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Battle Cry (The Executioner: 398):  Pendleton, Don.

When Scottish terrorists, who want Scotland freed from England, gun down an American businessman in the name of their cause, Mack Bolan is called in to bring swift - and deadly - justice to this group before they strike again.

ORDER # U1211-1   $9-00   ISBN 9780373643981 


Labyrinth (Rogue Angel: 34):  Archer, Alex.

Kidnapped and ordered to retrieve the Tome of Prossos, a rare and very valuable treatise, or a book dealer will be murdered, Annja Creed has only 12 hours to survive an elaborate maze and find this well-protected book.

ORDER # U1211-2   $13-30   ISBN 9780373621545


Red Templar:  Christopher, Paul.

When he is approached by a man who knows the location of the legendary Aos, companion to his own prized Templar sword, retired Army Ranger and historian John Holliday embarks on a new adventure that takes him deep into the dark heart of Russia and face-to-face with an ancient Templar Order.

ORDER # U1211-3   $13-90   ISBN 9780451236302 


Shadow Strike (SuperBolan: 147):  Pendleton, Don.

Mack Bolan must hunt down and destroy the terror dealers behind a far reaching plan to unleash Eco-Armageddon by striking oil rigs around the world - a mission that pits Mack against an invincible enemy.

ORDER # U1211-4   $13-30   ISBN 9780373615506


Afraid of the Dark:  Grippando, James.

Investigating the alibi of a man who faces the death penalty for a terrorist act that killed Chuck Mays' daughter and blinded Vince Paulo, Jack Swyteck uncovers evidence of an international threat greater than anything he has imagined.

ORDER # U1211-5   $13-90   ISBN 9780061840296 


Adrenaline (Sam Capra):  Abbott, Jeff.

When his pregnant wife and child are kidnapped and he discovers that he has been set up as a traitor, brilliant CIA agent Sam Capra begins a desperate hunt for the unknown enemy who he believes has targeted the wrong man.

ORDER # U1211-6   $13-30   ISBN 9780446575188


Blood of the Reich:  Dietrich, William.

Combining past and present, mythology, history and modern physics with war, romance and betrayal, a gripping novel follows software publicist Rominy Pickett who meets a mysterious journalist who claims to know the truth about her family - a revelation that could save the world from a rising evil.

ORDER # U1211-7   $13-90   ISBN 9780061989193 


The Burning Edge:  Mofina, Rick.

After witnessing an armored car heist that left four people dead, newly widowed Lisa Palmer is now the FBI's secret witness and key to finding the fugitive killers with the help of an embattled FBI agent and a relentless journalist.

ORDER # U1211-8   $13-30   ISBN 9780778313014


California Girl:  Parker, T. Jefferson.

Living in politically driven Orange County, California, of the late 1960s, the three Becker brothers pursue leads relevant to their respective careers as a homicide detective, a minister and a reporter erupting when the body of a woman from a childhood rival family is found murdered.

ORDER # U1211-9   $13-90   ISBN 9780062103390 


Cold Pursuit:  Parker, T. Jefferson.

When the head of one of two feuding families is found murdered, homicide officer Tom McMichael, a member of the suspected family, is challenged to put aside his personal feelings in order to investigate suspects among the victim's caregivers, church brethren, business partners and more.

ORDER # U1211-10   $13-90   ISBN 9780062103406 


Deep Sky:  Lee, Patrick.

When a missile hits the White House, killing the president and leaving behind a cryptic message, covert operative Travis Chase, along with his partner Paige and technology expert Bethany, has 24 hours to solve a decades-old mystery before more innocent lives are sacrificed.

ORDER # U1211-11   $13-30   ISBN 9780061958793


Delirious:  Palmer, Daniel.

Charlie Giles, a former up and coming electronics superstar, watches his life slowly unravel as he becomes the prime suspect in the murders of his former employers, who are being picked off one by one, and, with nowhere else to turn, enlists the help of his schizophrenic brother to find the truth.

ORDER # U1211-12   $13-30   ISBN 9780786022670


The Fallen:  Parker, T. Jefferson.

Promoted to homicide after surviving a push from a sixth-floor hotel room, Robbie Brownlaw, the youngest detective in the department, uses his new talent for synesthesia - seeing colourful shapes tied to emotions when someone speaks - to investigate the death of Garrett Asplundh, a fellow San Diego cop charged with monitoring the integrity of city officials.

ORDER # U1211-13   $13-90   ISBN 9780062103413


Innocent:  Turow, Scott.

In a follow-up to his #1 bestseller Presumed Innocent, the author presents the continuing story of Rusty Sabich, who now, 20 years after the events of the first novel, is a judge on an appellate court and must again try to exonerate himself when his wife is found dead.

ORDER # U1211-14   $13-90   ISBN 9780446562409 


Moscow Sting:  Dryden, Alex.

The sequel to Red to Black follows ex-KGB colonel Anna to America, where she is sought out by Adrian, the former boss of her deceased, ex-spy husband, who wants answers and information that only she possesses.

ORDER # U1211-15   $13-90   ISBN 9780062086259 


The Jefferson Key (Cotton Malone: 07):  Berry, Steve.

Cotton Malone battles a group of families whose influence dates back to the U.S. Constitution and who seeks to crack a code devised by Thomas Jefferson himself in their quest for power.

ORDER # U1211-16   $13-90   ISBN 9780345505521 


Storm Runners:  Parker, T. Jefferson.

Hitting rock bottom after losing his family and ability to work after an explosion that had been set to kill him, former police officer Matt Stromsoe eventually moves on with his life and takes a job with a private security firm working as a bodyguard for a local television personality whose private life has rendered her a stalker's target.

ORDER # U1211-17   $13-90   ISBN 9780062103420 


The Rainmaker:  Grisham, John.

Abandoning his aspirations about living the good life, Memphis attorney Rudy Baylor fears he will lose everything in the face of a pivotal case that could cost him his life or turn him into the biggest rainmaker in the land.

ORDER # U1211-18   $13-90   ISBN 9780345531933 


Trader of Secrets (Paul Madriani: 12):  Martini, Steve.

While in Paris to find a former NASA employee whose name is on papers left in his nemesis's apartment, Paul Madriani stumbles upon a plot to harness the destructive forces of nature using stolen technology that foreign powers will stop at nothing to get their hands on.

ORDER # U1211-19   $13-90   ISBN 9780061930249 


The Testament:  Grisham, John.

A suicidal billionaire, a burnt-out Washington litigator, and a woman who has forsaken technology to work in the wilds of Brazil are all brought together by an astounding mystery of the testament.

ORDER # U1211-20   $13-90   ISBN 9780345531964 


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