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To Catch a Witch:  Blake, Heather

When wishcrafter Darcy Merriweatherís personal concierge company is hired by elite runner Abby Stillwell to organize the Wicked Mad Dash, a competition that takes place in the Enchanted Village, Darcy is more than willing to help her friend. As blizzard conditions rage on the morning of the race, Darcyís main concern is the terrible weather - until Abby goes missing - and is later found dead, buried in the snow. As Darcy investigates her friendís untimely death, she learns that she didnít really know Abby well at all. And those closest to the woman - her secret fiance?, her roommate, her ex-boyfriend, and her co-workers at Balefire Sports - seem to have plenty to hide too. As Darcy digs deeper, she uncovers complicated relationships, a possible embezzlement scheme, and allegations of cheating against a top athlete.

ORDER # M720-1   $12-30   ISBN 9781643855202


A Night's Tail:  Kelly, Sofie

Spring is coming to Mayville Heights, and Kathleenís brother, Ethan, has arrived in town with his band, The Flaming Gerbils. But not everything goes as scheduled when one of Ethanís bandmates gets into a fight with a man interested in investing in the town. When the businessmanís body is later found, Ethanís friend is implicated in the crime. Kathleen wants to help her brother by solving the case, but she has no shortage of suspects from which to choose. Prior to his death, the investor was fighting like cats and dogs with lots of people. If this librarian wants more than a whiskerís chance of solving the case, she will need to rely on her trusty feline sidekicks, Owen and Hercules.

ORDER # M720-2   $12-30   ISBN 9780440001157

From Beer to Eternity:  Harris, Sherry

With Chicago winters in the rearview mirror, Chloe Jackson is making good on a promise: help her late friendís grandmother run the Sea Glass Saloon in the Florida Panhandle. To Chloeís surprise, feisty Vivi Slidell isnít the frail retiree Chloe expects. Nor is Emerald Cove. Itís less a sleepy fishing village than a panhandle hotspot overrun with land developers and tourists. But itís a Sea Glass regular whoís mysteriously crossed the cranky Vivi. When their bitter argument comes to a head and heís found dead behind the bar, guess whoís the number one suspect? In trying to clear Viviís name, Chloe discovers the old woman isnít the only one in Emerald Cove with secrets. Under the laidback attitude, sparkling white beaches, and small town ways something terrible is brewing. And the sure way a killer can keep those secrets bottled up is to finish off one murder with a double shot: aimed at Chloe and Vivi.

ORDER # M720-3   $12-30   ISBN 9781496723031


Death on the Menu:  Burdette, Lucy

Hayley Snow, fiery food critic for Key Zest magazine, has just landed a ticket to one of the most prestigious events in Key West: a high-brow three-day conference at the Harry Truman Little White House. Even though sheíll be working the event helping her motherís fledgling catering business, thereís plenty of spicy gossip to go around. But just before her motherís decadent flan is put to the test, Key Westís most prized possession, Hemingwayís Nobel prize gold medal for The Old Man and the Sea, is discovered stolen from its case. Unsavory suspicions point to Gabriel, a family friend and one of the new busboys working the event, who mysteriously goes missing moments later. Anxious to clear his name, Gabrielís family enlists Hayley to help find him, but right as they begin their search, his body is found stabbed to death in the storeroom.

ORDER # M720-4   $12-30   ISBN 9781643855196

Witches and Wedding Cake:  Cates, Bailey

Katie will be marrying firefighter Declan McCarthy in less than a week, and she's still finding time to run the Honeybee Bakery, where she infuses sweets and treats with special spells and cheerful charms. But her hope of getting hitched without a hitch is short-lived. When Declan's family shows up early to enjoy a few extra days in Savannah, his youngest sister finds an unsavory surprise: her ex-husband, dead in a hotel room hours after they argued. The ex was scam artist with a lot of enemies, but the argument puts Declan's sister under suspicion. Between dress fittings and dough-kneading, Katie - along with her witchy friends in the spellbook club - will really have to work some magic to figure out who killed the con man - or there may not be a wedding.

ORDER # M720-5   $12-30   ISBN 9780593099223


It Cannoli Be Murder:  Bruns, Catherine

Six months after her husband's death, Tessa Esposito is hoping to drum up reservations for her restaurant's grand opening. And since a signing with bestselling author, Preston Rigotta, is sure to draw a crowd, Tessa agrees to cater her cousin's bookstore event - whipping up some of her famous Italian desserts. But the event soon takes a sour turn when Preston's publicist, an old high school rival, arrives and begins to whisk up their old grudges.
That night, a fight breaks out in front of the crowd, and it becomes clear there's bad blood in Harvest Park. And when the publicist is found dead on the bookstore floor the next morning, a stray cannolo at her side, Tessa knows who will be framed as the prime suspect.

ORDER # M720-6   $12-30   ISBN 9781492684282

Death of a Wicked Witch:  Hollis, Lee

Bar Harbor, Maine, is quieter in the off-season, but the population has just increased a bit with the arrival of Ted and Trudy Lancaster. Tedís taking over for a retiring minister, and Trudy runs a food truck called Wicked íWiches. When she stops in at the Island Times office to place an ad, Hayley happily devours the sample sub Trudy offers - and the two become fast friends. When Trudy tragically dies in her truck while catering a Halloween party, suspicion falls on a cranky, competitive caterer whoíd made veiled threats to Trudy. But the case becomes more complicated when Hayleyís husband admits heíd seen someone dressed as a witch hurrying away from the food truck - not very helpful when countless women at the party wore the same costume. Now Hayley finds herself sandwiched between witches and witnesses as she considers a smorgasbord of suspects. If she finds the killer, sheíll be a local hero.

ORDER # M720-7   $12-30   ISBN 9781496724953


Coached to Death:  Laurie, Victoria

Cat Cooper never imagined selling off her marketing firm would mean going from the pinnacle of success to a walking hot mess. Gouged from an unexpected divorce, Cat suddenly finds herself struggling as a life coach for the hopelessly adrift in East Hampton and contending with Heather Holland - a spiteful neighbor who will do anything to bully her out of town. But her second act may very well continue behind bars when Heatherís dead body turns up next to a shattered punchbowl - and Catís pinned as the murderer. But given Heatherís mean girl reputation, any one of the guests at her invite-only luncheon could have committed the crime. Determined not to trade designer duds for an unflattering prison jumpsuit, Cat sides with her best friend Gilley to scour chic boutiques and oceanfront mansions in search of the criminal who framed her.

ORDER # M720-8   $12-30   ISBN 9781496720351

Night Shift:  Ryan, Annelise

Strange things have been happening since Hildy started moonlighting with local police, but a desperate late-night call involving a former patient from Sorenson General Hospital tops the list. Although Danny Hildebrand has been tormented by hallucinations for years, he swears heís being haunted for real by the victim of a grisly murder. The rambling ghost story seems like another delusion. But after a body turns up in a neglected farmhouse crawling with secrets, Hildy and the magnetic Detective Bob Richmond rush to explain Dannyís knowledge of the incident. As the crime-solving partners unwittingly grow closer while examining a series of eerie leads, they realize that surviving past sunrise means shedding light on a criminal willing to do whatever it takes to stay in the shadows.

ORDER # M720-9   $12-30   ISBN 9781496719447


Knot of This World:  Marks, Mary

Has Marthaís fellow quilter and dear friend Birdie Watson become unraveled? Birdie and her new husband have decided to join the Mystical Feather Society, a spiritist group living on a commune in the mountains of Ojai, California. Before her free-spirited friend makes a huge mistake, Martha organizes a surprise visit to check out the commune. While white-robed members conduct a seancť in a glass yurt, their leader - Royal St. Germain - is nowhere to be found - until, that is, Martha and her friends discover him shot in their Winnebago. Now Martha must track down the killer and debunk the cult - before it's bye bye Birdie.

ORDER # M720-10   $12-30   ISBN 9781496720511

Invitation Only Murder:  Meier, Leslie

Lucy doesnít know what to expect as she arrives on a private Maine island owned by eccentric billionaire Scott Newman, only that the exclusive experience should make for a very intriguing feature story. An avid environmentalist, Scott has stripped the getaway of modern conveniences in favor of an extreme eco-friendly lifestyle. A trip to Holiday Island is like traveling back to the nineteenth century - much to the dismay of the islandís other residents. Before Lucy can get the full scoop on Scott, she is horrified to find one of his daughters dead at the bottom of a seaside cliff. Stuck on a clammy island with murder suspects aplenty, Lucy must tap into the limited resources around her to outwit a cold-blooded killer - before itís lights out for her next!

ORDER # M720-11   $12-30   ISBN 9781496710376


Death and Daisies:  Flower, Amanda

Fiona Knox thought she was pulling her life back together when she inherited her godfather's cottage in Duncreigan, Scotland - complete with a magical walled garden. But the erstwhile Tennessee flower shop owner promptly found herself puddle boot-deep in danger when she found a dead body among the blossoms. One police investigation later (made a trifle less unpleasant by the presence of handsome Chief Inspector Neil Craig), and Fiona's life is getting back on track. Her sister Isla has just moved in with her, and the grand opening of her new venture, the Climbing Rose Flower Shop in Aberdeenshire, is imminent.

ORDER # M720-12   $12-30   ISBN 9781643851891

A Twist in the Tail:  Dobbs, Leighann

Josie Waters is the enthusiastic new owner of the Oyster Cove Guesthouse - a ramshackle Victorian mansion high on a hill above the breezy seaside town of Oyster Cove, Maine. Josie has a history in Oyster Cove, but she's not going to let anyone - from her crazy friend Millie to her high school crush Mike - stand in the way of making this venture a success. This is Josie's chance to prove to herself that she can take charge of her life after going through a divorce. But then Josie's first guest - a stuffy food critic - is murdered before breakfast, and the town sheriff suspects Josie could be to blame. Thank goodness Nero and Marlowe - the guesthouse's resident cats - are also on the case. Little does Josie know, this isn't their first investigation - but can they find the clues to the real killer before another guest is targeted?

ORDER # M720-13   $12-30   ISBN 9781538736203


In My Attic: A Magical Misfits Mystery:  Hansen, Lina

Myrtle Coldron shared her parents' practical view of the world, so when she was orphaned as a teenager and sent to live with an aunt with more than a few Wiccan leanings, her worlds clashed. Intent on escaping from all things witchy and an aunt with a decided idea of who should be given her magical lineage, Myrtle settles herself in academia, far from the small medieval village of Avebury. But when she receives a call about her aunt's mysterious death from a fall from the attic, Myrtle's carefully constructed world falls apart. Guilt-laden from ignoring her aunt's pleas for help as simply more of her witchy ramblings, Myrtle returns to Avebury to bury her aunt, sell the Witch's Retreat - her aunt's witch-themed inn - and put this part of her life behind her forever.

ORDER # M720-14   $18-90   ISBN 9781942856511

Exposed:  Scottoline, Lisa

Mary DiNunzio is only too happy to help her longtime friend Simon Pensiera when heís wrongly fired by his employer. Sheís all set to file a lawsuit on Simonís behalf until her partner, Bennie Rosato, informs her that their firm represents the parent company. Bennie believes that creates a conflict of interest, and pleads with Mary not to take on Simonís case. But Mary is prepared to do whatever it takes to stand her ground and fight for Simon - and for justice. Soon the two women face off in an epic legal battle that not only tests their friendship but pits them against a ruthless enemy who points the blame where no one on this case could have guessed - and is dead-set on revenge.

ORDER # M720-15   $13-30   ISBN 9781250622259


Invisible Blood:  Jakubowski, Maxim

Open the files on an anthology of seventeen new crime stories to probe the brutal and complex hearts of criminals, and unravel the strangest of mysteries. Watch as a secretive group of intelligence community officers trace Jack Reacher through Heathrow in Lee Child's "Smile". In Mary Hoffman's "Fallen Woman", a journalist on the trail of a secretive drug lord gets caught up in the violent suicide of a young woman in Siena. And in Jeffery Deaver's "Connecting the Dots", detectives follow the trail of clues in the brutal killing of a homeless man, wherever it may lead. Invisible Blood is a gripping collection exploring the compulsions of the criminal mind.

ORDER # M720-16   $13-30   ISBN 9781789093544

The Girl Who Lived Twice:  Lagercrantz, David

Mikael Blomkvist is trying to reach Lisbeth Salander - the fierce, unstoppable girl with the dragon tattoo. He needs her help unraveling the identity of a man who died with Blomkvist's phone number in his pocket - a man who does not exist in any official records and whose garbled last words hinted at knowledge that would be dangerous to important people. But Lisbeth has disappeared. She's sold her apartment in Stockholm. She's gone dark. She's told no one where she is. And no one is aware that at long last she's got her primal enemy, her twin sister, Camilla, squarely in her sights. In the end, it will be Blomkvist - in a moment of unimaginable self-sacrifice - who will make it possible for Lisbeth to face the most important battle of her life, and, finally, to put her past to rest.

ORDER # M720-17   $14-90   ISBN 9780593082522


Shoot Don't Shoot:  Jance, J A

A prisoner languishes in a Phoenix jail cell accused of slaying his estranged wife. No one believes the man is innocent, except the new female sheriff of Cochise County, in town for a crash course in police training. Joanna Brady is out of her jurisdiction - and possibly out of her league. For a human monster is on the prowl, hiding the grisly evidence of his horrific crimes in the vast emptiness of the Arizona desert. And an impromptu investigation, with no official sanction, and no back-up, is drawing a cold, ingenious serial killer much too close to Brady for comfort - and closer, worse still, to her little girl.

ORDER # M720-18   $14-90   ISBN 9780061774805

The Missing Ones:  Hill, Edwin

Finisterre Island, off the coast of Maine, is beautiful and remote - the kind of place tourists love to visit. But not everyone is welcome. A dilapidated Victorian house has become home to a group of squatters and junkies, and strangers have a habit of bringing trouble. A young boy disappeared during the summer, and though he was found safely, the incident stirred suspicion among locals. Now another child is missing. Summoned to the island by a cryptic text, Hester Thursby discovers a community cleaning up from a devastating storm - and uncovers a murder. Soon Hester begins to connect the crime and the missing children. And as she untangles the secrets at the center of the small community, she finds grudges and loyalties that run deep, poised to converge with a force that will once again shake her convictions about the very nature of right and wrong.

ORDER # M720-19   $14-90   ISBN 9781496719348


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