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Aim and Fire (Room 59):  Ryder, Cliff.

When a known terrorist goes back in business and a nuclear bomb has gone missing, Tracy Wentworth and U.S. Border Patrol agent Nathaniel Spencer delve deep into Mexico's criminal underworld to uncover plans of a massive attack against America.

ORDER # U608-1   $14-50   ISBN 0373632673


The Aztec Heresy:  Christopher, Paul.

Archaeologist Finn Ryan and her partner find evidence of a lost Aztec Codex, and while running for their lives from the head of a menacing religious cadre that will kill to get to gain control of the mysterious treasure, they come upon a more explosive secret.

ORDER # U608-2   $14-50   ISBN 0451224523


Bones to Ashes:  Reichs, Kathy.

Discovering the skeleton of a young girl in the neighborhood of a childhood best friend who had gone missing thirty years earlier, Tempe Brennan investigates suspicions that the victim and her friend are one and the same and that the case is related to two other unsolved deaths.

ORDER # U608-3   $14-50   ISBN 1416525653


Boneyard:  Gagnon, Michelle.

When a mass grave site is unearthed along the Appalachian Trail, FBI special agent Kelly Jones searches for the killers with assistance from law enforcement from both Massachusetts and Vermont and a forensic anthropologist.

ORDER # U608-4   $14-50   ISBN 0778325393


The Cleaner:  Battles, Brett.

Jonathan Quinn, a freelance, professional "cleaner" who specializes in disposing of bodies and tying up loose ends, suddenly finds himself the target of an unknown enemy and races against time and around the world trying to uncover why someone wants him dead, a quest that brings him face to face with a woman from his own past.

ORDER # U608-5   $14-50   ISBN 0440244382


City of Fire:  Ellis, Robert.

The brutal killing of a pregnant Nikki Brant draws L.A.P.D. Detective Lena Gamble on a desperate search for a sociopathic serial killer known as Romeo who is targeting beautiful women throughout the city, in a high-stakes investigation marked by politics, a media blitz, and a cloud of conspiracy.

ORDER # U608-6   $14-50   ISBN 0312366140


The Dark River (Fourth Realm: 02):  Twelve Hawks, John.

Narrowly escaping the imprisonment of his brother, Michael, Gabriel Corrigan, aided by his Harlequin protector Maya, discovers that his long-missing father may still be alive and trapped somewhere in Europe and races against time to find the lost Traveller before his traitor brother and his Brethren allies can destroy him, in the sequel to The Traveller.

ORDER # U608-7   $14-50   ISBN 0307389235


Dark Matter:  Cruise, Cameron.

FBI agent Carin Burns is driven to hunt down a missing autistic boy's abductors, a pair of psychic twins, who are collecting children for tortuous experiments their father believes will lead to the evolution of the human race.

ORDER # U608-8   $14-50   ISBN 0778325032


Don't Turn Around:  Morgan, Hunter.

When the man who had savagely murdered her best friend is set free, victims' rights advocate Casey McDaniels begins to suspect that her friend's killer is following her and soon comes face-to-face with her stalker and her worst nightmare.

ORDER # U608-9   $14-50   ISBN 0821779478


Defense Breach (Executioner: 356):  Pendleton, Don.

When Mack Bolan is called upon to track a security breach that could compromise the entire U.S. defense system, he discovers he is too late and must infiltrate the Mob to stop the final transaction.

ORDER # U608-10   $14-50   ISBN 037364356X


Ha'penny:  Walton, Jo.

Set in an alternate post-World War II London in which an upper-crust political group has overthrown Churchill and negotiated peace with Hitler, Inspector Carmichael of Scotland Yard is sent to investigate a bomb that exploded in a London suburb and uncovers a conspiracy against the country's fascist dictatorship, in the sequel to Farthing.

ORDER # U608-11   $14-50   ISBN 0765358085


Havana Five (SuperBolan: 121):  Pendleton, Don.

Mack Bolan's probe into a missing Pentagon official in Cuba is complicated when his cover is blown and the connection between a Cuban underworld cartel and an army of leftist insurgents puts the Stony Man team and Washington on high alert.

ORDER # U608-12   $14-50   ISBN 0373615248


Into the Darkness:  Peters, Elizabeth, writing as Barbara Michaels.

When young advertising executive Meg Venturi inherits her millionaire grandfather's antique jewellery business, she comes face to face with his mysterious partner, A.L. Riley, dark secrets from the past, and life-threatening danger.

ORDER # U608-13   $14-50   ISBN 0061249645


Jacknife:  Johnstone, William W.

When a plot to target an all-American superstore outside of Fort Worth, Texas, is uncovered after a raid on a terrorist training camp, John "Jacknife" McCabe, a former Special Forces operative, must blow the perfect terror plan apart.

ORDER # U608-14   $14-50   ISBN 0786018941


Justice Denied:  Jance, J.A.

Given a classified assignment involving the true fate of a deceased ex-con, Seattle investigator J.P. Beaumont discovers that the victim had recently attempted to turn his life around and had been murdered for the effort, in a case with ties to several previously unsolved crimes.

ORDER # U608-15   $14-50   ISBN 0060540931


The Janson Directive:  Ludlum, Robert.

His quiet life away from U.S. Consular Operations disrupted by the terrorist kidnapping of billionaire Peter Novak, Paul Janson assembles a rescue team of former colleagues only to find himself targeted by his foes.

ORDER # U608-16   $14-50   ISBN 0312945159


Killer Weekend:  Pearson, Ridley.

Eight years after saving the life of a U.S. attorney general from an assassination attempt, county sheriff Walt Fleming finds himself once again protecting the high-profile politician, now a presidential hopeful, during a billionaire's communications conference, an effort that is hampered by jurisdictional squabbles and elements from Fleming's past.

ORDER # U608-17   $14-50   ISBN 0515144797


Last Breath:  Shuman, George D.

A follow-up to 18 Seconds finds blind psychic Sherry Moore as she telepathically witnesses the brutal acts committed by a ruthless serial killer from the perspective of the final moments of his victims.

ORDER # U608-18   $14-50   ISBN 1416534911


Legend:  Golemon, David Lynn.

Major Jack Collins, the head of the Event Group, a top-secret government agency dedicated to solving the mysteries of the past, and his team venture deep into the perilous depths of the Amazon in search of a treasure trove of long-lost Inca gold and the legendary predator that will destroy anyone threatening to expose the dark secret of the vanished Incas.

ORDER # U608-19   $14-50   ISBN 0312945949


The Navigator:  Cussler, Clive

Years after an ancient Phoenician statue is stolen from the Baghdad museum, a series of murders sparks interest in the statue's relevance in Austin and Zavala, who lead the NUMA team on a historical investigation into the lost treasures of King Solomon.

ORDER # U608-20   $14-50   ISBN 0425222365


Point of Origin:  Cornwell, Patricia.

The author of the number-one New York Times best-seller, Unnatural Exposure, pits Virginia's ever-popular medical examiner Kay Scarpetta against a remorseless killer who hides his crimes with fire, in a revised edition featuring a new author introduction.

ORDER # U608-21   $14-50   ISBN 0425222381


The Secret Servant:  Silva, Daniel.

In the aftermath of an Amsterdam-based terrorism analyst's brutal murder by a Muslim immigrant, Gabriel Allon investigates sobering clues pertaining to the victim, in a case with ties to a secret terrorist organization and the abduction of an ambassador's daughter.

ORDER # U608-22   $14-50   ISBN 0451224507


The Seventh Sacrament:  Hewson, David.

When the son of archaeology professor Giorgio Bramante vanishes, leaving behind a shirt that begins to manifest fresh bloodstains, Detective Nic Costa and his associates venture into the depths of subterranean Rome to solve a cold case with ties to an evil far older than Christianity and to a killer with all-too-deadly intentions.

ORDER # U608-23   $14-50   ISBN 0440242991


Sons of the Wolf:  Peters, Elizabeth, writing as Barbara Michaels.

Ada and Harriet, two young orphans, find themselves under the new guardianship of Mr. Wolfson, a distant and enigmatic relative with two sons, Julian and Francis, polar opposites with their own dangerous secrets.

ORDER # U608-24   $14-50   ISBN 0061247839


Skin and Bone:  Fox, Kathryn.

Returning to her role as a homicide detective after a four-month sabbatical to recover from the stress of the job, Kate Farrer teams up with a new partner, Oliver Parke, to investigate two seemingly unrelated cases - the killing of a young woman who had recently given birth and the disappearance of a teenager who may have been keeping secrets that could cost her life.

ORDER # U608-25   $14-50   ISBN 0061353337


Thunder Bay:  Krueger, William Kent.

Leaving behind a stressful law enforcement career in the hopes of becoming a private investigator in his small Minnesota hometown, Cork O'Connor is asked by an Ojibwe healer to help him find the son the man fathered years earlier, a case that culminates in an attempt on the Ojibwe's life.

ORDER # U608-26   $14-50   ISBN 1416514473


To Love and Die in Dallas:  Goldman, Mary Elizabeth.

Having shared carefree teen years in Dallas, where they attended sock hops, visited the drive-in, and listened to classic rock-and-roll, three best friends reunite more than half a century later when one of their former cronies, a senator's wife, is murdered.

ORDER # U608-27   $14-50   ISBN 0765353903


The Tin Roof Blowdown:  Burke, James Lee.

No Picture Available

The acclaimed author of Pegasus Descending follows the adventures of Iberia Parish detective Dave Robicheaux, who struggles with alcoholism and rage while fighting to protect lives in Katrina-devastated New Orleans from a quartet of ruthless criminals out to steal a gangster's hidden fortune.

ORDER # U608-28   $14-50   ISBN 1416548505


The Wheel of Darkness:  Preston, Douglas

Taking Constance on an international tour to expose her to a world she has never experienced, FBI agent Pendergast visits the Tibetan monastery where he received martial arts training, only to learn that a rare and dangerous artifact has been stolen, following a trail that leads him aboard a treacherous Atlantic cruise.

ORDER # U608-29   $14-50   ISBN 0446618683


Undertow:  Bauer, Sydney.

When noted attorney Rayna Martin is charged with murder after her daughter's friend, Christina Haynes, drowns in a tragic accident and Christina's father, a powerful senator, wants vengeance, blackmail and deception claim one more victim during a shocking trial.

ORDER # U608-30   $14-50   ISBN 042522290X


A Wrongful Death:  Wilhelm, Kate.

Barbara Holloway is forced to play a deadly game of murder, corruption, greed, and betrayal when she becomes the prime suspect in a high-profile kidnapping case involving a young boy, the grandson of a wealthy family, who mysteriously disappears after coming to her for help.

ORDER # U608-31   $14-50   ISBN 0778325679


Witch:  Peters, Elizabeth, writing as Barbara Michaels.

Hoping for a new start after her failed marriage, Ellen March's newly established independence is threatened by frightening supernatural occurrences in her isolated house.

ORDER # U608-32   $14-50   ISBN 0060828862


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