angola to retrieve a missing cache of gems from terrorist-linked revolutionaries.

ORDER # SDR-9   $16-40   ISBN 0060857390 


Broken Borders:  Bendell, Don.

After surviving a hijacking attempt, Major Bobby Samuels and Captain Bo Devore, looking deeper into the case, uncover an al Qaeda plot to unleash a nuclear attack on two major American cities, and must race against time to stop it.

ORDER # SDR-10   $16-40   ISBN 0425212572 


Carved in Bone:  Bass, Jefferson.

The founder of the Body Farm, the only laboratory devoted to the study of human composition, Dr. Bill Brockton is staggered by what he discovers about an unusual corpse - an almost perfectly preserved mummy discovered in East Tennessee's mountainous Cooke County.

ORDER # SDR-11   $16-40   ISBN 0060759828 


The Collector:  Cruise, Cameron.

During his investigation into the killing of a fortune teller from Orange County's Little Saigon, Detective Seven Bushard encounters Gia Moon, another psychic who claims that she will be one of the killer's future targets and who is playing a perilous game to find a copycat killer finishing the spree of a twisted murderer from the past.

ORDER # SDR-12   $16-40   ISBN 0778324087 


The Dead Yard:  McKinty, Adrian.

A sequel to Dead I Well May Be finds mercenary Michael Forsythe working to infiltrate an Irish terrorist sleeper cell on behalf of the FBI, an endeavor that is challenged by the loss of his only ally and his deepening feelings for the enemy's daughter.

ORDER # SDR-13   $16-40   ISBN 0743499484 


The Cure:  Hunter, Jack D.

When a controversial oncologist dies in a suspicious accident just as he discovers what may be a cure for cancer, a political and industrial maelstrom ensues as powerful forces combat to seize control of the top-secret cure.

ORDER # SDR-14   $16-40   ISBN 0765345625 


Death Waits for You:  Anders, Donna.

Hired to write the history of the Hawthornes, a prominent New York family, aspiring novelist Savannah Blum is delighted, until her research exposes dark secrets that go back generations, a mysterious figure begins to shadow her every move, and a vicious killer stalks the Hudson River communities, killing women in a series of crimes resembling those that took place more than three decades earlier.

ORDER # SDR-15   $16-40   ISBN 1416514864 


Deception Plan:  Davis, Patrick A.

Searching for the truth about his adoption, Korean-American military officer Ed Coffin is sent to his homeland to uncover the truth about the suspicious crash of secret U-2 spy plane, teaming up with his former lover, OSI investigator Marva Hubbard, only to learn that the plane's pilot was specifically targeted for death.

ORDER # SDR-16   $16-40   ISBN 074349976X 


The Fallen:  Parker, T. Jefferson.

Promoted to homicide after surviving a push from a sixth-floor hotel room, Robbie Brownlaw, the youngest detective in the department, uses his new talent for synesthesia - seeing colorful shapes tied to emotions when someone speaks - to investigate the death of Garrett Asplundh, a fellow San Diego cop charged with monitoring the integrity of city officials.

ORDER # SDR-17   $16-40   ISBN 0060562390 


Die Trying:  Child, Lee.

Former military policeman Jack Reacher is abducted on the streets of a Chicago suburb, along with a woman and a dentist, by two mysterious men, and must save both of their lives without losing his.

ORDER # SDR-18   $16-40   ISBN 0515142247 


False Impression:  Archer, Jeffrey.

In the aftermath of an aristocrat's murder on September 10,2001 for her priceless Van Gogh painting, Anna, a World Trade Center survivor, takes advantage of her "presumed dead" status and travels throughout the world to avenge the woman's death.

ORDER # SDR-19   $17-50   ISBN 0312939779 


Force Lines (SuperBolan:112):  Pendleton, Don.

Mack Bolan takes on dangerous forces within the U.S. government itself when a mysterious cadre of powerful spooks unleashes a horrific series of atrocities, as part of a conspiracy that they believe can never be traced back to them.

ORDER # SDR-20   $16-40   ISBN 0373615159 


The Gabriel Hounds:  Stewart, Mary.

Obstacles in the path of two cousins wishing to see their reclusive great-aunt in Lebanon make the visit an irresistable challenge as Christy Mansel and her cousin Charles encounter unexpected and dangerous surprises behind the gates of Dar Ibrahim, Lady Harriet's crumbling palace in Lebanon.

ORDER # SDR-21   $16-40   ISBN 0061145394 


Goldilocks:  Coburn, Andrew.

Louise Baker, a woman crime boss who controls the town of Lawrence, Massachusetts, finds her powerful reign threatened by the arrival of a violent ex-lover named Goldilocks who, determined to make her pay for jilting him, disrupts the whole community.

ORDER # SDR-22   $16-40   ISBN 0843957077 


Gone:  Gardner, Lisa.

When his partner and lover, Rainie Connor, vanishes during her investigation into the case of a foster child, who also has disappeared, private detective and former FBI profiler Pierce Quincy enlists the aid of his daughter Kimberly, a rookie FBI agent, to uncover the truth about the case, which may be linked to a series of brutal murders.

ORDER # SDR-23   $16-40   ISBN 0553588079 


Got the Look:  Grippando, James.

First his girlfriend is kidnapped and then Miami attorney Jack Swyteck discovers that she is married to a wealthy man who has just received a ransom demand, pitting Jack against a killer who is so fiendishly clever and diabolical that even Jack may have met his match.

ORDER # SDR-24   $16-40   ISBN 0060565683 


Hello, Darkness:  Brown Sandra.

The host of a late night, call-in radio show, Paris Gibson joins forces with police psychologist Dean Malloy to identify a mysterious caller known only as "Valentino" before he can kill a woman whom he feels has wronged him, only to find herself the target of the would-be killer, who feels that Paris destroyed his relationship with his girlfriend.

ORDER # SDR-25   $17-50   ISBN 1416537775 


Honeymoon:  Patterson, James

When a young investment banker dies under suspicious circumstances, FBI agent John O'Hara pursues a suspicion that the victim's beautiful decorator bride is responsible, but as the evidence mounts, he wonders if he has become obsessed with proving the woman's guilt.

ORDER # SDR-26   $16-40   ISBN 0446613371 


The Hostage:  Griffin, W.E.B.

A second instalment of the series that began with By Order of the President finds Department of Homeland Security Charley Castillo working to conduct a discreet investigation involving a murdered diplomat's brother-in-law, a man possessing key information about America's scandalous food-for-oil program.

ORDER # SDR-27   $17-50   ISBN 0515142409 


Inferno:  Harper, Karen.

Two years after losing her husband in a rampaging wildfire, bush pilot Lauren Taylor is confronted by the chilling reality that the mysterious stranger she has flown into her isolated hometown of Vermillion, Montana, bears a striking resemblance to a serial arsonist wanted by the FBI and that he has vanished into the nearby, tinder-dry forests.

ORDER # SDR-28   $16-40   ISBN 0778324044 


Isolation Ward:  Spanogle, Joshua.

Called in by the CDC after three mentally handicapped women with the same mysterious symptoms check into the same Baltimore hospital, Dr. Nathaniel McCormick becomes caught in a puzzling web of deceit and conspiracy as he follows the trail of a lethal virus to California and discovers terrifying links to a former mentor and an old love.

ORDER # SDR-29   $16-40   ISBN 0440242282 


The Jury Master:  Dugoni, Robert.

Enjoying success as a wrongful death attorney in spite of his nightmarish childhood, San Francisco lawyer David Sloane receives a package from a White House suicide victim and is forced to rely on strangers in order to expose an insidious government conspiracy.

ORDER # SDR-30   $16-40   ISBN 0446617075 


Killing Spree:  O'Brien, Kevin.

Years after capturing the man responsible for the Schoolgirl Murders that terrorized Seattle, a new killing spree, involving a series of seemingly unconnected murders, begins, and only Seattle writer Gillian McBride sees the terrifying coincidences between all the killings and realizes that she is the only link between past and present and to a twisted serial killer.

ORDER # SDR-31   $16-40   ISBN 0786017759 


Left for Dead:  O'Brien, Kevin.

Clair Shaw wakes up in a Seattle hospital, the victim of amnesia, and returns to a life and a family with which she is unfamiliar on an isolated island where she is surrounded by a dark evil that feeds on her fear.

ORDER # SDR-32   $16-40   ISBN 078601847X 


The Leopard Hunts in Darkness:  Smith, Wilbur.

Disillusioned and without inspiration, Craig Mellow, a best-selling author who fled Rhodesia at the end of the Bush War, returns to his African homeland and becomes caught up in tribal hatreds and violence.

ORDER # SDR-33   $16-40   ISBN 0312940777 


Nothing But Trouble:  McGarrity, Michael.

Reluctantly working as a technical adviser for a western being filmed in New Mexico, Santa Fe police chief Kevin Kerney finds the murdered body of a young man near an isolated Mexican border crossing and discovers that a large-scale drug-smuggling operation may be responsible.

ORDER # SDR-34   $16-40   ISBN 0451412281 


Nuclear Reaction (Executioner: 338):  Pendleton, Don.

Mack Bolan ventures deep into the perilous backcountry of Pakistan in search of a deadly cache of suitcase nuclear devices that are being developed as part of a conspiracy to destroy nearby India.

ORDER # SDR-35   $16-40   ISBN 0373643381 


Oceans of Fire (Stony Man: 86):  Pendleton, Don.

The Stony Man team must recapture stolen Russian nukes during a deadly mission that leads them to the Russian mafiya, Afghan warlords, and an enigmatic German corporate magnate whose thirst for vengeance endangers the eastern seaboard of America.

ORDER # SDR-36   $16-40   ISBN 0373619707 


One Last Breath:  Booth, Stephen.

In England's tourist-laden Peak District, Detective Constable Ben Cooper and his partner, Diane Fry, search for a convicted killer bent on the ultimate revenge who is hiding in one of the region's many caves, while protecting the prospective victims of the infamous Mansell Quinn, including Ben himself, whose father had arrested the murderer years earlier.

ORDER # SDR-37   $16-40   ISBN 0440242703 


Perfect Killer:  Perdue, Lewis.

No Picture Available

Confronted by an African-American civil rights lawyer who inexplicably wants to save a convicted white racist murderer from the death penalty, neurosurgeon Bradford Stone finds himself targeted by a presidential candidate who would use an experimental drug to transform soldiers into ruthless killers.

ORDER # SDR-38   $16-40   ISBN 0765340674 


Point Blank: An FBI Novel:  Coulter, Catherine.

Barely surviving a motel bombing while trying to rescue a kidnapped entertainer, FBI agents Dillon Savich and Dane Carver find themselves working against an unstable villain with designs on their families and fellow agents, while agent Ruth Warnecki follows leads about a lost treasure and a murdered music school student to the site of a hidden cave.

ORDER # SDR-39   $16-40   ISBN 0515141682 


The Power Broker:  Frey, Stephen.

Christian Gillette, the hero of The Protégé, is confronted by a difficult choice when a powerful and mysterious organization sets out to gain a partnership in Gillette's company, Everest Capital; Jesse Wood, a charismatic liberal politician, asks him to be his running mate in his candidacy for president; and he discovers that there is no one left to trust.

ORDER # SDR-40   $16-40   ISBN 0345480619 


The Project:  Coffey, Jan.

With the nation plagued by a violent rash of shootings at high schools across the country, as well as an increasing number of murders and suicides among teens, a federal agent and the mother of one of the shooters join forces to uncover the truth about a bizarre fifteen-year-old neurological experiment done on innocent children.

ORDER # SDR-41   $16-40   ISBN 0778324060 


Road to Paradise:  Collins, Max Allan.

Running a casino for the mob in the early 1970s,former Mafia hit man Michael Satariano refuses an order to kill a particularly violent mobster and is subsequently framed for the man's murder, a situation that forces him to place his family in the hands of a fledgling Witness Protection Program.

ORDER # SDR-42   $16-40   ISBN 006054032X 


Seven Deadly Wonders:  Reilly, Matthew.

A prediction that promises ultimate power to whomever restores the Golden Capstone, an ancient Egyptian structure that protected people from global flooding before it was broken and scattered by Alexander the Great, prompts a brutal competition among top nations, terrorists, and a coalition.

ORDER # SDR-43   $16-40   ISBN 1416505067 


The Scorpion's Gate:  Clarke, Richard A.

Faulty intelligence, hidden agendas, and a new but still shaky Islamic government in Saudi Arabia set the stage for a dangerous nuclear war between Asia and the United States.

ORDER # SDR-44   $17-50   ISBN 042521298X 


Sinners and Saints:  Dreyer, Eileen.

Shunned by her family after exposing her father's crimes, forensic nurse Chastity O'Connor receives an unexpected request for help from her brother-in-law when her sister goes missing in New Orleans, in a case that forces Chastity to reopen past wounds.

ORDER # SDR-45   $16-40   ISBN 0312998740 


Slow Burn:  Garwood, Julie.

When a woman returns to her tiny hometown after a long absence, she is stunned to find herself implicated in a decades-old murder and is left in the position of not knowing whom she can trust, or whom she should fear the most.

ORDER # SDR-46   $16-40   ISBN 0345453859 


Stephen Coonts' Deep Black: Jihad:  Coonts, Stephen

With Al Qaeda launching a series of deadly attacks against the West and preparing a new strike in the heart of America, the members of Deep Black plant a sophisticated listening device inside a terrorist's skull and activate an ingenious video spy drone disguised as a bird in order to uncover information about the group's activities.

ORDER # SDR-47   $16-40   ISBN 0312936990 


Soldier of God:  Hagberg, David.

Following a terrifying lead about planned terrorist attacks in America that would target children, CIA director Kirk McGarvey risks his wife's safety and his career to investigate controversial suspicions about a suicide bomber's identity.

ORDER # SDR-48   $16-40   ISBN 0765345404 


Sunstroke:  Kellerman, Jesse.

When Carl, the boss she has secretly loved for years, goes missing during his annual visit to Mexico, Gloria Mendez begins a search for answers that reveals hidden, sinister aspects of her employer's life.

ORDER # SDR-49   $16-40   ISBN 0515142239 


Tropic Blast (Executioner: 337):  Pendleton, Don.

Ordered to end the brutal reign of a power-hungry Colombian drug lord, Mack Bolan, along with a Texas Ranger, infiltrates the war zone between right-wing political terrorists and drug barons where he will do anything to take down his enemies.

ORDER # SDR-50   $16-40   ISBN 0373643373 


Unwound:  Baine, Jonathan.

Best-selling author Peter Robertson is terrified when he falls victim to a stalker who bears a striking resemblance to Angel, the teenage prostitute he created in his cult novel, especially when he discovers what the young girl with the haunted eyes really wants.

ORDER # SDR-51   $16-40   ISBN 0451412311 


Trunk Music:  Connelly, Michael.

When a Hollywood movie producer is found stuffed in the trunk of his Rolls, L.A. detective Harry Bosch travels a rocky road jammed with Mafia bad guys, Las Vegas money, and a precarious love affair in his search for the killer.

ORDER # SDR-52   $16-40   ISBN 0312941919 


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