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Empire of Gold (Nina Wilde/ Eddie Chase):  McDermott, Andy.

While working with Interpol on an investigation into smuggled artifacts, American archaeologist Nina Wilde and her husband, ex-SAS bodyguard Eddie Chase, get close to the mythical golden city of El Dorado and may have to sacrifice everything to solve the mystery of this legend.

ORDER # U911-1   $14-90   ISBN 9780553593655 


Dead Six:  Correia, Larry & Kupari, Mike.

Recruited by the government to conduct a secret counter-terror operation in the Persian Gulf nation of Zubara, war veteran Michael Valentine and his Dead Six unit face off against an assassin who, after Dead Six compromises his own objective, is determined to kill Valentine and his team.

ORDER # U911-2   $13-30   ISBN 9781451637588


Extermination (Stony Man: 115):  Pendleton, Don.

When small farming towns across America, Europe and Asia are attacked by a new biochemical weapon that induces starvation in less than a day, the Stony Man team must take down a radical anti-industrial group that threatens to destroy the human population.

ORDER # U911-3   $13-30   ISBN 9780373619993


Hazard Zone (The Executioner: 395):  Pendleton, Don.

When an American senator's daughter is murdered at a Jamaican tourist resort, and then her body is used to unleash chemical warfare on the U.S., Mack Bolan, sent in to stop the threat, stumbles upon a government conspiracy that leads him back to Washington.

ORDER # U911-4   $8-90   ISBN 9780373643950 


Treason Play (SuperBolan: 145):  Pendleton, Don.

When the dead - and tortured - body of a CIA agent, who was investigating weapons smuggling, is discovered in Dubai, Mack Bolan must race against time to stop the launch of a nuclear weapon somewhere in the Middle East by Soviet high rollers who want to revive Russia's superpower status.

ORDER # U911-5   $13-30   ISBN 9780373615483


Bad Blood (Virgil Flowers):  Sandford, John.

When a murder suspect commits suicide after his arrest for killing a soybean farmer, Virgil Flowers uncovers a multi-generation, multi-family conspiracy involving a series of monstrous crimes.

ORDER # U911-6   $14-90   ISBN 9780425243930 


Cross Fire (Alex Cross):  Patterson, James.

As Alex Cross tries to plan his wedding, an elusive gunman is killing crooked D.C. politicians, and Cross must battle with FBI agent Max Siegel over jurisdiction as he tries to crack the case - until Cross finds out the his arch enemy Kyle Craig is in town and doesn't plan on leaving until Alex and his family are dead.

ORDER # U911-7   $14-90   ISBN 9780446574716 


Crashers:  Haynes, Dana.

While pathology and former National Transportation Safety Board expert Leonard Tomzak races against time to investigate a crashed passenger plane, former Shin Bet agent Daria Gibron risks her life to thwart the terrorists responsible for the crash.

ORDER # U911-8   $14-90   ISBN 9780312544157 


The Inner Circle:  Meltzer, Brad.

After an archivist goes against security protocol to show an ex-crush the president's private room at the National Archives, the two stumble upon a dictionary once owned by George Washington and are soon entangled in a web of conspiracy and murder.

ORDER # U911-9   $14-90   ISBN 9780446616157


Eve (Eve Duncan):  Johansen, Iris.

When a CIA contact discovers possible information about Eve Duncan's long-missing child, the forensic sculptor struggles to piece together clues about a believed-dead person and her own early life.

ORDER # U911-10   $13-30   ISBN 9780312651268


The Lucifer Code:  Brokaw, Charles.

Abducted during a visit to Turkey, Thomas Lourds is ordered by his murderous captors to translate a lost scroll attributed to the Book of Revelations' John that is being sought aggressively by dangerous, powerful groups for its potential capacity for triggering the Apocalypse.

ORDER # U911-11   $14-90   ISBN 9780765360694 


The Ninth Day:  Freveletti, Jamie.

A prisoner of Mexico's most feared cartel, biochemist Emma Caldridge discovers a flesh-eating toxin that causes a horrible death within nine days of exposure, forcing her to race against time to find a cure to save herself and stop the cartel from spreading their lethal product across America.

ORDER # U911-12   $14-90   ISBN 9780062025319 


Gideon's War:  Howard Gordon

Gideon Davis, whose behind-the-scenes negotiating skills have earned him the role of peacemaker in conflicts around the globe, knows more about hush-hush discussions in Capitol corridors than he does about hand-to-hand combat. But his more practical, tactical skills come into play when he's called on by family friend and government bigwig Earl Parker to chaperone a rogue agent from Southeast Asia to D.C. The agent, Tillman Davis, has promised to turn himself in- but only to his brother, Gideon.

ORDER # U911-13   $13-30   


The Spy Who Came for Christmas:  Morrell, David.

As holiday celebrations take place in Santa Fe, Agent Paul Kagan is on the run with a baby the Russian mafia wants to destroy and turns to a mother and her young son for help during a violent night where they all must work together to keep the child safe from harm.

ORDER # U911-14   $13-30   ISBN 9781593157012

Miracle Cure:  Harlan Coben

When one of a trio of research scientists on the brink of coming up with an AIDS antidote dies, it looks like suicide, but TV journalist Sara Lowell and her husband, NBA star Michael Silverman, who are friends of the clinic's founder, think otherwise. Their suspicions are confirmed when several clinic patients, including the son of a U.S. senator, are murdered.

ORDER # U911-15   $14-90   


Seal Team Seven 02:  Specter: Keith Douglass

When a fanatical group of extremists attempt to break away from Greece by kidnapping and threatening to execute a U.S. congressional delegation, Lieutenant Blake Murdock and his SEALs team plan a dark rescue mission.

ORDER # U911-16   $13-30   


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