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Kill Shot (Superbolan):  Pendleton, Don.

When coordinated strikes hit major cities along the East Coast, killing innocent Americans, Mack Bolan must take down a powerful but unknown enemy who is plotting to turn the United States into a police state in hopes of causing the nuclear devastation of the Middle East.

ORDER # U511-1   $13-90   ISBN 9780373615452


Enemy Agents (The Executioner: 391):  Pendleton, Don.

Mack Bolan must infiltrate a home grown militia group with a deadly scheme to "take back" America and unravel their plot before millions of Americans are caught in the cross fire of a terrorist attack.

ORDER # U511-2  $9-00   ISBN 9780373643912


The Mask of Troy (Jack Howard):  Gibbins, David.

When Jack Howard, head of the International Maritime University, and his team discover the wreckage of a legendary Greek fleet from the Trojan War, they are plunged into an explosive mystery involving an ancient artifact that holds the clue to a secret Nazi experiment that could spark a new global catastrophe.

ORDER # U511-3   $13-90   ISBN 9780440245834


Power Grab (Stony Man: 113):  Pendleton, Don.

When a diabolical warlord turned dictator gets his hands on a smart bomb, a new kind of underworld weapon, and sets in motion a series of planned attacks that resonate throughout the world, the Stony Man team is sent in to stop this madman from unleashing global annihilation.

ORDER # U511-4   $13-90   ISBN 9780373619979


The Templar Legion (Templar: 05):  Christopher, Paul.

When his friend, archaeologist Rafi Wanounou, discovers the tomb of a French Templar knight that contains a Viking pagan relic, retired Army Ranger John Holliday, intrigued by this discovery, joins Rafi in Africa and together they try to unlock a mysterious past rooted in centuries of Templar secrecy.

ORDER # U511-5   $15-50   ISBN 9780451233585 


The Spy (Isaac Bell: 03):  Cussler, Clive & Scott, Justin

Investigating a disputed ruling that a brilliant pre- World War I battleship gun designer committed suicide, chief investigator Isaac Bell of the legendary Van Dorn Detective Agency discovers that an elusive spy with ties to a top-secret project has been staging the killings of America's leading technological minds.

ORDER # U511-6   $15-50   ISBN 9780425241752 


Angels Flight (Harry Bosch):  Connelly, Michael.

When an African-American lawyer, infamous for his lawsuits alleging racism by LAPD police officers, is murdered on the eve of a sensational trial, Harry Bosch, facing a suspect list that includes half the department, is assigned the case.

ORDER # U511-7   $15-50   ISBN 9780446582773 


The Cobra:  Forsyth, Frederick.

Having once been forcibly retired from the CIA for being too ruthless, former director of Special Operations Paul Devereaux is called back into action, with the agency giving him free reign and unlimited resources to take down the top drug cartels.

ORDER # U511-8   $15-50   ISBN 9780451233561 


The Extinction Event:  Black, David.

In the wake of his law partner's murder during an illicit sex and drug crime, Jack Slidell and the beautiful Caroline Wonder find themselves running for their lives while trying to outmaneuver sinister government agencies, a situation that places the fate of humanity at stake.

ORDER # U511-9   $13-90   ISBN 9780765362483


The Exile:  Britton, Andrew.

After militia members murder the president of the United States's niece in the West Darfur region, ex-CIA agent Ryan Kealey is tasked with infiltrating a conspiracy that runs from the lawless streets of Sudan to the highest levels of American government.

ORDER # U511-10   $13-90   ISBN 9780786022564


Foreign Influence (Scot Harvath: 09):  Thor, Brad.

Recruited as a field operative for a new Department of Defense spy agency that reports only to a secret panel of military insiders, former Navy SEAL Scot Harvath investigates the bombing death of a group of American students in Rome, an act with possible ties to a past colleague.

ORDER # U511-11   $15-50   ISBN 9781416586609 


In the Name of Honor:  Patterson, Richard North.

Two prestigious military families are shattered when general's son Brian, a traumatized Iraq veteran, shoots and kills his former commanding officer under circumstances he claims were in self-defense, a case that also calls the victim's wife into question.

ORDER # U511-12   $15-50   ISBN 9780312946401 


The Omega Point:  Strieber, Whitley.

When a supernova's energy cloud expands throughout the solar system in fulfilment of 2012 doomsday prophecies, ensuing solar storms and increasing asteroid activity threaten life on earth until a fated group possessing knowledge of how to save humanity is targeted by good and evil survivors.

ORDER # U511-13   $13-90   ISBN 9780765363510


The Mullah's Storm:  Young, Thomas H.

When their plane is shot down while transporting an important Taliban detainee, navigator Michael Parson and Army interpreter Sergeant Gold fight for survival in the harsh blizzard terrain of Afghanistan, where they struggle to outmaneuver terrorists and dubiously trustworthy villagers.

ORDER # U511-14   $15-50   ISBN 9780425242254 


Shoot to Thrill (Monkeewrench: 05):  Tracy, P. J.

Enlisted by the FBI to investigate a series of murder videos that have been posted on the web, the Monkeewrench crew discovers an unsettling link between the videos and the recent murder of an unlucky Minneapolis bride.

ORDER # U511-15   $13-90   ISBN 9780451413055


Under the Lake:  Woods, Stuart.

In a backwoods Georgia town, investigative reporter John Howell becomes obsessed with the dark secrets of a local family that vanished after their farm was flooded a quarter-century earlier.

ORDER # U511-16   $15-50   ISBN 9780451233462 


Worst Case:  Patterson, James & Ledwidge, Michael.

Investigating a kidnapper who is murdering the children of wealthy New York families, Detective Michael Bennett and FBI agent Emily Parker discover that the killer has hatched an elaborate plot to decimate the entire city. By the best-selling author of Step on a Crack.

ORDER # U511-17   $15-50   ISBN 9780446574730 


The Zero Hour:  Finder, Joseph.

When FBI Special Agent Sarah Cahill, a counter-terrorism expert, begins pursuit of a South African terrorist-for-hire known as the Prince of Darkness, he turns the chase back on Sarah and her 8-year-old son.

ORDER # U511-18   $15-50   ISBN 9780312934927 


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