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Atlantis:  Gibbins, David.

Marine archaeologist Jack Howard, accompanied by a team of scientists and ex-Special Forces commandos, embarks on a search for the site of the fabled city of Atlantis, unaware that a ruthless adversary, is lurking in the background, and uncovers the shocking truth about a lost world, a secret that could have devastating repercussions for the modern world.

ORDER # SSET-1   $16-90   ISBN 0553587927 


Bayonet Skies: A Men of Valor Novel:  Mullins, John F.

In 1975, with the end of the Vietnam War in sight, Captain James Carmichael is living peacefully in Germany with his pregnant Russian émigré wife and serving as a trainer for the Special Forces, until he asked to take on a mission to rescue a P.O.W. being held by the North Vietnamese.

ORDER # SSET-2   $16-90   ISBN 0743477693 


Blood Hunt:  Rankin, Ian.

Deter mined to exact revenge in the after math of his brother's unlikely suicide, former soldier and professional assassin Gordon Reeve travels to California in search of answers and becomes increasingly enraged by a local cop who thwarts his attempts to talk with a friend who last saw Reeve's brother alive.

ORDER # SSET-3   $16-90   ISBN 0316013374 


Bloodlines:  Burke, Jan.

Investigating an attempt on the life of his mentor, reporter Jack Corrigan, young Conn O'Connor struggles to find a connection between a bloodstained car, a missing yacht, and a stolen infant heir, a mystery that deepens years later when fledgling reporter Irene Kelly explores a young man's claim that he is the missing baby.

ORDER # SSET-4   $16-90   ISBN 0743444558 


A Call to Colors:  Gobbell, John J.

Mike Donovan, commander of the U.S.S. Matthew and a battle-weary veteran of several savage battles, matches wits with Japanese Vice Admiral Takao Kurita, who has laid an ingenious trap for the Matthew as it sails toward the Leyte Gulf, while dealing with a bomb slipped aboard his ship by would-be saboteurs.

ORDER # SSET-5   $16-90   ISBN 0891418903 


The Bribe:  Wood, William P.

When a war hero and a member of Congress is brutally murdered after making a speech blasting corruption in Washington, police detectives Terry Nye and Rose Tafoya have twenty-four hours to find the truth with the help of acting District Attorney Dennis Cooper.

ORDER # SSET-6   $16-90   ISBN 0843957034 


C.I: Mission Liberty - An Army Counterintelligence Novel:  DeBatto, David

When civil war breaks out in the famine-wracked, violence-torn West African country of Liger, forcing nearly two million people into refugee camps, the U.S. sends the Cowper and the Glover to the region to launch Operation Liberty, a plan to stabilize the area and investigate charges of atrocities on both sides of the conflict.

ORDER # SSET-7   $16-90   ISBN 0446615692 


Cobraville:  Stroud, Carsten.

Sent into the Mindanao jungles to repair a secret surveillance monitor, Captain Cole Langan unwittingly leads his unit into an Al Qaeda plot to frame the CIA for a massacre and cause American operatives to be tried before the United Nations World Court.

ORDER # SSET-8   $16-90   ISBN 0743463943 


Consent to Kill:  Flynn, Vince.

Having earned numerous enemies in his more than fifteen years on the front lines of the war on terror, CIA operative Mitch Rapp is targeted by the influential father of a terrorist who is demanding retribution for his son's death.

ORDER # SSET-9   $18-50   ISBN 1416505016 


Dark Pacific:  Meadows, David E.

When a saboteur infiltrates Sea Base, an artificial island that gives America control over the world's oceans, Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent Richard Zeichner goes under cover on its beta-test voyage to stop this floating fortress from being destroyed.

ORDER # SSET-10   $16-90   ISBN 042521219X 


Eaters of the Dead:  Crichton, Michael.

An ambassador of the tenth-century Caliph of Bagdad, Ahmad Ibn Fadlan accompanies a party of Viking warriors to the barbaric north, where he witnesses wanton sexuality and cold-blooded human sacrifices and joins these savage warriors in their battle against a nightmarish terror that stalks their nights.

ORDER # SSET-11   $16-90   ISBN 0060891564 


Don't Be Afraid:  Drake, Rebecca.

A serial killer bides his time in the idyllic town of Steerforth, Connecticut, waiting to unleash his bloody revenge on its residents, making them pay for past sins.

ORDER # SSET-12   $16-90   ISBN 0786018054 


The Hot Kid:  Leonard, Elmore.

Having made his name by killing notorious bank robber Emmet Long, twenty-one-year-old Carl Webster, the most famous Deputy U.S. Marshal in the country, embarks on a dangerous search for Jack Belmont, the black sheep son of an oil millionaire, who dreams of becoming Public Enemy Number One, in a thriller set against the backdrop of 1930s Oklahoma.

ORDER # SSET-13   $18-50   ISBN 0060724234 


Every Fear:  Mofina, Rick.

When reporter Jason Wade investigates the kidnapping of the Colson baby, he discovers that the Colsons, a seemingly perfect family with no enemies, are linked to an unsolved murder, plunging him into a vast criminal under ground where his life and the baby's hangs in the balance.

ORDER # SSET-14   $16-90   ISBN 0786017465 


If It Bleeds:  Hill, Bonnie Hearn.

When her front page story on the murder of the city's first woman mayor attracts the attention of a killer, investigative reporter Corina Vasquez, deter mined to prove herself, stumbles upon a conspiracy that could end her career and her life.

ORDER # SSET-15   $16-90   ISBN 0778323390 


Infernal:  Wilson, F. Paul.

Reunited with his distant judge brother after a mutual tragedy, Repair man Jack reluctantly joins his sibling on a treasure hunt off the coast of Bermuda and discovers an ancient artifact with bizarre and dangerous powers.

ORDER # SSET-16   $16-90   ISBN 0765351382 


Invasion USA: Border War:  Johnstone, William W.

When a Mexican crime lord kidnaps a busload of American schoolgirls, threatening to sell them into white slavery if his demands are not met, Vietnam vet Tom Brannon and an army of ex-soldiers, all of whom have a personal stake in this mission, come to their rescue.

ORDER # SSET-17   $16-90   ISBN 0786018097 


The Jakarta Plot:  Largent, R. Karl.

While meeting to draft an ultimatum to the Chinese government regarding nuclear testing, the leaders of the most powerful nations on Earth are taken hostage by terrorists sympathetic to China's cause and a tense standoff ensues as the deadline approaches.

ORDER # SSET-18   $16-90   ISBN 0843945680 


Last Whisper:  Thompson, Carlene.

Years after the murder of her mother at the hands of her stepfather, Zachary Tavell, who is sent to prison for the crime, Brooke Yeager suddenly finds herself the target of the vengeful killer, who has escaped from a maximum security prison, tormented by a string of brutal killings and disturbing messages somehow linked to her mother's death.

ORDER # SSET-19   $16-90   ISBN 0312937288 


Jungle Justice (Executioner: 334):  Pendleton, Don.

When cops, soldiers, game wardens, and U.S. diplomats are marked for death by Balahadra Naraka, a warlord who thrives on human misery, Mack Bolan must hunt down this vicious criminal, who will soon become extinct, in the jungles of India's Sundarbands.

ORDER # SSET-20   $16-90   ISBN 0373643349 


Lone Wolf:  Barclay, Linwood. 

When a mutilated corpse turns up at his father's lakeside fishing camp, supposedly the victim of a vicious bear attack, journalist and family man Zack Walker begins to suspect something far more sinister and finds himself taking on a deadly predator with a host of terrifying weapons with a fanatical thirst for mayhem.

ORDER # SSET-21   $16-90   ISBN 0553804553 


Without Mercy:  Higgins, Jack.

When detective superintendent Hannah Bernstein is murdered, grief-stricken intelligence operatives Sean Dillon, Blake, and Ferguson set out to catch the killer, unaware that their efforts will have a life-changing impact.

ORDER # SSET-22   $18-50   ISBN 042521253X 


Nemesis:  Napier, Bill.

Called in to come up with a plan to stop an asteroid on a collision course with Earth, physicist Dr. Oliver Webb and his colleagues find themselves in a desperate race against time on a mission that is complicated by Webb's discovery that a mysterious seventeenth-century Latin manuscript could hold the key to saving millions of innocent victims.

ORDER # SSET-23   $16-90   ISBN 031293680X 


Midnight Plague:  Keizer, Gregg.

Investigating the mysterious deaths of a fishing boat's passengers, World War II doctor Frank Brink realizes that a biological weapon was responsible, a discovery that prompts him to infiltrate a German laboratory in occupied France.

ORDER # SSET-24   $16-90   ISBN 0451219309 


Remains Silent:  Baden, Michael

When a body is discover ed near a construction site in upstate New York, Philomena "Manny" Manfreda, a crusading attorney for the disenfranchised, and Dr. Jake Rosen, deputy chief medical examiner of New York and a confirmed bachelor, join forces in an investigation that takes them from a state mental institution to the highest levels of American government.

ORDER # SSET-25   $16-90   ISBN 1400095611 


The Price of Silence:  Wilhelm, Kate.

Todd and her husband move to what seems to be a wonderful Oregon town when she is offered a position at a local newspaper, but when a little girl goes missing, Todd delves deeper and discovers that this community has a very dark past.

ORDER # SSET-26   $16-90   ISBN 0778323382 


Seas of Crisis:  Buff, Joe.

Learning that the Russians are providing weapons technology to Axis forces, captain Jeffrey Fuller infiltrates a Russian military installation in an effort to launch a risky nuclear strike that will force Russia to ally itself with the United States.

ORDER # SSET-27   $16-90   ISBN 0060594713 


St. Albans Fire:  Mayor, Archer.

Intrepid detective Joe Gunther and the overworked Vermont Bureau of Investigation team is pushed to the limits by a string of serial arsons across the Green Mountain State that has culminated in a shocking series of murders.

ORDER # SSET-28   $16-90   ISBN 0446618101 


The Stranger House:  Hill, Reginald.

Arriving simultaneously in a tiny village in Cumbria, England, Samantha Flood and Miguel Madero pursue investigations into the links between the community and their families, endeavors that bring them closer together, reveal past events of deceit and violence, and reshape their senses of identity.

ORDER # SSET-29   $16-90   ISBN 0060821426 


Tin City:  Housewright, David.

Asked to discover what has been killing his friend's honeybees, Twin Cities private detective Mac McKenzie finds himself up to his ears in trouble with a case involving a vicious thug who mysteriously vanishes, irate federal agents, rape, and murder.

ORDER # SSET-30   $16-90   ISBN 084395762X 


Tyrannosaur Canyon:  Preston, Douglas.

In a post-apocalypse tale by the author of The Codex, a long-missing moon rock, a killing in a New Mexico canyon, a murderously ambitious scientist, and other factors contribute to the world's greatest scientific discovery and a mystery involving the earth's near - destruction by a galactic fire bolt.

ORDER # SSET-31   $16-90   


Ultimate Stakes (SuperBolan: 110):  Pendleton, Don.

When a political kidnapping threatens an important petroleum distribution agreement between the U.S. and Ecuador, Mack Bolan, while carrying out a rescue mission, goes up against rival mercenaries and a South American drug lord who refuses to negotiate.

ORDER # SSET-32   $16-90   ISBN 0373615132 


Mary, Mary:  Patterson, James.

No Picture Available

Vacationing in Disneyland with his family when he receives instructions to investigate an actress's murder outside of her Beverly Hills home, FBI agent Alex Cross learns that the attack was the latest in a series of celebrity killings linked to the elusive Mary Smith, who proves more challenging than Alex anticipates.

ORDER # SSET-22   $18-50   ISBN 0446619035


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