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The Archangel Project:  Graham, C. S.

When the charred remains of Tulane professor Henry Youngblood turn up in the fire-ravaged ruins of his New Orleans offices, maverick CIA troubleshooter Jax Alexander joins forces with remote viewer October "Tobie" Guinness to uncover the truth about the killing, following a trail of clues that leads to a powerful oil and defense conglomerate with ties to the president.

ORDER # U908-1   $15-90   ISBN 0061351202


Bloodline:  Wilson, F. Paul.

Asked to look into the reasons why a private detective hired by Christy Pickering to investigate Jerry Bethlehem, the much older man dating her teenage daughter, is not returning her calls, Repairman Jack discovers that the PI is dead, the victim of a bizarre water-torture murder, and that the enigmatic Bethlehem is not who he says he is.

ORDER # U908-2   $15-90   ISBN 0765356325


Dark of the Moon:  Sandford, John.

Virgil Flowers, a protégé of Lucas Davenport, is sent to Bluestem, a small town where everyone knows everyone else, to investigate the murders of a man burned to death in his home and a doctor and his wife - with the doctor found with both eyes shot out - unaware that he is tracking a murderer who may be targeting Virgil as his next victim.

ORDER # U908-3   $16-90   ISBN 0425224139 


Deadly Night:  Graham, Heather.

After inheriting a New Orleans plantation along with his brothers, Aidan Flynn, a private investigator, delves into the dark and dangerous history of his new home, with the help of a beautiful tarot card reader, when he stumbles upon a human bone.

ORDER # U908-4   $15-90   ISBN 0778325857


Defenseless:  Marsella, Celeste.

Finding themselves unexpectedly at the scene of a horrific crime, four young female assistant attorneys general must put their savvy, grit, determination, and loyalty to work to prevent a vicious killer from claiming one of their own.

ORDER # U908-5   $15-90   ISBN 0440244668


Desperate Passage (Executioner: 359):  Pendleton, Don.

Mack Bolan is sent to Indonesia to stop a piracy ring that is funding a new bioterrorism weapon that will be used to destroy America - a mission that pits him against a team of very determined assassins.

ORDER # U908-6   $15-90   ISBN 0373643594


Double Cross:  Patterson, James.

Rejoining the police force in the wake of a series of elaborate murders in Washington, D.C., detective Alex Cross, teaming up with his girlfriend and colleague, Brianna Stone, finds himself also working to outmaneuver the attention-seeking killer's penchant for inducing hysteria with increasingly sensational killings.

ORDER # U908-7   $16-90   ISBN 0446198986 


The Devil's Closet:  Dittrich, Stacy.

When a serial killer begins leaving the bodies of his young victims made up to resemble dolls, detective CeeCee Gallagher, with only a Bible passage to guide her, sacrifices everything to stop this twisted psychopath from murdering another child.

ORDER # U908-8   $15-90   ISBN 0843961597


Down River:  Hart, John.

Five years after fleeing to New York in the wake of a murder acquittal, Adam Harston returns to North Carolina and to a hostile family, only to find himself trapped in the middle of a new case of violence, greed, family secrets, and murder as the people around him begin to die and he becomes the prime suspect in the crimes.

ORDER # U908-9   $15-90   ISBN 0312945663


Evil, Inc:  Kaplan, Glenn.

When his promising life and career are shattered by a monstrous crime committed by the CEO of his company, Ken Olson is devastated by threats and a cover-up that rally his determination to bring the CEO to justice in spite of formidable dangers.

ORDER # U908-10   $15-90   ISBN 0765355310


Hollywood Crows:  Wambaugh, Joseph.

Encountering a seemingly harmless socialite in Margot Aziz, LAPD cops Hollywood Nate and Bix Rumstead are unaware that the woman's ugly divorce from a nefarious nightclub owner is part of a murderous ruse in which both Nate and Rumstead are being set up.

ORDER # U908-11   $15-90   ISBN 044650582X


Freezing Point:  Dionne, Karen.

When environmental activist Ben Maki makes a discovery that could supply clean drinking water for millions of people, he is unaware of the danger hidden deep within the ice that could bring about the apocalypse.

ORDER # U908-12   $15-90   ISBN 051514536X


The Lost Tomb:  Gibbins, David.

While searching for the shipwreck that had nearly claimed the life of the apostle Paul, globe-trotting marine archaeologist Jack Howard makes a shocking discovery that sends him on a perilous quest from a long-buried city and an emperor's dying confession to the crypt of a medieval pagan queen in pursuit of a conspiracy with ties to the highest levels of power.

ORDER # U908-13   $15-90   ISBN 0553591193


A Killer's Kiss:  Lashner, William.

Unable to resist a reconciliation with his alluring former fiancée Julia, second-rate lawyer Victor learns that Julia's wealthy husband has been murdered, a crime in which Victor finds himself targeted as the prime suspect when the police begin questioning him and the murder weapon appears in his bedroom.

ORDER # U908-14   $15-90   ISBN 0061143472


Night Kills:  Lutz, John.

When a serial killer, leaving only the torsos of his victims behind, is linked to an exclusive dating service, Frank Quinn, a former NYPD detective, is called in to lead a team of brilliant law enforcement misfits and must protect potential victim Jill Clark.

ORDER # U908-15   $15-90   ISBN 0786018445


Nowhere to Hide:  Gates, R. Patrick.

When the monster that has haunted his dreams becomes all too real, slaughtering his entire family, Billy Teags becomes the target of a deranged serial killer and has nowhere to hide, until he decides to fight back.

ORDER # U908-16   $15-90   ISBN 0786018267


Playing Dead:  Brennan, Allison.

Escaping from prison after fifteen years behind bars for crimes he did not commit, condemned fugitive Tom O'Brien is determined to prove his innocence and enlists the help of his daughter Claire, a successful fraud investigator whose testimony as a teenager had sent her father to death row, and maverick FBI agent Mitch Bianchi to uncover a conspiracy.

ORDER # U908-17   $15-90   ISBN 0345502736


Rebel Island:  Riordan, Rick.

Enjoying his honeymoon at a Gulf Coast island resort, Tres Navarre finds his peaceful sojourn turning deadly when a U.S. marshal is found murdered, the island is wracked by a hurricane that cuts off power and communication with the mainland, and he discovers that a desperate fugitive killer is on the island, hiding among the other guests.

ORDER # U908-18   $15-90   ISBN 0553587846


Redemption:  Jackson, Lee.

In a near future America where Homeland Security is the top law enforcement agency and due process has been suspended, Ben Trinity arrives in the tiny town of Redemption, Montana, and finds himself struggling to prove that he is innocent of charges that he is a terrorist.

ORDER # U908-19   $15-90   ISBN 0843961589


The Reincarnationist:  Rose, M. J.

After surviving a bombing in Rome, photojournalist Josh Ryder is plagued by strange memories from an ancient time that instruct him to save a woman named Sabina, and desperate for answers, he consults an expert on past life experiences.

ORDER # U908-20   $15-90   ISBN 0778325768


Restitution:  Vance, Lee.

With his successful career and seemingly perfect marriage in ruins after a one-night stand and the brutal murder of his wife, Peter Tyler goes on the run when he becomes the prime suspect in the crime and, to clear his name, follows a trail of personal betrayal, corporate greed, the Russian mob, and an act of revenge that has been years in the making.

ORDER # U908-21   $15-90   ISBN 0307279243


Second Shot:  Sharp, Zoë.

Hired to protect the beautiful Simone and her little girl while searching for Simone's long-lost father, female bodyguard Charlie Fox confronts a ruthless enemy who will do anything to stop her, including leaving her alone and wounded in the middle of a frozen New England woods.

ORDER # U908-22   $15-90   ISBN 0312358962


Splintered Sky (Stony Man: 97):  Pendleton, Don.

From deep-cover penetration of hostile Red China to preventing a suicide crash of a knockoff shuttle into New York City, the Stony Man team is pushed to the limit when an invisible enemy plots to launch a dirty bomb from orbit, determined to control the skies over the free world.

ORDER # U908-23   $15-90   ISBN 0373619812


The Tenth Case:  Teller, Joseph.

Suspended for using "creative" tactics, criminal defense attorney Harrison J. Walker convinces the judge to let him complete ten cases - one of which throws him for a loop when he falls for his gorgeous client, a former prostitute who is believed to have stabbed her husband in the heart.

ORDER # U908-24   $15-90   ISBN 0778326055


Third Degree:  Iles, Greg.

A tale spanning a traumatic single day follows the experiences of thirty-five-year-old Liz Pike, who awakens in her idyllic small-town home to discover her husband frantically preparing for what he claims is an IRS audit, but she soon realizes that he has discovered the truth about her affair with another man.

ORDER # U908-25   $16-90   ISBN 1416524541 


The Ties That Bind (Room 59):  Ryder, Cliff.

The newest recruit to Room 59, Jason Siku, a cold, calculating agent armed with black ops skills and a brilliant mind, discovers that he has an idealistic yet dangerous brother when he tracks intelligence reports of a new Russian Oscar-class submarine capable of reigniting the Cold War.

ORDER # U908-26   $15-90   ISBN 0373632681


Vanish with the Rose:  Peters, Elizabeth, writing as Barbara Michaels.

Posing as a landscape architect, Diana Reed, a shrewd, determined lawyer, takes a job at the sprawling Nicholson estate determined to find her missing younger brother, who had worked there as a caretaker, and uncovers a tangled web of odd visions, an atmosphere of suppressed violence, and dark secrets.

ORDER # U908-27   $15-90   ISBN 0061582972


Treasure of Eden:  Linnea, S. L.

When a mysterious, jewel-encrusted box appears on the black market more than a half-century after its original discovery, Army Chaplain Jaime Richards races against time to find and secure the treasure before it - and its secrets - fall into the wrong hands.

ORDER # U908-28   $15-90   ISBN 0312942168


Water Witch:  LeBlanc, Deborah.

When two children go missing in the bayous of Louisiana, Dunny must finally reveal her special abilities to help authorities find them in a place rife with ghosts, spirits, and evil.

ORDER # U908-29   $15-90   ISBN 0843960396


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