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Mayhem:  Pinborough, Sarah.

When a serial killer begins stalking the streets of London's East End, his grisly dealings are overshadowed by the hysteria surrounding Jack the Ripper's Whitechapel crimes, enabling the seemingly supernatural killer's activities to spread unchecked, in a tale by the award-winning writer of The Dog-Faced Gods crime series.

ORDER # H1213-1   $29-90   ISBN 9781623650865 


The Orphan Choir:  Hannah, Sophie.

Tormented by the haunting melodies of a choir, which no one else can hear, Louise Beeston starts to suspect that this sinister chorus is a warning of some kind and is plunged into a world of obsession, loss and evil as she tries to find its source.

ORDER # H1213-2   $30-90   ISBN 9781250041029 


Pandemic (Infected: 03):  Sigler, Scott.

A conclusion to the best-selling trilogy that includes Contagious finds a quarter of the human race infected within days of the unleashing of a new disease by a genocidal alien intelligence, a situation that places the fate of humanity in the hands of a small group of unlikely heroes. Illustrations.

ORDER # H1213-3   $30-90   ISBN 9780307408976 


Snowblind:  Golden, Christopher.

Twelve years after a horrible blizzard that tore families apart, a New England town faces the approach of another deadly winter storm in this new ghost story from the best-selling author of The Myth Hunters.

ORDER # H1213-4   $30-90   ISBN 9781250015310 


The Unwelcomed Child:  Andrews, V. C.

Raised in seclusion by fundamentalist grandparents who claim she is an evil product of her mother's sinful mistake, teenager Elle Edwards finally learns the truth about her conception and struggles with profound feelings of insecurity while pursuing a relationship with a vacationing boy.

ORDER # H1213-5   $30-90   ISBN 9781476741024 


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