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The Lesser Dead:  Buehlman, Christopher.

Joey Peacock, a vampire in 1978 New York City, has his routine of sleeping all day and hunting, womanizing and attending punk rock shows by night interrupted by child-like vampires of a different breed, who pose a threat to Joey and all of those like him.

ORDER # H1014-1   $29-90   ISBN 9780425272619 


Ship of the Dead:  Campbell, John L.

After the Omega Virus outbreak renders the world inundated with scores of the living dead, survivors unite to bolster defenses, pinning their hopes of safety on the leadership of a priest, an ex-con and an EMT.

ORDER # H1014-2   $18-90   ISBN 9780425272640 


Revival:  King, Stephen.

Years after a charismatic minister is banished in the wake of a faith-shattering tragedy, a heroin-addicted rock-and-roll guitarist from the same hometown reconnects with the man and forges a terrible pact.

ORDER # H1014-3   $34-90   ISBN 9781476770383 


Symbiont (Parasitology: 02):  Grant, Mira.

A follow-up to Parasite continues the story of Sal and her companions, who work to stop disease-fighting tapeworms that have been taking over their human hosts.

ORDER # H1014-4   $29-90   ISBN 9780316218993 


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