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Black Site (Delta Force):  Dalton Fury 

After September 11, 2001, Delta Force troop commander Dalton Fury was given the secret mission to hunt down and kill the most wanted man in the world, the details of which were recounted in his extraordinary New York Times bestseller Kill Bin Laden. Now, Fury draws upon his hard-won combat experience - and his gift for true-to-life storytelling - to offer a brand-new series of thrillers that are as close to reality as readers can get. Meet Kolt Raynor. A Delta Force operator and one-time American hero, he is still trying to make sense of his life - and duty - after a secret mission gone bad. Three years ago, in the mountains of Pakistan, Raynor made a split-second decision to disobey orders - one that got some of his teammates killed and the rest captured. Now he's been given a second chance to do right by his country, his men, and himself. But Raynor's shot at redemption comes at a price.

ORDER # U912-1   $14-90   ISBN 9781250014191


Circle of Lies:  Douglas Alan

Circle of Lies is a hot new thriller by Douglas Alan featuring John Delaney, an ex-NYPD detective turned lawyer, and his lovely wife, Katherine Adams, a tough but sexy Atlanta lawyer who gives as good as she gets. Delaney is asked to defend Ted Jordan, a childhood friend who has been arrested for the torture and murder of his law partner. Jordan adamantly maintains his innocence but the police have traced his fingerprints to the dead man's house and a half-million dollars to his bank account. On his way to interview Jordan at the jail, Delaney is approached by a mysterious woman who identifies herself as Ted's friend. She offers to post his bond and warns Delaney to be careful if anyone from the Tissinger Corporation contacts him in connection with the case.

ORDER # U912-2   $12-90   ISBN 9780765362353


Dime Store Magic:  Kelley Armstrong

Paige Winterbourne was always either too young or too rebellious to succeed her mother as leader of one of the world's most powerful elite organizations - the American Coven of Witches. Now that she is twenty-three and her mother is dead, the Elders can no longer deny her. But even Paige's wildest antics can't hold a candle to those of her new charge - an orphan who is all too willing to use her budding powers for evil...and evil is all too willing to claim her. For this girl is being pursued by a dark faction of the supernatural underworld. They are a vicious group who will do anything to woo the young, malleable, and extremely powerful neophyte, including commit murder - and frame Paige for the crime. It's an initiation into adulthood, womanhood, and the brutal side of magic that Paige will have to do everything within her power to make sure they both survive.

ORDER # U912-3   $12-90   ISBN 9780553587067


Micro:  Michael Crichton 

In the vein of "Jurassic Park," this high concept thriller follows a group of graduate students lured to Hawaii to work for a mysterious biotech company - only to find themselves cast out into the rain forest, with nothing but their scientific expertise and wits to protect them. An instant classic, "Micro" pits nature against technology in vintage Crichton fashion. Completed by visionary science writer Richard Preston, this boundary-pushing thriller melds scientific fact with pulse-pounding fiction to create yet another masterpiece of sophisticated, cutting-edge entertainment.

ORDER # U912-4   $14-90   ISBN 9780060873172


Pure:  Julianna Baggott 

Pressia barely remembers the Detonations or much about life during the Before. In her sleeping cabinet behind the rubble of an old barbershop where she lives with her grandfather, she thinks about what is lost - how the world went from amusement parks, movie theaters, birthday parties, fathers and mothers - to ash and dust, scars, permanent burns, and fused, damaged bodies. And now, at an age when everyone is required to turn themselves over to the militia to either be trained as a soldier or, if they are too damaged and weak, to be used as live targets, Pressia can no longer pretend to be small. Pressia is on the run.

ORDER # U912-5   $14-90   ISBN 9781455503056


Phobos (Mayan Prophecy):  Steve Alten

Immanuel Gabriel travels to the end of the world and back again for one last shot at global salvation. Immanuel, the surviving hero twin foretold in the Mayan creation story, finds his world rocked after an encounter with his deceased grandfather, archaeologist Julius Gabriel. Julius reveals everything the Mayans knew and feared - from the very secrets of creation to the presence of extraterrestrial benefactors; from mankind's intended purpose to the preordained End of Days. If Immanuel is to thwart Judgment Day, he must act swiftly.

ORDER # U912-6   $14-90   ISBN 9780765368126


Single White Female:  John Lutz

After a messy break-up, Allie Jones finds herself living alone in New York City apartment, no one to share her bed with - and more urgently, no one to share her rent. The solution seems clear: she needs a roomate. And Hedra Carlson seems perfect - she's shy, quiet - safe. But soon Hedra's disturbing envy of Allie's looks and social life becomes unsettling. She wears Allie's clothes, even buys a wig in Allie's color and style. Then the obscene phone calls begin, Allie's credit cards vanish, and she discovers Hedra is living a dangerous double life - and far worse. For Hedra's twisted admiration has no limits, the nightmare has just begun, and there will be a bloody price to pay.

ORDER # U912-7   $12-90   ISBN 9780786028818


Sleepwalker:  Wendy Corsi Staub

Ten years after the catastrophe, a great fallen city has risen again. Ten years after, a horror begins anew - or never truly ended. The nightmare of 9/11 is a distant but still painful memory for Allison Taylor MacKenna - now married to Mack and living in a quiet Westchester suburb. She has moved on with her life ten years after barely escaping death at the hands of New York's Nightwatcher serial killer. The monster is dead, having recently committed suicide in his prison cell, but something is terribly wrong. Mack has started sleepwalking, with no recollection of where his nighttime excursions are taking him.

ORDER # U912-8   $12-90   ISBN 9780062070302


Survivors: Novel of the Coming Collapse:  James Wesley Rawles

The America we are accustomed to is no more. Practically overnight the stock market has plummeted, hyperinflation has crippled commerce, and the fragile chains of supply and high-technology infrastructure have fallen. The power grids are down. Brutal rioting and looting grip every major city. The volatile era known as "the Crunch" has begun, and this new period in our history will leave no one untouched. In this unfamiliar environment, only a handful of individuals are equipped to survive.

ORDER # U912-9   $12-90   ISBN 9781439172810


Soft Target:  Stephen Hunter

10,000 people jam the corridors of America's largest shopping mall. 9,988 of them have come to shop. The other 12 have come to kill. Stephen Hunter's hyperdrive, eighth-gear thriller chronicles the day when the unthinkable happens: terrorists descend upon the heartland, opening fire in a Minneapolis supermall and executing innocent victims one by one. Those on the upper floors, including retired Marine sniper Ray Cruz, take cover any way they can, but within minutes the gunmen have rounded up more than a thousand hostages

ORDER # U912-10   $12-90   ISBN 9781439138717


Targets of Deception:  Jeffrey S. Stephens

Old instincts die hard. Although CIA agent Jordan Sandor has left active duty and become a journalist, when the crack of automatic weaponry shatters the peace on a rural New York back road, his quick reactions save his close friend and a severely wounded police officer. But why did two strangers react to a routine traffic stop with deadly violence before speeding away? And what was their motive for torturing and then murdering the man Jordan was going to meet - a retired merc with a story to tell? Like it or not, Sandor has been called back into the service of his country.

ORDER # U912-11   $12-90   ISBN 9781451688672


The Dark at the End (Repairman Jack):  F. Paul Wilson

Bound by his promise to Glaeken, Jack has refrained from making direct moves against Rasalom, but there's nothing holding him in check any longer - and Glaeken's time is almost up. The stage is set for Jack's massive assault on Rasalom, and he's got just one shot. But it's not just a matter of taking out Rasalom: he also must safely retrieve Dawn's child and minimize collateral damage. So, he comes up with a foolproof plan. But fools are always with us.

ORDER # U912-12   $12-90   ISBN 9780765362810


The Race (Isaac Bell):  Clive Cussler 

It is 1910, the age of flying machines is still in its infancy, and newspaper publisher Preston Whiteway is offering $50,000 for the first daring aviator to cross America in less than fifty days. He is even sponsoring one of the prime candidates-an intrepid woman named Josephine Frost-and that's where Bell, chief investigator for the Van Dorn Detective Agency, comes in. Frost's violent-tempered husband has just killed her lover and tried to kill her, and he is bound to make another attempt.

ORDER # U912-13   $14-90   ISBN 9780425250440


They Disappeared:  Rick Mofina

Jeff Griffin, a mechanic, and his wife, Sarah, travel from Montana to Manhattan to give their nine-year-old son, Cole, his dream vacation as they secretly face the heart-wrenching turmoil that has them teetering on divorce. In the wake of their heartbreak, a mother and son disappear. While sightseeing near Times Square, Jeff steps into a store to buy batteries for their camera - but upon returning to the street he finds that Sarah and Cole have vanished.

ORDER # U912-14   $12-90   ISBN 9780778313816 


Victims: Alex Delaware:  Jonathan Kellerman

Acid-tongued Vita Berlin hadn't a friend in the world, but whom did she cross so badly as to end up meticulously arranged in such a gruesome murder scene? One look prompts LAPD detective Milo Sturgis to summon his expert in homicidal maniacs, Alex Delaware. But even Alex is stymied when more slayings occur in the same ghastly fashion - with no apparent connection among the victims. And the only clue left behind - a blank page bearing a question mark - seems to be both a menacing taunt and a chilling cry for help from a tortured, savage soul.

ORDER # U912-15   $14-90   ISBN 9780345505729


Trackers:  Deon Meyer

In his seventh novel, the king of South African crime fiction outdoes himself, packing in enough plot to power three separate novels. Aside from masterfully juggling intricate plot details and ripping off some bloodcurdling action scenes, Meyer lays bare more ruthlessly than ever before the chaos that lurks beneath South Africa's new identity - Meyer has few equals when it comes to combining biting social critique and riveting action scenes.

ORDER # U912-16   $12-90   ISBN 9780802145932


What Doesn't Kill You:  Iris Johansen

Abandoned on the streets of Hong Kong, Catherine Ling was schooled in the art of survival by the mysterious Hu Chang, a master assassin and poisoner. Now recruited by the CIA, Catherine finds herself caught between worlds when her mentor develops a formula that is extremely fatal, virtually untraceable - and highly coveted. On the hunt for this prize are a rogue operative, a band of criminals, and a man so evil he kills without remorse. Catherine will do anything to protect those she loves: Hu Chang and her son Luke. But she will have to use every deadly weapon, every double cross, every lethal lesson she ever learned - to prove that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

ORDER # U912-17   $12-90   ISBN 9780312651299


Whiplash: (Dale Brown's Dreamland):  Dale Brown 

No Picture Available

The world's attention is focused on the historic plans of the U.S. and Iranian presidents to lay down their swords. But on the African continent, one man holds the power to obliterate the peace by unleashing terror and global chaos - and no one sees it coming. Hiding behind the bloody madness of tribal warfare in the Horn of Africa, Iranian functionary-turned-fanatic Bani Aberhadji has achieved the impossible - single-handedly creating a vast, invisible network dedicated to the construction, delivery, and detonation of a nuclear nightmare. Only by chance are American agents now learning of its existence, and it may already be too late.

ORDER # U912-18   $14-90   ISBN 9780062188182


Red Mist (A Scarpetta Novel):  Patricia Cornwell 

Kay Scarpetta has arranged to meet an inmate at the high-security Georgia Prison for Women. The prisoner is a convicted sex offender and the mother of a vicious and diabolically brilliant killer. Against advice, Scarpetta is determined to hear this woman out - she believes she may hold some answers to the murder of her former deputy. But soon she finds connections to a string of grisly killings, including the slaughter of a Savannah family years earlier. She can see a pattern to these killings, but who is behind them and why?

ORDER # U912-19   $14-90   ISBN 9780425250433


World Without End:  Ken Follett 

Ken Follett astonished the literary world with "The Pillars of the Earth," a sweeping epic novel set in twelfth-century England that centered on the building of a cathedral and the men, women, and children whose lives it changed forever. Now, two centuries after the townspeople of Kingsbridge finished building the exquisite edifice, four children slip into the forest and witness a killing - an event that will bind them all by ambition, love, greed, and revenge.

ORDER # U912-20   $14-90   ISBN 9780451418449


Enemy Arsenal (SuperBolan: 153):  Pendleton, Don.

Going undercover into the African Desert to attend a massive black-market weapons bazaar, Mack Bolan discovers that a growing syndicate is trying to frame the U.S. for a bloodbath of terror and must follow the trail of carnage to a mysterious billionaire who wants to destroy the world's major ports.

ORDER # U912-21   $12-90   ISBN 9780373615568


Seismic Surge (Stony Man: 121):  Pendleton, Don.

The Stony Man Team must infiltrate a volcanic island off the coast of Spain to stop an army of multinational terrorists from triggering a tsunami that will launch a wave of destruction across two continents.

ORDER # U912-22   $12-90   ISBN 9780373804351


Throw Down (The Executioner: 407):  Pendleton, Don.

Mack Bolan must race against time to stop three anti-American groups from launching a deadly attack on the United States, and, with millions of innocent lives at stake, has no choice but to accept the help of an ex-Hezbollah member who claims he has information on the terrorists.

ORDER # U912-23   $9-90   ISBN 9780373644070 


Echo of the Reich (Chris Bronson: 05):  Becker, James.

Ordered to infiltrate a group of anarchists who are planning to disrupt the Olympic Games with violence and destruction, Chris Bronson, after his cover is blown, goes on the run and finds himself immersed in a long-buried secret surrounding a Nazi weapon and a deadly revenge plot.

ORDER # U912-24   $14-90   ISBN 9780451238290 


The Bleeding Edge:  Johnstone, William W.

When a ruthless Mexican drug cartel starts terrorizing the residents of the Shady Hill Mobile Home park, military vet John Howard Stark, along with his neighbors, takes a stand - one which plunges them all into the middle of a bloody war that can only end in a fight for survival, freedom - or death.

ORDER # U912-25   $12-90   ISBN 9780786028078


Gideon's Corpse (Gideon Crew):  Preston, Douglas 

After a standoff between a top nuclear scientist from Los Alamos and an innocent hostage turns violent, Gideon Crew must track down a rogue nuclear device in this new novel from the co-authors of Relic, Mount Dragon.

ORDER # U912-26   $12-90   ISBN 9780446564380


The Professionals:  Laukkanen, Owen.

When a joke about making illicit money in the poor economy escalates to a kidnapping scheme, four friends enjoy the proceeds of a low-risk operation until they abduct the wrong target and capture the attentions of state investigator Kirk Stevens, hotshot FBI agent Carla Windermere and a vengeful organized-crime ring.

ORDER # U912-27   $14-90   ISBN 9780425250495 


Shock Wave (Virgil Flowers):  Sandford, John.

When protests about a superstore chain's plans to build a location in a Minnesota river town escalate into bombing attacks at the construction site and the company's headquarters, Virgil Flowers races against time to find and stop the bomber. By the best-selling author of Bad Blood.

ORDER # U912-28   $14-90   ISBN 9780425250488 


Vigilante (Shane Scully):  Cannell, Stephen J.

A final novel by the Emmy Award- winning television writer best known for such programs as The Rockford Files and The A-Team finds LAPD detective Shane Scully and his partner, Sumner Hitchens, investigating a possible killer in their precinct when a trouble-making activist is found dead in her home.

ORDER # U912-29   $14-90   ISBN 9781250008084 


Zero History:  Gibson, William.

While an ex-singer-turned-journalist unsuccessfully struggles to avoid notice by twisted marketing genius Bigend, a talented Russian linguist emerges from rehabilitation amid Bigend's discovery of an anonymous rival on the global market. By the best-selling author of Spook Country.

ORDER # U912-30   $14-90   ISBN 9780425259450 


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