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The Choir Director:  Weber, Carl.

When he hires charismatic choir director Anthony Mackie to rejuvenate the First Jamaica Ministries, Bishop T. K. Knight discovers that Anthony has secrets that could destroy the church, while his wife, Monique, tries to discover who has been robbing the church blind.

ORDER # G114-1   $11-90   ISBN 9780758231864


Borderland Bloodbath (Trailsman: 388):  Sharpe, Jon.

The Trailsman rides straight into trouble when he goes up against a robber baron's agent who is setting explosives to re-route the Rio Grande in an attempt to get his hands on valuable mining land.

ORDER # G114-2   $10-50   ISBN 9780451466488


Longarm and the Dime Novelist (Longarm: 423):  Evans, Tabor.

When very persuasive dime novelist Delia Wilson decides to make him the star of her next novel, Longarm takes her with him as he heads to Reno in pursuit of a marshal's kidnapped daughter and hopes he can deliver a happy ending.

ORDER # G114-3   $10-50   ISBN 9780515154313


Cotton's Inferno (Sheriff Cotton Burke):  Dunlap, Phil.

When Carp Varner, a newcomer to Apache Springs, offers his services as a gunsmith, Sheriff Cotton Burke takes him up on his offer until he discovers Varner's true nature and past crimes.

ORDER # G114-4   $10-50   ISBN 9780425250778


Preacher's Blood Hunt (First Mountain Man):  Johnstone, William W

On a dangerous Rocky Mountain trail, Preacher must deal with Jebediah Druke and his ruthless band of killers and Crow warrior Blood Eye, who has been tracking Preacher with nothing but bad intentions.

ORDER # G114-5   $10-50   ISBN 9780786033409


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