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Bliss House:  Benedict, Laura.

Looking for a fresh start after the death of her husband in a mysterious accident, Rainey Bliss Adams and her teenage daughter move into the old, historic family mansion rumored to have been plagued by strange occurrences, secrets and disappearances.

ORDER # H514-1   $29-90   ISBN 9781605985725 


Omega Days:  Campbell, John L.

In the first trade-paperback edition of a novel that was a self-published hit, the Omega Virus quickly transforms the world into a wasteland of the walking dead, and the few survivors must try to stop the zombie onslaught.

ORDER # H514-2   $18-90   ISBN 9780425272633 


Searchers After Horror: New Tales of the Weird and Fantastic:  Joshi, S.T., ed.

S.T. Joshi, perhaps the best- known modern Weird Fiction critic, and editor of the acclaimed BLACK WINGS anthology series, presents here a new horror anthology focused by the concept of ?the Weird Place.? Twenty-one stories (nearly all first published here) unfold in a raging ice storm; the Antarctic sea; a deserted stately home; a boarding school; cyberspace; even a Midwestern side yard, each with a mounting presence of the unseen. Fans of the Weird, Rejoice! Illustrations.

ORDER # H514-3   $36-90   ISBN 9781878252265 


The Quick:  Owen, Lauren.

When a shy aspiring poet disappears from late-19th-century London after falling in love, his sister's ensuing confrontation with an institution of powerful men is aided by three underworld helpers.

ORDER # H514-4   $31-90   ISBN 9780812993271 


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