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Heard It All Before:  Grant, Michele.

When Jewel Campbell, a borderline Black- American Princess, from the 'safe' north side of Dallas meets Roman Montgomery, a street smart Southside homeboy and single father, these two opposites fall madly in love, but wonder if their relationship can withstand the drama that comes with it.

ORDER # G514-1   $11-90   ISBN 9780758242204


Heart of the Matter:  Giffin, Emily.

Meeting by chance when a fateful accident sends a 6-year-old boy to an upscale Boston hospital, the child's mother and the doctor's stay-at-home wife find their lives changing in unexpected ways.

ORDER # G514-2   $11-90   ISBN 9781250043733


Dark Horses:  Cotton, Ralph.

Arriving in Dark Horses, Mexico, Will Summers, mistaken for a horse thief, is saved from the hangman's noose by the beautiful wife of his accuser who has an agenda of her own, placing him in the middle of a deadly shootout.

ORDER # G514-3   $10-90   ISBN 9780451465931


Day of Independence:  Johnstone, William 

In Last Chance, Texas, wounded Texas Ranger Hank Cannan leads a fight against ruthless cattle baron Abraham Hacker.

ORDER # G514-4   $10-90   ISBN 9780786034543


Copper Canyon Killers (Gunsmith: 390):  Roberts, J. R.

With the real killers lurking in town, Clint tries to save a wealthy man's innocent son from a hanging.

ORDER # G514-5   $10-90   ISBN 9780515154474


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