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Blood Dreams:  Hooper, Kay.

When the daughter of a powerful U.S. senator becomes the latest victim of a bloodthirsty serial killer, FBI agent Noah Bishop and his Special Crimes Unit must join forces with a rogue civilian agency, structured much like Bishop's team of psychics and originally founded by Bishop as a privately funded resource team, to stop the maniac before it is too late.

ORDER # U1108-1   $15-90    ISBN 9780553589252


The Appeal:  Grisham, John.

The author of such best-selling legal thrillers as A Time to Kill, The Last Juror, and The Brethren presents his latest novel of courtroom and legal suspense as he offers a provocative look at the price of American justice in the story of a ruthless Wall Street tycoon out to rig a state supreme court to get the result he wants during an appeal.

ORDER # U1108-2   $15-90    ISBN 9780440243816


Blue Heaven:  Box, C. J.

Fleeing the killers whom they witnessed committing murder, twelve-year-old Annie and her younger brother William escape into the woods of northern Idaho, not knowing whom they can trust and pursued by the murderers and a group of dirty cops seeking to prevent the youngsters from revealing what they know.

ORDER # U1108-3   $15-90    ISBN 9780312365714


At Close Range:  Quinn, Tara Taylor.

Criminal court judge Hannah Montgomery, tormented by grief, must separate fact from fiction when her pediatrician, Dr. Brian Hampton, is questioned in the deaths of several young patients

ORDER # U1108-4   $15-90    ISBN 9780778325529


Dance with the Dragon:  Hagberg, David.

With the intelligence community on edge due to indicators of an unspecified but large-scale attack on the U.S., Kirk McGarvey is called out of retirement to help uncover a possible link between the murder of CIA agent Louis Updegraf and the Chinese, with the only clue lying in the shattered mind of enigmatic Iranian belly dancer Shahrzad Shadmand.

ORDER # U1108-5   $15-90    ISBN 9780765347343


Die Before I Wake:  Breton, Laurie.

After a whirlwind courtship and marriage, Julie Hanrahan does not find her happily ever after when she discovers that her seemingly perfect new husband might be responsible for the death of his first wife.

ORDER # U1108-6   $15-90    ISBN 9780778325901


Face of a Killer:  Burcell, Robin.

Two decades after the murder of her father, FBI agent and forensic artist Sydney Fitzpatrick is ready to confront the man convicted of his killing on the eve of his execution, only to discover dark truths about her late father's past and a top-secret government cover-up that could get her killed, as well.

ORDER # U1108-7   $15-90    ISBN 9780061122309


Final Resort (The Executioner: 361):  Pendleton, Don.

When a group of Middle Eastern freedom fighters takes over a luxury Cuban hotel after killing the passengers of a cruise ship, Mack Bolan must race against time to save the innocent guests from these heavily armed madmen who are prepared to die for their cause.

ORDER # U1108-8   $15-90    ISBN 9780373643615


The Follower:  Starr, Jason.

Disillusioned about her meaningless relationships with men, Katie Porter hopes that her life is turning around when she encounters Peter Wells, a sensitive, good-looking, old friend of her sister, until her life begins to seem a little too perfect, a blind date turns up murdered near her apartment, and she starts to suspect that her sister's death had not been suicide after all.

ORDER # U1108-9   $15-90    ISBN 9780312944919


The First Cut:  Emley, Dianne.

Returning to duty after recovering from a brutal assault in the line of duty, Detective Nan Vining is assigned to find the killer of a female L.A. cop whose body is found dumped in Pasadena and draws on her new, deeply disturbing psychic visions to follow the trail of a vicious husband-and-wife killing team, before they can strike again.

ORDER # U1108-10   $15-90    ISBN 9780345486189


The Genesis Code:  Forrest, Christopher.

When Joshua Ambergris, a Nobel Prize-winning geneticist, is murdered just hours before announcing his discovery of a coded text within human DNA, his two assistants, Christian Madison and Grace Nguyen, uncover a dangerous conspiracy of murder and secrets spanning all of human history.

ORDER # U1108-11   $15-90    ISBN 9780765355140


The 47th Samurai:  Hunter, Stephen.

Reclaiming a lost military sword for a Japanese war veteran, Bob Lee Swagger is forced to postpone his retirement when a self-proclaimed samurai brutally murders the veteran's family, a crime Swagger vows to avenge.

ORDER # U1108-12   $16-90    ISBN 9780743458009 


Kill Zone:  Coughlin, Jack

Dispatched on a top-secret mission to Iraq to rescue a hostage general who has noticed that his captors speak perfect American English, Marine Corps sniper Kyle Swanson is the only survivor of an attack on his unit and comes to realize that American mercenaries are working with the White House for total control over the military.

ORDER # U1108-13   $15-90    ISBN 9780312945671


Hand of Evil:  Jance, J. A.

Struggling with the fallout of a failed marriage and halted career, former L.A. news anchorwoman Ali Reynolds finds her tenacious new life in her Arizona hometown threatened by the murder of a real estate tycoon, a case that places her at a crossroads between old loyalties and new friendships.

ORDER # U1108-14   $15-90    ISBN 9781416537748


Korea Strait:  Poyer, David.

Overseeing a major international naval exercise with the participation of several friendly nations, Commander Dan Lenson witnesses the unraveling of long-standing alliances that eventually leads to a world-shattering confrontation between North and South Korea.

ORDER # U1108-15   $15-90    ISBN 9780312384128


Last Call:  Grippando, James.

Having proven the innocence of a best friend who had been falsely accused of murder, criminal defense attorney Jack Swyteck is once again called upon to help his friend when the latter is offered the identity of his mother's killer in exchange for helping an escaped convict.

ORDER # U1108-16   $15-90    ISBN 9780060831172


The Murderer's Club:  Martin, P. D.

Gifted - or cursed - with the ability to see into the minds of killers, FBI profiler Sophie Anderson, while vacationing in Arizona, is called in to help the Tuscon police stop an elite group of serial killers called The Murderer's Club, which, creating an underground reality TV show, kills off a contestant each week.

ORDER # U1108-17   $15-90    ISBN 9780778326045


The Magic Bullet:  Neiderman, Andrew.

When desperate mobster Frankie Longo kidnaps fifteen-year-old Taylor Peterson, whose blood holds the cure for cancer, Dr. Allan Parker must race against time to save Taylor's life, as well as the lives of millions of cancer patients.

ORDER # U1108-18   $15-90    ISBN 9780843961898


Patriot Acts:  Rucka, Greg.

After a brutal ambush, a friend's murder, and an unexpected betrayal, professional bodyguard Atticus Kodiak suddenly discovers that he has been falsely identified as one of The Ten, a short list of the world's most wanted assassins, and must transform himself into the killer he is supposed to be in order to survive.

ORDER # U1108-19   $15-90    ISBN 9780553588996


Perfect Victim:  Bonansinga, Jay.

FBI profiler Ulysses Grove goes up against a sadistic madman, who, studying the world's most notorious murderers, is committed to fulfilling his destiny as history's greatest serial killer.

ORDER # U1108-20   $15-90    ISBN 9780786018789


A Prisoner of Birth:  Archer, Jeffrey.

A fateful meeting between Danny Cartwright, an East End cockney garage mechanic, and Spencer Craig, a young West End barrister on the fast track to success, ends in Danny being arrested, convicted of murder - thanks to Spencer, who becomes the prosecution's main witness - and sent to prison, where he spends his time plotting to escape and seek revenge.

ORDER # U1108-21   $16-90    ISBN 9780312944094 


Primary Directive (Stony Man: 98):  Pendleton, Don.

Dispatched to Panama and the Mexican border where al Qaeda is using drug pipelines to funnel terrorists into the country, the Stony Man team, discovering a traitor in the highest-levels of U.S. security, must stop the threat at all costs.

ORDER # U1108-22   $15-90    ISBN 9780373619825


The 6th Target:  Patterson, James

When one of the Women's Murder Club members is left struggling to survive after a brutal attack, her three companions work to keep her attacker behind bars, while new San Francisco police department partner Lindsay Boxer investigates a series of kidnappings in which children and their nannies are being abducted without ransom demands.

ORDER # U1108-23   $15-90    ISBN 9780446198950


Red:  Spindler, Erica.

Finding rejection from her family, peers, and lovers, rising young model Becky Lynn Lee flees her small hometown and finds a fellow dreamer - and an unlimited potential for fame - in talented photographer Jack Gallagher.

ORDER # U1108-24   $15-90    ISBN 9780778327165


Strip Search:  Bernhardt, William.

As a killer stalks the streets of Las Vegas, using numerology to target his victims, outcast detective Susan Pulaski is reunited with autistic savant Darcy O'Bannon, who may be the only one who can understand the murderer's complex mathematical game, taking on the LVPD and O'Bannon's own father to stop the crimes.

ORDER # U1108-25   $15-90    ISBN 9780345470201


Trident Force:  Howe, Michael.

Trident Force, an elite black ops group that fights the war on terror at sea, must infiltrate an ultimate luxury cruise ship, which is laden with politicians, celebrities, and international jet-setters, when a group of terrorists hijacks the vessel and threatens to sink it, with all on board.

ORDER # U1108-26   $15-90    ISBN 9780425224885


The Venetian Betrayal:  Berry, Steve.

Ex-secret agent Cotton Malone and his partner, the enigmatic Cassiopeia Vitt, are pitted against ruthless Central Asian dictator Irina Zovastina as they scour the globe in search of the final resting place of Alexander the Great, unaware that his grave holds the key to a deadly modern mystery that could save the lives of millions.

ORDER # U1108-27   $16-90    ISBN 9780345485786 


When She Was Bad:  Nasaw, Jonathan.

The latest thriller featuring former FBI agent E. L. Pender finds him struggling through a morally ambiguous case involving imperiled women clients, two depraved perpetrators, and the unsettling price of justice, with the help of psychiatrist Irene Cogan.

ORDER # U1108-28   $15-90    ISBN 9781416534174


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