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A Big Sky Christmas:  Johnstone, William W

When an 1873 wagon train of immigrants gets battered by harsh storms, outlaws and Indians, Smoke Jensen and a man known as the Preacher come to their aid and vow to get them to Montana Territory by Christmas.

ORDER # G1013-1   $11-40    ISBN 9780786032679


Brothers in Blood (Byrnes Family Ranch Westerns):  Richards, Dusty.

The Byrnes family tries to persevere as they attempt to tame the harsh and unforgiving frontier of Arizona Territory.

ORDER # G1013-2   $11-40    ISBN 9780786031955


The Fire of Greed (Bladen Cole):  Yenne, Bill.

Bounty hunter Bladen Cole his hired to catch three men who robbed a railroad's payroll - but the robbery is only the beginning of something much bloodier on the horizon.

ORDER # G1013-3   $11-40    ISBN 9780425250761


The Gunsmith: Death in the Desert:  Roberts, J. R.

Clint protects a girl and a young woman from some very sick men.

ORDER # G1013-4   $11-40    ISBN 9780515153910


Hard Ride to Wichita (Ralph Compton): Galloway, Marcus

When their loved ones are murdered in cold blood, three young men do the only thing they can - pay them back in blood.

ORDER # G1013-5   $11-40    ISBN 9780451240217


Longarm and the Lying Ladies:  Evans, Tabor.

Longarm must deal with ladies of the evening who moonlight as thieves.

ORDER # G1013-6   $11-40    ISBN 9780515153798


The Stampeders (Savage Texas):  Johnstone, William W. 

am Heller and Johnny Cross don't like each other, but they have to band together to get a herd of Texas longhorns to Missouri, if they can only get past an outright war between Texans and an army of Yankee fanatics.

ORDER # G1013-7   $11-40    ISBN 9780786031368


Slocum and the Long Ride (Slocum):  Logan, Jake.

An outlaw is using Apache raids to burn a path of terror through Texas.

ORDER # G1013-8   $11-40    ISBN 9780515153859


Thunderhead Trail (The Trailsman):  Sharpe, Jon.

Fargo is used to tracking down killers and thieves, but when a rancher offers a reward for his missing one-of-a-kind stud bull, the Trailsman ends up facing more than a pair of horns.

ORDER # G1013-9   $11-40    ISBN 9780451240545


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