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Rebel Yell (Savage Texas):  Johnstone, William W.

After a gang of marauders wreak bloody havoc in Hangtree County, Sam Heller and Johnny Cross, to save their town, decide to pit one gang against the other as the border between the U.S. and Mexico explodes into an all-out civil war.

ORDER # G1014-1   $11-50   ISBN 9780786033621


Riverboat Reckoning (The Trailsman):  Sharpe, Jon.

While searching for a band of deadly river rats bent on destroying a valuable riverboat line, Sky Fargo, working his way up and down the Mississippi River, stumbles upon a conspiracy that has as many twists and turns as the river itself.

ORDER # G1014-2   $11-50   ISBN 9780451469151


Shadow of the Hangman (The Brothers O'Brien):  Johnstone, William W

When he is wrongly accused of killing a farmer's wife, Patrick O'Brien, sentenced to hang, must place his faith in his brothers Samuel, Jacob and Shawn to track down the real killer before he meets his maker.

ORDER # G1014-3   $11-50   ISBN 9780786033027


Rough Justice (Gideon Ryder):  Brandt, Lyle.

After the Civil War, the Secret Service sends Gideon Ryder to stop the masked Knights of the Rising Sun, a group of vicious vigilantes who want to halt progress in Texas - a mission that proves difficult when he must go undercover to learn their identities.

ORDER # G1014-4   $11-50   ISBN 9780425267981


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