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Plague of the Undead:  McKinney, Joe.

When the inexperienced offspring of the original survivors decide to explore the wastelands around them, all hell breaks loose as they not only encounter the infected, but wild animals and small pockets of desperate, mad and dangerous humans who hide in the shadows.

ORDER # H914-1   $11-50   ISBN 9780786033973


The Boy Who Drew Monsters:  Donohue, Keith.

Developing agoraphobia after a near-drowning incident a 10-year-old boy draws increasingly disturbing pictures of monsters while his parents search for answers about strange noises coming from the nearby ocean at night.

ORDER # H914-2   $28-90   ISBN 9781250057150 


Prince Lestat (Vampire Chronicles: 11):  Rice, Anne.

A tale spanning periods from the ancient to the modern world reunites fans with beloved characters, from Louis de Pointe Lac and the eternally young Armand to David Talbot and Marius, who hear a mysterious voice urging ancients to destroy increasing populations of maverick vampires.

ORDER # H914-3   $35-90   ISBN 9780307962522 


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