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The Gunsmith: Louisiana Stalker:  Roberts, J. R

A latest entry in the popular series finds Clint Adams confronting a trio of deadly adversaries including two stalkers targeting the beautiful Capucine Devereaux and a gunman who is hunting Clint himself.

ORDER # G1113-1   $10-90   ISBN 9780515153927


Longarm and the War Clouds (Longarm):  Evans, Tabor.

Longarm and his Apache scout friend, War Cloud, team up to retrieve an errant Army wife who has run off with an Apache, in a latest entry in the popular series by the author of Longarm and the Horse Thief's Daughter.

ORDER # G1113-2   $10-90   ISBN 9780515153804


Nevada Vipers Nest No. 386 (Trailsman):  Sharpe, Jon.

When his penchant for bending the rules catches up with him in the form of Carson City vigilantes bent on hanging him for murder, Skye Fargo plans a determined escape.

ORDER # G1113-3   $10-90   ISBN 9780451465504


Slocum and the Three Fugitives (Slocum):  Logan, Jake.

Running a local saloon that is targeted by trouble, Slocum confronts a local rancher who is endeavoring to take over everything in town by killing off his enemies.

ORDER # G1113-4   $10-90   ISBN 9780515153866


Smuggler's Gold (Gideon Ryder):  Brandt, Lyle.

A first instalment in a new series by the Spur Award finalist author of the Lawman and Gun novels finds disgraced ex-Deputy U.S. Marshal Gideon Ryder recruited into the U.S. Secret Service, where he works undercover to investigate a dangerous smuggling ring.

ORDER # G1113-5   $10-90   ISBN 9780425267943


Town Tamers:  Robbins, David.

Earning a reputation as a bad person to cross, Asa Delaware, known locally as the Town Tamer, accepts jobs fixing problems and settling disputes before receiving a particularly tricky assignment.

ORDER # G1113-6   $10-90   ISBN 9780451465757


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