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The Honor of Spies (Honor Bound):  Griffin, W. E. B.

Assigned to help a German lieutenant colonel to escape from a Mississippi prisoner-of-war detention center, World War II OSS officer Cletus Frade learns of the colonel's role in a conspiracy to assassinate Adolf Hitler and must outmaneuver a plot to kill the man's Nazi-connected parents.

ORDER # U1210-1   $15-90   ISBN 9780515148794 


Crucial Intercept (Executioner: 386):  Pendleton, Don.

When an ex-CIA cryptologist who created an unbreakable code is kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder, Mack Bolan must intercept the human bounty before he falls into the hands of terrorists who crave military superiority.

ORDER # U1210-2   $9-00   ISBN 9780373643868


The Third Option (Mitch Rapp):  Flynn, Vince.

CIA counter terrorism expert Mitch Rapp is sent on a mission to stop a German industrialist selling sensitive materials to a terrorist sponsor, unaware that he is being set up by forces in Washington who will do anything to see him fail.

ORDER # U1210-3   $15-90   ISBN 9781439195123 


Savage Rule (SuperBolan: 139):  Pendleton, Don.

When the unstable leaders of Honduras and Mexico forge a blood deal financed by black gold, Mack Bolan is sent in to strike terror in the hearts of America's enemies before the violence spreads onto U.S. soil.

ORDER # U1210-4   $13-90   ISBN 9780373615421


Altar of Eden:  Rollins, James.

Pregnant veterinarian Maura Kelly, along with U.S. Marshall Jack Menard and two neurobiologists, risks everything, including the life of her unborn child, to unravel the mystery of a smuggler's cache of mutated animals, a puzzle that involves fractal intelligence, stem-cell research, and a secret history of the Book of Genesis.

ORDER # U1210-5   $15-90   ISBN 9780061231438 


Transfer of Power (Mitch Rapp):  Flynn, Vince.

When a gang of terrorists seizes control of the White House, taking hostages, leaving many dead, and driving the president to a secret bunker, it is up to the CIA's top counter terrorism specialist, Mitch Rapp, to stop the insurrection.

ORDER # U1210-6   $15-90   ISBN 9781439197035 


Deliver Us From Evil:  Baldacci, David.

Shadowy operative Shaw, from the author's thriller The Whole Truth, and photojournalist Katie James are reunited in a deadly duel of nerve and wits against a surprising enemy, in a struggle that leads them around the world at a breakneck pace.

ORDER # U1210-7   $15-90   ISBN 9780446564076 


Boiling Point:  Dionne, K. L.

As a Nobel Prize-winning scientist prepares to launch his diabolical plan by causing 56 volcanoes around the world to erupt, a celebrity scientist and two microbiologists must race against time to save humanity from an uncertain future.

ORDER # U1210-8   $13-90   ISBN 9780515148800


The Devil's Teardrop:  Deaver, Jeffery.

An assassin has been hired by a criminal mastermind to sow terror throughout the nation's capital on the eve of the new millennium, but when the architect of the plot dies in an accident, a retired FBI agent must catch the killer with just the ransom note with which to work.

ORDER # U1210-9   $15-90   ISBN 9781439195116 


The First Rule (Joe Pike):  Crais, Robert.

A follow-up to The Watchman finds Elvis Cole's taciturn partner, Joe Pike, investigating an attack on former associate Frank Meyer, a one-time mercenary whose family has been murdered by a professional hit crew and who police suspect has been keeping a dangerous secret.

ORDER # U1210-10   $15-90   ISBN 9780425238127 


The Five Greatest Warriors:  Reilly, Matthew.

In an attempt to rebuild the ancient Machine, Jack West, Jr., leads a team of loyal followers during an Armageddon-risking adventure that takes them from the deserts of Israel and storm-swept coastal Japan to the steppes of Mongolia and a mysterious island.

ORDER # U1210-11   $13-90   ISBN 9781416577584


Ghost Country (Travis Chase):  Lee, Patrick.

When she gets a terrifying glimpse into the future, Paige Campbell, a Tangent agent, shares her discovery with the President, which results in the assassination of her colleagues, and forces her to team up with a man from her past to stop Doomsday from dawning in four short days.

ORDER # U1210-12   $13-90   ISBN 9780061584442


The Hidden Man:  Ellis, David.

Hired by an anonymous client to defend a man charged with the vigilante murder of an alleged kidnapper, attorney Jason Kolarich is astonished to learn that the suspect is his estranged childhood best friend, a situation that is complicated by threats against Jason's safety.

ORDER # U1210-13   $15-90   ISBN 9780425237410 


Indefensible (Kate Lange: 02):  Callow, Pamela.

When her boss, high profile lawyer Randall Barrett, is accused of murdering his wife, attorney Kate Lange, who has limited criminal law experience, must defend this man who everyone - including his family - believes is guilty.

ORDER # U1210-14   $13-90   ISBN 9780778329220


The Last Surgeon:  Palmer, Michael.

Working in a mobile clinic while struggling with the challenges of PTSD, veteran doctor Nick Garrity searches for a missing war buddy and finds himself pitted against a terrifying psychopath who is disguising some of his kills as suicides.

ORDER # U1210-15   $15-90   ISBN 9780312587505 


Love Me to Death (Lucy Kincaid):  Brennan, Allison.

When the sex offenders she hunts online start turning up dead, Lucy Kincaid, a volunteer with a victim's rights group, is the prime suspect in the murder investigation and must team up with a security expert to find the truth and stop a vengeful stalker from punishing her in the flesh.

ORDER # U1210-16   $13-90   ISBN 9780345520395


Perfect Prey (Detective Stallings: 02):  Andrus, James

As a serial killer uses spring break in Jacksonville, Florida as his hunting ground, preying on blond, blue-eyed young women, Detective John Stallings, still recovering from his last case and his failed marriage, must choose between the law he's trained to enforce and his own need for revenge.

ORDER # U1210-17   $13-90   ISBN 9780786022168


Scared to Death:  Staub, Wendy Corsi.

Linked by tragedy, two mothers, Elsa and Marin, are stalked by a faceless enemy who, driven by revenge and the simple poetry of nursery rhymes, longs to satisfy a dark need with innocent blood.

ORDER # U1210-18   $13-90   ISBN 9780061895074


The Templar Conspiracy (Templar: 04):  Christopher, Paul

When the Pope is assassinated on Christmas Day, retired Army Ranger John Holliday is called in to investigate the true motive behind the Pontiff's murder, pitting him against the Templar cabal that silently wields power in the 21st century.

ORDER # U1210-19   $15-90   ISBN 9780451231901 


Senseless:  Burton, Mary.

Tormented by a tragic event in her past, Eva Rayburn tries to start over in her Virginia hometown, but a new nightmare begins and every victim is linked to her and what happened 10 years earlier at a sorority party.

ORDER # U1210-20   $13-90   ISBN 9781420110197


Trial by Fire:  Jance, J. A.

Taking a media relations position with the Yavapai County Police Department, former television journalist Ali Reynolds investigates a subdivision fire and the identity of an injured amnesiac woman, a case that unleashes a family drama and a remorseless killer.

ORDER # U1210-21   $13-90   ISBN 9781416566366


Treasure Hunt (Wyatt Hunt):  Lescroart, John.

Released from desk work when a high profile San Francisco activist is murdered, Hunt Club private investigator Mickey Dade discovers that the victim was involved in suspicious deals that also implicate the beautiful Alicia Thorpe.

ORDER # U1210-22   $15-90   ISBN 9780451231451


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