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All the Way Home:  Staub, Wendy Corsi.

Ten years after her family was torn apart by the disappearance of her older sister, one of four teenage girls to vanish mysteriously, Rory Connelly returns to her hometown in upstate New York, but her summer vacation is soon threatened by family upheaval and the disappearance of another young girl.

ORDER # SPMR-1   $16-40  ISBN 1420100386 


The Big Bamboo:  Dorsey, Tim.

Putting his failure to find everlasting life behind him, loveable serial killer Serge Storms and his stoned-out sidekick Coleman head west in order to put the Sunshine State back on Hollywood's radar, encountering a hilarious blend of mayhem, kidnapping, madness, and murder amid the glamour of Tinseltown.

ORDER # SPMR-2   $16-40  ISBN 0060585633 


The Citadel:  Doherty, Robert.

Sixty years after the construction of the Citadel, a top-secret installation built deep below the Antarctic ice to house a devastating weapon of unimaginable power, America is threatened by utter annihilation when a terrible enemy gains control of the Citadel, and it is up to Captain Jim Vaughn, commander of Section 8,and his misfit team, to stop them before it is too late.

ORDER # SPMR-3   $16-40  ISBN 0060735856 


At Risk:  Cornwell, Patricia.

A Massachusetts DA who is running for governor looks for a way to employ cutting-edge DNA technology to fight crime, but when a shocking piece of violence intervenes, her state investigator is not so sure it is a random event.

ORDER # SPMR-4   $16-40  ISBN 0425214761 


Cuban Death-Lift:  White, Randy Wayne, writing as Randy Striker.

When the infiltrators sent by the CIA to Cuba to monitor an increasingly unstable situation orchestrated by Fidel Castro mysteriously disappear, the Agency turns to Dusky MacMorgan who must enter a savage underworld to find the truth.

ORDER # SPMR-5   $16-40  ISBN 0451220862 


Crescent Fire:  Salkin, David M.

Racing against time and all odds, agents Still and Hollahan embark on a secret mission called Crescent Fire to stop Fadi Wazeeri, the diabolical new leader of all Islamic terrorist groups, from launching a Scud missile at the White House.

ORDER # SPMR-6   $16-40  ISBN 042521446X 


The Devil Knocks (Jake Strait: 02):  Rich, Frank.

In 2031,the world is submerged into nightmarish disorder, and in the police state of Denver, Jake Strait, while hunting down and destroying killers, must race against time across a toxic wasteland when a bounty hunter turned revolutionary sets his sights on him.

ORDER # SPMR-7   $16-40  ISBN 0373632622 


Diary of a Serial Killer:  Gaffney, Ed.

Maverick defense attorneys Zack Wilson and Terry Tallach race against time to uncover the truth about a twenty-year-old serial murder case after accidentally walking into the wrong courtroom, in which a madman with a gun is threatening to shoot into a crowd of bystanders, one of whom is Zack's innocent young son.

ORDER # SPMR-8   $16-40  ISBN 0440243734 


Fear No Evil:  Brennan, Allison.

When Lucy Kincaid vanishes just before her high school graduation, the victim of an Internet predator linked to a prostitution ring who murders women live online, the girl's only hope is renegade FBI agent Riley Donovan, but Riley is hiding out in Mexico, desperate to clear her name of a trumped up murder charge.

ORDER # SPMR-9   $16-40  ISBN 0345495047 


18 Seconds:  Shuman, George D.

A blind psychic possessing an ability to see murder victims' final moments of life, Sherry Moore is reluctantly enlisted for help by New Jersey police Lieutenant Kelly O'Shaunisy, who is being targeted for her father's role in a freed serial killer's capture years earlier.

ORDER # SPMR-10   $16-40  ISBN 0743277171 


Final Sins:  Prescott, Michael.

Abby Sinclair, a rogue security consultant, and her adversary, FBI agent Tess McCallum, discover the true meaning of evil when they both come into contact with artist Peter Faust,a murderer set free by reason of insanity who is being stalked by a killer who is even more twisted than him.

ORDER # SPMR-11   $16-40  ISBN 0451412303 


A Fine Night for Dying:  Higgins, Jack.

When the body of gangland boss Harvey Prestion is found caught in the nets of a local fishing boat, British intelligence suspects a connection with a cross-channel smuggling ring and sends in undercover agent Paul Chavasse to investigate.

ORDER # SPMR-12   $18-50  ISBN 042521477X 


Gone: An Alex Delaware Novel:  Kellerman, Jonathan.

Psychologist Alex Delaware and L.A.P.D. detective Milo Sturgis investigate the bizarre case of two young acting students whose disappearance and claims of abduction are revealed to be a hoax, a case that takes another odd turn when one of the two is found murdered and the other vanishes, this time for real.

ORDER # SPMR-13   $16-40  ISBN 0345452623 


The Hard Way: A Jack Reacher Novel:  Child, Lee.

Jack Reacher comes to the aid of Edward Lane, the head of an illegal soldiers-for-hire operation, who enlists Reacher's assistance to find and stop a vicious kidnapper who has abducted Lane's wife and child, but Reacher soon discovers that his new employer's dirty secrets could get him killed.

ORDER # SPMR-14   $16-40  ISBN 0440241030 


Ice Blue:  Stuart, Anne.

When an attempt is made on her life, museum curator Summer Hawthorne discovers that the beautiful ice-blue ceramic bowl given to her by her Japanese nanny is a priceless relic that ignites a global power struggle, trapping her in a war between the Japanese mafia and the neo-imperialists.

ORDER # SPMR-15   $16-40  ISBN 0778324788 


The King of Lies:  Hart, John.

When his father is found murdered, the investigation into the crime uncovers dark family secrets that threaten to unravel the life of North Carolina lawyer Work Pickens and those of his troubled sister, her combative girlfriend, his gold-digging socialite wife, and other small-town characters.

ORDER # SPMR-16   $16-40  ISBN 0312363753 


Maximum Ride: School's Out - Forever:  Patterson, James.

A follow-up to The Angel Experiment finds bird-kid Max and her flock flying south on a perilous quest to find their parents, struggling to outmaneuver an FBI agent, facing the difficult task of attending school, and endeavoring to outwit her own clone.

ORDER # SPMR-17   $16-40  ISBN 0446618896 


The Lost Van Gogh:  Zerries, A.J.

Investigating the bizarre appearance of a fifty-million-dollar Van Gogh painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYPD detective Clay Ryder struggles to protect the painting's owner from escalating attacks that point to a black market operation and a missing SS officer.

ORDER # SPMR-18   $16-40  ISBN 0765351080 


Night of the Jaguar:  Gruber, Michael.

Miami detective Jimmy Paz risks everything to save his daughter and stop a series of murders involving the gruesome killings of affluent Cuban-American businessmen, crimes that could be tied to the murder in Colombia of an American priest and the arrival in south Florida of an Indian shaman armed with the power of his god, Jaguar.

ORDER # SPMR-19   $16-40  ISBN 006057769X 


A Necessary Evil:  Kava, Alex.

While investigating the ritualistic murders of Catholic priests across America, Maggie O'Dell stumbles upon an Internet role-playing game for youths who have been victims of male authority figures.

ORDER # SPMR-20   $16-40  ISBN 0778324346 


Orbit:  Nance, John.

Winning a passenger seat on the American Space Adventure's 2009 launch, Kip Dawson finds himself facing death and doggedly typing his epitaph on the ship's computer after a micrometeorite damages the capsule and kills the pilot, a situation during which he is unaware that his writings are being pushed to the Internet and read by a horrified public.

ORDER # SPMR-21   $16-40  ISBN 074347662X 


Pretty Girl Gone:  Housewright, David.

Twin Cities P.I. Mac McKenzie is called in by the First Lady of Minnesota when she receives an e-mail hinting at nasty rumors about her husband but as Mac begins sifting through the governor's past, he uncovers lies, violence, and decades-old secrets.

ORDER # SPMR-22   $16-40  ISBN 0843958472 


Prisoner of Memory:  Hamilton, Denise.

When the son of a Russian émigré is found murdered in Los Angeles, reporter Eve Diamond finds herself searching for clues in her own family's past, a situation that is complicated by a young man who claims to be her long-lost cousin, on the run from the Russian mafia.

ORDER # SPMR-23   $16-40  ISBN 0743492722 


Rebel Force (The Executioner: 341):  Pendleton, Don.

When a U.S. undercover operative goes missing in Chechnya, Mack Bolan, on the trail of encrypted documents rumored to contain the financial records of terrorist groups around the world, finds himself playing a lawless game of blood and betrayal.

ORDER # SPMR-24   $15-90  ISBN 0373643411 


Rolling Thunder (SEALs):  Terral, Jack.

While patrolling a sector of Afghanistan near the Iranian border, Brannigan's Brigands become the targets of Iranian Special Forces, who, in their quest to establish a modern day Persian Empire, are determined to make examples out of them.

ORDER # SPMR-25   $16-40  ISBN 0515142824 


Secret Society:  Miasha.

Enjoying fast-paced lives at the sides of some of society's wealthiest men, Celess and Tina share a dangerous secret that puts their street smarts to the test.

ORDER # SPMR-26   $16-40  ISBN 1416546758 


Shadow Man:  Mcfadyen, Cody.

Once the FBI's hottest serial killer hunter, Smoky Barrett is left scarred in body and mind, with her husband and daughter dead, following a brutal encounter with a psychotic killer, and is on the verge of suicide, when she is confronted by an all new evil called the Shadow Man.

ORDER # SPMR-27   $16-40  ISBN 0553589938 


Shell Game:  Buick, Jeff.

When they are conned out of their home and business, Taylor and Alan, who had invested millions in NewPro stock, devise a risky and highly dangerous scheme to trap the man responsible and recover their money.

ORDER # SPMR-28   $16-40  ISBN 0843958464 


The Shooter:  Sadler, Barry.

Former Marine sergeants-turned-freelance assassins Rossen and Tommy are hired by Colonel Leonard Oates and Robert Green, an ex-Army major and magazine publisher, to investigate rumors that at least two American soldiers, listed as MIA since Vietnam, are being held and tortured at a POW camp on the borders of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

ORDER # SPMR-29   $16-40  ISBN 0765357968 


Short Straw:  Woods, Stuart.

Having married the seductive Barbara Kennedy against his better judgment, Santa Fe lawyer Ed Eagle awakens the morning after his fortieth birthday to discover that his wife has vanished and that all of his money has been wired to Mexico.

ORDER # SPMR-30   $18-50  ISBN 0451220846 


Slow Motion Riot:  Blauner, Peter.

Amidst racial tension and upheaval, probation officer Steven Baum tries to hold onto his ideals, until Darryl King enters his life and attempts to plunge him into a world of violence and dishonesty, and as the city erupts around them, the two sworn enemies will face each other in an ultimate confrontation.

ORDER # SPMR-31   $16-40  ISBN 0446614025 


Starfire (Stony Man: 88):  Pendleton, Don.

When an unknown killer satellite launches a nuke into the Australian Outback, the Stony Man team, sent in to identify the enemy and destroy the threat, soon discovers that this is their toughest mission yet as they are submerged in a world of anarchy and mass murder.

ORDER # SPMR-32   $16-40  ISBN 0373619723 


Sullivan's Evidence:  Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor.

When murderer and serial rapist Carl Holden is set free after the evidence against him is discredited, probation officer Carolyn Sullivan is assigned to his case and finds her beliefs challenged when the killings start again.

ORDER # SPMR-33   $16-40  ISBN 0786017538 


Target:  Cameron, Stella.

Hiding in the small town of Point Judah, Louisiana, after escaping a tragic mass suicide under the guidance of a cult leader named Colin, Nick Board and his sisters, Sarah and Aurelie, must run for their lives when the discovery of the graves forces them out into the open.

ORDER # SPMR-34   $16-40  ISBN 0778324257 


Two Little Girls in Blue:  Clark, Mary Higgins.

Traumatized by the kidnappings of her twin three-year-old girls, only one of whom was recovered, a mother begins a desperate search when her returned daughter claims that the other twin, believed dead, is still alive and in mortal danger.

ORDER # SPMR-35   $16-40  ISBN 0743497295 


Unholy Grail:  Wilson, D.L.

When the guardians of the secret gospel begin dying, and a series of French articles reveal that descendants of Christ exist today, a man named Gabriel embarks on a deadly mission to protect Christianity's innocence by eliminating anyone connected to the Holy Grail.

ORDER # SPMR-36   $16-40  ISBN 0425214788 


Whispers from a Troubled Heart:  Johsnon, Rique.

Tracking down a murderer who kills his victims by beating them to death, Virginia City detective Jason Jerrard comforts a broken heart by rekindling a past relationship, but is horrified when the killer begins targeting him.

ORDER # SPMR-37   $16-40  ISBN 1593091397 


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