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The Assassins:  North, Oliver

When America learns that Islamic jihadists have destroyed oil sites in Saudi Arabia, inflation hits the world's financial markets, which causes Congress to adopt a bill that allows one hundred specialists to seek and destroy the terrorists.

ORDER # SOT-1   $16-90   ISBN 0061137642 


Walker in Shadows:  Peters, Elizabeth, (Barbara Michaels)

When a new family moves into the house next door to Pat Robbins's well-tended home, and Pat's teenaged son falls head over heels for new neighbor Kathy, Pat learns of the home's deepest evils.

ORDER # SOT-2   $16-90   ISBN 0060878169 


Black Ice:  Dickinson, Matt.

Having made a discovery of significance beneath the Antarctic ice cap, scientist Lauren Burgess rescues two explorers trapped on the ice only to find her science team and herself targeted by one of the explorers, who has gone mad from isolation.

ORDER # SOT-3   $16-90   ISBN 0312989326 


Blood Royal:  Robbins, Harold

Selected to marry the Prince of Wales in a sensational fairy-tale wedding, a young woman becomes suicidal and then murderous after discovering that her husband has been deceitful in his intentions, a situation that prompts her to hire American lawyer Marlowe James.

ORDER # SOT-4   $16-90   ISBN 0765347229 


Blood Vector (The Executioner: 336):  Pendleton, Don.

The execution of several Washington judges leads Mack Bolan to a Salvadoran street gang that, working with terrorists, plans to unleash a deadly pathogen in the U.S., forcing the Executioner to go up against San Salvador's infamous death squads.

ORDER # SOT-5   $15-90   ISBN 0373643357 


The Bourne Ultimatum:  Ludlum, Robert.

David Webb must once again assume the identity of assassin Jason Bourne as he matches wits with his mortal enemy, Carlos, a deadly and elusive terrorist known as "the Jackal," in a final confrontation.

ORDER # SOT-6   $16-90   ISBN 0553287737 


Causes Unknown:  Horvitz, Leslie.

Certain that his brother Alan did not commit suicide, Michael Friedlander's findings at the NYC Medical Examiner's office reinforce this theory and make Michael himself a target of those who will do anything to hide the truth.

ORDER # SOT-7   $16-90   ISBN 0843957956 


Chain of Command:  Weinberger, Caspar

In the wake of a series of terrorist attacks on American soil, a group of high-ranking, right-wing government officials plots a staged presidential assassination in the hopes of eliminating anti-government militias, but when the plan goes awry, special agent Delaney uncovers a terrible truth.

ORDER # SOT-8   $16-90   ISBN 0743437748 


The Cleanup:  Doolittle, Sean.

Working night patrol for a local supermarket, down-on-his-luck cop Matthew Worth finds himself in over his head when he comes to the assistance of Gwen, a shy checkout clerk at the store, suddenly on the run in a stolen car with a gun in the glove compartment and a corpse in the trunk.

ORDER # SOT-9   $16-90   ISBN 0440242827 


Cold as Death:  MacGregor, T.J.

When the son of actress Suki Nichols is kidnapped, psychic Mira Morales, desperately trying to save the little boy's life, is plagued by terrifying visions that connect her to a twisted psychopath who is determined to use her powers against her.

ORDER # SOT-10   $16-90   ISBN 0786016817 


Contact Zero:  Wolstencroft, David.

Framed and dispossessed for a crime he did not commit during his first assignment, a recent Spy School graduate learns that several of his fellow classmates have been murdered, a situation that forces him to search for the enigmatic Contact Zero, a mythical helper of Agency ex-members.

ORDER # SOT-11   $16-90   ISBN 0451412257 


Cutline:  Hill, Bonnie Hearn.

Reporter Geri LaRue teams up with therapist Malcolm Piercy to better understand The Razor Killer, an erotomaniac who believes that all of her victims are in love with her, when she discovers a folder full of notes that contain the key to the killer's identity.

ORDER # SOT-12   $16-90   ISBN 0778323471 


Death Match:  Child, Lincoln.

When a believed-perfect couple is found dead of an apparent double suicide, former FBI forensic psychologist Christopher Lash is hired by the matchmaking company that introduced the pair to each other to perform a discreet investigation through which he discovers that the matchmaking company may harbour dark secrets.

ORDER # SOT-13   $16-90   ISBN 0307275566 


The Deep Six:  White, Randy Wayne, (Randy Striker)

When his friend, a well-known eccentric scavenger in Key West, discovers a key to a long-lost treasure at the bottom of the sea and is then murdered, former Navy SEAL Dusky MacMorgan dives into the depths, hunting for both the treasure and the killer.

ORDER # SOT-14   $16-90   ISBN 0451219708 


Dragon Bones (The Destroyer: 145):  Murphy, Warren

When a formula for immortality is created from the remains of a real-life dinosaur, CURE orders Remo to find and destroy the carcass of this creature before the world catches wind of this elixir, but Chiun, on a mission of his own, stands in his way.

ORDER # SOT-15   $16-90   ISBN 0373632606 


Fear & Greed:  Light, Lawrence.

With a very determined hit man on her trail, financial reporter Karen Glick investigates the murder of the woman who created a computer program that can accurately predict the ups and downs of the stock market, which is now missing.

ORDER # SOT-16   $16-90   ISBN 0843957425 


From Black Rooms:  Woodworth, Stephen.

Using her paranormal talents to summon the spirits of the great artists, Natalie Lindstrom, a former crimefighter known as a Violet, is suddenly faced with the return of her ex-lover-turned-Violet killer, Evan Markham, as well as the only surviving test subject of a deceased geneticist, as she struggles to protect both herself and her young daughter.

ORDER # SOT-17   $16-90   ISBN 0440242533 


Ghost:  Ringo, John.

Discharged from the service for on-the-job injuries, former SEAL Michael "Ghost" Harmon is finding college life boring, until he interrupts a kidnapping and takes on a gang of Syrian commandoes with the help of three naked co-eds - Bambi, Thumper, and Cotton Tail - in a high-tech adventure thriller.

ORDER # SOT-18   $16-90   ISBN 1416520872 


Gold Mine:  Smith, Wilbur.

Dramatically depicts the lives of those involved in the power struggles over the control of South Africa's wealth, featuring the ambitious Rod Ironsides, for whom success may come at an insurmountably high price, and the manipulative genius Manfred Steyner.

ORDER # SOT-19   $16-90   ISBN 0312940610 


A Grave Mistake:  Cameron, Stella.

Hardened New Orleans homicide detective Guy Gautreaux must save Jilly Gable, who falls victim to the evil machinations of the wife of a New Orleans antiques dealer and loan shark who claims to be her mother.

ORDER # SOT-20   $16-90   ISBN 0778323536 


Hell Dawn (Stony Man: 85):  Pendleton, Don.

When a computer worm capable of destabilizing nuclear reactors falls into the wrong hands, and its creator - a CIA freelancer - is kidnapped, the Stony Man team must race against time to stop America's enemies, poised on the brink of war, from destroying the world.

ORDER # SOT-21   $16-90   ISBN 0373619693 


House of Many Shadows:  Peters, Elizabeth, writing as Barbara Michaels.

While recuperating from head injuries, Meg Rittenhouse begins to experience terrifying visions in the old house inherited by her cousin, visions that become even more terrifying when Andy Brenner, the caretaker, begins to see them too.

ORDER # SOT-22   $16-90   ISBN 0060878126 


The Master of Blacktowner:  Peters, Elizabeth, writing as Barbara Michaels.

Meeting the sinister and disfigured Gavin Hamilton, Demaris Gordon is horrified when she realizes that she has no choice but to accept employment from him despite her fears about the accidents that have plagued members of his family.

ORDER # SOT-23   $16-90   ISBN 0060878142 


Played:  Freethy, Barbara.

When she falls victim to a con man who uses her to steal a priceless diamond, Christina Alberti, a jewellery specialist at the Barclay Auction House, must keep her dark past hidden from FBI agent J.T. McIntyre, who, bent on revenge, will stop at nothing to find the truth.

ORDER # SOT-24   $16-90   ISBN 0451219694 


Predator:  Cornwell, Patricia.

Kay Scarpetta and her colleague Pete Marino investigate the case of a man killed by a shotgun blast to the chest, while a woman is trapped in an abandoned house in the South after being kidnapped by an unknown captor.

ORDER # SOT-25   $18-50   ISBN 0425210278 


The Session:  Kelman, Judith.

A female therapist suddenly finds herself trapped in the middle of a complex and deadly cat-and-mouse game with an ingenious, cold-blooded killer, in a new thriller by the award-winning author of Every Step You Take.

ORDER # SOT-26   $16-90   ISBN 0515141895 


Shooting Script:  Klensch, Elsa.

Covering the opening of a new luxury spa owned by the third wife of former network head Errol Swanson, Sonya Iverson oversees a volatile family reunion attended by the man's ex-wives and children, an event that offers numerous suspects when Swanson is found murdered.

ORDER # SOT-27   $16-90   ISBN 0765346818 


Sign of the Cross:  Kuzneski, Chris.

While a vicious killer targets Vatican priests around the world, leaving his victims hanging on a cross, an archaeologist discovers a scroll that could shake the foundations of Christianity.

ORDER # SOT-28   $16-90   ISBN 0515142115 


Tactical Warning:  Robers, Mark K.

Major Logan Warner and his Alpha Strike team must take down their most despised enemy, Iraqi Colonel Achmed Wasabi, when he captures a group of U.S. personnel and prepares to publicly execute them as an example to the West.

ORDER # SOT-29   $16-90   ISBN 0786016663 


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