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Blindsided (Sisterhood):  Michaels, Fern.

Myra Rutledge and the other members of the Sisterhood take on a pair of corrupt judges who make money by sending young offenders to brutal boot camps on trumped up charges.

ORDER # G1213-1   $11-90   ISBN 9781420130119


Apache Vendetta No. 387 (The Trailsman):  Sharpe, Jon.

When Apache warrior Red Knife asks for his help in getting revenge on the men who raped and killed his daughter, Skye Fargo is torn between his orders and his old enemy's rage.

ORDER # G1213-2   $11-40   ISBN 9780451466013


Longarm and the Star Saloon No. 422 (Longarm):  Evans, Tabor.

When a successful madam running several brothels comes to him for help, Longarm must find out who is threatening her girls and trying to run her out of business, going up against a corrupt sheriff and his deadly henchmen in the process.

ORDER # G1213-3   $11-40   ISBN 9780515154306


Black Ransom:  Wallace, Stone.

Imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, Ehron Lee Burrows escapes with the help of a killer and decides to get revenge on the men responsible for sending him to jail by kidnapping their loved ones.

ORDER # G1213-4   $11-40   ISBN 9780425265345


The Silent Deputy No. 385 (The Gunsmith):  Roberts, J.

Stalked by a mysterious stranger, the Gunsmith decides to lay low in Labyrinth, Texas, until a robbery and murder spree force him into the spotlight as the new sheriff of this lawless town.

ORDER # G1213-5   $11-40   ISBN 9780515154429


Silver City Massacre:  West, Charles G.

Heading down the perilous trail to Silver City, former solders Joel and Riley, along with a travelling party, must elude a band of blood- thirsty Comanche warriors to get to their destination alive.

ORDER # G1213-6   $11-40   ISBN 9780451466563


Slocum & the Darling Damsels of Durango:  Logan, Jake

Slocum is fast on the trail of two women who, having a penchant for death and dynamite, are responsible for blowing up a mine and sending a man to his death.

ORDER # G1213-7   $11-40   ISBN 9780515154368


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