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Dangerous Tides (Executioner: 369):  Pendleton, Don.

Infiltrating a luxury cruise ship that has been captured by pirates, Mack Bolan learns of their plot to use the ship as a testing ground for a sinister chemical weapon, a mission that is complicated by compromised anti-terrorist units and strained international relations.

ORDER # U709-1   $10-90   ISBN 9780373643691 


Hunt Through the Cradle of Fear:  Hunt, Gabriel.

When a secret chamber is discovered inside Egypt's Sphinx, adventurer Gabriel Hunt pursues leads from a remote Greek island to a stone fortress in Sri Lanka where he is caught up by a deadly confrontation that could decide the fate of the world.

ORDER # U709-2   $15-50   ISBN 9780843962581


Terror Descending (Stony Man: 102):  Pendleton, Don.

Stony Man launches a seemingly impossible counter-defense against a powerful militant group that over the course of three decades has amassed a private army of weapons and mercenaries in their determination to take over the world by committing mass murder.

ORDER # U709-3   $15-50   ISBN 9780373619863


Alibi:  Bauer, Sydney.

After a promising coed's murder, defense attorney David Cavanaugh takes the case of his young protégé James, who has been accused of the crime amid speculations of the victim's highly competitive school environment and conspiracies at her father's multimillion-dollar empire.

ORDER # U709-4   $15-50   ISBN 9780515146592


The Assassin:  Coonts, Stephen.

A follow-up to The Traitor follows the poisoning murder of a prominent Russian dissident whose demise reveals the work of a traitor, forcing special agent Tommy Carmellini to track down a seductive Frenchwoman with possible ties to escaped terrorist leader Abu Qasim.

ORDER # U709-5   $17-50   ISBN 9780312994464 


By the Sword:  Wilson, F. Paul.

Hired to find a legendary Japanese sword that had been stolen from the Hiroshima Peace Museum, Jack finds his task complicated by dangerous rivals for the sword and a pregnant teen who is carrying a child of destiny, in a best-selling suspense novel by an award-winning author.

ORDER # U709-6   $15-50   ISBN 9780765356338


Cold Case:  Wilhelm, Kate.

When state senator Robert McCrutchen is murdered, the evidence points to David Etheridge, who, along with Robert, had been investigated in the death of a coed twenty-two years earlier, and Barbara Holloway takes on David as a client - a risk to both her career and her life, in a gripping tale from an award-winning author.

ORDER # U709-7   $15-50   ISBN 9780778326656


Chosen to Die:  Jackson, Lisa.

Detective Selena Alvarez embarks on a desperate search for her missing partner, Detective Regan Pescoli, who has been abducted by a serial murderer known as the Star Crossed Killer, in a case that takes Selena and Regan's boyfriend, Nate, on a dangerous quest into the Montana woods.

ORDER # U709-8   $15-50   ISBN 9781420102772


Cutting Edge:  Brennan, Allison.

Investigating a suspicious fire at a controversial bio-tech firm, Nora English of the FBI domestic-terrorism unit discovers that a victim at the scene was killed prior to the accident and reluctantly teams up with the company's security specialist to counter an anti-technology group.

ORDER # U709-9   $15-50   ISBN 9780345502766


The Dark of the Sun:  Smith, Wilbur.

Journeying to Africa with a reluctant team of mercenaries to aid a battle-stricken mining town and retrieve a cache of diamonds, Bruce Curry falls in love with the beautiful Shermaine and is challenged to protect her from the bandits, guerrillas, and hostile tribes they encounter.

ORDER # U709-10   $15-50   ISBN 9780312940690


Darkly Dreaming Dexter:  Lindsay, Jeff.

Hiding a secret life as an assassin while working as a murder analyst for the Miami police, Dexter Morgan is intrigued by the work of a new serial killer whose style mimics his own and who Morgan realizes is inviting him into a deadly competition, in a best-selling book that inspired the Showtime series.

ORDER # U709-11   $15-50   ISBN 9780307473707


Dark Time:  Banks, Dakota.

Having worked for centuries for a malevolent creature, assassin Mahila Crayne discovers a way to nullify the demonic pact that binds her when she is challenged to save a life for every one she has taken, an edict that threatens dire consequences if she fails.

ORDER # U709-12   $15-50   ISBN 9780061687303


Dead Time:  White, Stephen.

An acclaimed follow-up to Dry Ice finds psychologist Alan Gregory struggling to adapt to a shaky marriage and new fatherhood, a situation that is complicated by his ex-wife's entreaty to help her find her pregnant surrogate. Includes teaser chapter for author's forthcoming novel The Siege.

ORDER # U709-13   $17-50   ISBN 9780451223777 


Deep Lie:  Woods, Stuart.

Confronting a KGB operative who has orchestrated a plot to invade Sweden, CIA analyst Kate Rule tackles an escalating series of high-danger traps before attempting to halt a submarine's progress toward a key political target.

ORDER # U709-14   $15-50   ISBN 9780451227744 


Enter Evil:  Ladd, Linda.

A fourth tale featuring edgy homicide detective Claire Morgan pits her against a dangerous adversary in the aftermath of a mental patient's apparent suicide that becomes suspicious when a second body is found in the first victim's home, a case for which the only clue is a pair of beaded bracelets.

ORDER # U709-15   $15-50   ISBN 9780786018888


Envy the Night:  Koryta, Michael.

A follow-up to the Edgar-nominated Tonight I Said Goodbye finds a U.S. marshal's son journeying to Wisconsin to confront the man he holds responsible for his father's suicide, a situation that proves more complicated than anticipated when he encounters a ruthless group of killers.

ORDER # U709-16   $15-50   ISBN 9780312357412


The Fire Ship:  Tonkin, Peter.

Learning that his family's prize tanker, the Prometheus II, has been seized by terrorists in the Persian Gulf and that his father-in-law has been taken captive in Bahrain, Richard Mariner launches a high-stakes confrontation against an elusive, ruthless band of pirates.

ORDER # U709-17   $15-50   ISBN 9780843962222


Forced Out:  Frey, Stephen.

Spotting a remarkable minor-league ballplayer, unhappily retired Yankees scout Jack Barrett hopes to bring the young athlete into the big leagues, an effort that is challenged by the boy's bad attitude and a dangerous secret. Includes excerpt from the best-selling author's forthcoming book Hell's Gate.

ORDER # U709-18   $15-50   ISBN 9781416549642


Good People:  Sakey, Marcus.

Deeply in debt after years of failed fertility treatments, Tom and Anna Reed believe that they have a second chance when their reclusive tenant dies, leaving $400,000 stashed in his kitchen, but the Reeds soon discover that he had been a criminal who had betrayed some of the most dangerous men in Chicago. Includes teaser to the author's forthcoming book.

ORDER # U709-19   $15-50   ISBN 9780451412744


Foreign Body:  Cook, Robin.

Shocked by her grandmother's death a day after she travels to New Delhi to have affordable hip-replacement surgery, UCLA medical student Jennifer Hernandez heads to India for answers and uncovers a series of unexplained deaths, a finding that forces her to turn to her medical-examiner mentor, Dr. Montgomery, for assistance.

ORDER # U709-20   $15-50   ISBN 9780425228951 


It Only Takes a Moment:  Clark, Mary Jane.

Catching the attention of the entire country when her daughter is kidnapped, news anchor Eliza Blake becomes increasingly frustrated by authorities and enlists the help of her producer, cameraman, and psychiatrist to outwit the kidnappers.

ORDER # U709-21   $15-50   ISBN 9780061286100


Man in the Middle:  Haig, Brian.

Investigating the suicide of one of Washington, D.C.'s most influential defense officials, military lawyer Sean Drummond and his female partner find themselves in the middle of a political struggle involving the Iraq war.

ORDER # U709-22   $15-50   ISBN 9780446616676


The Mercedes Coffin:  Kellerman, Faye.

When a billionaire heiress connects a recent high-profile murder to an unsolved killing from fifteen years earlier, LAPD lieutenant Peter Decker schedules an interview with a detective from the first case, only to learn of the man's suspicious suicide, which prompts his collaboration with his wife and daughter to solve the case.

ORDER # U709-23   $15-50   ISBN 9780061227370


The Perfect Couple:  Novak, Brenda.

Refusing to believe that her beloved thirteen-year-old daughter has run away, Zoe Duncan risks her job, home, and impending nuptials when she confesses her secrets to private investigator Jonathan Stivers, who suspects the teen may be close to home. 

ORDER # U709-24   $15-50   ISBN 9780778326670


Pitch Black (Black CATs: 02):  Parris, Leslie.

Determined to catch a serial killer who lures victims through Internet scams, former profiler Alec Lambert teams up with reclusive scam expert Samantha Dalton and struggles to maintain his professionalism in spite of his growing feelings before realizing that the killer is targeting Sam.

ORDER # U709-25   $15-50   ISBN 9780451227713


Twisted:  Kane, Andrea.

Warned to stop making trouble when she rallies for an investigation into the disappearances of her childhood friend and other women, former FBI agent Sloane Burbank clashes with her ex over how the probe is being handled, in a case that leads to unsettling discoveries.

ORDER # U709-26   $15-50   ISBN 9780061236792


Promises in Death (In Death: 29):  Robb, J. D.

Determined to capture whomever is responsible for murdering a colleague who recently transferred to New York, Lieutenant Eve Dallas investigates the victim's life in her former precinct and uncovers unsettling links to her own painful past, in the twenty-ninth instalment in a best-selling series.

ORDER # U709-27   $15-50   ISBN 9780425228944


Too Close to Home:  Barclay, Linwood.

Using his neighbor's house to spend some private time with his girlfriend while the Barclays are on vacation, Derek Cutter suddenly becomes the prime suspect in a small-town murder case when the Barclays return home early and are unexpectedly killed - with Derek still hiding in their basement.

ORDER # U709-28   $15-50   ISBN 9780553590432


The Quickie:  Patterson, James & Ledwidge, Michael.

Plotting revenge against her unfaithful husband, NYPD cop Lauren Stillwell inadvertently triggers a series of events that spiral dangerously out of control and is forced to take a secret job that threatens everything she stands for, in a best-selling novel co-written by the author of Daniel X: Watch the Skies

ORDER # U709-29   $15-50   ISBN 9780446198967


Red, White & Dead:  Caldwell, Laura.

Moonlighting as a private investigator, sometime lawyer Izzy McNeil infiltrates a notorious gangster's operation by using her seductive wiles and is swept into an evil underworld when her cover is blown, a situation for which she receives unexpected help and is forced to flee to Rome.

ORDER # U709-30   $15-50   ISBN 9780778326663


Secret of the Seventh Son:  Cooper, Glenn.

In the wake of a series of murders linked only by postcards announcing the victims' imminent deaths, a once-legendary and alcoholic FBI profiler discovers bizarre links to the case, an eighth-century abandoned child, and a post-World War II expedition into the crypts of a secret medieval society.

ORDER # U709-31   $15-50   ISBN 9780061721793


Silent Thunder:  Johansen, Iris & Johansen, Roy.

Assigned the task of creating a schematic of a recently purchased Russian nuclear submarine that is slated for museum exhibition, architect Hannah Bryson enlists the help of her brother, Connor, who discovers a mysterious message behind a panel before he is brutally murdered.

ORDER # U709-32   $15-50   ISBN 9780312368005


Skin Deep:  Del Franco, Mark.

Donning three separate identities in her work as a magic-wielding undercover agent for a fey intelligence agency, Laura Blackstone finds her worlds combining when one of her personas is nearly killed and another investigates a related threat made against a fey exhibition at the National Archives.

ORDER # U709-33   $15-50   ISBN 9780441017430


Smoke Screen:  Brown, Sandra.

This best-selling work follows a theme of role reversal and the abuse of power, in a tale in which corruption and betrayals turn friends against one another and force criminals to become heroes. Includes an excerpt of the author's forthcoming book Smash Cut.

ORDER # U709-34   $17-50   ISBN 9781416563075 


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