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A Crafty Christmas (Cumberland Creek Mysteries):  Bryan, Mollie Cox.

While on a 10-day scrap-book-themed cruise in the Caribbean, Sheila finds her dreams of rest and relaxation shattered when a famous crafter is murdered aboard the ship and she becomes the number one suspect, forcing her to catch a killer before her own freedom goes overboard.

ORDER # M914-1   $11-50   ISBN 9780758293565


Bless Her Dead Little Heart (Southern Sisters Mysteries):  James, Miranda.

Two nosey sisters, Miss Angel and Miss Dickce Ducote, find their Southern hospitality sorely tested after a stressed out socialite brings murder to their doorstep.

ORDER # M914-2   $11-50   ISBN 9780425273043


The Legend of Sleepy Harlow (League of Literary Ladies Mysteries):  Logan, Kylie.

When the leader of the Elkhart Ghost Getters winds up dead, and Kate Wilder, a member of the League of Literary Ladies, is accused of the crime due to her known hatred of the man, the other League members band together to prove her innocence.

ORDER # M914-3   $11-50   ISBN 9780425257777


Death of a Christmas Caterer (Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mysteries):  Hollis, Lee.

Food and cocktails columnist Hayley Powell finds her search for a cook to cater the office Christmas party turning into a murder investigation when a greedy gourmet is found dead on the floor of his own kitchen.

ORDER # M914-4   $11-50   ISBN 9780758294517


Literally Murder (Black Cat Bookshop):  Brandon, Ali

When a viral video gets them invited to the championship cat show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Darla and her black cat, Hamlet, must keep a killer on a tight leash while trying to win Best in Show. By the author of Words With Fiends.

ORDER # M914-5   $11-50   ISBN 9780425261545


A Midwinter's Tail (Magical Cats Mysteries): Kelly, Sofie

When a guest drops dead at a gala to raise money for the library's popular Reading Buddies program, Kathleen Paulson and her detective boyfriend must shovel through a wealth of suspects before the case gets buried.

ORDER # M914-6   $11-50   ISBN 9780451414717


Murder Off the Beaten Path (Search and Rescue Mysteries):  Rowland, M. L.

When a series of accidents leads her to Camp Ponderosa, a church-owned residential camp, Gracie Kincaid, a member of a mountain search- and-rescue team, is plunged into a hidden world of illegal activities, including murder, where she goes up against desperate criminals who want her dead.

ORDER # M914-7   $11-50   ISBN 9780425263679


Off Kilter (Scottish Highlands Mysteries):  Reed, Hannah.

While visiting the picturesque village of Glenkillen in the Scottish Highlands, Eden Elliott has a hair-raising experience when she stumbles upon the dead body of the town's sheep shearer who was murdered with his own shears.

ORDER # M914-8   $11-50   ISBN 9780425265826


One Potion in the Grave (Magic Potion):  Blake, Heather

When Katie Sue Perryville, a childhood friend, returns home to settle a score with Senator Warren Calhoun, and then is murdered, Carly Bell Hartwell, the owner of the Little Shop of Potions, must work her magic to catch a cold-blooded killer. By the author of A Potion to Die For.

ORDER # M914-9   $11-50   ISBN 9780451416315


Picked to Die (Orchard Mysteries):  Connolly, Sheila.

When her fiancÚ unearths a skeleton while restoring an old house and one of her apple pickers is found stabbed to death behind the local feed store, orchard owner Meg Corey must find a killer who is rotten to the core.

ORDER # M914-10   $11-50   ISBN 9780425257111


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