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The Ambler Warning:  Ludlum, Robert.

Imprisoned and drugged in a restricted island psychiatric facility for government intelligence employees, former Consular Operations agent Hal Ambler manages a daring escape and sets out to discover why he was placed there, a situation that is complicated when he realizes that his facial features and all records about him have been altered.

ORDER # SNB-1   $17-40   ISBN 0312990693 


Angels of Wrath (Larry Bond's First Team):  Bond, Larry & DeFelice, Jim.

The First Team, led by CIA agent Bob Ferguson, joins forces with the FBI and the Israeli Mossad to investigate a radical cult of fanatics, linked to the Iraqi resistance and a Syrian arms dealer, out to create a new world in their own vision with a catastrophic religious war with Jerusalem at its center.

ORDER # SNB-2   $16-40   ISBN 0765346397 


The Cat Dancers:  Deutermann, P.T.

Managing the wrath of victim families when the murderers responsible for several deaths are released on a technicality, Lieutenant Cam Richter faces the difficult task of stopping a vigilante after the first of the released murderers is killed, a case that prompts him to team up with a group of mountain lion photographers.

ORDER # SNB-3   $16-40   ISBN 0312933428 


Amber Room:  Berry, Steve.

When her father dies under suspicious circumstances, Atlanta judge Rachel Cutler finds everything she loves threatened by the rival quests of two art collectors who seek one of the world's greatest treasures, lost after the Second World War.

ORDER # SNB-4   $16-40   ISBN 0345460049 


Checkmate (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell): Michaels, David

Third Echelon special operative Sam Fisher is pitted against one of the greatest enemies of the free world when a cargo freighter, armed with radioactive material, heads straight for the U.S. coast, while another strike renders a small New Mexico town helpless due to radiation poisoning.

ORDER # SNB-5   $17-40   ISBN 0425212785 


Chill of the Night:  Lutz, John.

When the Justice Killer wreaks havoc in New York City, targeting jurors who found accused killers "not guilty," former homicide detective Artemis Beam is forced out of retirement when the NYPD needs his help in finding this madman by any means necessary.

ORDER # SNB-6   $16-40   ISBN 0786016353 


Drop Dead Gorgeous:  Howard, Linda.

After surviving an attempt on her life, Blair Mallory is in the middle of planning her wedding and coping with the trials of the holiday season, when she once again narrowly escapes a murderous hit-and-run "accident" and launches a personal campaign to uncover the person who wants her dead, despite the doubts of her fiancé, police detective Wyatt Bloodsworth.

ORDER # SNB-7   $16-40   ISBN 0345486587 


End Game (Dale Brown's Dreamland):  Brown, Dale & De Felice, Jim.

Tensions escalate dangerously between India and Pakistan when India becomes the target of radical Islamic jihadists, and the conflict draws ever closer to a nuclear showdown, unless the Dreamland masterminds can find and destroy the terrorist cabal, using an untried instrument of ultimate power code-named End Game.

ORDER # SNB-8   $16-40   ISBN 0060094427 


A Falcon Flies:  Smith, Wilbur.

In search of the father they barely remember, Zouga and Dr. Robyn Ballentine board Mungo St. John's magnificent clipper bound for Africa, but if Robyn can bring hope and healing to Africa's fever-riddern shores, Mungo, a lawless trader in human cargo, will possess any man - or woman - he chooses.

ORDER # SNB-9   $16-40   ISBN 0312940718 


The Enemy Inside:  Christie, William.

As al Qaeda terrorists prepare to launch an attack that will disrupt the presidential election, covert operatives Ed Storey and Lee Troy discover that the terrorists have a secret ally in the highest levels of the American government.

ORDER # SNB-10   $16-40   ISBN 0786017082 


Homeland Terror (Executioner: 336):  Pendleton, Don

When Mack Bolan discovers a conspiracy deep within the U.S. government involving domestic militia groups that are responsible for an unauthorized attack on CIA headquarters, he must race against time to stop a senator from unleashing a revolution in his quest for absolute power.

ORDER # SNB-11   $14-90   ISBN 0373643365 


Kamikaze:  Slade, Michael.

Two killers - one targeting a survivor of the Enola Gray bomb crew that incinerated Hiroshima years ago, and one targeting those responsible for murdering her father during the fall of Hong Kong in 1941 - make a horrifying discovery about each other that changes everything.

ORDER # SNB-12   $16-40   ISBN 0451219848 


The Killing Art:  Santlofer, Jonathan.

Adopting a simpler lifestyle after the death of her husband, NYPD detective-turned-art historian Kate McKinnon is called upon to investigate a series of murders and fine art vandalism, in a fast-paced thriller complemented by black-and-white visual clues in every chapter.

ORDER # SNB-13   $16-40   ISBN 0060541083 


The Korean Intercept:  Mertz, Stephen.

The U.S. space shuttle Liberty becomes the catalyst in escalating the tensions between the U.S. and North Korea when it crashes into the frontier between North Korea and China and an American search-and-rescue mission is forbidden - and considered an act of aggression.

ORDER # SNB-14   $16-40   ISBN 0843957964 


Men of Men:  Smith, Wilbur.

Zouga Ballantyne's dream begins in the danger and drudgery of the diamond pits and ends on the rich grasslands of Matabeleland, but not before a king and a proud warrior nation have paid the price of history.

ORDER # SNB-15   $16-40   ISBN 0312940726 


Merger:  Sanghoee, Sanjay.

When the powerful and corrupt CEO of media juggernaut TriNet Communications plots a company merger that will further his money laundering and market manipulation schemes, investment banker Tom Carter struggles to expose the truth at the risk of his own safety.

ORDER # SNB-16   $16-40   ISBN 0765353644 


No Way Home:  MacDonald, Patricia.

Lillie's idyllic life as a happy wife and mother is cut short when her beloved daughter Michele is found murdered, and Lillie must endure tremendous grief and the pain of a lengthy murder investigation.

ORDER # SNB-17   $16-40   ISBN 0743423666 


Off the Record:  Hill, Bonnie Hearn.

Journalist Geri LaRue stumbles upon the story of a lifetime when Kathleen Fowler, a successful businesswoman, is murdered and Gerri is named her sole beneficiary, despite never having met her.

ORDER # SNB-18   $16-40   ISBN 0778323579 


On the Run:  Johansen, Iris.

After eight years of raising her daughter Frankie on a horse farm in Tallanville, Tennessee, single mother Grace Archer finds her life shattered by the dark secrets of the past, forcing her to resume an old identity and to join forces with a former ally to take on a cunning and deadly enemy.

ORDER # SNB-19   $16-40   ISBN 0553586521 


Prayers for the Assassin:  Ferrigno, Robert.

A tale set in a near-future Islamic America depicts the nation in the aftermath of a series of apocalyptic attacks that have divided the country into two violence-stricken states, including a moderate Islamic republic and a secular Christian nation.

ORDER # SNB-20   $16-40   ISBN 141650768X 


Roses Are Red:  Patterson, James.

Facing a particularly vicious breed of killer in his latest investigation, Alex Cross finds his family targeted by the vengeful Mastermind, a situation that is complicated by tension in his relationship with his girlfriend Christine and his daughter Jannie's unexplained seizures.

ORDER # SNB-21   $16-40   ISBN 0446605484 


The Secret on Ararat (Babylon Rising: 02):  LaHaye, Tim

Michael Murphy, a field archaeologist and scholar of biblical prophecy, embarks on a perilous new quest that takes him to Mt. Ararat in search of Noah's Ark, an expedition that leads to dramatic discoveries about the Bible's prophecies and revelations about the evil about to be unleashed on humankind.

ORDER # SNB-22   $16-40   ISBN 0553586076 


State of Evil (SuperBolan: 111):  Pendleton, Don.

Extracting a young man from a cult called The Process at the behest of an old friend, Mack Bolan makes his way through the Congo, where he stumbles upon a plot to detonate an atomic weapon in an attempt to satisfy an African cult leader's thirst for his own personal Judgment Day.

ORDER # SNB-23   $16-40   ISBN 0373615140 


The Wall:  Long, Jeff.

Reuniting with his former climbing partner to recreate their ascent of the world's greatest monolith, Hugh Glass remembers their former wives and is caught up in a dangerous rescue effort to save three young women who suffered an accident on a neighboring climb.

ORDER # SNB-24   $16-40   ISBN 0743498704


The Triangle Conspiracy:  Kent, David.

When a troubled government agent comes to
Department Thirty for assistance after becoming involved with the political extremist daughter of a prominent U.S. senator, only to have the woman turn up dead, Faith Kelly and Department Thirty find themselves targeted by a sinister assassin and an illusive mastermind who will do anything to destroy them all.

ORDER # SNB-25   $16-40   ISBN 074349752X 


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